the pain that continues (episode 61)


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Episode 61 :
Next day ….
Aadit is getting ready in his room … though he decided to be normal as before but his mood is no way changing his anger is uncontrollable … his looks are so piercing . suddenly someone enters his room without knock n hugs him from back tightly . Aadit angrily holds the hand n drags the person to his infront holding hand … its maira who looks really happy … Aadit remained silent looking her in shock .
“ tum ? “ aadit let outs .
“ haan mai … “ maira shouts with happiness n hugs him wrapping her hands around his neck .
Aadit didn’t hug her back … maira feels a bit hurt she moves back .
“ I’m sorry … I made u uncomfortable right “ maira said looking down with sad look .
Aadit notices her happiness vanished bcoz of his rude behavior . Aadit approaches near her n maira stares at him . Aadit hugs maira … maira gets happy but Aadit maintained same look .
“ I’m so happy aadit … u know y bcoz I’m getting u , my best friend as my life partner … “ maira said with happiness .
Aadit breaks the hug .
“ the moment I have known.. u agreed to marry me I packed my stuff n came flying here … “ maira continued .
“ u know I thought u never agree to this marriage … I always have feelings for u I feel u r my perfect … I like ur everything ur smile ur look even ur arrogant n rude behavior too … do u remember we used to stick to each other in Canada but when I met u last time I felt ur behavior is so changed u became so humble n even u didn’t even properly gave attention to me when my dad talked to me about our marriage I was so feared that u will reject me but u agreed . today looking u now I believe that old Aadit malhotra is back … today I can see difference in ur behavior u r back aadit … now u r that Aadit whom I know very well … “ maira added .
“ tell me r u really happy to marry me ? “ maira asked atlast .
“ wat ever I be … I will marry u … if u start caring about other’s happiness soon u will loose ur own happiness … “ Aadit said with serious look intending Aaradhya .
“ wat ?? “ maira asked confused .
Aadit nods simply . maira gets happy .
“ excuse me sir … “ one servant knocks standing at door . both aadit n maira looks at him .
“ Alok sir is calling u both down … “ he said .
“ we r coming “ maira replied .
He leaves .

“ come Aadit … “ maira said holding his hand .
“ u go maira I’ll be in one min “ aadit said .
“ fine … “ maira replied n leaves smiling .
Aadit looks himself in mirror n recalls maira telling his behavior is changed to back .
“ when I used to be so care free n less bothered about some one’s happiness I used to be so happy . for first ever I started seeing my happiness in some one’s n now I lost it forever … “ aadit said out n leaves from the room .
Every one looks at Aadit coming down .
“ lo aagaya aapki damad … “ ashok said looking rajesh .
Every one smiles …Aadit looks at him .
“ beta dekh kya rahe ho … pair chuo “ ashok said to Aadit .
“ nahi uncle … no problem … waise aadit ko ye sab accha nahi lagthe … y formalities b/w us ? plz don’t make him uncomfortable … “ maira quickly replied .
Aadit n maira looks at each other .
“ fine … from now only u started taking aadit’s side leaving ur dad … haa … “ rajesh asked teasingly .
“ its not like that dad … “ maira making explanation …
Rajesh holds her hand .
“ no maira no need to explain … this is wat I need from u both … I want u both to be each others support forever no matter wat situation is … but I have seen ur support but I do want to ask aadit one question … will u too keep maira happy forever ? “ rajesh asked looking Aadit
“ yes dad he will n I believe … “ maira replied .
Rajesh smiles . Aadit goes to maira n holds her hand .
“ I want to talk to u maira in private … “ aadit said holding her hand n taking her with him .
“ wat u need to talk haa ? “ alok asked tensed …
“ let them alok … “ rajesh replied .
Aadit takes her to room .
“ wat is it Aadit ? “ maira asked .
“ I don’t know how much my family said to u about me … but I don’t want to bear any guilty later . so I’m telling u now itself … u r right maira I changed a lot after coming here … my everything changed my nature my priorities … all this happened only bcoz of Aaradhya … I loved her so madly … “ aadit shouts .
Maira is shocked .
“ still u love her even now “ maira asked in low voice .
“ no … she didn’t give a chance to me or my love … she left throwing me in to these darkness … “ aadit said with moist eyes .

