the pain that continues (episode 67 )

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Episode 67 :

Panditji starts chanting mantras . panditji calls laksh for doing kanyadaan ritual . laksh places aaru’s hand in aadit’s .
“ my family accepted u aadit . I wish even u n ur family accept aaradhya as ur wife “ laksh said .
Aaru tries to take off her hand angrily . aadit holds her hand tightly .
“ I accept aaradhya as my wife . “ aadit said giving revenge look to Aaradhya .
Aaru glares at aadit . both aadit n aaru looks away .
Later panditji asks aaru n aadit to repeat some prayers said by him . aaru n aadit repeats the prayers .
Later dadi does gadh bandhan of aadit n aaradhya with a cloth .
“ bride n groom will take pheras now . “ panditji said . both aadit n aaradhya starts taking pheras around sacred fire . panditji starts telling importance of each phera .
“ first phera means husband n wife will be with each other in all times . “ panditji says n asks them to repeat it .
“ I will be with her in all times . “ aadit said formally .
“ I will be with him always “ aaru too said formally .
“ second phera means wife husband should respect each other n their families “ panditji said .
“ I will protect my wife’s n her family’s respect . “ aadit said .
“ I will respect my husband n his family . “ aaru said .
N they take remaining pheras too promising each other .

“ n last phera means they will not have extra marital relation . “ pandit says .
“ I will have no relation with any other “ aadit n aaru said completing pheras .
“ now make bride wear mangalsutra “ pandit said to aadit .
While parvathi already sent vishab to buy mangalsutra . n vishab arrives on right time with mangalsutra . parvathi gives it to aadit . Aadit takes it . both aaru n aadit stares each other angrily . while aadit strings the mangalsutra around her neck . n fills her forehead with sindhoor . both aadit n aaru thinks of first time aadit filling sindhoor in her fore head . n then looks away recalling their biter moments followed later .
“ now this marriage is completed . u r wife n husband from now “ panditji said .
Both aadit n aaru stands up n looks at each other .

Aadit’s family becomes happy except alok n dadi . dadi is even more furious on herself too for doing all this with her own hands . manoj smiles like evil .
“ u can take blessings from elders now . “ panditji said to aadit n aaru .
“ before taking anyone’s blessings here . me n my wife would love to take blessings from manoj ji first . only bcoz of he we r married now n we have thank him for such sudden n awesome wedding preparations for us . wats say Aaradhya ? “ aadit said sarcastically looking manoj .
“ ofcourse aadit ji . even I’m about to thank him for such a awesome gift from his side . lets start our new life with his blessings first . “ aaru replied in same way .
Inspite of all this n hatred for each other in their minds but still they didn’t want to fall weak infront of anyone . so both stood strong against manoj especially . both aadit n aaru goes to him to take his blessings with clear angry on their faces . they looks a him n about to bend while manoj stop them in middle .
“ fine children . no need to touch my feet . my blessing r with u always as two r as my dearest friends laksh n alok’s children that equal to my children . I’m so happy for u both . soon give me good news of ur kids too “ manoj said smiling .
“ oh that’s the only thing left in our lives now . “ aaru said sarcastically .
“ don’t worry uncle . with this much of struggle n putting all responsibilities on ur shoulders u made us one . n now when r married soon we will give u that gud news too … “ aadit replied equally .
Aaradhya smirks looking manoj .
“ finally my work is done . this day will be most memorable day for me “ manoj said n turns to leave .
“ uncle one min “ aaru calls him .

Manoj looks at her .
“ even we will never forget u n this day . “ aadit said .
“ exactly . thank q for being here . take care uncle . “ aaru said .
Manoj smiles at them n leaves .
N then aaru n aadit looks at all family members . but they didn’t take anyone’s blessings . they stood quietly . adarsh makes all guests leave . only viren family n malhotra’s family left there with maheshwari’s .
“ whatever happened is happened . we cant change it .by all this we just understood that manoj is even behind our kids too . n about this wedding n its just agreement between this two children as we have clearly seen both aadit n aaradhya are not ready to marry each other .lets give six months time for both aadit n aaradhya .till then aaradhya will stay with aadit being his wife in our home . after six months they both only will decide whether they want to go ahead with this relation or not . if they don’t want they will get separated or if they want to be together its their wish . “ alok said breaking silence .

