the pain that continues (episode 66 )

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Episode 66 :
Aaradhya looks at Aadit again . this time aadit is already staring her with his cute smile . now aaradhya raises her eye brows . aadit quickly turns front imitating her . both smiles . aaradhya leaves from there . Aadit looks her in confusion while he is about to go behind her . his dadi holds his hand n drags him aside .
“ dadi wat do u need now ? “ aadit asked impatiently .
“ I don’t need anything . I’m surprised do u need anything from that girl . always behind her . “ dadi asked .
“ dadi kuch bhi … “ aadit .
“ before coming here u made face like all ur world shattered . now u r so happy even much happier than anyone here . y r u so happy that this wedding is stopped . “ dadi asked sharply .
“ aacha dadi maa . wats there to hide before u . u always have been my best friend . I love Aaradhya . that’s y I’m so happy with all this . I was so terrified . don’t know wat would have happened to me if she got married ? thank god . god just returned my life to me . “ aadit said sincerely .
Dadi becomes furious hearing this but controls herself .
“ I used to think my grandson is really intelligent . I don’t know that he is such a fool . he cant even see truth before his eyes . “ dadi said .
“ wat truth ? wat r u trying to say dadimaa ? “ aadit asked .
“ I don’t have problem that u love aaradhya . but do she really loves u ? “ dadi asked .
“ ofcourse she do . I know her . I knew it she will surely stop this wedding even at last moment . see she did it . “ aadit said confidently .
“ y did she stop wedding for u or for ur happiness ? y she did it now ? “ dadi asked .
Aadit was puzzled .

“ wat r u trying to tell dadimaa “aadit asked clearly .
“ I’m not asking u anything . just u urself realize wats happening ? y it is happening ? I’m sure if u love her then u would have cried a lot n pleaded her a lot to stop this wedding but she didn’t do it when u r dying for her . but when she have known rivan loves someone else n that person too loves him so much . she readily agreed to stop this marriage n she did it so . when u asked her she was not ready to stop this wedding she not even cared about u . wats happens to u but when it came to rivan’s happiness she stopped this wedding in a go without even thinking about her family . wats this ? do she loves u or rivan ? “ dadi asked sharply .
“ dadi maa … she don’t love rivan . I’m sure . she did bcoz he is her close friend “ aadit louder .
“ oh friend ? as far as I know a girl will not do such big thing just for a friend . putting her family respect on fire unless the person on other side is the one she loves from heart . “ dadi said stressing words .
“ dadi wat r u saying how can aaru love rivan ? she always mentioned him as her friend that’s it . she loves me “ aadit said impatiently .
“ may be she don’t know that she loves him . girls often get confused in such things . they cant accept their friend as their lover even if they have already given place much more than a friend in their heart they wont accept it . bcoz they get afraid that they may loose their friend forever “ dadi said .
“ enough dadi . this is too much . I don’t know how other girls be like . but aaradhya is not like that she don’t love rivan that’s it . if she loves him then y did she give him to disha “ aadit said .

“ in that case y were u silent when aaradhya is getting married to someone else . for her happiness right . just like for her happiness with her family u made urself ready to give her to rivan same way she got ready to give rivan to disha for his happiness . his happiness melted her . before his happiness she could see nothing , she is not bothered about anything . I don’t know y she rejected u n wat reasons she told u when u ask her to stop wedding but all the reasons vanished for rivan’s happiness . even u pain went unseen for her but not rivan’s happiness . “ dadi said .
Aadit stood lost .
“ dadi I don’t want to confuse u . but as ur friend I want ur happiness . so I’m telling this to u . not ur pain not ur happiness be able to stop her but for rivan she stopped even rivan didn’t ask her at all . she is ready to do anything for rivan not for u . now u think whom aaradhya loves n cares for rivan or u ? “ dadi said .
Aadit remained silent . dadi caresses his cheek n leaves . aadit stood heart broken as her words r so convincing . aadit recalls aaradhya closeness with rivan . how she slapped him on that day . how she trusts him . how he asked her o stop this wedding . how she stopped wedding today for rivan . how happily she is watching rivan’s happiness .
All thoughts at once attacked him . aadit holds his head as it pained lie hell . he stood helplessly .
“ Aaradhya loves rivan ? “ aadit in low voice .
Aadit goes to mandap n looks all around . he could see aaradhya nowhere . aadit goes out .

@ outside .
Aaradhya standing in lawn looking up . she recalls how happy rivan is n how aadit smiled at her .