Maira is relieved hearing this n looks at Aadit .
“ I have never seen tears in ur eyes ever since from our childhood … today by seeing them in ur eyes I can understand how much pain u have in ur heart plz don’t waste ur feelings for the ones who never cared about u plz … “ maira said with consoling voice caressing his arm .
Aadit becomes emotional n pulls her closer n hugs her … aadit takes it as a friendly consoling hug but maira feels happy for this closeness .
“ I have taken her so deep in my heart I need much time to forget Aaradhya … I cant promise u that I can forget her completely ever but still I can manage not to bring her topic ever in b/w us … till then I cant accept u even after marriage … I need some space … “ Aadit said with tears .
“ that’s ok Addie … I wont force myself ever on u by this marriage … lets be friends even after our marriage until u feel happy to accept me as ur wife … I can wait … but plz don’t tell this to my dad . he wont accept but I don’t want to loose u … plz “ maira said hugging him back .
Aadit recalls aaradhya’s words asking him to leave his life n now maira’s words of asking him to be with her .
“ chalo even this is gud for me … this pain will make me easy to get close to u with in short time n once u get close to me then watch aadit how I will chain u with me … I will keep making u guilty like this for loving that girl by pacifying u with my love … n then with in no time maira ki entry n uss Aaradhya ki exit ek ki time pe hoga tumhare life mei … “ maira smirks .
@ maheshwari residence ..
Aaradhya is in her room still thinking about Aadit …
Fb starts ….
Aadit n Aaradhya r in aadit room working for aadit’s dream project … frequently Aaradhya putting pencil in her mouth n biting its end thinking … Aadit notices this n he goes out to bring something … Aaradhya is still looking at papers n sees Aadit coming inside …
“ where u went ? “ Aaru asked .
Aadit simply nods n sits next to her bed … Aaru keeps pencil down n takes some papers n looks at them n aadit replaces pencil with carrot … Aaru takes carrot n puts in mouth again thinking just pencil n realizes n looks at aadit …
“ kya … ? I know u don’t like carrots … but I’m sure it is a much better thing to eat than this…. “ aadit shows her pencil with bite marks …
“ idiot …. “ aaru said out n throws carrot on him …
“ upar se accha kiya phir bhi idiot toh mai hi hu … oh sorry I forgot u don’t eat what humans eat right … u have ur own menu like someone’s brain n this pencil … ok carry on … I will eat that carrot n u carry on with this pencil … “ Aadit said n throws pencil on her .
Aadit n aaradhya puts carrot n pencil in their resp mouths at looks at each other n burst out laughing .
Fb ends …

Aaru laughs recalling the incident soon she realizes n her smile vanishes .
Rivan calls Aaradhya …
“ hi Aaradhya … “ rivan .
“ hi rivan … wats the matter ? “ aaru asked .
“ u know right after engagement we should meet each other till marriage … so I decided to throw party tonight … wats ur take ? “ rivan asked .
“ party ? y rivan ? “ aaru asked .
“ oh come on aaru even my friend’s asking for party … don’t worry only some close friends n some couple will come to paty . even we should announce our relation right … “ rivan said .
“ ur wish rivan … “ aaru said being not interested .
“ ok then … we will have party in my farm house . u can invite ur close friends … bye “ rivan said n cuts calls .
Clear party atmosphere is created in rivan’s farm house with all young couple chirping all round … n all cams out read to capture rivan … soon rivan car stops … he gets down along with Aaradhya … aaru looks at all flash lights n feels uncomfortable to be focused like this . rivan holds her . aaru looks on n takes her with him .
“ sir one small question plz ? “ reporters .
“ sir y r u marrying a common girl no way related to film industry ? “ reporters asked .
“ may be u expected much from me … to be frank even I’m a common guy n I love to be so … n about Aaradhya I know her very well we r childhood friends … n I’m so happy to get her as life partner … thank u … “ rivan said out n takes Aaradhya with him …
While reporter shouted for more questions .
“ so that’s our star rivan take on marrying a girl out from filmy world still he left this thing unturned for his fans … anyways though Aaradhya maheshwari is no way related to film industry she looks damn gorgeous … may be wat people say is true beauty can cast spell on anything … “ reporter concludes .
Aaradhya hears it while going in with rivan n feels angry .
“ how can they talk about someone like this rivan ? “ Aaru asked annoyed .
“ aaru just let it go … let them think n write wat they feel n all these r too common in our lives … “ rivan said .
After sometime aadit n maira attends party … photographers starts taking their pictures too as they are kids of top most businessmen … while aadit feels he lost his own identity since his photo published in magazine … while both heads forward …

