the pain that continues (episode 65)

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Episode 65 :
Finally the night passed some how for aadit . even he is not sure wat happening inside him … he is obviously angry on aaradhya for leaving him but still his heart beats for same one … theres almost war going inside him … n aadit decided to end it .

In maheshwari residence everyone are so busy in doing arrangements for tonight ‘s two weddings .

Malhotra’s mansion .
Aadit’s dadi comes to kolkatta . she knows everything about aadit loving Aaradhya n she is disappointed with aadit for this . everyone welcomes her . while parvathi n usha are left surprised at her sudden visit . aadit is still in his room . dadi asks for aadit . ria goes n calls aadit . aadit comes down . dadi caresses his hair . aadit is still looks lost .
“ aadit y r u looking so dull today ? not feeling well “ dadi asks as if she don’t know y .

“ nothing dadi . no one told me that u r coming ? “ Aadit asked .
“ I should come naa beta … we have to attend a wedding tonight . “ dadi said .
every one r shocked .
“ whose wedding maa ? “ usha asks doubting is it aaradhya’s .
“ who else rivan ‘s … alok didn’t u tell to all ? “ dadi asked looking alok .
“ actually no maa . haa parvathi we have to attend the wedding … “ alok said .
“ but we r not in good terms with maheshwari’s right . then y attending this marriage ? “ parvathi said trying to save aadit .
“ wah alok beta .. now ur wife even seeking explanation from u that too infront of me … much improvement … it seems my two bahus started their ruling long back . I think I did mistake by staying in village . “ dadi louder .
Usha n parvathi becomes silent .
“ maa we r not seeking explanation . just asking that’s all “ usha said slowly .
“ oh … so then listen nothing changed now n then … maheshwari’s n malhotra’s terms will never become good again . we r not going on invitations of maheshwari ‘s . we have to attend the wedding bcoz rivan’s mom Aditi Aorora cordially invited whole family . being mannered family unlike that family we have attend the wedding . “ dadi said firmly .
Parvathi looks at alok .
“ mom is right parvathi . I know aditi from years she is good friend of mine . she particularly invited whole family . so we have . or else it will be so rude . “ Alok said .

“ but alok … “ parvathi tries to speak .
“ let us go dad … “ aadit said .
Everyone looks at him in shock .
Aadit goes to his room . parvathi goes behind him . everyone leaves to their rooms except alok n dadi .
“ chalo accha hi hua … aadit hi maangaya … when he will see with his own eyes naa he will become straight … “ dadi said .

“ I feel so bad for aadit “ alok said in heavy voice .
“ theres nothing to feel bad about . all happening is for his betterment . do u want to get him married to the girl from that family . they can never match our standards . especially for aadit maira is right one . u don’t do any foolish acts for ur son’s love . values is more important to us not wat our children likes . all things they get in their lives should be best no matter if they like it or not . look at aditi everyone knows how proud she is . . even I know she invited us to just show off her relation with malhotra ‘s to society . even she is trying so hard to maintain gud terms with us . when every one are bowed before us this boy took his step to blacken our value in society . thank god that aaradhya didn’t love aadit . if she done so it would have been so tought for us to separate these two . n that sanskar n laksh cheated u beta they cheated u when u r at start of this empire . still u built all this on ur own strength now we r in so high standard than that family . don’t spoil everything by accepting someone from that family just for ur son’s sake “ dadi said
Alok remained silent .

Aadit’s room .
“ aadit r u getting wat r u doing these days ? beta u will come to aaradhya’s wedding … “ Parvathi asked worried .
“ I should . till then I see with my own eyes my heart wont believe . it is so hard to stop these emotions . I should see this wedding with my own eyes my heart should know her betrayal . “ Aadit said angrily .
“ aadit y r u giving pain to urself by all this …? “ parvathi asked with teary eyes .
“ wat should I do maa … ? I cant accept wat is happening n I cant stop it n I don’t actually want to … “ aadit said .
“ Aadit this is peak time aaru n u should talk … don’t act like kids … u both wont get second chance beta “ parvathi said .
“ waste of time maa … no one can change her . y r u forcing me ? she left me even I’m hurt now … I wont go behind her again … “ aadit said louder .
“ then be ready to live like this “ parvathi said angrily n leaves .
Aadit eyes becomes teary .
Night … the whole malhotra family got ready to attend wedding n waiting for aadit .
“ where’s aadit ? “ alok asked parvathi .

