The pain that continues…(episode 7)

Hi guys ….thanks a lot for all buddies for encouraging me from beginning . i really love reading ur comments .
Episode 7:

Scene 1 : maheshwari mansion .
Dinner time . everyone gathers at dinning table . arjun is sitting in b/w aaradhya n sadhvi .
Arjun ( in mind) : god i leave myself to u . i know i’m sitting in world’s dangerous spot .plz shower ur mercy on me . don’t let these atom bombs explode atleast this time . now it’s really difficult to escape for me . he looks at aaradhya n sadhvi . they are eating silently .
Arjun(in mind): i think today there will be no fight .seems they are in good mood .still no one started .
Sadhvi : (to laksh) : chachu i think today air filled with romance .
Arjun beats his forehead
Arjun ( in mind): why god wat i did to u ? .
Laksh: why do u feel that sadhvi ?
Sadhvi : today everyone is our collg seen in love mood . even they too who hates love started their valentine diaries today. Right Aaradhya?
Aaru : still i’m not interested in those things as u are . but as u asking me i suggest u to stay away from others life .
Sadhvi : thanks for ur suggestion sis but still i don’t need it .
Aaru : ur wish …..
Aaradhya goes to her room after dinner . even sadhvi goes to her room .
Next day morning .

Scene 2 : college .
Aaradhya : hey guys..
Mandy ,dhruv n rithu : hi Aaru .
Dhruv : u know wats special today ?
Aaradhya : i know . dayan’s day right . oh gosh that loads of work for weekend .
Mandy : obviously…
Aaradhya : but this time i’m free .it’s mandy’s turn this time .
Mandy : yaar i can’t do it alone .
Aaradhya : so sad . wat happened last time when u dumped whole work on me n partying wild . u can’t break tradition since two people have to work on it but we share in turns. mine was done last time now it’s urs..haha…haha…enjoy the work buddy …
Rithu : u guys crazy …when two work together it becomes easy right .
Aaru : my dear i know it . but it’s mandy . u know wat happens when we both mix our ideas .n we both never come on same point . so it’s better to keep our crazy brains separate .
Mandy : true n to handle the work done by two genius people like us is beyond dayan’s small brain n hence we work separately in turns to save our dayaan .right aaru.
Aaru and mandy gives hi –fi n leaves to class.
Dhruv : we must be proud rithu as we handling these two.
Rithu : really .now lets go .

Scene 3 : class room .
Dayaana mam enters the class . mandy sits behind aaradhya .
Mandy: evil returns..
Aaradhya laughs.
Dayaana: so students i’m back with work for this month .everytime u guys are supposed to choose ur partner . but i feel some students escaping from work by dumping it on other . so this time i will choose pairs .
Mandy n Aaradhya (together) : no….
Whole class looks at them n they both gives fake smile …
Mandy : we mean …its..its….
Aaru : it’s awesome mam right mandy.
Mandy : absolutely . but y mam? Old system is quite better right .
Aaru : yes mam last time i did whole work u cant do this to me ( suddenly she realises wat she said ) i mean….i mean we r quite comfortable with our old partner .
Mandy :exactly …
Dayaana : i can understand but it is important to work with others too …so ur social skills develops n it’s final i will choose pairs . let me start…
Dhruv n ishaa.
Rohan n preeti……………………..Aaradhya n Aadit .
Both Aaradhya n aadit looks eachother n hits their head .
N finally mandy n aayat
Class ends . everyone goes out .
Mandy : don’t how this dayan always manages to show us horror film …
Aaradhya : yaar this time not just horror film it’s horror thriller in my case . seriously me n monster . we do always fight how we will work together . it’s impossible. I must do something .
Aadit comes there.
Aadit : exactly ….let’s go to dayaana mam right now .
Aaru : ok then …for first time u made something reasonable .
Aadit : u too..
They leave to staff room .Aaradhya peeps in to staff room n sees only dayaana mam is present .
Aaru :first u go …
Aadit : why me ?
Aaru : since it’s ur idea .
She pushes Aadit inside .

Attempt 1:
Aadit : hi mam .today u looking so young .
Dayaana : wats the matter?
Aadit : mam how about changing pairs ..
Dayaana : if u want to talk anything about it srry no need .
Aadit goes out .
Aaradhya : u r good for nothing.
She enters the staff room.
Aaru : hi dayan
Dayaana : wat?

Aaru : i mean dayan ..srry dayaana mam .
Suddenly her phone rings . mam looks at her .she cuts the call .
Aaru : mam wo….(again her phone rings n she cuts) srry mam actually i wanted to…(her phone rings again ) ( she hits her head) srry mam i understand i will get out .( she runs out)
Aadit laughs seeing her .
Aadit : u talk as if u are good for everything .
Aaru : shut up…
Attempt 3: they both enters the staff room
Aadit : mam we can’t work together .
Aaru : yes mam plz change the pair.
Dayaana : srry i cant change .u r not kids . u both should work together . now leave .
They comes out.
Aaru :worlds biggest dayan .
Aadit : so …will u come or should i come to ur place ?
Aaru : not my place . i will come to ur house.
Aadit : fine .lets meet tomorrow at my place .i will mssg u the address .
Next day .aaradhya goes to Aadit’s home . its quite bigger than maheshwaris mansion . the house looks great . even Aadit family is as big as Aaradhya’s family .
Ashok malhotra ( Aadit’s badepapa) n his wife usha . their son vishab n his wife priya .they have 5 years old son aryaman .ashok n usha have one daughter Ria .
Alok malhotra (aadit’s father) n his wife parvathi . their first son rishab n his wife ritha they have just 3 months old son Abhimanyu . alok n parvathi’s second son is our Aadit .
Ria is younger to Aadit .

Aaradhya enters the house . all malhotra ladies looks at her . aaradhya understood aadit didn’t informed them about her .
Aaradhya : hi aunty i’m Aaradhya . Aadit’s frien…..(she stops) classmate.
Parvathi : beta Aadit will come in 5min …
Aaradhya : fine Aunty . i’ll wait in his room .
Parvathi : ok beta . it’s upstairs third room on right . but atleast drink some water .
Maid comes with water . Aaradhya sees her hand burnt some what .
Aaradhya : ur hand is burnt ….
Maid : no beta small burnt .
Aaradhya : wat small one or big one . it pains right .
She asks ria to get first aid box n she gives it to aaradhya n she did first aid
Aaradhya : is it still paining ?
Maid : no beta better now.
Parvathi ( to maid): today go home n take rest .
Aaradhya : thanks aunty i’ll wait in his room .
Aaradhya goes to Aadit room .
Usha : she is good from heart.
Parvathi : yes that’s why, she is able to see it which we can’t .
Ria : n she looks too cute n i think bhai is much closer to her .
Usha : Again u started on my Aadit .
Ria : maa just think usually we wait in hall when we go to someone house but Aaradhya went straight to bhai’s room means what she is comfortable in bhai’s room then in our presence .might they like each other .
Ritha : i think ria is right .
Parvathi : may be . if yes i have no problem . she is really sweet n good from heart that’s wat i need .
Episode ends .

Precap : fun moments b/w aaradhya n aadit .

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