Aadit n aaradhya looks at each other .
“ its just mean we just accepted aaradhya from this family not anyone else . still our previous didn’t yet change with marriage . till then she stays iin our home as Aadit’s wife . she will be just our family member . not maheshwari any more . no one from this family will try to meet her till six months . “ dadi said firmly .
All maheshwari gets shocked hearing this .
“ dadi maa … wat nonsense is this ? “ aadit impatiently hearing her .
“ I accept it . no one from this family will try to meet aaradhya “ laksh said looking her .

Aaru’s eyes becomes moist hearing this from her own father . parvathi places her hand on aaru’s shoulder trying to console her .
“ gud … Aaradhya go n get ur luggage “ dadi , in ordering tone to aaradhya .
Aaradhya goes to her room angrily . she takes her trolley bag n opens her wardrobe n takes out clothes which infront of her without thinking n dumps them in bag n closes it . she angrily heads out with bag .
Sadhvi is in her room . she is talking to someone on phone in her room .
“ uncle wat have u done ? r u mad or some thing “ sadhvi shouted .
N the person turns out to be manoj .

“ wat I did is right “ manoj continued .
“ our plan is expose aaradhya n aadit ‘s weding secret after rivan n aaradhya’s wedding . so that aaradhya gets insulted infront of everyone . wat u did ? u made her get united with her love only . “ sadhvi louder .
“ how do I know that rivan n aaradhya’s wedding is stopped . u should have informed me about this “ manoj .
“ who expected ? n how can I tell u don’t u know even my wedding is today . I didn’t get a chance . u poured water on our plan . I have informed u n helped to find out that old lady by telling details of aaradhya’s tour n with much difficulty we have found out that person who filled her maang that day is is aadit n brought that old lady here . u must have shut ur mouth seeing aaradhya in plain clothes “ sadhvi said .
“ so u wanted to make joker infront of all . if I kept silent after doing all that drama everyone must be laughing at me by bow like hell . n by the way u get ur sister insulted is ur wish but to seek revenge from laksh is my wish . I went with mine . see god even helped me to take revenge from my two old enemies at a time . one shot both alok n laksh are out today . n u wont waste ur energy by thinking much I know revathi . that old lady wont let ur sister live peacefully . u just keep cool “ manoj said .
“ oh really then let me clear u one thing as long as that aadit is with my sister . he wont allow anyone even to touch my sister not even his dadi . bahut hamdardi hai usse meri behen keliye . he will protect her I know him . u did really wrong uncle . u united them . soon u will know . “ sadhvi said angrily n cuts the call .
Sadhvi gets up . she throws her phone on bed angrily n looks at door side n shocked to aaradhya there .
“ aaru u here … wat do u want anything ? “ sadhvi said trying to cover up things .
Aaru comes to her angrily n slaps her . sadhvi looks on shockingly .
“ u stoop to this level sadhvi … “ aaru shouted .
“ u slapped me . how dare u ? “ sadhvi louder .

“ just shut up . I have heard everything . I know we don’t like each other . but this much hate for me in ur heart that u decided to take my dignity from me . u not just insulted me there . u insulted my dad whom u always call chachu chachu who just love u like he love me . u insulted our whole family . u have not even think of themselves . trying to trap me u insulted whole family . have u got wat u did ? this is not one day game . u trapped my whole life . if really that manoj came after me n rivan got married then wat would have happened till now ? oh god its so scary even to think . really I would have become characterless infront of all . then wat explanation will my dad give to society ? our whole family respect will have completely blackened even aadit’s family respect must be burnt in fire . it is even scary to think n how come to decided to do it to me ? didn’t u think of our family even ? u tried to play with my life . u tried destroy it completely . thank god it not happened . god saved me n our family . but I wont forgive u for his sadhvi . I really wont . u tried to destroy my character . I wont leave u easily this time … I will tell every one about this . “ aaru shouted .
“ no aaradhya … plz don’t do it . every one will hate me . don’t spoil my life . “ sadhvi quickly said .
“ oh then wat about me every one is hating me already for the mistake u did . even dad disowned me . u expect me to save the love for u from every one . sorry I’m not that gud . u r gone now “ aaru shouted n quickly picks sadhvi’s phone from bed .

