the pain that continues (episode 68 )

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Episode 68 :
After sometime aadit too dozes off n aradhya is already asleep being so tired since from few days . aadit looks disturbed in sleep . his sleep breaks suddenly so he gets up

Aadit gets himself some water n drinks some . he gets down from bed n goes to aaradhya . he looks at her sleeping .
“ I hate u idiot . I really hate u . “ aadit said n leaves his glass on coffee table near couch . aaru feels chill so she wraps herself with her hands in sleep . aadit looks at her .
“ wat for me ? let her be . y should I care for u ? I don’t care whether u feel cold or something else . I just don’t care . I’m not going to fall for u again “ aadit said looking her .
He goes to his bed n cover himself with quilt properly n turns that side so that he don’t see her . but not for much time . he again looks at aaru who still in same position . aadit tries to ignore . but he feels his heart forcing him . aadit just rolls his eyes n gets up taking his quilt . he walks to aaru stamping his feet . he covers her with quilt properly .
“ don’t get me wrong . I’m doing this bcoz of my humanity not bcoz I still love u . u cant fool me again with this innocent face . “ aadit said looking aaru n then goes to his bed .
After some time Aaradhya wakes up .she looks up for water n finds glass on coffee table she drinks it . she looks around n gets shocked realizing not her room . so she sits suddenly n then looks at aadit who is sleeping .
“ oh I forgot . now I’m this monster’s wife right . every girl dreams of charming prince . but I got charming monster as my husband . just look at him how peacefully sleeping on bed . don’t even have manners to respect woman made me sleep on couch without even giving pillow n blanket even . “ aaru said out looking aadit narrowing her eyes .
She again falls back n pulls blanket over her n closes her eyes .
“ wait . I was not sleeping with blanket . then “ aaru realizes n gets up again . she looks at aadit who is sleeping without blanket . she looks at blanket .
“ oh so he gave me after I slept . I can never get this boy . “ aaru said out .
Aaru goes to aadit n drapes blanket over him . she is about to go back to couch .
“ aaru its so cool . how can u sleep without blanket ? wait y should I give him blanket back . he himself covered me with it . already he fell asleep he don’t need blanket anymore . by the way y should I care for this monster . I will take it back “ aaru said out n goes to aadit n about t take off blanket but stops looking him sleeping so peacefully .
“ wat do I o now ? I cant take from him . I even cant sleep without it . hmm … “ aaru thinks .
“ uffo … whatever be … I will sleep with blanket . “ aaru said stubbornly . she goes to other side of bed n lies on it maintaining reasonable gap between them . n covers both of them with quilt . she looks at aadit n recalls how she said she don’t want to sleep on his bed .
“ sure he will make fun of me like hell tomorrow . “ aaru thinks .
“ no problem even he said big big words that he don’t care for me blah blah but he himself sleeping without blanket giving it to me . I’m just helping him . bcoz of my humanity I’m not taking blanket only for me . not bcoz I care for this monster . I don’t like u monster . don’t think much . even I hate u now “ aaru said out looking him n then turns to other side .
She too falls asleep soon . both aadi n aaru r sleeping . aadit moves near to aaru in sleep placing his hand over her . aaradhya too turns straight in sleep . aadit gets close to aaru holding her tighter n caressing his face on her neck curve in sleep . aaru feels warmth of his breathes n smiles unknowingly n she too place her hand over him . aadit too feels at most comfort . they both erased the gap between them unknowingly n now sleeping holding each other so tightly .
@ morning …
Sun rays hits aadit face . he gets disturbed n opens his eyes slowly . n looks at Aaru . he gets surprised . n then he realizes they r sleeping too close by looking his hand over her . he gets mesmerized seeing aaradhya’s face . he just kept staring her . after many days its like best peaceful morning to him . his smiles widens without his own notice .
“ when this idiot slept next to me ??? “ aadit thinks .
Aaru gets more closer holding aadit tighter . aadit left shocked . then Aadit smiles naughtily . he blows air on to her face . aaru smiles initially n opens her eyes smiling . n sees aadit smiling n gets shocked . she looks at her hand him n then his hand around her .
“ gud morning wifey “ aadit said in husky voice .
“ Ahh … “ aaru shouts n gets up sitting straight . aadit still smiling lying in same positon .
“ u idiot . how dare u to sleep next o me … this much closer “ aaru shouts without looking him .
“ hey that’s my dialogue actually … who came to whom wifey ? I remember from starting I’m on my bed . u were on that couch . hope u got it who came to whom . u came to me n shouting at me now . as I said tumhara koyi barosaa nahi hai . “ aadit said still lying .
Aaru remained silent feeling embarrassed . aadit smiles .
“ anyways it was awesome dear … “ aadit said stretching his arms in air still lying .
Aaru didn’t even looks back at him . hearing this aaru becomes pale .
“ wat was awesome ? “ aaru asked with blank expression .
“ too innocent … don’t u know wat was awesome … “ aadit said .
Aaru looks at him n then looks front in confusion .
“ I didn’t expect this from u wifey … “ aadit said getting up hugging aadit from back .
“ shut up aadit …. U started so early “ aaru shouts n taking off his hands .
“ arey even after wonderful night u r saying this . not fair . last night u were like hungry lioness … “ aadit said wrapping his hands around her again .
“ stop it … “ aaru shouted .
“ I said the same word many times last night . but u didn’t stop . finally I became ur slave in ur love last night . its really awesome . I was fully drenched in ur love wifey “ aadit said placing his chin on her shoulder .
“ really ? “ aaru asked him blankly .
“ yes but I couldn’t get enough of it . “ aadit said moving her hairs to one side away from her neck with his hand .

