the pain that continues (episode 64)


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Episode 64 :
Aaru n Aadit comes to their respective rooms … both sits on their beds with tears in eyes .
“ even now he is not at all ready to see this situation from my point of view … still he believes I’m so happy with all this … is this all the love he gave me …? For this thing I have changed but now it went far from me leaving me alone in this struggle … “ aaradhya thinks .
“ even now she is ok with this marriage … not even once she stopped me … when ever I see her I always feel like this time for sure Arrogant maheshwari will ask me to take her away but no every time he goes leaving me in same darkness … y don’t she think how breaking taking all this for me ? even I have feelings like her father but no they don’t matter to her … I am no way important to her … “ Aadit thinks .

Morning …
N that morning aadit woke up earlier even before his usual time .
Parvathi n usha ritha priya ria having their coffee sitting in hall .
“ tomorrow is Aaradhya’s wedding … n I’m so worried about aadit … don’t will he ever be able to handle this or not ? “ parvatha said out in heavy tone .
“ really paro … aadit loves her a lot … but its like aaradhya never had feelings for our Aadit … might be we r wrong … but don’t worry next month is our aadit wedding think about it …. Alok is right when maira comes she takes off Aaradhya ‘s memories … he will start his own life … soon will forget aaradhya … u don’t worry “ usha assured .

“ di even u know that is impossible . we know how aadit is ? . in this house we know decisions are made according to alok and maa … no one can change them … but with aadit matters are so different . he is always fought with every one but got things he always wanted to have . it is only aadit in this home who stood stubborn with his own decision no matter how tough alok be . he accepts only things he likes … when he cant comprise with small things how can we expect he can comprise in love … wat ever he said to alok about marrying maira n all he just doing it with angry on aaradhya … he is doing in hurry even aadit know no one can replace aaradhya in his heart … “ parvathi said .
“ chachi is right maa … bhai wont accept any thing so easily once he accepts he will never change . let it be matter of friends family or love … now he is angry on aaradhya . both doing mistake we have explain n convince bhai n aaru “ ria said .
Every one becomes sad .

“ wats happening so early on Saturday morning …? “ aadit coming down the stairs .
Every one are shocked seeing him waking up so early .
Aadit stands infront of them …
“ do u all looking me for first time … “ Aadit asked watching them staring him .
Ria nods no …
“ then plz first stop staring me like this . u all looking me as if u r noticing a great change happened last night … I’m the same one … “ aadit said sarcastically .
“ Aadit … “ parvathi about ask him about reason .
“ babu … get my juice “ aadit shouts .
“ Aadit let me … “ paro tries to make convo .
“ babu … “ Aadit shouts impatiently .