“ Aaru give my phone … “ sadhvi shouts .
“ I will give u but down infront of all . even they must know right “ aaru said n runs out of room .
“ aaradhya … stop plz don’t spoil my life … stop give me my phone “ sadhvi runs behind her pleading .
Aaru angrily comes down stairs . she stops looking every one .
“ wat ? y r u in hurry haa ? “ dadi asked looking her .
“ I want tell every one something really important “ aaru said .
“ wat ? “ alok asked .
“ aaru stop plz “ sadhvi shouted coming to her .
“ wat happened sadhvi ? “ sanskar asked her .
“ wat ever happened till now is only bcoz of sadhvi . she joined hands with manoj to insult me . she has given all details of my trip . n brought him on right time . she even decided to do more but fortunately I didn’t happen . “ aaru said out .
“ wat ??? “ sanskar shockingly .
“ sadhvi is it true “ Adarsh asked demandingly .
“ look at her phone bade papa .. she just now talked to him “ aaru said showing phone .
Laksh takes it n gets shocked .
“ how can u do this sadhvi to ur sister ? wat she did to u haa ? “ laksh holding sadhvi’s arm .
“ oh my god … I think this whole family girls are same . one decided to destroy her own sister’s life . “ dadi shouted .
“ when this girl can do this to her own sister just to insult her she can do anything to our family members when she comes to our home . we don’t want this type of girl . “ viren’s mom shouted .
Everyone gets shocked especially aaru . sadhvi cries .
“ viren plz tell ur mom . “ sadhvi goes to viren n holds his hand .
Viren takes off her hand . aaru looks on shockingly .
“ mom is right . when u can play with ur sister’s dignity u can do anything to me n my family members . its better to break this relation right now . I am breaking all relations with u n ur family right now . u r not my wife . “ viren said louder .

“ plz don’t do this viren plz … I luv u “ sadhvi cries vigourously .
“ lets go from here mom “ viren said n leaves . his family follows him .
While she collapses crying . Aaradhya felt sensation of shock travelled down through her spine looking all this which she didn’t even expect . she left speechless .
“ wat is it girl ??? “ dadi shouted loud bringing aaru into senses .
Aaru jerks hearing her n looks side n relieves seeing viren’s family stil standing . she realized still she didn’t say anything . every thing is quite normal .
“ I’m asking u . u came in hurry here n stood quietly since long time . wat do u want to tell us something ? “ dadi souted at er .
Aaru is still in shock thinking wat if her imagination came true .
“ again this whole family is strange “ dadi continued .
“ maa plz “ parvathi said . she goes to aaru n places her hand on her shoulder . she looks at her .
“ beta wat happened ? do u want to tell us anything ? “ parvathi asked in soothing tone .
Aaru looks at her phone in her hand .

“ wo … “ aaru in low voice .
She wants to tell but she couldn’t bring herself . she holds phone tighter .
“ nothing …. I will get my stuff “ aaru said n goes .
She runs to her room with tears . she sees sadhvi standing in way . sadhvi looks at aaru with tears .
“ aaru … I’m sor…“ sadhvi about to say sorry .
Aaru shows her hand to her being not at all interested to hear sorry from her . sadhvi stops n looks on . Aaradhya looks at her n throws her phone infront of her angrily . it breaks into pieces . aaradhya ooks at her angrily n goes to her room n takes her bag n goes without looking sadhvi .
Aaru comes down . everyone looks at her .all malhotra family members gets up to leave . all maheshwari’s looks her with tears but aaru didn’t even looks at them .
“ have u packed all things u need ? u know right till six months u wont step here again . “ dadi asked .
“ don’t worry dadi . now nothing left for me here . “ Aaru said without looking her family .
All feels sad hearing her . later driver comes n takes her luggage .
“ lets go “ dadi said looking aaradhya .
“ Aaru … “ Arjun shouts unable to stop himself more . he is about to go to her . laksh holds his hand .
“ let her go Arjun “ laksh said .
Aaradhya looks at her father being hurt . but laksh didn’t even look at her . while dadi holds aaru’s hand n takes with her . aaru keeps looking her father while going out . finally she goes away from their eye sight . now laksh looks at door side with tears .