Rivan is introducing Aaradhya to his close friends …. Aadit enters with maira … n looks at Aaradhya n gets angry ….
“ Aadit listen control urself … u should show her how happily u can live without her … that’s big punishment u can give to her .. “ Maira low voice .
“ I don’t want to give any kind of punishment to her …. Let her go with fate … I just don’t want to come here . u dragged me upto here … I could have easily rejected rivan when he invited me to this blo*dy party …. “ aadit impatiently .
“ aadit like seriously u r talking about fate … wat happened to u ? u used to set score for every small thing right … now u r telling let her go … she gave u so much pain n u r bearing it …so surprising …. Y aadit do u still love her ? may be that’s y u cant give pain to her … “ maira provoking .
“ I just hate her …. Understand “ aadit , firmly .
Rivan looks at aadit n maira ….
“ hi Aadit … “ rivan greets from distance .
Aaradhya looks at Aadit in shock … aadit n maira approaches near them … aaradhya n aadit shares eye lock … while Aaradhya ‘s eyes filled with lot of emotion aadit’s are clearly showing only his anger n pain …
“ I thought u wont come …. U talked not interested on phone … “ rivan interrupted .
“ no not at all rivan … after all my close friend Aaradhya maheshwari is going to get married … if I wont take part in this happy occasion then for wat sake we r friends …. “ aadit said looking Aaradhya .
Aaradhya gives him smile with moist eyes for his intensions of hurting her heart indirectly which sucks Aadit heart sharp …
“ well aadit … who is she ? “ rivan asked pointing maira .
“ oh well she is maira , my would be wife … “ aadit said .
Aaradhya looks him in shock .
“ oh u didn’t tell us ? Aaradhya do u know ? “ rivan asked .
Aadit didn’t even hear him .
“ no our family decided just two days back … “ aadit said passing his arm maira shoulder n holding her close to him .
“ yes we r going to get married next month … “ maira said .
Aaradhya looks at Aadit’s hand over her arm … beed of tear falls from her eye .
“ anyways our wedding is next month but urs in 10 days … I must congratulate u n my dear friend “ aadit said n hugs rivan .
“ congrats rivan “ aadit .
N then he looks at Aaradhya n hugs her …
“ congrats cheater … so happy for u … n wat about my choice …? “ aadit whispers in her ears n moves back .
Aaradhya stood heart broken …both aadit n Aaradhya looks at each other .
Some one calls rivan so he goes aside ….
“ wont u congratulate us Aaradhya … “ maira asked intensionally .
Aaradhya gets angry …but still she decided to be strong .
“ congrats maira dear “ Aaradhya smiling hugs her .
Maira n Aadit are shocked .
Aaradhya looks at Aadit . she stands infront of him smiling . Aaradhya takes both of his hands with her hands . his heart beats faster with her soothing touch … n his rage since 4 days cools down in fractions of seconds seeing her smile …

“ u decided to move on n I’m really happy … “ Aaradhya said smiling .
Aadit didn’t hear her … he is already lost in her . Aaradhya hugs Aadit wrapping her hands around his neck . both hearts beats faster … especially Aadit found his peace … for a second he has forgotten all his anger n hatred wat ever happened b’w them n wats gonna happen next … he closes his eyes slowly n gets lost . Aadit hugs her back tightly forgetting everything … maira gets angry .
“ u came here to make me weak right but look at urself monster u felt weak now …. Forgot wat I did to u ? this will happen with me too wat ever u do I will never get hurt …. This is our biggest problem till now we r unable to understand wat our relation is ? n wat name we should give to it ? now our destiny changed our relation once used to be is lost now … wat ever we both will be tomorrow but those days r so precious to me like for u … n the relation we had in past is so much special to me though I know It cant be part of future tomorrow . even I don’t mind in living in past for it …. I just request u plz don’t spoil my memories by adding these bitter things … n finally congrats for ur start with maira … “ Aaradhya said with tears n breaks the hug . n Aadit looks at her going away . he goes behind her . finally catches her hand n drags her to side .
“ aadit plz don’t make nonsense here “ Aaru said .
Aadit angrily pulls her close to him .
“ u r right … u r my biggest weakness n u know it very well that’s y u had played so nicely with me … n made me joker …. N about non sense it suits u more … don’t waste ur mercy on me … now I just hate … n I’m going marry maira understand … u cheater … “ aadit said .
“ sto calling me cheater “ Aaradhya said pushing him back .
Aadit again pulls her closer .
“ not once every time I see u I will call u by that name only … just wish we don’t meet again … like u naa no one can fake love . u throwed me out of ur life n maira wishing me to be part of her life even after knowing our so called relation … u be happy with ur rivs n I got one who cares for me … best part is she don’t know how to be fake like u …. “ aadit said angrily n leaves her .
Aadit goes from there …
“ u only think of urself mr. aadit malhotra …. U r right my love is fake cuz I loved a person like u madly … who never cared about my feelings n my pain . yes I’m fake . “ Aaru said crying .
Episode ends .

Precap : Rivan n Aadit’s fight … Aaradhya slaps Aadit … aadit n Aaradhya ‘s hatred reaches its peak .

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