“ god today I’m so happy . I lost hope on u but u did so much for me . u stopped such a big mistake from happening . u saved disha n rivan . disha loves him a lot n keeps him happy for life long like aadit can keep me happy forever “ aru said out .
She realizes wat she said .
“ do aadit hate me now too ? “ Aaru thinks . she recalls aadit smiling at her n smiles .
“ no he cant . just idiot forgot everything n stood beside me … even I should forgot all things happened . I should give a chance to my love again . I have to say sorry to aadit first . I hurt him a lot . “ aaru made self talk .
“ today is really special for me . u returned two precious things to two special ones in my life . one rivan’s happiness n u even gave my aadit’s smile to him . keep it like that only . keep them smiling like this only . especially my monster . give him all reasons to smile . “ aaru continues .
Aadit comes when she is saying last sentence . aaradhya turns back to go inside smiling . she sees aadit standing .
“ whose smile Aaradhya ? “ aadit asked looking her .
Aaru opens her mouth but aadit interrupts .
“ u r looking so happy for rivan “ aadit asked .
“ yes aadit . really I’m so happy . now he will be happy forever . all his loneliness he went through all his life till now will vanish .he was so alone since his father passed away . his mom always busy behind status n all no time for rivan . now he will never feel alone ever . disha is with him “ aaru said happily .
“ if disha is not on right time u would have married him by now naa “ Aadit asked .
“ yes aadit . I have to . “ aaru said not interested to lie to him .
“ then I would have died being alive itself . “ aadit said smiling .
Aaradhya quickly holds him passing her arm over his shoulder firmly resting her head on his arm .
“ plz aadit chup ho jao . don’t say that “ aaru said with moist eyes .
Aadit closes his eyes while tears flow down his cheek . Aaru looks at him n wipes his tears .
“ aadit look at me na . nothing happened . now I’m not going to rivan . I stopped it “ aaru said with tears .
Aadit opens his eyes n looks her tears . he quickly about to wipe them but stops bringing his hand near to her cheeks .
“ do I still have right to wipe them ? “ aadit asks .
Aaru looks on in shock .
“ oh even a friend can wipe tears right . for sure u have given me friend place na “ aadit said n wipes her tears .
Aaru holds his hand .
“ wat r u saying aadit ? “ aaru asked .
“ oh not even friend now . “ aadit asked looking her .
“ u don’t know wat u r to me ? “ aaru asked .
Aadit smiles .
“ I never dreamed of anything . I always felt I got everything in my life . when I saw u , u became my dream . n realized even my dreams will not fulfill . so I stopped dreaming n understanding things . “ aadit said .
“ u r talking so strange aadit “ Aaru said wiping her tears .
“ ya … I’m strange n even stranger to u always “ aadit said with moist eyes .
“ stop alking nonsense . u r not stranger to me . u r m life . understand . “ aaru shouted.
“ oh then y u were silent when I was dying with pain . y u didn’t agree to sop this wedding when I asked u ? now today for rivan u did instantly . n that day u said u should do it for ur father now what happened aaru even ur father still standing over there u don’t remember him doing this now “ aadit asked .
“ aadit that time situation r not in my hands “ aaru said .
Aadit holds her arms n pulls her closer to him .
“ y aaradhya ? u r the same one n I’, the same one . today n that day . u urself said if disha not there in our lives by now u would have been his wife . not even bothered about me . our love . u don’t care even if I die but for rivan n disha u r ready . only this much value I hold in ur life . ask me if anyone ask me to die for u I will die without thinking twice I swear . but u r ready to kill me … y I don’t hold value to u … y u don’t care for me . u know rivan is alone till now n from now he wont be . u think past present n future of rivan . wat about mine ? have u ever thought how will I live my whole life without u ? no u don’t care . just rivan … rivan … ahh ………. “ aadit shouts n leaves her .
Aadit turns that side . Aaru cries holding her head . she don’t understand wat he is saying .
“ now I understand y r u standing here . though for rivan’s happiness u ave him to disha but ur heart not accepting to see that wedding right . u r unable to see him becoming someone’s else so u r standing here alone . right na “ aadit said turning to her side .
Aaradhya is stunned hearing this . she shook her head disagreeing .
“ aa.. aadit .. wat r u saying ? u r getting me completely wrong … “ aaru said crying n about to go nearer to him . aadit stops her holding her shoulders . . aadit closes his eyes n pushes her back . aru looks on .
“ don’t come near me . “ aadit said .
Aadit looks at Aaradhya .
“ I cant take this anymore . “ aadit added .
“ okay u r right always . may be its me who don’t deserve ur love . “ aadit said with moist eyes .
“ I think its me actually . “ aaru said without looking him .