@ malhotra’s mansion .
Aadit n aaradhya are standing on door . parvathi performs Aarti over them . usha places kalash full of her at door step .
“ aaru beta now come inside by knocking over kalsh with ur right foot . “ parvathi said smiling to aaru .
Aaru kicks kalsh with her right foot n enters the home . she then puts feet in red water n comes in home leaving her foot prints on floor . parvathi looks at her happily .
“ don’t become much happy parvathi . this wedding has no guarantee . cleverly her family sent their daughter to our home . we have appreciate their intelligence . hey girl listen don’t think u became bahu of this house . u r still outsider to us . “ dadi said .
Aaradhya ignores her .
“ so till now drama not ended dadi “ aadit .
“ shut up aadit “ dadi shouted .
“ oh yes I have to . n I will if stop this drama at least now . wat left now ? u all made fun of our lives right . u accepted we did mistake by doing this marriage . now wat left ? everyone made us toys in their own games . we don’t have any right even on our lives . I just hate u all . “ Aadit shouts n leaves for his room angrily .
Aaradhya too about to go up stairs . dadi blocks her way .
“ where r u going choti bahu ? “ dadi asked folding her arms .
“ to the same place dadi maa where choti bahu have to stay six months as per agreement . “ aaru replied equally strong .
All malhotra ladies r bit surprised cuz this first time happening any bahu replying her this way . dadi becomes furious . aaru goes upstairs . dadi too leaves to her room angrily .
“ wait is over paro finally correct bahu entered this home . “ usha said in parvathi’s ears .
“ shh … didi wat r u saying ? here I’m worried for aaru . maa wont let her live peacefully . if aaru talks like this na then she will do more “ parvathi said .
“ so u want her too to live like us paro . some one should raise voice against maa … she always thinks bahus as just servants of this home . she feels we don’t have any rights even to speak . we cant go against her let aaru do it . n don’t worry about her . she is not weak like us . I feel she can even change maa’s thinking also . u don’t worry . “ usha said .
Parvathi looks on worried .

Aadit comes to his room n angrily takes off his blazer n throws at door step . Aaru comes . it falls at her feet . aadit looks at her . Aaru picks his blazer n enters inside .
“ oh hello where r u coming ? “ Aadit shouted coming to her .
Aaru just rolls her eyes . she walks forward . aadit blocks her way .
“ cant u hear ? this is my room . don’t think u r my wife n u can stay here with me .“ aadit said holding her arms .
Aaru becomes irked n pushes him back with all her strength . aadit falls on bed . she throws his blazer on him . aadit holds it mid air . n looks at aaru angrily .
“ blah blah blah how much will u talk ? see how gud silence is ? “ aaru said stretching her arms .
“ u … such a mad girl u r …. This is my home n my room . urs nothing gonna works here . understand “ aadit shouted .
“ shh … cant u shut ur mouth for a while “ aaru said closing his mouth with her hand .
Aadit looks on .

“ don’t say urs … learn to say ours from now . we r married . I’m ur wife now . I have full rights on this home especially on this room n on all ur things . by the way how much energy will u waste like this ? we even have to enjoy our marriage night . I hope u understand . “ aaru said looking aadit n takes off her hand .
“ wat u said ? “ aadit standing up .
“ same thing u heard . “ aaru said folding her arms .
“ marriage night and with u ? “ aadit asked laughing .
“ wats so funny in it . u married me na . do u have plans with any other girl “ aaru asked .
“ in ur dreams only . I still remember wat u did to me . I wont forgive u so easily aaradhya maheshwari “ aadit said .
“ oops correction . aaradhya aadit malhotra . see from now I started correcting u . u don’t even know how much lucky u r that’s y u got me as ur wife . I will make u straight . don’t worry aadit beta when I have married u we have a lot of time lets sit together n discuss wat u did to me n wat I did to u . lets calculate n set score equally . but now I need to go to wash room . excuse me hubby . “ aaru said n goes to wash room .
Aadit goes out of his room angrily . he stands in balcony . parvathi comes to him .
“ aadit wat r u doing here ? “ parvathi asked .
“ its like I have to arrange one more room for me . I wont even get space if arrogant maheshwari stay in my room . she don’t even have feeling that is not her room . “ adit said .
Parvathi laughs .

