the pain that continues (episode 62)


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Episode 62 :
Aaradhya still crying standing there … Aadit comes again not able to control himself for saying harsh words to her n stands behind wall thinking to go to her or not … Aaradhya wipes her tears … Aadit about to go to her but stops seeing rivan approaching her .
“ Aaradhya where were u ? “ rivan said holding her arm n shocked to see her face …
“ Aaradhya wat happened ? “ rivan asked .
“ no nothing … “ aaradhya said .
“ I know u r feeling strange with this atmosphere right … “ rivan asked gently .
Aaradhya nods … rivan smiles n holds her passing his arm over her shoulder … n tucks her hair strands behind her ear with one hand … Aadit becomes furious looking this …
“ Aaru don’t take stress … how u used to live ur life even after our marriage u will live like that only … no one can take ur freedom n that’s my promise . till now I don’t with whom u shared ur happiness n worries … I don’t know whether ever u expressed ur inner feelings to anyone or not but from today wat ever u feel about me or our relation or anything that bothers u just come to me … no need to stand in corner like this … I’m there for u any time … “ rivan said with assuring voice .
Aaradhya looks on … at last rivan winks at her smiling … Aaradhya too smiles .
Aadit hits the wall angrily n leaves .
later one small group of people decided to play truth or dare game to double the fun n they dragged aadit maira n aaru n rivan . so they joined them . every sits in round on bean bags . Aaradhya n aadit sits facing each other oppositely . beside Aaru n aadit rivan n maira sits respectively n few more people . Aaru n Aadit looking each other seriously . one guys spins the bottle n it stops pointing maira ….
“ so maira choose truth or dare… “ the guy asked .
“ of course truth “ maira replied confidently .
“ so as u r going get married to Aadit soon lets see how much u know Aadit ? tell us wats Aadit biggest plus n minus … “ the guy asked .
“ oh thats so simple … being so cool all the time is his biggest plus … n about minus he don’t actually have any … “ maira said .
“ oh this much of love …. That u cant even see his minus point … so gud … u both will sure make awesome couple guys … “ the guy replied .
Again they spin the bottle n it stops pointing Aadit this time .
“ so aadit wat will u choose “ the guy asked .
“ truth .. “ aadit said looking Aaradhya .
“ do u have any flop love story of urs before maira …? “ the guy asked .
Aaradhya looks at Aadit .
“ yes … “ Aadit said frankly .
“ who is that girl ? “ the guy asked .
“ sorry it wont be fair telling the girl name as its completely my mistake of loving her … she never had any feelings for me . my love story ended in such way that it don’t even have atleast few lines written … it just ended for forever even before starting …“ aadit said looking Aaradhya .
Aaradhya looks away …

Again they spins bottle this time it stops pointing Aaradhya .
“ so Aaradhya maheshwari truth or dare … “ Aadit asked in revenge tone .
“ dare … “ Aaradhya replied looking him angrily .
“ wat dare ? I think this is first time u r chossing it aaru I mean u always prefer truth right…. “ rivan asked a bit surprising .
Before Aaradhya could say anything .
“ truth is really dangerous rivan … not necessarily all the time one can be able to handle it … “ aadit replied .
“ so true Aadit …. Not always we should hide behind truth life also asks us to dare sometimes … “ aaru replied equally .
Aadit smirks …
“ gud… lets get back to game … u have chosen dare right … kiss ur partner … “ aadit said .
Aaradhya is shocked … while other shouted excited .
“ wat the hell ? who will kiss in public “ aaru with raising voice .
“ wats so big deal ? these times its so common . u both r going to get married n I just asked u to kiss him not anyone else . n we don’t mind … we r so open minded people … wats say guys ? “ aadit replied in cool tone .
“ yess … u should Aaradhya come on … game is game … “ all cheered Aaradhya .
Aaradhya looks Aadit angrily . aadit folds his arms n signs her to do it through his eyes .
“ Aaradhya come on yaar . this is quite normal … u only chose dare naa … “ one girl said .
Aaradhya busy in looking Aadit angrily …before any one could say anything … Aaradhya angrily kisses rivan’s cheek . Aadit looks hurt .
“ that’s cheating Aaradhya … wat kind kiss is this ? “ one screamed .
“ wat cheating ? I was just asked to kiss rivan …I can kiss his cheeks too … u guys didn’t specified … game is game right … “ aaru replied .
“ who expected this baby kiss ? I thought u both will spice up the game … “ one guy replied .
“ no problem … still there are many couples here to turn on heat … “ aaru replied looking aadit n maira .
“ by the way I don’t want to spoil our first kiss … it must be special for us “ aaru added smiling holding rivan’s hand .
Rivan smiles … Aadit becomes furious .
Again people continue the game … Aaradhya wanted to run away from there as it becomes so hard to act more before Aadit as if she is really happy with rivan … at same time she didn’t want out burst infront of aadit n show her weakness .
“ rivan I’ll be back haa “ aaru said bending to rivan .
Rivan nods positively . Aaru goes upstairs . aadit looks her going .