Aadit looks at her . she wipes her tears n looks at him .
“ u r right . even I cant this anymore . “ aaru said .
“ don’t know who is wrong ? u or me ? but just we r hurting each other so badly . its better we stay away from each other . I entered ur life as an accident n I will leave the same way . I will go away from u n from this kolkatta Aaradhya . I will go back to Canada . wont cross ur path again . u don’t worry . “ aadit said with tears .
His words made aaradhya speechless for a while n then gathering all her strength she started speaking .
“ even I will leave kolkatta Aadit . even I will go abroad to start my career . u too don’t worry even I wont cross ur path even if u stay here . “ aaru said with tears .
“ okay . all the best then . “ aadit said .
“ for u too … “ aaru said .
They both shook their hands .
“ bhool toh nahi jaogi na “ aadit asked .
Aaru smiles .
“ itna kuch diya tumne muje kabhi nahi bhool paungi “ aaru replied .
Aadit smiles .
“ fine . mention me in ur daily prayer too . as far as I know god listens to u faster . that’s y he is removing me so early from ur life as per ur wish “ aadit replies .
“ okay . I will . n u too I know u hate me but at least keep one of my good deed in ur heart . as per u I didn’t do any gud to u but try for sure I must have done one thing gud to u . keep it in ur heart as my symbol “ aaru said smiling with moist eyes .
“ I will . gud bye “ aadit said .
“ bye . wont enter my life again na “ aaru asked heart broken .
“ no n wat about u ? “ aadit asked being so hurt .
“ no “ aaru simply said .
Both leave each other’s hands .aadit turns n starts leaving . tears starts flowing down aaru’s cheek .she turns other side . while going aadit takes out his hanky n throws it on bench near by n goes without looking back once . he too leaves with tears .

( Accha chalta hoon
Duaaon mein yaad rakhna
Mere zikr ka zubaan pe swaad rakhna
Aaru sits on bench crying n then she looks at hanky left by aadit . she takes it into hands n thinks aadit left it for her n cries .aadit too walking away with tears recalling all his gud times spent with her .

Dil ke sandookon mein
Mere acche kaam rakhna
Chitthi taaron mein bhi
Mera tu salaam rakhna
Andhera tera maine le liya
Mera ujla sitaara tere naam kiya
Channa mereya mereya
Channa mereya mereya
Channa mereya mereya beliya
O piya.. O.. piya… piya… piya…
O piya.. ) plays in bg
“ at least from now there wont be tears in our lives . “ both aaru n aadit thinks .
Later aadit goes inside n joins his family . after while aaradhya too comes inside n stands beside laksh . by that time the couples were taking pheres .
“ can we go now … “ Aadit asked his mom .
“ its almost done aadit . we should not leave in middle . wait “ parvathi said .
N all wedding rituals completes . everyone blessing the newly wed couples . rivan n disha comes to Aaru . aaru looks at them n hugs them .
“ congrats . stay together always “ aaru said whole heartedly .
“ thank q aru . bcoz of u we r together today . “ disha said .
“ oh come on yaar . u r made for each other n united by destiny that’s all . I’m just a passing cloud in ur journey . “ aaru said .
“ u r the most adorable person I have ever met aaru . don’t know who will get u ? but I’m sure he must be born with loads of luck to have u n ur love . “ disha said sincerely .
Aaradhya looks away to hide her tears . while rivan looks at Aadit standing far .
“ leave about me na … u guys enjoy n don’t forget me ok “ aaru said .
“ never “ disha said n hugs her .
While rivan understands something went wrong between aaru n aadit . he feels worried . aaru looks at rivan .
“ kya ? wat face u made idiot . u got married . come cheer up . disha u have to bear this idiot . “ aru said smiling .
Disha too smiles . its time for rivan disha to leave . so they leave from there . aaru bids bye to them . only some guests r left n they r about to leave in a while .
Sadhvi looks tensed . n Aaru notices it . she goes to her .
“ kya hua ? “ aaru asks .
“ nothing . y r u asking me ? “ sadhvi quickly said .
“ god … u will never change … so finally u r leaving now this whole home is mine . I will make ur room complete mess … watch it next time u come here “ Aaru said .
Sadhvi shockingly looks at her . aaru laughs at her .
“ look at u siso . don’t worry I wont even enter ur room from now . u go happily . n one more thing congrats . “ aaru said .
“ congrats viren … I mean jiju “ aaru said to viren .
Viren n aaru shook hands .
“ u r sweet “ viren said .
“ actually I’m naughtier u will tell it next time when u come here . “ aaru said .