“ so finally u got gud competition . wat to do aaru is just like u “ parvathi said .
“ maa this is not funny . y u all got us married when we don’t want to “ aadit asked .
“ u love her na aadit . “ parvathi said .
“ now I don’t maa “ aadit replied .
“ Is this some kind of game . love sometime hate some time . u still love her . true love never dies . once we start loving someone na then it becomes really hard to stop . see its like god gave u both a chance . stop fighting like kids n realize ur feelings . remember aadit aaru is yours now she is ur wife n u r her husband . only u two have rights on each other . now no maira no rivan b/w u both . keep ur ego aside n respect ur love . aaradhya is already hurt by all this . she needs u go to her now . don’t trouble her more . give her time to adjust here till then u adjust . “ parvathi said n leaves .

“ arrogant maheshwari will adjust huh impossible . sure she will make things around her as she likes . but this time I wont loose easily . that’s my room n it will be “ aadit said .
Aaru comes out of wash room . one servant knocks the door . she asks him to come in . he hand over her luggage to her . she thanks him . he leaves . aaru sits on bed recalling wat just happened in one day . parvathi comes .
“ can I come inside beta “ parvathi asks .
“ aunty plz . this is ur home . “aaru said getting up .
Parvathi smiles n comes inside n sits on bed n asks aaru to sit . she sits beside her .
“ now even u have right on this home nab ea . I just came to see u . forget wat just happened till now “ parvathi said caressing her hair .
“ how can I forget aunty . how can dad do this to m e. I thought he will be my biggest support but he disowned . am I really bad ? y people I love n trust from heart leaves me in middle . first aadit n then now dad . how they can do to me ? “ aaru said n cries .
Parvahi hugs her .

“ its not like that aaru . there must be some reason for ur father’s behavior . plz calm down . no father can hate his daughter . n about aadit he still loves u “ parvathi said .
“ no aunty . he don’t . he made me hear all his non sense “ aaru said .
“ he will talk any thing in anger . don’t think of his words . first time I’m seeing this much of love for someone in his eyes soon u too will see . since from yesterday he didn’t even eat anything aaru . even u look tried I will send milk for u both . make him drink n u too drink it beta . “ parvathi said n about to leave .
“ n one more thing u have to call me maa from now “ parvathi said smiling at her .
Aaru too smiles .

“ gud night maa “ aaru said .
“ gud night aaru “ parvathi said n leaves smiling .
Aaru takes out her night tee shirt n short n goes to change . after while aadit enters room . aaru too comes out of wash room . aadit looks at her . he goes n sits on bed . aaru looks a him n then looks away . she hears knock on door . she goes to door . one servant came with tray of two glasses of milk . aaru takes two glasses n thanks him . he leaves . aaru places one glass on side table n forward one glass to aadit . he looks away .
“ have it monster . “ aaru said .
“ I don’t want now . u have . “ aadit said .
“ stop acting like kid . n come on have it . maa said u didn’t eat anything from yesterday “ aaru louder .
“ wat for u haa ? stop showing ur right on me ok . I said I don’t want . that’s all “ aadit replied .
Aaru becomes irked .

“ will u drink or not “ aaru asked .
“ no “ adit said stubbornly .
Aaru angrily sits beside him b brings glass near his lips n makes him drink it forcefully .
“ if u want to die na then choose another way . wat u think of urself u wont have anything . if anything happens to u then u want every one to point fingers at me . look how that wife killed that poor husband without giving him food haa … don’t act like kid infront me . I don’t have that much patience . if u do like this for every small thing for sure I will break ur head one day . care haa “ aaru shouted making him drink whole glass .
While aadit just trying to stop her but no use already aaru made him drink whole glass in a go . aadit coughs at end .
“ now go n do whatever u want “ aaru said keeping his glass on side table .
Aadit wipes his mouth . he looks on angrily . aaru takes her glass n drinks it n looks at aadit .
“ wat ??? “ aaru asked angrily .
“ u don’t know wat I will do to u for all this ? “ aadit said .
“ oh so scary . let me tell u even u don’t know wat I’m gonna do to u … “ aaru replied .
She gets up .

