the pain that continues (episode 72)

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Episode 72
Aaradhya recalls aadit’s words n smiles unknowingly . while maira angrily staring aaradhya from outside . she sees dadi coming . maira dramatically runs from there . dadi gets tensed goes behind her . maira goes to room n she throws cloth on to fan n predicts as if she gonna hang herself .
“ maira “ dadi shouts looking her .
Dadi holds her hand n drag her down from stool .
“ leave me dadi . I wanna die . now there’s nothing left to me “ maira dramatically cries .
“ shut up maira . first tell me wat happened ? “ dadi asked worried .
Maira hugs dadi .
“ dadi maa . aaradhya already snatched my aadit from me . I lost my hope . now aadit will never get back to me “ maira crying .
“ don’t talk like stupid maira beta . I can understand ur feelings . but have patience . only u will become bahu of this home as we promised “ dadi said caressing her hair .
“ before that I want to become aadit’s wife . he is most important to me than all . its like he still love that aaradhya “ maira said breaking hug .
“ he is my grandson . now he don’t love aaradhya even if he do I know wat to do . do u believe me ? “ dadi asked .
“ more than any one dadi “ maira quickly said .
“ then keep it clear beta . I like u n was so happy when alok said about u n aadit ‘s wedding . but suddenly all this happened but u don’t worry . I know how to make things well . still nothing went out of our hand . just u don’t do such stupid ever “ dadi said .
Maira nods .

Aadit is sitting in hall thinking about aaradhya .
“ wat happened to this arrogant maheshwari ? n wat I was doing ? “ aadit thinks n smiles .
“ aadit “ dadi calls him coming .
Aadit looks at her .
“ wat r u doing here ? “ dadi asked .
“ nothing important . do u need anything dadi “ aadit asked .
“ wat happened to u aadit ? “ dadi asked touching her forehead .
“ now wat I did ? “ aadit asked .
“ wat ever happened maira became victim . n u r least bothered about her n how can u be so selfish ? y don’t u go to her ? “ dadi asked .
“ dadi I know she must be feeling really hurt . but if I go to her she will become more hurt recalling everything . plz tell her na wat ever happened is good only for her . she is my best friend n I cant go inch ahead of it . that day I said I will marry her in angry . n I’m feeling guilty now for saying so . “ aadit said shocking dadi .
“ no aadit . u cant tell her like that . its like playing with her feelings “ dadi quickly said .
“ but dadi I must clear her before it gets too late “ aadit said .
“ no aadit . first let her accept this n later we can tell her calmly . so don’t say anything like this to her . she is really hurt by all this . give her some time to recover . first go to her n spend time with her after all u know each from childhood talk to her n make her feel better as a friend . “ dadi said .
“ ok dadi . I will see her “ aadit said n goes .
“ god this boy is going mad day by day . I stopped him today but wat about tomorrow I must do something so that maira n aadit get closer soon “ dadi thinks .

Maira room .
Aadit looks at maira sitting on bed . he knocks door .
“ may I get in madam “ aadit asked smiling .
Maira looks away . aadit goes n sis beside her .
“ itna gussa wo bhi mujhse ? “ aadit said .
“ go to hell idiot . I don’t want to talk to u “ maira said .
“ that’s impossible for u . “ aadit added .
“ yes u r right . I cant stay away from u . I cant even imagine my life without u aadit “ maira said looking him .
Aadit gets shocked .
“ maira wo “ aadit recalls dadi’s words n stops .
Suddenly maira burst out laughing .
“ just look at u … idiot “ maira laughing .
Aadit gets relieved .
“ stupid . I was literally scared “ aadit said .
“ I know I know . aadit don’t get stressed about wat ever happening . I realized wat happened is happened . we cant change anything . lets give time to all relations n let them clear us . “ maira said .
“ I didn’t expect this from u maira . thank q so much for understanding me “ aadit said happily .
“ I’m ur best friend idiot . “ maira said smiling .
Aadit too smiles at her .
“ not that much easily aadit . i wont give up so easily . first I have to make some space in ur heart for me . better I go this way rather than forcing u “ maira thinks looking aadit .
Maira gets lost in aadit who is talking some thing laughing as usually when he spends time with friend .
“ k I need to go now “ aadit said getting up .
“ wats so hurry “ maira too getting up .
“ wat ? “ aadit asked .
“ I mean its gud na after so many months we r spending time like this “ maira said .
“ may some other time maira . u take rest . “ aadit said n about to leave .
Maira shouts suddenly . aadit turns back to her . maira hugs aadit so tighly before he could ask anything .
“ wat happened maira ? “ aadit asked .