“ okay “ viren said laughing
“ I must stop manoj uncle now . wat should I do I don’t have phone now “ sadhvi thinks .
N at right time manoj enters . maheshwari ‘s n malhotra’s completely shocked at his visit . laksh fumes out seeing him .
“ how dare u to come here ? u… “ laksh shouts going to him .
“ cool laksh . im not here to create any trouble “ manoj replied simply .
“ finally I got u . after wat u have done to my daughter . I’m waiting to burn u into ashes “ laksh said grabbing his collar .
“ laksh “ sanskar stopped him pulling him back .
“ don’t know wat u r talking about ? do u have any proof to say I’m the one responsible for “ manoj said smiling .
“ even then everyone knows u have done it clearly “ aadit shouted .
Alok n dadi looks at him in shock .
“ exactly “ laksh shouted .
Manoj laughs at them .
“ don’t know how this father in law n son in law duo trying make sense out of this “ manoj said .
All r shocked . especially Aaradhya n aadit . both looks at each other .
“ have u lost ur mind manoj ? “ Alok shouted .
“ oh so even u here . so two old friends united . u have to as now u r even relatives . u have to . right “ manoj continued .
“ wat nonsense ? “ laksh shouted .
“ actually alok I have come here to save u n ur son from one betrayal from this family . but unfortunately I couldn’t stop this time too … u n ur family came to attend ur daughter in law’s wedding only . “ manoj said out .
Both families are shocked completely .
“ daughter in law ? “ alok shockingly .
“ yes alok . but unfortunately may be ur son not informed u till now but when I came to tell u its too late she got married again now “ manoj said in fake worried tone .
“ u mean sadhvi “ dadi asked .
“ sadhvi ? I’m talking about laksh’s daughter Aaradhya “ manoj said n looks around n finds aaradhya in casual clothes n gets shocked .
“ wat happened uncle ? aap shock mei ho ya phir sad ho … “ aaru said coming to him .
“ I think first one . right . two things u said r completely bakwaas . I’m not even married n not even malhotra family’s daughter in law . hope u got it “ aaru said .
“ may be u r not married again now . but wat I said is not nonsense . she is “ manoj said .
“ stop nonsense right now . n leave “ aadit shouted .
“ I’m not making nonsense . infact I’m here to tell everyone the nonsense u two made long back “ manoj said .
“ wat did these two do ? “ dadi asked .
“ not small one revathiji . these two got married almost year back “ manoj said louder .
“ wat ? marriage ? “ dadi shockingly .
“ yes …. “ manoj said .
“ I said stop it “ aadit angrily shouts .
“ aadit … don’t u know how to behave with elders “ dadi shouted at adit .
“ its like he is complete odd one in ur family revathiji . did mistake n even raising on me . “ manoj said .
Aadit angrily looks at him .
“ we didn’t do anything wrong . “ aaru said .
“ o really . u mean u two r not married . didn’t he filled ur maang with sindhoor “ manoj asked .
Aaru rolls her eyes .
“ that was .. “ aaru continues .
“ how can we believe u ? “ alok said to manoj .
“ I know u people will never believe me . n I’m prepared even for that … I came here with proof .rano ji u can come now “ manoj said louder .
One old lady enter . Aadit n aaru gets shocked looking her . the same lady who gave them shelter on that day on their way back to kolkatta from delhi . the lady looks at aaru n aadit .
“ ranoji … tell us wat happened ? here no one is ready to believe me “ manoj said .
“ these two kids came to my home almost year back . they asked me shelter n said they r husband n wife . n next day even that boy filled sindhoor in that girl’s hair line “ she said .
“ wat it means … these two stayed in one room whole night together “ manoj asked .
“ yes “ the lady said .
“ o god … how can these two ? being from two respected families stayed in one room whole night . even got married next day immediately … means some mistake must be happened on that night by these two . so to justify it they got married next day . gud but y do u two hide this from ur families ? have u thought its jus a small mistake n let it go as no one knows it . n u Aaradhya wat kind of girl u r ? spent whole night with one guy n even married him … without informing anyone she made urself ready to marry someone else that too infront of ur first husband . how characterless u r … ? “ manoj continues .
Aadit becomes furious . his blood boils like anything hearing all this .
“ just shut up . one words against her . I don’t know wat I will do to u “ aadit shouted holding his collar
“aadit “ dadi shouted .
“ wat happened ? oh I’m telling wrong about ur wife . but wat wrong I said ? she is about to marry someone else infront of u but still u r support her . how much of love for a girl like her . “ manoj continued .