“ ok then I’m sleepy . I will sleep on bed . u go sleep on that couch “ aaru said .
“ wat ??? u will sleep here n I have sleep on that couch . then wat about our marriage night . ? “ aadit said making ake worried face .
“ u said in dreams na “ aaru reminded him .
“ yes but I want to make this dream come true . “ aadit said getting up .
“ stop nonsense ok . I don’t have any patience “ aaru said .
“ I have a lot of patience . now I want to enjoy . “ aadit said taking off his blazer .
“ wat r doing ? have u gone mad ? “ aaru shouts .
“ I didn’t said first u only said to enjoy our marriage night . now u r talking like this . not fair aaradhya aadit malhotra . “ aaditsaid taking off his tee shirt .
“ ahh……. stop this right now or else I will call everyone here . “ aaru said climbing on bed closing her eyes .
“ ok call everyone .but wat will u tell them ? will u tell them that ur husband want u have marriage night with u ? but wats wrong in it wifey .its happen between all couples “ aadit said .
Aaru looks on standing on bed . aadit smiles .
“ ok lets don’t waste time . come on “ aadit said coming near to bed .
“ stop right there . or else “ aau said looking around .
“ haan orelse “ aadit asked .
“ orelse I will hit u hard . “ aaaru said pick up pillow .
“ u mean with this pillow . oh god how dangerous “ aadit sarcastically laughs .

Aaru get angry .
“ u r such a monster “ aaru shouts comes forward to hit him . but slips n falls in aadit’s arms only . both shares eye lock . later aaru becomes conscious . he looks at his body n quickly closes her eyes . aadit laughs n places her bed . aaru opens her eyes n about get off from bed . but aadit olds her . aaru looks on .
“ at starting it will be weird but soon u too will enjoy “ aadit said running his fingers on her cheek . aaru pushes his hand away .
“ stop it . I know u r playing with me . “ aaru said n gets off from bed .
“ I will start game from tomorrow . but today I don’t mind in sharing bed with u wifey . “ aadit looking aaru .
“ its better to sit awake all night than to share bed with u … I don’t want to sleep on ur dirty bed now . I will sleep on that couch “ aau said n takes pillow n quilt from bed .
“ wat u said dirty “ aadit asked irked .
“ ur things “ aaru said
“ oh if my bed is dirty . then i’m sure this pillow n quilt must also be dirty cuz they too r mine . “ aadit said snatching them from her hands .

“ u r such a monster “ aaru said looking him .
“ u will see … “ aadit replied with attitude .
“ get lost “ aaru said n goes to couch .
She lies down on couch . aadit takes his night clothes from cup board n goes to change them . after while he comes out . n looks at aaru still awake thinking . he too falls on his bed . he is about to off bed light . aaru looks at him . aadit too looks at her . aadit leaves it on .
“ don’t think much wifey . I’m not doing this for u . actually for my safety . as I’m sharing room with u I have protect my virginity right . tumhara koyi barosaa nahi hai … u can do anything . “ aadit said looking up .
Aaradhya becomes irritated atmost hearing this .
“ by the way wifey “ aadit said looking her . even aaru too looking him .
“ even that couch is mine … “ aadit said looking her .
“ I gave u correct name monster . I hate u … “ aaru said n turns that side .
Aadit gives her winning smile . he tries to sleep but he is lost in thoughts thinking wat happened n y laksh uncle did like this to aaru .
“ when I wanted to marry aaradhya … desiny separated us . when I wanted to go away from her destiny united us . we r married now . but still I don’t know she loves me or not . is wat dadi said is right ? I don’t know wts happening n wat gonna happen but I just only know is right now I’m married to aaradhya . she is my responsibility . but how can we accept all this inspite of whatever happened ? u left me aaradhya . how can I forget that ? “ aadit thinks .

Episode ends .

Precap : uff ..! life of aaradhya aadit malhotra …


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    superbbb….how would u do thz sandvi to ur sister…hate u sandvi…but thnk u Bcz of thz only aradhya and adit married now…happy..
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