Babu comes running with juice glass . Aadit looks at him .
“ sorry sir . u r so early today … “ the servant said .
Aadit picks up his glass n sits on couch with magazine .
All ladies looks at him in shock … aadit is so normal n arrogant as always …
Parbathi looks at usha . usha blinks her eyes assuring her …
“ haa aadit … “ usha took chance .
“ babu wats on today’s breakfast menu “ aadit asked .
“ sir … actually its … “ babu continues .
“ don’t tell me it’s just routine omelet and ordinary toast with a glass of juice at end … “ Aadit said rolling his eyes looking magazine .
Babu remained silent . Aadit lifts his head n looks at him .
“ today lets have break from routine omelet … lets replace it with my fav capsicum and potato omelet n haa ofcourse that routine toast however … “ aadit said .
“ yes sir … “ babu said n leaves .
“ bhai capsicum and potato omelet … u r asking it after many days … “ ria said .
“ so u even starting counting this thing too … “ Aadit going through magazine .
“ no actually I’m confused . u will have it only when u r so happy right … r u not … “ ria about complete .
“ I am not sad ria . n I don’t have to be actually … stop this cross examination … “ aadit looking her .
“ cross examination ? Aadit wat happened? tomorrow is aaradhya’s wedding … u r acting as if nothing gonna happen “ parvathi .
“ mom plz … let the things happen … I want to forget some people don’t remind me … I have my own life “ aadit louder .
“ yes u have ur own life n that is aaradhya … u cant live with out her aadit I know . “ parvathi said .
“ I have to mom . I never cried for anything n I will never cry for her who just left me simply . now I just hate her … “ Aadit said .
“ hate ? is this game or is it so easy to switch feelings ? “ parvathi .
“ mom plz … “ aadit louder …
“ chachu … “ ridhima n kriti comes shouting with joy to aadit .
Small change in characters guys previous I said rishab have a son now I replacing with daughters . as I later realized there is no girl child in home . daughters are real glow of any house right .
Ridhima n kriti are daughters of rishab n priya . ridhima 8 years old n kriti 6 years old . they love aadit a lot even aadit loves them . ridhima is so much attached to aadit . she could easily guess aadit’s mood .
Aadit looks at them . he bends on knees . both hugs aadit .
“ gud morning miss universe n baby doll … “ aadit .
“ gud morning chachu “ both said .
“ come .. come … lets sit “ Aadit makes them sit beside him .
“ so wats weekend plan … ? “ aadit asked looking them .
“ chachu u will be with us today … “ ridhima asked excited .
“ of course … that’s y I’m asking wats the plan ? “ aadit asked smiling .
“ but u will always enjoy weekend alone with ur friends naa .. “ ridhima asked .
“ today I will spend time with miss universe n kriti . lets don’t waste time where u wanna go ? “ aadit asked .
“ oh then lets go to science city … it will be fun “ ridhi shouted .
“ bad di … chachu I don’t understand anything there … lets go to amusement park naa “ kriti .
“ no … “ ridhi shouted .

Kriti too shouts .
“ stop it yaar … I will take u to both places … “ aadit said .
“ ok lets go “ ridhi n kriti .
“ after fresh up n breakfast … “ aadit said .
Aadit goes to fresh up .
All ladies are upset for not getting chance to talk to him .
The whole day aadit went out with ridhi n kriti …. At night they returned .
“ bhabhi we had dinner out … “ aadit informed .
“ oh … ok . I think both might troubled u since from morning naa “ priya asked .
“ no bhabhi lets actually so refreshing after spending time with them . may be that’s y everyone loves to be with kids . they will be so pure from inside … gud night bhabhi “ aadit said .
“ gud night aadit “ priya said takes krti in arms as she is already sleepy . aadit turn to go to his room . ridhi holds his hand .
Aadit looks at her n bends on knees .

“ wat miss . universe ? anything missed ? “ Aadit asked .
“ ur smile chachu … “ ridhi said .
“ wat ? I’m so happy today . since from morning I was jumping n playing with u two laughing … today even I became of ur age “ Aadit said smiling .
“ that’s not true chachu … aap sad ho ? u will always tell naa everything will be fine … “ ridhi said n kisses on Aadit’s cheek .
“ gud night chachu “ ridhi said n goes to her room .
Aadit left speechless … bcoz even he knows wat ridhi said is right . he is not happy to avoid family member’s question he went out with children n forget his pain . later aadit gets up n goes to his room . having changed into his comfortable clothes he lies on bed . decided not to think of anything . he is unable to sleep . he closes his eyes forcibly .he recalls his mom’s words . he gets up angrily .
“ kal aaradhya ki shaadi hai … “ aadit said with heavy voice .
“ I’m fine … I don’t care about her … “ aadit trying hard not to loose his control over his emotions .

“ I hate her … “ adit shouts .
He tries hard to control his pain . the hard he tried the more it came up .his eyes becomes red . he gets up n walks impatiently .