@ room .
Aaradhya splashes water on her face n looks into mirror … she recalls how Aadit himself asked her to kiss rivan . how she kissed rivan … she just kissed his cheek still it is so disturbing to her . she again splashes water on her face n comes out of wash room . she angrily grabs face towel from cup board n starts wipping her face n hear bang of door . she quickly turns back .
“ so upto where planning done for ur first kiss with ur future hubby … “ aadit asked .
Aaradhya throws towel on bed n heads to door . aadit holds her shoulders .
“ I asked something …. Ms.maheshwari … “ aadit asked .
“ aadit I will kill u seriously … let me go … “ Aaru replied .
“ oh like seriously … “ Aadit sarcastically .
Aaradhya looks on . Aadit pushes her back . n bolts the door . aadit takes off his blazer n drops it on ground walking towards Aaradhya … Aaradhya steps back unknowingly . finally her back touches wall . aaradhya about to leave side way aadit pins her against wall .
“ now wat do u want ? y don’t leave me in peace … “ Aaru shouts .
“bcoz u snatched my peace . wat u said just before u will kill me right .. come on ms.maheshwari kill me before I can see ur cheap acts more with my own eyes … kill me idiot …. “ aadit shouts n leaves her angrily n turns back .
“ cheap acts ??? “ aaru in low voice .
Aadit stood silently holding his waist . Aaradhya makes him turns to her side .
“ cheap acts ??? whose mine ??? “ aaru asks with teary eyes holding his shirt with both hands .
Aadit looks at her . Aaradhya pulls him closer holding his shirt .
“ bolo ? y r u silent now … cheater … cheap acts …. Wat else ? cheap is not my acts aadit its urs … the real cheap is u … that’s y u asked me to kiss random one …. Cheap is u n ur revenge on me …. Like seriously how can sit still looking me kiss someone else …? I was waiting for u that u will take ur words back or u will stop me but no for u just ur revenge is important than me …. Right …. I hate u … seriously I hate u … “ aaru shouts n leaves his shirt .
Aadit angrily grabs her shoulders …
“ who r u to hate me haa ? have u ever loved me ? no right then who gave u rights to hate me ? u r expecting me to stop u . like really Aaradhya …who am i to do so ? ur bf or ur lover or ur life companion … wat right do I have on u ? u have thrown me so far from ur life … tell me who am I ? what is aadit in ur life ? just answer me if u have or if u can … once tell me wat I am in ur life then I will take u from here … still I am saying same word which I said to u on that day … tell me … “ aadit shouted back .
“ I wont come with u like this … “ aaru replied .
“ I know u wont … bcoz u never had feelings for me … only that rivan matters to u … u can kiss him so happily while cant even bear if I come near u … I know about u “ aadit replied .
“ wat u know about me haa ? u know nothing about me aadit . do u know how uncomfortable I was with rivan ? do u know I felt while kissing him ? do u know how much I need u ? do u know how ur anger killing me ? do u know how badly I am struck in this situation ? wat u know about me ? “ aaru shouted with tears .
Aadit n Aaru shares eye lock . aaradhya looks away .
“ A tight hug … “ aadit said .
Aaradhya looks at him .
“I mean I know u need a tight hug from me right now … “ Aadit said stretching his arms wide .
Aaradhya runs to him with tears n hugs Aadit wrapping her hands around his waist . Aadit too hugs her back tightly .
“ zyada nahi par toda toh pakka pata hai … itna bhi weak nahi hu … pass toh zaroor ho jaaunga … tension mat lo “ Aadit said with moist eyes .
Both laughs at a time … exactly after many days … later aaru becomes conscious n breaks the hug . Aaradhya about to leave . Aadit holds her hand .
“ kyun aaradhya ? kyun ? y r u making fun of our lives , our love n even our feelings ? u know very well we cant stay away from each other . not even u . then how do u bring urself ready to leave first ? don’t do this yaar … atleast for urself … u will surely die without me … “ Aadit said .
“ its not just u n me in this world … its all over between us Aadit “ Aaru said .
Aadit leaves her hand . Aaradhya leaves wiping her tears .
“ I think the story not actually ended … “ rivan said entering room .
Aadit looks at him . rivan stands before Aadit .
“ right aadit “ rivan added .
“ so u know everything … “ Aadit replied with attitude .
“ of course … I have seen it even before aaradhya realized when last time I met her … “ rivan replied .
“ still u r giving her pain by accepting for this wedding . wat kind friend u r ? “ Aadit asked angrily .
“ bcoz I don’t want to be her friend anymore . already I got hurt badly in love n not ready to get hurt twice … this time I wont spare any one if they try to snatch my happiness not even u …. “ rivan said showing his index finger .
Aadit angrily pushes his hand away .
“ wat u do think of urself ? u call this love … “ Aadit with raising voice .
“ yes … we both need same girl … but destiny is favor to me better u understand n moves from our way .. “ rivan equally .
“ to whom destiny is really favoring we will know it at end but now lets talk about time right now . u know wat this wedding is in my hands actually . wat happens rivan if I go to laksh uncle n tell him that I n aaru loves each other . for sure he will be hurt as he trust u more than me but for his daughter’s happiness he will give her hand to me … but y I am not doing so ? y iam quiet bearing this much of pain ? bcoz aaradhya asked me to stay away from her father ? she asked me with tears … I can get her by telling one truth to her father but if I do so she will be mine but not from heart cuz I broke her trust … I respect her decision her will . n wat about u ? even after knowing she cant be happy with u still u r ready to marry her for ur happiness ? u don’t even deserve to be her friend too … “ Aadit said .
“ oh so urs is great sacrificing love u mean … tell me upto how many nights this great love will last … after few nights with her in ur bed wat if story changes … “ rivan said angrily .
“ how dare u ??? “ aadit shouts holding his collar n pushes him to wall .
Rivan holds Aadit’s shirt .
“ how dare to say that ??? “ Aadit shouts.
“ wat wrong I said ? i know about ur romance with Aaradhya … “ rivan shouts back .
“ just shut up … one words against aaradhya I don’t know wat I will do to u ?“ aadit shouts
“ who r u haa ? she is my would be wife … stay away from her … “ Rivan shouts n punches Aadit . blood comes near his lips corner . Aadit too punches rivan angrily . Aadit again punches rivan angrily . rivan falls on bed … Aadit goes to him angrily n raises his hand to punch him again .
“ Aadit “ Aaru shouts entering room .
Aadit looks at her . Aaru runs to Aadit n holds his hand .
“ look aaradhya how wild ur friend is ? “ rivan said getting up .
“ shut up rivan “ Aadit shouts .
“ rivan I’m so sorry .. plz forgive Aadit . “ Aaru said joining her hands .
“ Aaradhya y r u saying sorry … he did mistake yaar “ aadit said impatiently .
“ just shut up aadit . u did a lot “ Aaru replied quickly .
Rivan smiles .