“ y r u asking me alok …? Where ever he be how ever he be wat for u …? U just not even concerned about his pain .. n even dragging him to this wedding . how can u do so alok ? u r his father … “ parvathi said to alok .
“ I know he is my son that’s y I’m stopping him from doing stupid things . “ alok said firmly .
“ u know wat ? if aaru n aadit r meant to be together then nothing can stop those kids from being united . n I believe there love is so true . this time they will win “ parvathi said .
Alok glares at her .
“ shall we go ? “ dadi said coming out of her room .
“ ji maa . I will get aadit “ alok said n goes to aadit room .
Aadit is sitting on his bed deeply lost in thought .
Alok goes to his room n place hand on his shoulder . aadit looks at him .
“ we have to go “ Alok said .
Aadit nods n gets up picking up his blazer n wears it . all comes outs n gets in to their respective cars . when aadit about to get into his car . dadi stops him .
“ come with me … “ dadi said n take him with her .

Aadit sits in back seat along with dadi .
“ driver lets go “ dadi said .
Aadit is very much upset . his heart beats faster .
Finally they maheshwari residence . all guest started arriving . laksh n sanskar receiving them at door entrance . all malhotra enters inside . while aadit stops outside looking at Aaru’s room . he didn’t see her . he angrily goes inside . laksh n sanskar r shocked seeing malhotra’s . alok angrily looks at both of them . laksh n sanskar goes to him .
“ I cant believe alok u came here .. “ laksh happily said .

“ not bcoz of u lucky … I’m here bcoz of aditi … after all we know manners rights . if they r not in us like u people I wont be here . “ alok said smiling .
“ still u don’t believe us … “ laksh asked .
“ oh come on . once I used to blind believe my best friend laksh maheshwari . that is the reason how u cheated me so easily . still I cant belive how can my own friend cheat me in business … “ alok said .
“ I already said alok . we didn’t cheat u . its happened bcoz of that manoj . he played trick so that we get separated . he is so much worriedly about ur growth . but u r on top today still n I am the first happiest person seeing u successful as ur still same best friend . but wat is worrying me is how can my close friend still not ready to believe me …? “ laks said .
“ forget it laksh . that can never happen . “ alok said n goes ahead .
Everyone goes inside . at last aadit comes . laksh greets aadit . aadit formally smiles n goes inside . laksh feels strange at aadit behavior .
And the wedding kick off with baraat . the grooms made their way to entrance . first they welcome viren . sujatha performs aarti n welcomes him . n then Annapurna performs aarti over rivan . he receives tilak from her . they welcome him .
As soon as aditi sees malhotra’s family . she goes to them without greeting anyone else as she feel prestigious of their visit on her invitation . alok n family greets her well . while rivan n aadit glares at each other .
“ finally I think u got to whom destiny is favor to ? right buddy “ rivan said smiling only audible to aadit .
Aadit smirks .
“ congrats dude . “ aadit said placing his hand on his shoulder .
“ for u too … I mean next month is ur wedding right . I will surely attend ur wedding along with aaru . I mean aaradhya rivan . “ rivan said smiling .
“ hope so . just fingers crossed “ aadit replied keeping his fingers crossed in sarcastic manner .
Rivan gets irked . while aadit smiles at him .
All rituals starts . viren n rivan sits in resp mandap . n starts rituals . aadit keeps staring at them . while whole family is worried about him . parvathi stands beside aadit . aadit feels weak as he didn’t ate anything from morning . he slightly looses his balance . parvathi holds his arm .