“ no problem we have so many nights ahead . don’t worry wifey next time u can satisfy me … “ aadit said holding her .
Aaradhya makes crying face . she covers her face with her hands .
“ god … I did big sin . how easily I loose control over myself .? even god wont forgive me for this … wat should I do now ? “ aaru said making crying sounds still covering her face .
Aadit gets shocked a bit as his fun crossed its limit n hurt her again .
“ oh hello kunfu panda how do u get fooled so easily I just tried to tease u . “ aadit said holding her hands .
“ I just want this from ur mouth “ aaradhya said pushing aadit back suddenly .
Aadit falls down from bed .
“ ouch idiot …. R u mad ? its hurting “ aadit shouted .
“ really ? that’s gud . by the way how dumb u r monster ? how can u even think u can fool me twice with ur same creepy prank ? last night I was not drunk to forget wat happened ? . “ aaru said .
Aadit looks at her annoyed .
“ phele shave karlo … I have to see u still for six months . then wake me up “ aaru said n again fall back on bed drapping blanket over .
“ oh hello rani saiba … this is not ur maheshwari residence so that u can sleep as long as u wish . every one have to wake up on time especially this house bahus according to dadimaa . especially u r her fav bahu so get up n run down if u want to save urself . “ aadit said getting up n takes off blanket from her .
“ wat the hell monster ? “ aaru shouts .
“ shh hell is down all arranged for u . go “ aadit said holding her hand .
Aaru gets off from bed . Aadit falls on bed still feeling sleepy .
“ now how can u sleep ? “ aaru asked impatiently .
“ I’m not dadimaa’s favorite like u . she wont ask me … stop bothering about me “ aadit said closing his eyes .
Aaradhya becomes irked . Aaru still feeling sleep as she don’t have of habit of getting up early . so she too calmly sleeps on other side of bed .
Both of them sleeps again . after sometime vishab n rishab comes n stands outside aadit’s room .
“ Aadit n aaradhya still yet didn’t come out . “ vishab said .
Rishab giggles . vishab looks at him .
“ I know y u r giggling like this … but bro its not wat u thinking yesterday we have seen both disagreeing to marry each other . “ vishab said looking him .
“ bhai bhai I know . they must be angry on each other bcoz of all that . but we know how much they love each other . love sets all things . “ rishab said .
“ may be u r right … “ vishab said .
Both smiles naughtily .
“ ahem ahem …. “ priya n ritha coming from back .
Both vishab n rishab looks at them in shock .
“ wat u both doing early morning outside aaru n aadit’s room haa “ priya asked .
“ bolo “ ritha , in demanding tone .
“ wo … actually nothing we just leaving for morning walk . “ vishab said trying to save themselves .
“ oh stairs is that side … wats need to come here “ priya asked smiling .
“ bhabhi now cant we come here too … we r just leaving only .. by the way wat u both doing here “ rishab asked raising his eye brows .
“ not here for the same purpose u both here … maa sent us to wake up aadit n aaru so that they don’t get late today as dadi maa is already furious on aaradhya “ priya said .
“ oh … “ rishab .
“ ok rishu lets go n fresh up “ vishab said .
“ fresh up ? but u both were talking about going on a walk na “ priya asked .
“ bhabhi have seen outside how cold it is today … how can we go for a walk in this weather ? wat if we fall ill ? “ rishab said uickly n leaves with vishab before they can anything .
“ do we said to go on a walk ? y these two r behaving like aadit today “ priya said .
“ di still u didn’t get it . they r planning to take revenge from aadit by teasing him “ ritha asked smiling .
“ oh … “ priya laughs .
“ Aaradhya … “ ritha calls her name knocking door .
Both aadit n aaru still sleeping . priya n ritha calls them few more times . aadit n aru gets disturbed n wakes up suddenly . both looks at watch n shouts .
“ y didn’t u wake me up “ aadit shouts at aaru .
“ oh hello to wake u up I must be awake right “ aaru shouted back .
“ oh shit its too late now dadimaa will shout at me too “ aadit said a bit frigened .
“ ha ha that’s wat I want “ aaru laughs .
“ excuse me arrogant maheshwari she will kill u “ aadit said .
“ r u trying scare me ? I’m not scared of anyone like u phattu “ aaru said .
“ whom u said phattu ? “ aadit asked .
“ u only “ aaru replied quickly .

