the pain that continues (episode 70 )

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Episode 70 :

Aadit returns to home . as soon as he enters he sees vishu n rishab giving him strange expressions .
“ wat happened to u both since from yesterday y r u both around me ? “ aadit asked sitting on couch .
Both goes n sits beside aadit .
“ just bcoz we r excited “ rishab said .
“ excited ??? for wat ? “ aadit asked .
“ for many things “ vishu said quickly .
Aadit gives him confused look .
“ like to see how my carefree bro gonna mange his married life n turn into complete responsible man “ rishab said .
“ exactly … ur life gonaa change aadit …. No more carefree chilling days . u have got ur responsibilities finally “ vishab .
“ oh ho …wait … wat do u mean by complete responsible man ? plz don’t use that much big words on me . n by the way I’m not like u both . my life not gonna change it will be the way it was from beginning . “ aadit replied .
“ we will see “ rishab said .
“ u will see bhai “ aadit said getting up n goes to stairs .
“ by the way aadit theres some grand surprise for u “ rishab said louder .
“ surprise ? “ aadit asked from sairs .
“ haan … guess who prepared lunch today “ rishab asked smiling .
“ who ?? ? “ aadit asked doubtfully .
“ I said to guess … “ rishab asked raising his eye brows .
Aadit stares him for a while .
“ now don’t tell me again u tried something in kitchen . I remember last time when u tried some Spanish dish n it was so gud that it made me spend whole day in wash room . I love my life bhai not again plz . this time try on ria “ aadit said .
Vishab laughs .

“ shut up bhai “ rishab in annoying tone to vishu .
“ don’t worry aadit . this time not rishab . its ur wife … “ vishab said smiling .
“shaadi ke baad pheli baar biwi ke hath ka bana ka khana aww how romantic “ rishab said in teasing manner .
Aadit left shocked .
“ shut yaar rishu … “ vishab said holding rishab
“ Aaradhya n khana “ aadit let outs in low voice n rushes to his room .
While rishab n vishu starts laughing .
Aadit enters his room hurriedly . n aaradhya just came out of wash room got fresh up . Aadit bumps into her . aaradhya about to fall n aadit holds her in his arms slanted . both shares eye lock .
“ r u blind or wat ? cant even see people infront of u idiot “ aaru shouted sill being held in his arms .
“ shh…. Cant u be quiet for a while “ aadit said bringing her close to his face .
“ listen I don’t have anytime for ur bakwaas … let me stand properly “ aaru said trying stand properly .
Aadit holds more tighter in same position .
“ nahi … just look how romantic u look in this angle “ aadit said holding her .
“ wat ??? “ aaru shouts .
Aadit laughs looking her.

“ don’t take stress … I love to get romantic only with girls . u don’t need to get worried . “ aadit said with teasing smile .
“ such a dog u r … “ aaru being so irritated .
“ wah yaar this much respect for ur patidev …plz I cant take this . don’t show this much of respect at once . … “ aadit replied .
“ I don’t know about patidev but ya I’m pretty sure about u n idiots like u should be handled in this way only . n one more thing if u keep on irritating me like this na then im sure I can see ur future clearly . now leave me “ aaru shouted .
Aadit leaves her at once . aaru falls on ground .
“ ouch “ aaru shouts .
“ chal chod diya “ aadit said .
“ gadhe idiot … screw dila hai kya tumhara ? “ aaradhya shouts at him .
“ actually I don’t wanna leave but u only said to leave n shouting at me . screw mera nahi tumhara dil hai “ aadit shouted back with revenge smile .
Aaru glares at him . aadit smiles .
“ accha chalo “ aadit said forward his hand to help her .

