The pain that continues…(episode 8)

Hi guys I’m back after a long time .sorry for the late update bcoz of some busy work . I will try to be regular . thanks for ur patience . here we go….
Episode 8 :
Aaradhya ( in mind ) : why aunty specified monster malhotra room particularly . I would have easily found after all it’s the great Aadit malhotra ‘s room must be very messy n dirty than other rooms .
She reaches his room n surprised to see the room very clean n all things are at their perfect place n everything arranged in an order .
Aaru : I cant believe it the room is cool . wait this means I’m the ultimate looser in keeping room tidy . anyways nice colour n awesome wallpaper not bad infact I loved it . but still something missing .
She finds windows closed n opens them .as soon as cool air enter she feels delighted .
Aaru : perfect…!
Scene 2 hall:

Aadit arrives .
Aadit : mom I’m back .
Ria : where u went in early Saturday morning ?
Aadit : why? Is it necessary to inform u everything chudel ? now go n get some water for ur loving brother .
Ria : bhai aren’t u forgetting something ? I mean someone .
Aadit : nope . anyways even it is primeminister I’m not in a mood to meet anyone right now.
Ria : what if it is Aaradhya ?
Aadit (shout): what aaradhya came ? where?
Ria : in ur room .
Aadit : oh god I’m gone now how could I forgot something really important . its all bcoz of u chudel .
Aadit runs to his room.
Ria(laughing) : see maa not in a mood to meet even primeminster but how ur Aadit running now .
He sees Aaradhya enjoying view from the window . he kept staring at her as she is looking like a small kid to him . Aaradhya sees him now.
Aaru : finally u here .
Aadit : I’m sorry actually….
Aaru : don’t try hard . I can understand weekend effect right n lets start the work .
Aadit : sure…
They both sits on bed n starts thinking about the project soon it transformed into small fight .now Aadit started drawing his idea on paper with pencil n trying to explain Aaradhya .
Aaru : that’s so stupid .
She snatches pencil from his hand n started drawing her idea .
Aadit : ultimate example of stupidity .
He snatches pencil again n aaradhya snatches it again. they are snatching pencil from eachothers hands just like kids . this time Aadit snatches pencil really hard that Aaradhya falls on him n accidently kisses on his cheek .they share a cute eye lock soon disturbed by someone cough it’s ria who came to give them some drinks .

Ria : sorry for the disturbance but mom said to give this to u guys . anyways hows working going ?( she asks with mischievous smile n goes out )
Both Aadit n Aaradhya were embarrassed by her words .there was silence now . soon Aaradhya decided to break it .
Aaru : don’t be guilty . being a girl with broad mind I will forgive u this time .
Aadit : excuse me…infact I must say it it’s ur kiss n ur mistake . why I should be guilty ? anyways its nothing . light haa..
Aaru : I know. u guys are never serious about feelings . everything light for u , love , relation n even break ups . we girls completely unaware of ur light attitude we fly in our own world of dreams . n finally heartbreaks , sleepless nights , tears , lost charm , dark circles oh god what not .
Aadit : where we started where u landing the issue . anyways we are always true from our heart problem comes with u girls first . sometimes sweet n very next second rude even u girls don’t know about mood . how can we understand?
Aaru : u guys always stress ur lil brains that’s the problem . if u really wanted to understand a girl try from ur heart for sure u will understand what she really needs. Anyways lets get back to our work .

Aadit : after some drink …
Both forward their hands to cola glass at same time as the other one is some orange juice .
Aadit : take the other one yaar…
Aaru : why don’t u do it ?
Aadit : I don’t like it .
Aaru : even I hate it n don’t u have manners to honour guests first .
Both argues sometimes n finally Aadit goes n get another glass n they share the drink .
Aaru : hmm not bad….smartness n Aadit for sure my company effect .
Aadit :oh really…
They get into small fight again n gets back to work. Finally it’s 6 p.m now . they completed their work now .
Aaru : finally it’s done man..i can’t believe we completed this today itself . thank god my hangout Sunday saved this time .
Aadit : don’t u think u must appreciate someone .
Aaru : ofcourse I must …well done Aaradhya .(she pats on her shoulder)completing work in time n even bearing u almost whole day not a simple task right .i must appreciate myself a lot today .
Aadit : actually wat u said is not so difficult . difficulty is handling someone crazy like u . I done it successfully .