Both stares each other angrily . then hear priya n ritha still calling them . both runs to door n opens it .
“ since from long time we r calling u both “ priya said .
“ sorry bhabhi actually we didn’t have much sleep . “ aadit said without thinking .
Aaru still yawning standing beside aadit .
“ ya “ aaru said in sleepy tone .
Both priya n ritha giggles .
Both aadit n aaru looks at them puzzled .
“ y r u both laughing like this ? “ aadit asked .
“ no aadit . just u both get ready fast n come down “ ritha said .
Both priya n ritha leaves smiling . aaru n aadit stood confused .
Later aadit n aaru takes out things n about to go to wash room . both aadit n aaru stands up at a time . they look at each other n runs to wash room . both reaches at same time .
“ monster let me go first “ aaru said pushing him .
“ this is my bathroom I will go first “ aadit said pushing her .
“ cant u get dadi maa will shout at me like hell “ aaru replied pushing him .
“ oh hello even I’m late today . dad will shout at me “ aadit said pushing her .
Both argues pushing each other with their shoulders for a while . after both gets tired .
“ aadit will u let me go first or not ? “ aaru asked .
“ y don’t u let me in first as its my bath room “ aadit replied .
“ stop saying my bathroom my room . how many times I should tell even I have equal right on them now . “ aaru replied annoyed .
“ oh ya as u r my stupid arrogant wifey who cant even let her husband go to bath room peacefully … “ aadit said .
“ wat about u haa ? angry idiot husband who cant even comprise in small things even “ aaru replied .
Both looks at each other . aaru looks at door .
“ oh no papa “ aaru said looking at door .
Aadit looks at door suddenly . aaru quickly go in to bath room n shuts door .
“ arrogant mahehwari come out idiot . u cheated me . shame of u “ aadit shouts hitting bath room door .
“ every thing is fair with u hubby . now wait until I come out . “ aaru said smiling from inside .
“ ahh … I wont leave u idiot “ aadit said annoyed .
Aru giggles . later aaru takes bath n comes out in bath robe . aadit looks at her while aaru gives him winning smile .
“ now go n bath for whole day . I don’t mind “ aaru said looking him .
Aadit stares her
“ I will show u “ aadit said n goes in to bath room .
Aaru smiles touching her fore head . later opens her bag n looks on worried seeing all modern clothes on top .
“ I cant wear these clothes here . kya karu ? “ aaru said .
She searches whole bag s n relieves seeing few salwar suits . she recalls parneetha bought them for her to wear after marriage as rivan’s mom is very particular about traditions .
“ thank god … few days I can manage with these clothes “ aaru said to herself .
She picks violet ¾ th sleeve salwar suit n wears it . aaradhya looks so beautiful in that dress . later sits infront of mirror to dry her hair with hair dryer but it didn’t work .
“ wat the hell ? today everything is going wrong . not even this is working … “ aaru said impatiently .
“ should I ask monster … aaru wat r u thinking will he ever help u … “ aaru thinks but decides to ask him .