Aaradhya pushes his hand away n gets up on her own . she is dusting her self . her hair strands falls on her face when aadit brings his hand to clear them from her face . aaru moves back .
“ don’t even to dare to touch me “ Aaru said louder .
Aadit becomes irked n grabs her shoulders pulling her to him at once . Aaradhya looks on . Aadit blows air on to her face so that her hair strands clears from her face . mean while Aaradhya closes her eyes being lost herself . aadit too stares her lovingly . Aaradhya opens her eyes n looks at him . both remained silent .aaradhya decided to leave to avoid more embarrassment infront of aadit as she thought its only her who get lost in himself very easily every time . aaradhya heads towards door .
“ I have a problem “ aadit said without looking her .
Aaru stops n turns to him .
“ wat problem ? “ aaru asked looking him .
“ really big one . my life may get into danger “ aadit said in heavy voice.
Aaru goes to him quickly .
“ wat r u saying ? kya hua ? wat problem tell me na I will solve it … “ aaru asked with clear worry for him on her face .
“ nahi Aaradhya … I cant be helped this time . I should face it alone . no one can help me “ Aadit said .
“ shut up monster . y I will leave u alone ? whatever it be I will stand by u n we will fight together … I promise . now don’t increase my blood pressure n tell me . bahut serious hai kya ? “ aaru asked .
“ haan . bahut serious hai . I heard Aaradhya maheshwari prepared lunch today . how can I save myself wifey? u said right u will be with me in this fight . plz save me yaar . I love my life . I want to live few more years . plz get me out of this “ Aadit said n burst into laughter at end .
“ is this ur serious problem ? “ aaru asked neutrally .
“ ofcourse . isn’t it scary ? Aaradhya n cooking … how scary … “ Aadit replied .
“ not exactly I will show u wat is actually scary “ aaru said .
Aadit looks at her . aaru picks up cushion n starts hitting him . they run all round room . finally reach near window . n stops being tired . both sits on window sill looking out .
“ y r u looking out like this ? do u think I should jump from here than to eat the food u prepared “ aadit asked .
“ y u should take that much trouble . ill push u come “ aaru replied .
Both smiles looking each other .
“ by the way how it happened ? “ aadit asked looking out .
“ u mean cooking … dadi maa said … she said some rasoi rasam something “ aaru said .
“ but u r expert in cooking right … r u sure every one will be safe ? “ aadit asked .
“ shut up … I don’t know cooking but I tried . once if I learn it completely na then u will die for my hand food n be ready for it … I have to go now … later we will fight “ aaru said getting up n rushes out .
Aadit looks on n his smiles becomes wider .
“ idiot don’t know how she managed even im not here ? hope its gud “ Aadit said to himself .
While dadi enters .
“ so u expect this from ur wife “ dadi said entering .
“ dadi maa “ aadit coming to her .
“ dadi maa aaradhya was saing to told her to cook . plz excuse her if food don’t taste gud as this is first time ever she entered kitchen in her life . “ aadit said .
“ so u excused her so easily “ dadi asked .
“ wat ? “ aadit .
“ how can u forgot all things she did in a day aadit ? how can u become weak in front of her everytime “ dadi .
“ haan dadi haan . I will forget so easily …. I have gone through a lot of pain loosing her once . I felt like dying alive . when she is infront of my eyes I feel so peaceful . I feel like my soul is happy with her presence . I loved her a lot more than anything n I cant even forget my love easily right . I remember wat aaradhya did to me but im helpless as my heart don’t remember it . I feel painful if I see her sad . my heart wants to see her smiling n laughing n chirping like she always do all around . “ Aadit said out .
Dadi was taken aback seeing his love still alive for aaradhya .
“ right aadit . u r no more my kid na u have grown up . now his dadi hold no value in ur life . “ dadi said .
“ dadi theres nothing like that . I need u always . but plz dont ask me to do things which I cant ever be able to … I just cant hate Aaradhya dadi . when ever I try it becomes really hard for me than her . n dadi don’t worry aaradhya wont like to be here she will get separated in the first chance she gets that is after six months . till then don’t trouble her “ aadit said .
“ so u think I will trouble her “ dadi asked .
“ dadi maa wat happened to u … “ aadit .
“ wat happened to u ? ok that’s fine . u don’t stop loving her but make it clear aadit u will cry a lot again . I don’t like her n her family . I wanted a best girl for u some one who knows how to handle a family n fit in to family with all values n traditions . n I don’t see any of them in aaradhya . she took nearly 16 years to accept her own family . n think how many years she needs to accept this family . this girl is so different she is scared of relations . she not even be able to accept u till now . she cant lead a married life especially in a joint family . soon she will make her way out from here n u . better u stay away from her n her thoughts . don’t develop ur feelings for her again knowing ur relation will break soon . n one more things I will do wat I like . if that girl did mistake I will surely punish . if u have minimum respect for ur dadi then keep quiet in my matters “ dadi said n leaves .
Aadit struck a dadi’s words that aaradhya is scared of relations n asking him not to develop feelings again .