Aaru : even my work is double difficult to ur work .
Aadit :no mine is ultimate …
Aaradhya : no mine …
Both looks at eachother seriously suddenly both starts laughing .
Aaru : fine mr. monster no need to handle me more . I’m leaving n don’t forget to bring the work Monday orelse dayan will kick both of us out of campus .
Aadit : lets try naa. I really wanted to fly someday.
Aaru : mister u fly alone someother time . I’m not interested in flying . just bring it on Monday .
Aadit : fine mam. Anything else .
Aaru : yaa …don’t close the window . allow some fresh air into ur room . it won’t steal ur privacy much .
They both comes down .

Usha : u leaving home beta ?
Aaru : haa aunty our is work done .
Ria : which work ?
Aaru : obviously project wat else ?
Ria : I mean u both done so fast right .
Aaru : well credit to team work .
Parvathi : beta eat this kheer I made it for u both .
Aaru : thanks aunty but someother time .
Parvathi : atleast one spoon .
She feeds Aaradhya one spoon herself.
Parvathi : hows it ?
Aaru : awesome aunty . I thought to go home right now but for this kheer I can even postpone anything .
Parvathi : then why late ? come I’ll feed u myself .

She holds Aaru’s hand n made her sit on couch n started feeding her . Aaradhya touched by her kindness n emotion is clear in her eyes now.
Parvathi : what happened beta ? why u looking me like this ? tell me truth kheer is not tasty naa …
Aaru : no aunty actually I’m thinking that could this kheer be soo sweet now I got the answer as it is made by worlds sweetest person so must be sweet even if u don’t use sugar .
Parvathi : nice talk I think ur mom is really lucky to have a daughter like u who can make nice talks all the time n make her day joyful .
Aaru : but I’m not lucky to have her . (she sees everyone looking at her with sad look ) please don’t be like that, smile suits most on ur faces . I’m not left with any memory of my mom as she passed away when I’m 1 year old . but still I’m sure I must have troubled her a lot to feed me all the time like I’m troubling u aunty . I’m such a lazy creature .( she starts laughing (fake ) n tries hard to hide her cry infront of them but no use parvathi could clearly see her pain in her eyes. Parvathi hugs aaradhya n crazes her hair )

Parvathi : I’m sorry beta . I really made u cry . n onemore thing I’m expert at handling lazy kids, as all my kids are lazy especially Ria n Aadit . whenever u feel lazy to eat just come to me or else I will come ur home to feed u .
Aaru : think of it Aunty . this offer gonna trouble u a lot .
Parvathi : I will never get tired with my kids .
(they both smiles n even Aadit loved their bonding . after sometime Aaradhya gets up to leave)
Parvathi : come soon again ….
Aaru : for sure …
She starts walking n again comes back ..
Aaru : I forgot something .
Parvathi : wat child ?
Aaradhya hugs parvathi again .
Aaru : this….
Parvathi smiles .
Scene 3: outside the house .she opens her car door .
Aadit : so….
Aaru : why late go n eat ur favorite kheer .
Aadit : how do u know its my fav?
Aaru : wat u thought I can’t smell eagerness to taste the kheer ? ur face glowed like anything on hearing word kheer itself .
Aadit : u r really crazy ….
Aaru : I know…n don’t think we r friends now . we are still in battle .
Aadit : I know …

Aaru : gud..
She gets into car n leaves …Aadit smiles .
After dinner he goes to his room .
Scene 4 : aadit room .
Aadit goes to his room n about to close the window as usual as it is his habit to keep them closed he suddenly sees Aaradhya beside him .
Aaradhya : like seriously u r closing them again . why don’t u listen to me atleast one time ?
Aadit : aaradhya its my room my window n im gonna close them u can’t rule me …
He closes them .
Aadit : see I closed them infront of ur eyes ( he turns his head to her side but there is no one in his room except him then he realizes its just his imagination he hits his head )
Aadit : god wat happened to me? Why I’m behaving crazy ?for sure arrogant maheshwari company effect .
He goes n lies on bed again gets up n goes near windows n opens them n goes to back to bed n starts remembering their fight n accident kiss .
Aadit : this girl is really crazy n unique from all .
Aadit smiles n falls asleep soon .

Precap : pool party ….n some strange behavior of rithu .

Credit to: honey


  1. Priya

    Nice episode..I can’t wait until they realize their love for each other. I like the bonding between aaru and adit family

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