“ Aadit … “ aaru knocking door .
“ Its just 10 min I came in u started missing me “ aadit said .
“ shut up . open the door ‘ Aaru said .
“ wat ??? “ aadit shockingly .
“ I mean I need to ask u one thing , “ aaru said .
Aadit opens door slightly
“ wat ? “ aadit asks .
“ do u have hair dryer . mine is not working “ aaru said .
“ ofcourse I have “ aadit said .
“ then where it is ? “ aaru asks .
“ but I don’t feel like giving u wifey … “ aadit said .
“ already we r late just tell me … “ aaru asked demanding .
“ hmmm still I don’t feel lie giving u “ aadit said n closes door .
Aaru hits the door .
“ idiot “ aaru shouted . she goes sits infront of mirror again .
Aadit again slightly opens bath room door n peeps in . aaru gives him a look in confusion .
“ wat ?? “ aaru asked raising her eye brows .
“ actually my hair dryer is in that left shelf . “ aadit said .
“ u mean that one . so can I ? “ aaru asked .
“ ofcourse “ aadit said quickly .
Aaru gets up but stops n looks at him again .
“ as far as I know u were not feeling like to give me … now how come u made ur mind . “ aaru asked doubtfully .
“ nothing … its my responsibility to keep u comfortable by providing all things u need to u … n I realized “ aadit said .
“ oh u mean u to say u realized ur responsibilities in that wash room . great mr. malhotra . “ Aaru said .
Aadit gives her smile .
“ now y this close up ? “ aaru asked .
“ kuch bhi nahi “ aadit said .
“ kuch toh hai … something fishy “ aaru said narrowing her eyes .
Aaru looks around n finds aadit left towel on bed itself . she laughs looking it .
“ u need this na “ aaru asked laughing .
“ give it to me “ aadit said embarrassed .
“ hmm …now I don’t feel like helping u monster . “ aaru said n keeps it on bed again .
“ arrogant maheshwari seriously give it to me . even u need hair dryer right . take mine in exchange give that towel “ aadit said .
“ actually I don’t need ur help now . I will dry my hair with my towel “ aaru n sits with her towel infront of mirror laughing .
“ aaradhya already we r late . pass it . its bcoz of ur hungama I forgot my towel n just brought my clothes “ aadit said .
“ y r u behind me ? problem is urs … u think of solving it . don’t u dare to shout at me “ aaru replied .
“ achha then go out . I’ll take myself “ aadit said.
“ no way . still I have to get ready . stop distracting me “ aaru said .
“ distracting ? oh god will u give or not last time “ aadit shouted .
“ no … “ aaru shouted back .
“ ok then I’ll come out like this … its like u r very much fascinated to see me like this na . so u r doing this drama “ aadit said .
“ wat ??? “ aru shouts looking him .
“ come again “ aaru asked irked .
“ ok I’m coming wait . “ aadit said about to open door not really just to scare aaru .
Aaru looks front quickly n thinks .
“ will he really come out ? no how can come out like that ? but he is monster aaru “ aaru thinks .
“ ok fine I’ll take it myself “ aadit said again .
“ no stop “ aaru shouts .
“ I’ll give u “ aaru added .
She takes towel n forwards it to aadit . both stares a each other holding towel . later both becomes conscious . aadit takes it .
Aaru is drying her hair with towel itself . while aadit comes out wearing his clothes . n looks at aaru . he gets mesmerized looking her . aaru looks at him in mirror n starts laughing again .
“ I don’t know aadit u r such awesome one . even 1 st standard kid will take his own towel “ aaru said getting up coming to him .
“ all bcoz of u …. Since u entered my life everything going wrong … “ aadit said louder .
Aaru smiles vanishes hearing this . she turns other side . aadit kept staring her .