“ I said to stop it “ aadit shouted top of his lungs n about to punch him .
Aaru stops him .
“ aadit stop it . dogs just bark like this we cant do anything “ Aaru said pulling Aadit back .
Aadit leaves him .
“ even u have a daughter of her age . don’t forget it “ aadit said .
“ wah not ready to accept marriage but still supporting each other like wife n husband . wats this revathi ji ? ur family holds such a huge respect in ur village na . whole villagers comes to u for justice even now na . they think ur family can never do mistake . but here wats going on ? ur grandson spent whole night with a girl . don’t know wat happened between them ? “ manoj continued .
“ stop it uncle . really bcoz I helped rithu so u r doing this to me na . shame on u uncle . when u r intended to take revenge from me …then say anything to me . y r u dragging aadit in this ? y r u insult their family . how don’t have anything to do with this ? yes that night we stayed in one room but still we did no wrong n we don’t even have such intensions so stop using rubbish words about us “ aaru shouted .
“ even if lets us think nothing happened between u two . but still revahi ji how far their deed is justified . if any boy n girl do like this in ur village u know na wat punishment u give to them . then wat about ur grandson ? wat punishment u will give to him for this act ? pandit ji filling sindhoor in one’s maang not considered as marriage ? “ manoj continued .
“ yes it is considered as marriage . not complete one . by filling sindhoor husband accepts wife . she becomes his . “ pandit says .
“ exactly . now tell me rano ji . wats ur decision ? how far u will prove ur family will be loyal to justice even in ur grandson’s issue . “ manoj asks .
All people gossips .
“ u r trying to trap me n aaradhya … “ aadit shouted at him .
“ not exactly . I’m just trying to bring out the truth u both decided to hide from everyone . “ manoj equally replied .
“ will u both stop arguing ? no matter wat I believe these two kids didn’t do mistake . but wat ever happened is happened . both Aadit n Aaradhya should accept they r married . n Aadit n Aaradhya will complete remaining rituals too … “ dadi said with clear dislike on her face .
Both Aaradhya n aadit are shaken up hearing this .
“ this is too much … wats happening here ? some shooting … it is our lives . when we know we didn’t do any mistake then y should we take punishment “ aaru said .
“ exactly . how can all here take our lives biggest decision . this marriage will not happen “ Aadit said .
“ aadit … “ dadi shouts .
“ y r u shouting at me dadi ? “ aadit replied equally .
“ dad tell them . this wedding will not happen . u wont accept right . theres no point of marrying each other when we don’t love each other . “ aaru said going to laksh .
Laksh was calm .
“ dad y r u silent . tell all na whatever happened is not wedding . its just accident for us . “ aaru said holding laksh’s arm .
“ u r right revathi ji . mistake is happened from our side too . I’m sorry for that . aaradhya is ur daughter in law already . u can take her . she will complete remaining rituals now itself . “ laksh said .
“ dad “ aaru shockingly .
“ y r u doing this to me ? “ aru added looking him .
Laksh angrily holds her shoulders .
“ then wat should I do Aaradhya ? till now u never heard anyone . u lived ur life as u wish u gave no one importance in ur life . wat ever mistakes u did I took them as ur childishness . I never said anything to u . but this is not childish any more . y don’t u take ur life seriously . everything is fun to u . nothing more . u should grow up its high time aaru . bcoz of u today both families have to hear this much from some one . if ragini brought u up u wont be like this today . today I can clearly see the faults in u bcoz of lack of mom’s upbringing “ laksh said .
Aaru almost in tears hearing this from her father . she thought he will support him whatever it be . even aadit left shocked seeing laksh behavior towards Aaru .
Laksh holds her hand n takes her to revathi n places her hand in revathi’s hand .
“ take her with u . she will do now if ever she thought once about her father’s respect in her life . “ laksh said looking revathi .
Aaru just kept staring her father with tears . while laksh didn’t give even eye contact to her . dadi holds aadit hand with her other hand .
“ even aadit will do same thing for his family respect “ dadi said looking aadit .
Aadit just stares her . dadi holds both aadit n aaru with her both hands . n takes them to mandap n asks them to sit . both aadit n aaru just kept quite n sat down being helpless as everyone took their decisions left nothing to them .
“ panditji start the rituals “ dadi said .
Aadit n Aaradhya recalls how they, just before decided to stay away from each other’s life . both looks at sacred fire supposed to be official witness for wat gonna happen ahead now .
Episode ends .

Precap : Aadit n Aaradhya completes all wedding rituals . Aaradhya ‘s grihapravesh in malhotra’s mansion . aaru n aadit’s new life .

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