. Aaradhya helping maids in arranging all items on table . n maids felt really gud at her behavior . parvathi too felt really happy to see her so humble . every one arrives . except aadit . every one sits while aaradhya eagerly waiting for aadit as she is nervous . aaradhya sees dadi looking her so she goes to her n serves her food first . aadit comes n smile spreads on Aaradhya’s lips seeing him . she feels light hearted seeing him . later aaru serves all n comes to aadit n serves him . Aadit didn’t even look at her . aaru feels strange . Aaradhya goes to other side . n every one starts having food . while aadit kept staring aaradhya without touching food . Aaradhya looks at Aadit . she sighs him to eat . Aadit becomes conscious n take his spoon . he is about put first spoon in his mouth while aaradhya eagerly watching him for his reaction . dadi looks at them
“ wat the hell ? “ dadi shouts starting drama .
Aadit stops n aaru looks at her .
“ wa happened dadi maa “ aaru asked .
“ I asked u to prepare food which is reasonable to eat … but wat u made ? “ dadi continued .
“ dadi maa I have checked taste just now … I know its not best but it is ok . we can eat it . this is my first time excuse me next time I will do it better “ aaru said politely .
“ itni badtameez ho tum ? in every matter u think only u r right . this kind of food na even our servants wont eat do u expect we eat haa “ dadi shouts .
Parvathi looks at usha . she gives her helpless look . while aaru stood controlling her break down .
“ my mistake to tell u to cook . god which kind of girl u sent to our home … “ dadi continued .
Dadi gets up . aadit becomes furious but stops recalling dadi words telling him to keep quiet if he had any respect for her .
“ dadi maa plz don’t leave without eating like this . tell me wats wrong in it n I will prepare it again “ aaru said .
“ the only thing wrong in our home is u … “ dadi said n leaves angrily .

This time even alok felt really bad for aaru bu being so devoted to ,other . he too gets up n leaves . aaru is heart broken at all this . she leaves to her room with tears . Aadit gets up n leaves from there . he goes out .
Aaru is crying in her room . she sees ridhi n kriti standing at door . she quickly wipes her tears .
“ come inside “ aaru said to them smiling .
They both run to her . n holds her hand .
“ come with me Aara “ kriti trying to say .
“ arey buddhu its Aaradhya … hai na chachi “ ridhi asked .
“ mujhe pata hai its Aara … “ kriti said to ridhi in demanding tone .
“ again wrong buddhu Aaradhya “ ridhi repeated .
“ u only buddhu … its Aara “ kriti shouted .
“ Aaradhya “ ridhi shouted .
“ Aara “ kriti shouted .
Aaradhya felt really cute of them .
“ uffo bus karo yaar … wat ever it be aaradhya aara aaru kuch bhi chalegaa “ aaradhya holding both .
“ Aara chalo na “ kriti said holding her hand .
“ kaha “ aaru asked .
“ chalo na chachi “ ridhi said holding her other hand .
Aaru gets up . both kids taking her down holding her hands . Aaru looks at everyone except aadit dadi alok are still at dinning table having lunch . kriti n ridhii too jumps into their seats . aaradhya smiles looking all .
“ arey aaru where have u gone ? don’t u serve to us …. Only my stupid bro matters to u right “ rishab asked playfully .
“ haan aaru not fair . punishment is come n serve us “ ritha said .
“ haan “ every one together shouts .
Aaradhya feels really happy n every one becomes happy seeing her smiling . Aaradhya goes to them n stats serving food . every one starts eating .
“ aaru its too gud “ vishu commented .
“ haan aaru no one believes if we say this is ur first time … “ ria said .
“ u all telling me bcoz I shouldnot feel bad right “ aaru asked .
“ no aaradhya beta this is really gud . “ parvathi said .
“ haan aaru sach mei “ usha said .
“ aaru im planning to cook some Italian food soon n u got golden opportunity to be my assistant . u don’t know how much delicious food I prepare “ rishu said .
“ not again “ ria ritha priya vishab shouted together .
“ theres no value for real talent these days . “ rishu murmurs .
All laughs . every one completes .
“ aaru u have now “ parvathi said .
“ maa actually im feeling really tired … I will take rest first then I will eat “ aaru said .
Parvathi understands n excuses aaru . Aaru goes to her room .

@ rohan ‘s home .
“ Aadit wats wrong with u yaar … when u love aaradhya this much y don’t u express “ rohan said .
“ rohan … problem is with aaradhya . she don’t love me . we r married forcefully . don’t know y when we want to get separated our way becomes one . “ aadit said out .
“ bcoz u both r made for each other . where ever u go in this world u will find aaradhya only every where “ rohan said .
Aadit remained silent .
“ aadit I know u from childhood u remember how u flirts with all girls in our school . ‘ rohan said .
“ abe aaj bhi yaad hai “ aadit asked .
“ saale u didn’t even left my crush… tumhari friend hone ki ek hi wajah se muje school mei ek bhi girl friend nahi tha . every girl attention is on u n who will watch side kick like me . I was so jealous . but u know u were never serious about any of them . but with aaradhya I noticed u were so particular about her from day 1 … wat ever it be let it be fight with her or friend ship or possessiveness or love … u r very serious . now when u both beame one y still differences between u too haa . first go n express ur self buddy that’s only way to solve this all . I know aaradhya too she never interested in any guy before but she always genuinely cared for u . she loves u . “ rohan said .
Aadit looks at him .