“ now wat this arrogant maheshwari … u will always pay back na come on say ur turn …. “ aadit said looking her hurt .
“ with my will I didn’t enter ur life na aadit even I’m forced like u . don’t worry just matter of six months . “ aaru said n about to leave . Aadit holds her n pulls her to him .
“ leave me “ aaru said without looking him .
“ u r unpredictable . I know u don’t accept this relation I just said like usually expecting power back reply from u as usually . ok wat ever now smile … “ aadit said holding her .
“ I don’t want to “ aaru replied trying to move away from him .
Aadit holds her closer .
“ I want to see u smiling . n that’s my order every one here follows my order even u should “ Aadit asked demanding .
“ I’m not like all in ur life . by the way wat for u if I cry or smile leave me “ aaru said .
“ I don’t like to snatch any thing from any one . u were smiling till last min bcoz of my words ur smile vanished so I want to return u … come on smile I will leave u “ Aadit said .
“ stop forcing me aadit … “ aaru said .
“ ok if u don’t smile … I know how to make u smile then “ aadit said .
Aaru looks at him . aadit starts tickling her .
“ wats this stop it … aadit “ aaru shouted laughing .
Aadit went on tickling her . Aaru laughs continuously trying to stop him . later aaru falls back on bed n aadit top of her . aaru still laughing like hell closing her eyes . Aadit is on top of her . he looks at her laughing face . he feels peacefully looking her like this .
“ omg its hurting “ aaru said laughing holding her belly .
Aadit went on staring her . aaru opens her eyes n looks at him .
“ see I won “ Aadit said .
“ u can win easily over a fool like me aadit . already u fooled me in ur love .“ Aaru said looking him .
“ I fooled u or u fooled me aaradhya ? “ aadit asked .
“ u made me believe u morethan myself . I belived u will stand with me in all times but when time came u just stepped out of my zone calling cheater . u broke my trust “ aaru said .
“ even u made me believe that u will be with me always . but u left me in middle that’s means even u broke my trust . “ aadit said .
Aadit gets up from her . Aaru too gets up .
“ right . mistake is mine . from childhood every one usually complains about me that I don’t listen to any one . n they are absolutely right . then u came into my life . for the first time I started listening to some one . I’ll always get convinced by u in all matters . don’t know y ? n I just started loving listening to someone like this . I felt I got some one how just can handle everything in my life I just have to listen to him . I thought even u will solve this problem too but u just left it to myself n I accept I said to u to stay out of this but y didn’t u bother to look after my condition once . u didn’t believe me that time n u know wat that was worst thing I have ever gone through . u made me more weak . “ aaru said .
“ leave it aaradhya still the blame is on me . u know even u didn’t bother about my pain too right . “ aadt replied .
“ u have answer for every of my question naa aadit . then just answer me one last question ? “ aaru said .
Aadit looks at her .
“ shall we go with hate or love ? “ aaru asked .
“ wat ? “ aadit .
“ u heard right . choose one cuz this love hate track is so damn confusing . let us go with one “ aaru said .
Aadit recalls everything wrong happened between them .
“ lets go with hate “ aadit said looking her .
Aaradhya smiles at him .
“ I expected this from u . ok now no more confusion lets hate each other sincerely . n remember I just don’t need ur help in anything here . whatever I have to face here I will face it myself “ aaru said looking him .
Precap : Aaradhya have to face dadi …!

