the pain that continues (episode 63)

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Episode 63 :

On engagement day Annapurna n parneetha helping Aaradhya to get ready …. She is beautifully dressed up in grand light pink lehenga …
“ look parneetha how beautiful our Aaru looking today … “ Annapurna said smiling .
“ ji maa … sach mei … “ parneetha said .
Later both leaves to see sadhvi . aaradhya looks at engagement rings kept on in front of her . Aaru about to throw them away with her hand but stops hearing laksh’s voice . laksh comes .
“ wat papa ? do u need anything ? “ Aaru asked getting up .
Laksh looks at aaru happily .
“ no . I just came to see my lil princess … “ laksh said caressing her hair .
Aaru smiles at laksh .
“ if ur mom alive today she will be on nine clouds seeing u … she must be so happy for ur wedding “ laksh said happily .

Aaru takes laksh’s hands into her .
“ for me u r my mom n dad both … n I’m not at all missing mom today cuz I’m seeing even her share of happiness in ur eyes dad … just I want keep ur happiness like this let wat ever happen “ Aaradhya said smiling .
Laksh hugs aaradhya .

Later engagement ceremony starts . rivan n viren ( the one going to marry sadhvi ) arrives along with their respective families . sadhvi n aaradhya comes down the stairs … everyone looks at them … viren smiles at sadhvi while rivan get mesmerized looking Aaradhya . sujatha gives sadhvi n viren engagement rings n they makes them wear each other . Annapurna gives aaru n rivan their engagement rings . rivan forwards his hand to make aaru wear ring . but Aaradhya seems so lost she didn’t even forward her hand .
“ aaru where r u ? haath do beta … “ Annapurna said bringing her back to senses .
Aaradhya looks at her n then looks front … she sees Aadit standing infront of her standing smiling n gets shocked .
“ now wat ? don’t tell me u wont give ur hand now ? “ aadit said smiling .
Aaru smiles with moist eyes looking him .
“ wont u give ur hand now ? “ Aadit asked forwarding his hand .
“ ofcourse I will … “ Aaru said louder n forward her hand happily .
Aadit makes her wear ring.
Aaru looks at ring happily n then lifts her head n sees rivan …. She becomes sad realizing its just her another dream related to aadit .
“ aaru wat r u waiting for ? “ Annapurna let outs .
Aaradhya holds rivan hand n makes him wear ring without looking him . every one claps for both couples . there is happiness on every one faces except Aaradhya . aaradhya goes to her room later .

She looks at ring . A drop of her tear falls on ring . she recalls how people down telling her that now she became rivan’s half wife with this engagement .
“ how can I be rivan’s ? when I no longer have myself with me . though aadit don’t believe me any more still myself is with him . he thinks I’m so happy with all these things . how can aadit think about me like that ? really he lost faith on me so easily . not even once he have ever seen my love for him in my eyes … “ Aaru cries .

Sangeet n mehendi all ritual are done one after one … Aaradhya not involved at least in any one of them … she stood quiet struggling to accept the reality infront of her eyes . just two days left for the wedding .

@mid night .
Aaradhya is still awake .
“ just two more days … do really this marriage will happen ? what is happening with me ? as the day is coming nearer its becoming really harder even to take breath … wat ever be I decided to flow with fate … let my destiny take me to the one who is written for me … “ aaru thinks .
Aaradhya gets call from unknown number .
“ who is calling me in this time . “ aaru thinks for a second before picking call .
“ hello “ Aaru answering call .
“ Aa… aaradhya … “ the voice in frighten tone .
“ Rivan … “ Aaru , a bit tensed hearing him .
“ aaru come fast to café … fast … “ rivan still trembling voice .
“ kya hua ??? “ aaru louder .
“ don’t know these people … who r they ??? come soon “ rivan shouts trembling .
“ I’m coming rivan … “ aaru replied n cuts call .
She gets off from bed n comes out of home hurriedly . she runs to café near by .
“ rivan “ Aaru shouts concerned entering café .
Aaru looks at rivan standing normally . she goes to him .
“ kya hua ? “ aaru asked tensed .

Rivan laughs looking her .
“ look at u … “ rivan laughing .
“ wat kind of joke is this rivan …? I was so scared … I thought …“ aaru louder .
“ u thought that Aadit will attack me by sending goons to take his revenge … “ Rivan replied .
“ Aadit will never ever do that … n I wont even think about him in such a way … I thought its someone else n I came running here n u r… “ Aaru replied confidently .
“ I just wanna see that concern for me in ur face …. So u care this much for me “ rivan said
“ wat ? to see this, u called me … how do u think I don’t care for u … u r my best friend rivs . I care for u “ aaru replied .
“ friend ??? still …. “ rivan looking aaru .