“ for ur sake I’m leaving him . “ rivan said n leaves .
Aaru goes behind him . Aadit stood angrily . later aaradhya comes again .
“ aaradhya … he is … “ aadit about say something .
Aaradhya slaps him . Aadit becomes angry n grabs her shoulders …
“ do u know wat he said about u haa ??? “ Aadit shouts angrily .
“ whatever he have rights on me …. But who r u to hit him ? I already said our relationship is all over … how many times should I tell Aadit ? “ aaru .
“ u r mad … mad …. “ Aadit shouts holding her tighter .
“ he will give u only pain … “ Aadit shouts .
“ n wat about u ? wat r u giving me ? “ Aaru said pushing him back .
“ look here … “ Aaru said showing him nail marks on her shoulders bcoz of his grip .
“ u slapped me for that idiot . is he so important to u than me ? u r not even ready to listen y I punched him wat he said about u … ? do u trust him more than me “ aadit shouted .
“ yes I do … I trust him morethan u . for sure u did something wrong … mistake must be urs … stay away from rivan aadit . if something happens to him I wont leave u …“ Aaru shouted .
“ shut up … I wont hear any word from u … I understood how much I mean to u …. Now our relation is really dead … I thought u r doing this for ur father but no words showing how much u trust rivan . I thought atleast not love but u really trust me … but no … u broke my heart today …. “ Aadit shouted .
Aadit pulls aaru to him .
“ now its not only u … even I lost belief on love … I hate u …. Never come into my life again … “ Aadit shouted n leaves her angrily n goes … from there .
“ I know aadit . mistake wont be urs I believe u but to break ur heart I am forced to do so . now u will hate me really … “ Aaru made self take with tears .
Episode ends .

Precap : engagement …!

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