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  1. Nice update… really enjyd very much..keep updatng…

  2. Loved this ff, aru is superb and aradya,adit scenes are amazing, please post next part asap

  3. Eba

    Was waiting for your ff badly

    Plzz bring them together.:-)

  4. Whoa….it’s too good….waiting aaru n dadi face off….so aaru n aadit gonna hate each other , but honeyy as far as i know it’s gonna be there love story , isn’t it?……so eager for next update..TC

  5. awesome yaar but now hate story but i know slowly it will change into love story

  6. Honeyy

    Guys I know everyone r so confused about present track y again aaru n aadit hating each other but its so natural as they both r angry on each other with their own point of views but still they have love for each other in their hearts no matter how much or how many times they say that they hate each other … I’m just trying to give clarity about upcoming track yes naimi its seriously gonna be their luv story but not straight one … N I feel it will more interesting to see their nok jhok than some romantic scenes … Of course I will add those scenes too … Ahead its all about aaru’s troubles in malhotra’s mansion n how she slove her problems n impress every one … N up to which extent aadit help her in all the mess created by his dadi … wat gonna be aaru’s take on aadit how she wins him back

    1. am so excited………nok jhok amid them would be treat for me…..update next part asap..hope you will give laksh’s pov in next episode , i want to know why he didn’t stand by aaru….anyways will be waiting ….:-)

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    as usual amazing dear….adit and aradhya both r really amazing….hate each other at the same time love each other…

  8. Please try to post the next part ASAP. U nailed Today’s episode..I was reading ? ur fanfiction during my trigonometry class even though I have a test tomorrow and my teacher was reviewing for the test…

  9. Hey writer i m selient reader but i need to comment in it

    First of all why laksh hate her daughter this much extend for little thing

    Pls dont use their nok jok its look like ur making boring to ur story pls make feel their love each other by any other

    I know u want to make us enjoy story these nok-jok but all time its not work

    why dadi hate her pls give reason

    I think u like tejashere and hate hally that y u make reverse in story as in main serial that is IN SERIAL SWARA BECOME MAHAN BUT IN UR FF U MAKE RAGINI DAUGHTER BECOME MATURE LIKE SWARA IS IT Pls sorry to hate u

    Pls unit aaradit quickly and make sandhavi release her mistakes and accept in front of all and make that manoj punished and dadi to feel importance of babhu and give some father daughter scene

    1. Laksh is aradya father, he agree for this marriage because he knows about dish in her kindly, he can stay away from her but can’t lose her

      Don’t comment with half knowledge, she is gr8 writer, we love to read her story

      Love u honey sis

      1. Laksh is aradya father, he agree for this marriage because he knows about dosh in her kundli, he can stay away from her but can’t lose her

        Don’t comment with half knowledge, she is gr8 writer, we love to read her story

        Love u honey sis(prediction problem?)

      2. How can u say swara mature, she don’t have clear idea about her love interest, switching from laksh to sanskar

        Ragini is the one who loves laksh heart fully , CVS tries to ruin her character still she managed to act perfectly

      3. Honeyy

        Lovely dear hug to u dear … Thank q so much for supporting me … N understanding story in right way … i don’t get some people seriously don’t know wat problem they have with tejaswi fans they themselves leave no stone unturned in bashing her … Here I’m not even showing anything about swara she is almost nowhere in my ff still some people hating me god … If they like they can quite silently na anyways thanks for the support dear . tc

    2. Honeyy

      Wah Jay its like u commented for first time n u made it blasting dude . first of all to know y laksh did that u need have patience … Sorry to mention … N about dadi hating aaradhya u will know it by reading previous episodes clearly … N about using nok jhok its my wish if u feel it boring just quit reading seriously I don’t care as I have few buddies still enjoying my work even if it is boring as according to ur POV … N one more thing dude u don’t know me still u r absolutely right I just hate helly seriously but I never bashed her in any social media n not even one word against herher even I telling this for first time to u only …. To save my self from bashing I stopped adding swara in my ff too so that no swara fan get hurt …. I mind everyone feelings . pls don’t be sorry to hate me feel free … I respect ur emotions . exactly I’m making reverse of main serial in the way I like.. Im just showing ragini daughter mature but not like swara as lovely said how can call her mature switched her feelings so easily from laksh to sanskar … N plz I started my ff with some ideas n I know how to end it showing all things needed so u just chill …

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