Aaru looks away .
“ bolo aaradhya ? I know we r very gud friends … but we r going to get married in two days … n then I cant be ur friend any more I will be ur …“ rivan continues .
“ I like u more as my friend rivan “ aaru cuts his talk n turns to leave .
Rivan holds her hand .
“ n wat about love Aaradhya ? is it with someone else ? “ rivan asked .

Aaradhya eyes becomes moist .
“ if yes then bring it back aaradhya … as u know I’m the one with whom u r going to spend ur rest of life . without it becomes hell . I hope u remember laksh uncle’s happiness with this marriage . I wish u don’t spoil everyone’s happiness . “ rivan said n leaves from there .
Aaradhya stood with tears . later she comes out of café n starts walking on road thinking about rivan’s words .

Later a jeep passes by her . there are three guys in it n they r drunk . one of them whistles at aaradhya . she ignores them . they get down from vehicle .
“ where r u going babes ? that too alone ? “ one guy asked .
Aaru remained silent n walks forward . other guys blocks her way . the other two laughs . she didn’t even look at the guy she moves side n continues going . the guys becomes irked . one holds her hand .

Aaru looks at them .
“ dekho pehle se hi mera mood bahut karab hai chup chap chodo muje aur ghar jao tumhara mamma tumhareliye wait karrahi hogi “aaru said plainly n frees her hand .
“ oh actually even my mood is not gud .. why don’t we both make each other feel better ? will u come with me ? “ the guy said with evil smile .
“ how dare u idiot ? “ aaru shouts n slaps him harder .
The guys becomes furious looking this .
“ u did so wrong babes ? n u know wat punishment will u get for this ? “ the guy said .
The guys walks forward .
“ just don’t even dare to come to me … I will kill all of u … “ aaru shouts n looks around .
She looks at rod in their jeep … she picks it up .
“ leave my way or else it gonna be really for u all “ aaru warns them .

The guys laughs at her .
“ with our own rod u will beat us … oh so scary … we r three here n look at u . now u cant even run away “ the guy said laughing .
They continue approaching near her . Aaru about to hit him with guy … but he holds rod n snatch it from her .
“ I said u cant do any thing “ the guy .
“ u idiots … don’t y people like u r still existing on this earth . even ur mom will be shamed of having son like u “ aaru shouts .

The guys becomes furious .
“ u … “ he shouts n raises rod in air to hit her .
Aaru closes her eyes suddenly . suddenly a hand shown stopping rod by holding it n preventing aaru from getting hurt . aaru opens her eyes n looks at Aadit . Aadit angrily looking at the guy . the guys tries to get rod free from aadit’s grip but aadit holds it tighter . aadit snatches it from him n throws it away . Aadit pushes guy on to ground angrily . the guys falls down . the other two comes to hit aadit . aadit fights with them . the guys runs away . aadit is so angry that he is about to run behind them . Aaradhya holds his hand .

“ Aadit … Aadit cool it … those idiots were drunk … “ aaru said trying to calm him down .
Aadit looks at Aaradhya . his eyes becomes emotional looking her after passing through many painful days . but he controls himself . he recalls how she stood for rivan on that day . aadit gets angry he takes off her hands . aaru looks at him . Aadit without uttering a word heads towards his car . aaru keeps looking him with teary eyes . aadit get into car . n drives n passes by aaru . aaru stares him going . she stood silently . she looks at aadit car stopping . she sees aadit getting down . she becomes happy looking him coming to her . aadit comes to Aaradhya . aaradhya looking him happily but aadit looks away . he holds her hands n walks forward . Aaru keeps smiling looking him .
“ I know u will back again … “ aaru said smiling .
Aadit remained silent .
“ not bcoz I’m scared to go alone but I feel gud to spend time with u as I’m left with only 48 hours … after that I should go with rivan forever right … don’t know when I will see u again … “ aaru said .