“ cock …cockroach aadit “ maira said hugging him still .
“ wat ? r u still kid to get scared of cockroaches “ aadit asked .
“ stop it aadit u know na how much I am scared of them “ maira said .
“ ok tell me where it is ? I cant see it anywhere “ aadit said looking all around .
“ there “ maira said still hugging aadit .
“ where yaar ? “ aadit looking without realizing maira hugging him still .
While maira is so lost in aadit .
“ how peaceful it is to be held like this in his arms “ maira thinks .
Just then aaru passes by the room n gets shocked looking them like that . n maira notices aaru n pretends as if she didn’t .
“ thank q so much aadit … u will always be there for me whenever I need u … I know I’m silly but still u have so much patience for me “ maira said still hugging him .
“ what r u saying maira ? I must thank u for giving me a chance ( he means as a friend ) even after all this … “ aadit said caressing her hair .
Aaradhya misunderstands n fumes in anger . she goes angrily from there . maira smirks . aadit breaks the hug .
“ ok maira take rest . we will talk later “ aadit said n leaves .
Aaradhya comes to room angrily .
“ how dare that monster ? wat the hell he thinks of himself . when he is dying to get a chance from that drama queen wats the need to stay with me haa … idiot stupid whatever . he don’t even remember he is married huh … n now I’m feeling like killing his mairu baby there itself …. “ aaru murmurs .
@ dinner time .
aaradhya comes n sees maira sitting beside aadit . she looks at her .
“ oh sorry aaru … I forgot aadit is married now na … whenever I come here na I used to sit beside aadit . “maira said sweetly .
“ no problem maira … u r just guest sometimes even aadit too forget that he is married . u can sit aadit feels better . if he feels better I feel great … right na aadit “ aaru asked looking him .
Aadit gives her wat r u saying look . aaradhya sits opposite to him . later all family member comes . ria looks at aadit n maira sitting together n looks at aaru who is staring them angrily . ria sits beside aaru . aaru is eating looking them constantly . ria notices it n smiles seeing aaru in full of jealous mode . at end all left having their dinner except maira aadit aaru n ria … still having food . maira n aadit r continuously talking . aaru just went on staring them . ria calls aaru but no use aaru didn’t even hear her . ria smiles n sprinkles excess salt on food in spoon which aaru holding in mid air while looking maira n aadit . aaru haves it being so out of world . aaru ate it without giving any expression . ria gets shocked . aaru gets up n goes to kitchen . ria follows .
Aaru notices ria looking her amused .
“ tell me something y all new generation of this home is so out of world all the time “ aaru asked looking maira .
“ hmm actually u must tell me how to be so ? “ maira said smiling .
“ wat ? “ aaru .
Ria tells her wat she did .
“ wat ? r u mad seriously ria ? like brother like sister … two idiots “ aaru said out .
Ria laughs .
“ n about u ? didn’t even realize . full on jealous mode “ maira said teasingly .
“ me n jealous . impossible “ aaru said with attitude .
“ really ? “ ria narrowing her eyes .
“ ok yaar don’t give me such looks . yes I’m jealous . morethan that I’m in full on angry mode now “ aaru said folding her arms .
“ k aaru . wat about bhai now ? “ ria asked .
“ he will get his reward for this . “ aaru said .
“ wat r u going do now ? “ maira asked .
“ same thing which I will do when I get angry on some one “ aaru said with cunning smile .
“ wat is it ? “ ria asked .
“ hmmm “ aaru smiling .
Aaru is in her room having changed into her comfortable clothes . she is writing some thing on paper . aadit comes n looks at her . aaru too looks at him but ignores . aadit takes off his blazer n drops it on floor itself . aaru becomes irked .
“ first of all take that from there n keep it where it should be “ aaru said in ordering tone .
“ my room I know how to keep it . “ aadit said carelessly .
Aaru gets up from bed n stands infront of aadit .
“ pick it up “ aaru said folding her arms .
“ wat the hell arrogant maheshwari . now I’m not at all in a mode to fight . let it go “ aadit said n about to go side way but aaru blocks his way .

“ aaradhya …. “ aadit shouts .
“ aadit “ aaru too shouts equally .