“ Aadit … “ parvathi , lower tone .
“ fine mom … “ aadi quickly assured .
“ come aadit at least eat something now . “ parvathi asked .
“ no mom . I’m not hungry . just I need some water now “ aadit said .
One lady gives him water glass on asking . aadit drinks it . while panditji asks to bring brides . sadhvi in bridal attire with veil comes n sits beside viren . n one more bride with veil coming down stairs . aadit looks at her heart broken . his eyes becomes teary . he angrily holds with more pressure n it breaks . his hand starts bleeding .
“ aadit “ parvathi shouts little louder .
“ I cant take this mom . I’m leaving “ aadit angrily said .
Aadit angrily about to go out . while he passes by bride coming . he stops suddenly n turns to look at bride who already went almost near to mandap .
“ its not aaradhya “ aadit said in low voice looking bride from back .
He again looks front . n gets shocked to see Aaradhya coming down in her casual attire . every one there becomes dumb looking this .
“ Aaru … “ laksh in shock .
Aaradhya looks at aadit . aadit still staring her in shock . aaru passes by aadit . but again her scarf gets struck with his watch like first it happened . aaru turns n looks at aadit . even aadit looks at Aaradhya . both recalls there first meeting . parvathi n usha happily looks at them . dadi becomes furious .aaru goes to him n frees her scarf with out looking Aadit . while still unable to believe wat is happening .
Rivan is utter shocked n gets up . all guests starts murmuring .
“ aaru wats this ? u r here then who is she ? “ laksh coming to aaru pointing bride standing near .

“ papa plz … give me chance to explain “ aaru said in pleasing tone .
Laksh leaves her .
“ can all respected people here stop their own imagination right now ? those who cant can leave from here with respect “ aaru to some people who r blabbering .
“ here I have to answer only two people … my dad n rivan … “ aaru said firmly .
“ aaradhya wats this nonsense ? wat happened to u ? “ rivan coming to aaradhya .
“ I will tell rivan plz give me a chance . “ aaru said .
She goes to bride in veil .
“ now u can take off ur veil “ Aaru said to her .
The girl stood quiet . aaru understands she is afraid .
“ no one will say anything to u . trust me I’m here with u … “ Aaru holding her shoulders .
The girl takes off her veil .
“ disha “ rivan in shock looking her .
“ she … “ aditi in anger tone .

“ aaru r u mad …? Y did u bring her here “ rivan shouts at aaru .
“ bcoz she is the one who have rights to sit beside u … she loves u madly “ aaru replied holding disha .
“ u r completely wrong aaru … she is just money minded … she is acting … “ rivan shouted .
“ oh come on rivan .u stop acting like a fool . I accept one can act for getting money n fame . even I have seen some people who trapped rich ones in name of love to get property . but I have never seen some one ready to die in acting . if the girl do so then she really loves the guy . “ aaru said louder .
“ wat ?? “ rivan in shock .
“ haan rivan . disha tried to commit suicide last night after talking to u . “ aaru said louder .
Everyone r shocked .