Aadit stops hearing this .
“ Kya hua ? “ aaru asked n holds his arm drags him forward .
“ u said na now u don’t like me … but aadit we have so many memories together right … u remember our journey began with fight … from day 1 how we both tortured each other always irritating ach other . sometimes u ran behind n sometimes I ran behind u … how stupid we both r naa “ Aaru said n looks at aadit who is still maintaining his serious look .
“ tume shave nahi kiya naa ? kyun ? har ladke ke tarah tum bhi duniyo ko dikhana chahteho ki tume bhi ek ladki ne dump kiya ? U GUYS WILL NEVER CHANGE trend set kar diya fell in love clean shave break up don’t shave .. … u guys simply don’t shave after break up so that every one know ur pain … wat should we girls have to do ? I think we don’t stop taking bath … so that even world know our pain too … “ aaru said smiling .
“ devdas look wont suit u monster “ aaru said .
Aadit still remained silent .
“ kuch toh bolo ? I know u r angry on me … once I go away naa u have full life to hate me … but now say something … atleast fight with me for last time … plz yaar … “ aaru said resting her head on his shoulder

… aadit becomes emotional .
“ I’m gonna miss our fun so badly … last time fight with me … then we don’t get a chance naa … “ Aaru said with moist eyes .
Aadit pulls her to him angrily .
“ u always love to go away from me right … even in this last hours u r only talking about going away from me … seriously aaradhya y r u playing with my feelings … “ adit shouts angrily .
Both looks at each other seriously .
“ wow … finally u talked monster … “ aaru shouts happily .

Aadit stares her …
“ mad … seriously “ aadit said n leaves her n walks forward .
“ suno … oye monster … “ aaru shouts running to him .
Aaru stands infront of aadit n walks back ward talking to him .
“ suno u have to promise me something “ Aaru walking backward .
“ walk correctly … if u fall naa then don’t ask me … “ Aadit said walking forward .
“ wo chodo naa phele kaho … will u promise “ aaru asked .
“ kya ? should I promise I will forget u or I will forgive u or I will keep maira happy giving her rights to her “ aadit said seriously .
“ chee koye black n white filmy heroine hua kyaa …? I wont ask such small things … “ aaru said rolling her eyes .
“ small things ? oh then wats the big thing u r expecting from me “ Aadit asked .
“ bus shave kar lo … “ Aaru said .

Aadit rolls his eyes .
“ bolo karoge naa ? “ Aaru asked again .
Aadit stops . Aaru too stops .
“ kya hua ? “ aaru asked looking him .
Aadit looks side . Aaru too looks … they reached maheshwari residence .
“ oh dead end “ aaru with moist eyes .
Aaru about to go in … Aadit holds her hand .
“ very gud acting Aaradhya maheshwari … but y so ? don’t worry I wont tell any one about u n me … n I wont stop ur wedding too … not that much selfish like u “ Aadit said .
“ so u think till now I talked to u was just my acting “ aaru asked .
“ ofcourse … I think u r much better than ur would be husband . u r marrying right one … u r such a real life actress so natural “ Aadit sarcastically .
“ oh acting ? “ Aaru heart broken .

Aaru smiles .
“ I will ask rivan … to get me a chance in movie “ aaru smiling controlling her tears .
Aadit stares her . aaru takes off his hand . n heads forward . after few steps ahead she comes back to Aadit n looks into his eyes . he toolooks direct in her eyes .
“ I can see ur pain in ur eyes … I even saw ur love once in ur eyes now ur hatred too I’m seeing it clearly … every time every feeling about me I known it better through ur eyes than with ur words … n coming to u … u have never found my love for u in my eyes even today u r unable to see my pain in my eyes …u found nothing in my eyes n still u call urself a true lover . wat am I then ? wat name should I give to myself ? “ Aaru said looking into his eyes .
Both remained silent .

“ nice dialogue naa … I think it should be in a movie … I will suggest rivan … acting ??? huh acting ? “ Aaru said looking him n about to turn .
Aadit grabs her shoulders .
“ last warning aaradhya maheshwari … don’t dare even to think that ur love is so true than mine … u never loved me … if u ever did so u wont left mee like this ? hate u “ Aadit said angrily n leaves her shoulders .
“ gud bye “ Aaru said neutrally .
Aadit leaves angrily .
Aaradhya looks in to sky .
“ I was wrong …. I thought I don’t know anything about love … but its only me how know it much better than him … aadit just thinks of himself … love is bad … hate u too monster “ Aaradhya said looking into sky .
Later Aaradhya goes inside .

Precap : married …

Wat do u guys think ? are aaru n rivan married ..? or theres twist in tale waiting for aaru n aadit ?


  1. D.K.S.A.R

    i love this story very much……………………………………………………….. post soon the next part one more think you are very lovely person…

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