@ night .
“ Aaradhya “ parvathi woke up sleeping aaru .
Aaradhya gets up quickly .
“ oh no I have slept so long maa . “ aaru seeing clock .
“ relax aaru … I came to call u for dinner before but u were sleep so peacefully so I thought not to disturbs u so I didn’t wake u up . now its really 9 pm go n have dinner beta “ parvathi said .
Aaradhya recalls how aadit left breakfast in middle n not even there for lunch . still not at home .
“ maa I will have later “ aaru said .
“ wat ? later ? beta its already late . u didn’t even had lunch . come “ parvathi said .
“ maa Aadit called me long back he said he will have dinner with me . I’ll wait . u plz sleep maa “ aaru lied .
“ really ? “ parvathi asked .
“ haan maa “ aaru said .
“ then ok beta even I was worrying for aadit . when ever he becomes angry he will show it on food . ok then wake up when aadit comes “ parvathi said .
“ no maa . ill manage “ aaru said .
Parvathi shook her head n leaves . Aaru goes n sits on window sill looking out .

@ 11 pm . aaru is still sitting thinking how her life changed . whether she should accept the new life or not . she hears car stopping sound . she looks out n sees aadit coming home . aaru gets up n lies on bed pulling bed sheet over her n offs bed light . predicting as if she is asleep . aadit comes n switches on light n sees aaru sleeping . he recalls how dadi insulted her .
“ all bcoz of me “ aadit thinks . he goes n changes into comfortable clothes n lies on other side of bed n offs light . aaru opens her eyes as she turning that side . Aadit is hungry … he didn’t eat anything . aadit is moving on bed changing his position trying to sleep . Aaradhya switches on light . aadit look at her shocked .
“ aadit go n have something “ aaru said looking him .
“ no im not hungry u sleep “ aadit said .
“ don’t lie aadit . I know u r hungry . if u keeping rolling on bed like this how can I sleep yaar . go n eat something n let me sleep peacefully “ aaru said .
“ all u need is peace na … cant bear me for one second . “ aadit murmurs n gets up .
“ n wat about u ? “ aadit asked her .
“ hello I had my dinner . wat do u think I will wait for u n sleep with empty stomach just bcoz u didn’t eat anything . don’t expect that much ok . adash patni nahi hu sirf aaradhya .. tum jao “ aaru said .
“ I know arrogant maheshwari … waise I ddint expect just asked . “ aadit said n leaves .

Aadt comes to kitchen . one servant asks him if he need anything . aadit asks him to go n sleep he just came for water . he leaves . aadit starts searching in fridge .
“ wat r u searching there ? “ aaru asked coming .
“ y u came here “ aadit asked .
“ I thought u will disturb maa so I came “ aaru said .
Aaru closes fridge door . aaru takes noodles packet n about to cut it . aadit stops her .
“ I want same food u prepared in after noon I will adjust “ aadit said .
“ y aadit ? I can make nodddle now “ aaru said .
“ I said na … not interested in this noodles “ aadit replied .
“ ok “ aaru said . goes to fridge n puts dal vessel on stove to warm it . she takes roti dough prepared in afternoon from fridge n starts making balls . Aadit helps her . aaru looks on . both helps each other . aaru makes two rotis n keep it in plate n gives to aadit . Aadit goes n gets another plate n keeps one roti in it n hand overs it to her serving dal in two plates .
‘ I had my dinner ‘ aru resisted to take .

‘ if ur tummy is really filled u wont be awake till now . don’t worry I wont think u as adarsh patnii . u r crazy n will remain such I know ‘ aadit said .
Aarufeels touched n takes plate from him .
‘ do u get rotis of shape like this’ aadit commented looking roti shape .
‘ shut up . im better than u . atleast I knw this by now wat about u ? ‘ aaru replied annoyed .
“ hmm but dal tastes gud … is it really gud or am I feeling it bcoz of my hunger from morning “ aadit said
“ u wont change na “ aaru replied looking him .
Aadit smiles . aaradhya n aadit having food irritating each other as usually .
Episode ends .

Precap : laksh ‘ pov . maira re entry .

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