Fb shown ….
Disha goes to rivan farm house last night . rivan drags her out .
“ how dare u to come again in my life ? “ rivan shouted .
Aaru parks her car aside as she came to meet rivan . she goes inside n stops seeing disha n rivan . she looks at them from wall side .
“ rivan plz give me one last chance to my love plz “ disha pleads holding rivan’s arms .
“ oh stop it disha . once I have gone through a lot of pain knowing ur true colors . I almost died . but now I started living don’t dare to spoil it again . I’m going to marry aaradhya tomorrow . don’t spoil my life again . just don’t show ur face again . “ rivan shouted .
“ rivan plz don’t say like that . u cant marry any one . u love me rivan . I know u still have feelings for me . don’t spoil our lives . n about betraying I cannot even think of it evn in my dreams . bcoz of u I’m alive today else I would have died when my parents died in accident . u supported me . u made my career . wat I’m today is only bcoz of u … “ disha said with tears .
“ that’s y naa u said to my mom that u only wanted to marry me bcoz of my money n fame n all “ rivan said angrily .
“ that’s bcoz of aunty, rivan she … ‘ disha continues .
“ just shut up disha . don’t even dare to sa one word against my mom . understand . she is right u r unfit for me . just go away before I forget my manners . “ rivan shouted n turns to go inside .
“ rivan… rivan…. “ disha shouts running to him .
Rivan goes inside n shuts the door.
“ rivan plz open the door . y r u doing this to me ? open the door rivan . plz “ disha cries knocking door .
Disha turns to leave with tears . she cries vigorously . aaru is completely shocked seeing all this . she stood in shock . later she sees disha coming so she goes to her car .
Disha gets into her n drives away . aaru too gets into car n follows her .
Aaru stops at distance looking disha getting down from car . she emotionally stands on bridge . aaru is shocked looking this . aaru gets down from her car n runs to her . disha about to jump into river . aaru holds her hand in last min n drags her down .
“ leave me I wan to die … ‘ disha cries n frees her hand from aaru’s grip .
“ just stop nonsense “ aaru shouts at her .
“ y for u mine is just nonsense . when ur loved one going to be someone’s else naa than u will know how terrible it is ? have u ever loved someone ? no right so for u my condition will be so silly to u . “ disha said emotionally n kneels on ground crying .

Aaru recalls aadit . how she cried for him . aaru remained calm for a min . n looks at disha who is crying a lot . she sees her true love for rivan . she realizes she is so honest to her love . aaru too kneels down n places her hand on her shoulder .
“ u r right . I don’t know that pain as i never got a chance to love someone . not anyone loved me . but still I can understand ur pain . leave this to me I know wat to do now . come with me . “ aaru said getting up .

She forwards her hand . disha looks at her .
“ trust me . I will give ur thing that u only deserve “ aaru said looking her .
Disha wipes her tears n holds aaru’s hand n gets up . she gets into aaru’s car .
Aaru somehow manages to hide her in her room since night . in evening
“ aaru this goona be so trouble some for both of us especially for u “ disha said .
‘ u don’t think of me . this is ur life . we cant step back now . u don’t worry I will tell them that I have called for some beauticians n they will help me to get ready . n by the way even my sister wedding on today they wont concentrate that much . I will make sure they wont come here until u get ready . “ aaru assured her .
Aaru gives her bridal dress n jewelry to her .

“ get ready fast . “ aru said giving them .
Disha looks at them n then at aaru .
“ what ? “ aaru asks .

Disha hugs her .
“ u don’t know wat u r giving to me … u r giving my life back to me … thank q “ disha said with tears .
Fb ends .
“ aaru u r doing completely wrong . now I don’t love her . she cheated me . “ rivan said .
“ u r completely wrong then . that day she said bcoz aditi aunty is completely behind her all time since when she have known u love disha . she don’t want her for u . so she always said ill words to disha that she was behind u for money n all . on that day aunty crossed her limits n even disha is human right . she too lost her patience n she shouted yes it is true that she was behind u for ur money n all n u came on right time . u completely misunderstand. She loves u truly “ aaru said .
“ aaradhya “ aditi shouts .

“ aunty plz . u have done a lot . but I wont tell its ur fault u wanted to get best girl for ur son . but trust not always best people can make us happy . only people we love can keep us happy . “ aaru said .
Parvathi looks at alok .
“ exactly na alok “ parvathi in low voice to alok .
Alok looks at her seriously .

Rivan looks at disha with tears .
“ she is my past . but wat about u I love u now . u r my present “ rivan said holding her hand .
Disha is heart broken listening this . aadit looks at rivan holding aaru’s hand . he about to step ahead but dadi holds his hand .
“ u don’t love me . till now whatever between us is just our friendship . we know each other very well . the comfort which we feel bcoz of each other’s presence is just our friendship nothing much . u will be happy with me . that’s its . but with disha u will have life .only few people will get their first love as their life partner. Don’t miss disha rivan . I don’t love u as disha can . u always tell na rivs I can make u happy at any time . yes I can do . disha is best happiness I can ever give to u . though u r resisting but still ur eyes showing ur love for disha . even now disha earned a lot in us she don’t need ur money she can marry anyone she wish now . but still y she came running here . wats the need to beg u ? we could have remained silent til wedding complete but we don’t want to cheat u . I want return ur happiness in genuine way not by cheating u . “ aaru said .