“ y ? y ? aaradhya y r doing this to me ? I just hate u … how much I loved u n u r giving that much of pain to me … “ Aadit shouts with pain . he throws things in aggressive manner . he looks at watch given by aaradhya on his b’day . he recalls their first meeting n their journey .
“ when u don’t belong to my life then y ur memories …. To just haunt me … tomorrow u r going to be someone else …. Let me remove u completely from my life today itself . “ Aadit said with tears n throws watch on to wall . it hits wall n breaks n goes under dressing table . he looks at aaru’s childhood frame which he brought from her home on that day . he looks at with tears . he is about to throw it too but stops … he looks at it again caresses with his thumb . but throws it too … its breaks … aadit looks at broken frame … he looks away . he feels so painful . he goes to the broken frame n kneels infront of it . he takes the frame n broken glass pieces into his hands . he sits on bean bag looking it with tears . he recalls all the fun they had together . their fight n their separation .

Jaan waleya tu tadpaya
Laut ke phir tu kade na aaya
Akhaan de naal dil nu rulaya
Bada sataya tu…
Yaad teri bas aandi jaave
Par teri koi khabar na aave
Dil mera hun dub’da jaave
Bada sataya tu…

“ tomorrow it gonna be the last day for our every memory … then we don’t even have right even to think about each other … here I’m dying n how r u so normal there “ aadit said with tears .

Tenu hun meri
Kade yaad aake tadpandi nahi
Akhiyan ‘chon teri
Kithe nindar udd fud jaandi nahi
Aave tu mudke
Hun main ta karaan faryaadan ni
Rahan vich jind baithi
Ik leke teriyan yaddan
Ik teri khair mangdi
Main manga na kujh hor
Ik teri khair mangdi
Na toote dil ki dor
Ik teri khair mangdi
Ab koi chale na zor
Ik teri khair mangdi… main

later aadit becomes clam still holding frame in his hand arranging broken pieces . ria comes in to his room . she looks at all the mess n at aadit who didn’t even look at her . he is still on his work . she goes n sits on another bean bag opposite to Aadit .

“ bhai “ ria called .

Aadit didn’t look up .

“ bhai plz look at me I know how u r feeling “ ria said .

“ bhai aap kya kar rahe ho… it is broken u will get ur hand hurt . leave it “ ria said taking the frame from him .

Aadit tries to stop her but ria keeps the frame aside .

“ bhai … plz talk to me naa “ Ria said holding his hands .

“ bhai let all the pain inside u come out … I cant see u like this bhai plz … “ ria said with tears .

Aadit looks at her .

“ I know it hurts but still here I’m trying to fix her broken frame like mad … I cant even leave her frame broken like this even after knowing she is least bothered about my broken heart … who will fix it ? “ aadit said with tears .

“ bhai plz …calm down “ ria trying to console him .

“ I cant ria … I just cant … “ aadit leaning forward placing his head in her lap . ria caresses his hair . aadit cries badly .

“ bahi plz chup ho jao ? “ ria unable to see his brother’s pain for first time ever .

“ kyun ? when I don’t love her anymore …. Still this is killing me … I don’t love her anymore ria … seroisuly I don’t . I hate her … still y this much of pain to me … still y I’m feeling I cant live with out her … I feel my world gonna shatter completely tomorrow … I cant ahead of it .. I feel everything gonna end tomorrow … y am I feeling this ? I don’t love her anymore … help me I just cant take this yaar …. From morning I tried so hard to forget all this nonsense … seriously I tried ….but I cant …“ aadit breaks down .

“ bhai plz … don’t say like that … u r such a true person … god will not do this to u … Aaradhya will come to ur life … don’t worry plz … “ ria said crying .

Aadit gets up …

“ I don’t need her again in my life … bcoz of her all this pain “ aadit shouted .

Ria holds his hand n wipes his tears .

“ u cant break down like this bhai … I cant see u like this “ ria said .

Aadit hugs ria . parvathi and usha seeing them from door side with tears .

Precap : twist in tale ….

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