“ don’t raise ur voice infront of me even I’m equal to u … “ aaru said .
“ god wat happened to aaradhya ? y u behave so stubbornly with me always “ aadit asked looking her .
“ n y u become so impatient with me so easily where as u have so much patience for others “ aaru shot back .
“ wat ??? “ aadit asked amused .
“ I just asked to pick blazer … n its so irritating for the great aadit malhotra … for this also one servant should come “ aaru murmurs sitting on bed again .
Aadit looks on . aaru makes impatient face . aadit didn’t pick up . but looking aaradhya he picks up . aaradhya looks at him .
“ happy … always ur ego should be satisfied “ aadit said looking her .
“ go n change ur clothes I need to talk to u “ aaru said .
“ demanding ” aadit murmurs n goes t change his clothes .
Aaradhya smiles . aadit comes back . while aaru comes to room with juice glass .
“ have it “ aaru said forwarding glass .
“ don’t give me this many shocks arrogant maheshwari . u got this for me . something really fishy “ aadit said taking glass n looking it keenly .
“ I just hate when u doubt my every act . now should I have sip n prove to u it is safe . “ aaru asked angrily
“ I didn’t mean it “ aadit said .
“ u exactly mean it . y u do this everytime aadit “ aaru said impatiently .
“ arey meri maa … I will drink it . “ aadit shouts n drinks it in a go .
Aaru smiles n takes glass from me .
“ now come I need to say something “ aaru said sitting on bed . aadit sits beside her . aaru passes paper to him .
“ wat is it ? “ aadit asked .
Aaru passes paper to him .
“ now wat this ? “ aadit said having look at paper .
“ an agreement “ aaru said .
“ wat ??? “ aadit surprised .
“ ok I will read for u “ aaru said n takes paper from him .
“ as we r gonna stay together for six months . I thought we must fix some rules as u n me can match in nothing . our way of living is so different right “ aaru said getting up .
“ so right I’m just living on earth since I was born but u just came 2 days back from mars na to marry that zombie . our planets r so different so obviously our way of living will be so different . its gud to go ahead with mutual agreement go ahead “ aadit said sarcastically .
“ shut up . “ aaru shot back .
“ where I be from I don’t drop my things on floor n I will clean my room once in a week by myself . wat about u haa u need servant for every small thing . ok lets come back to point “ aaru said .
“ so agreement is we will divide this room in to two private zones . I will take this side n keep my things as I like . u should not enter this side without my permission n that side is urs u can keep it the way u like I don’t ask even if u drop ur things .
Point 2 . incase if we cross each other’s side without permission the one who breaks the rule will become slave for other the very next whole day n will obey them without saying a word .
Point 3 . u will not bring the ones whom I don’t like into this room n I will not bring the one whom u don’t like . even in this case we break the agreement same punishment .
Wat say ? “ aaru asked .
“ bakwass . this is my room “ aadit said with attitude .
“ now equally mine . “ aaru shot back .
“ u r too much “ aadit said getting up .
“ I know . so deal done “ aaru replied .
Aadit about to shout n but he feels uneasy . aaru smirks .
“ wat happened suddenly “ aadit said placing hand on his stomach .
“ I thinks its working “ aaru replied smiling .
“ wat “ aadit asked louder .
“ which I mixed in ur drink “ aaru said suppressing her laugh .
“ wat u mixed idiot “ aadit shouts louder .
Aaru shrugs her shoulders .
“ for sure u gonna repent for this . move “ aadit said n about to run wash room .
Aaru holds his tee shirt from back .
“ wats so hurry haa . first teach me lesson na as u r so gud in teaching me “ aaru said holding his tee shirt with both hands from back .
“ arrogant maheshwari seriously I will kill u . chod de yaar . its getting worst “ aadit shouted struggling to rush to wash room .
“ no mr. malhotra how can u go to this wash room its on my side . as per agreement u should not use it dear “ aaru said holding him still .
“ ahh … leave me idiot . u became expert in playing with me “ aadit shouted .
“ no way … u r breaking our agreement then u have becomes my slave tomorrow . can u be ? “ aaru said .
“ I will be . now let me go “ aadit said louder .
“ r u sure ? “ aaru said .
“ haan “ aadit shouts louder .
“ ok then “ aaru said n leave in a go .
Aadit rushes to wash room . aaru burst out laughing seeing him .
“ how dare to hug maira . u can never imagine wat I can do . this just trailer I will show u complete picture tomorrow “ aaru said .
Later aadit comes out after long time .
“ so long . hope u enjoyed a lot “ aaru asked laughing .
Aadit glares at her . aaru still laughing . aadit goes to her . he twists her hand n pulls to him .
“ wat the hell idiot ? u can do anything to me n I wont do anything to u haa wat u think about u “ aadit asked .
“ u will see wat is hell tomorrow . “ aaru replied .
“ shut up “ aadit said tightening his grip .

“ ahh “ aaru shouts in pain .

aadit leaves her hand getting worried . aaru angrily goes to bed . aadit too goes lies on his side while cushions r already arranged in between them .
“ by the way monster u looked really cute while rushing to wash room “ aaru said lying down n burst out laughing .
First aadit gets angry but looking her laughing like kid he didn’t utter a word n just went on staring her laugh .
Episode ends .

Precap : aaradhya’s trials to send aadit to office .


  1. freya

    At last u updated the episode.
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    every time I used to check whether u updated or not
    Awesome episode
    Plz don’t separate aaru and aadit
    Update asap plz
    End the story of maria if possible

  2. Freya

    Atlast u updated
    I was waiting eagarly for it. Plz update fast
    Awesome episode
    Plz end the track of maria if possible
    And unit aaru and aadit.
    Update soon plz

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