Rivan is still holding aaru’s hand . rivan looks at disha .
“ don’t u love me rivan ? y u left me with one misunderstanding ? y u didn’t ask me once disha is it u ? have u ever once thought how can disha live without rivan ? I’m just managed to live till now only with a hope that ur love for me is still alive n ahead too I will live thinking like that only. I wont come into ur life again . “ disha said with tears n turns to leave .
Aaru looks at rivan .

“ stop “ rivan shouted .
Disha looks at him . rivan looks at disha n then at aaru still holding her hand .
“ wat do u both think of ur self haa ? u can do whatever u both want to ? I mean wat u both thought of myself ? “ rivan louder .
Both disha n aaru r shocked .

“ rivan … we just … “ aaru tries to speak .
“ u don’t speak anything aaru … “ rivan holding her hand lil more tighter .
Aaru n disha stares at him .

“ coming n going are ur wish ? u both will decide haa “ rivan looking aaru n disha .
“ now u wont anywhere disha “ rivan said .
Aaru looks at him in confusion . rivan smiles at aaru . he leaves aaru’s hand slowly . drop of tear skip out of aadit’s eyes looking this without his own notice . for a moment he got complete relief from that gray load of suffering n pain which seemed so inexplicable . he looks at aaru . even aaru felt same . she felt her life returned to her looking no grip around her hand . she looks at her hand with happy tears .rivan runs to disha n hugs her . every one looks couple with moist eyes . aaru looks around n confirm no one’s eyes on her . she quickly kisses her hand for freedom . a smile after many struggling tears comes on aadit’s face instantly looking this as usual stupid childish act . Aaradhya smiles widely . then she looks at rivan n disha .
“ u will get punishment for this . u have to marry me . “ rivan said with tears .
Disha becomes emotional .

“ sorry yaar . I will never leave u again “ rivan said .
Aaru looks at them happily . then she realizes n looks at laksh who already looking her . she goes to him .
“ dad I’m so sorry . I know u will be broken for this . I was ready to give my everything but her love for rivan is not mine papa . I cant keep quite knowing they love each other . its their life . I cant snatch it . . I’m so sorry papa . whatever the punishment u give its ok for me “ aaru said .
Laksh side hugs aaru .

“ don’t be sorry aaru . u did no wrong . even u did right thing . they love each other . true love . we should not separate them . I wanted to get u married to rivan bcoz I thought he will keep u happy but even after knowing he loves someone else how can I think of getting u married to him ? no way . I will send my daughter to the one who loves only my aaru . today I really feel proud of u aaru . “ laksh said said n kisses her forehead . aaru smiles looking disha n rivan .
“ panditji get them married fast before my stupid friend change his mind again “ aaru said louder with joy .
Every one laughs .

“ but muhurat time is up beta “ panditji said .
“ do sachha pyaar karnewalo ko ek karne keliya accha muhurat ki zaroorat nahi hai panditji … the time its self becomes auspicious for them . “ aaru said .
All becomes quite impressed with aaru’s words . n says yes supporting her .

Rivan n disha and viren n sadhvi sits in mandap . all rituals starts . aaru watching rivan’s happiness . aadit standing back of aaru . aadit tries to go front but dadi holds him . aadit frees his hand . dadi shocling looks at him . aadit goes n stands beside aaru . aaru looks at Aadit but he is just looking front . Aaru stares at him . all malhotra family becomes happy looking aaru n aadit except alok n dadi . aadit looks at aaru . n raises his eye brows as if asking her y she is staring him . Aaru quickly looks front . aadit controls his smile .
Episode ends .

Precap : Aaru n Aadit’s fight . forced marriage . but y ?

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