the pain that continues (episode 60)


Hi guys . I know these today I’m so irregular but wat should I do guys ? I feel like no one interested in my story . I get really low comments hardly 4 or 5 . I don’t mean I write only for comments but its minimum encouragement naa …. Anyways here is next part n sorry for any errors not proof read .

Episode 60 :
The day left really heart breaking incident for Aadit and Aaru … Aadit heart filled with anger towards Aaru . Aaru is still very upset with Aadit’s words calling her betrayer not at all ready to understand her . with most difficulty she had build up some trust on love n it was now broken . whole night both hardly slept .

Next day .
“ bhai chachu is calling u “ ria informed Aadit .
Aadit seemed lost .
“ bhai “ ria called him again .
Aadit gets up n leaves the room angrily without talking to ria . ria goes behind him . Aadit comes down n about head out of home . Alok calls him .
“ Aadit I need to talk to u … come here “ Alok called .
Aadit goes n sits beside him .
“ u seem still disturbed Aadit . wat I taught u ? just let some bad things go off… its good that she went herself . she is not written in ur destiny . y r u spoiling ur day ? “ Alok said .
“ its not easy dad . “ Aadit said .
“ it is Aadit . just u need to try . rajesh is coming next week along with maira . if u r alone all that memories will chase u like this … once allow maira to enter ur life she will wipe all that things completely from ur life … will u right ? “ Alok asked .
“ alok don’t force him let him think wat is gud for his life … “ parvathi said .
“ no mom … this time I’ll go with dad . he is right I must move on . I didn’t do any mistake to be like this I need get normal if dad thinks it is possible with marriage let it happen … “ Aadit said with out looking her .
“ sun liya …. Jao Aadit go on long drive ..u love right . get refresh . do whatever u want n relax … today no restrictions on u come home when u feel like “ Alok said .
Aadit nods n leaves out .

@ maheshwari mansion .
Rivan arrived maheshwari mansion . Annapurna does his aarti n welcomes him . laksh hugs him affectionately .
“ finally our damad came home even before wedding…. “ sanskar said teasingly .
“ haan rivan so early … baat kya hai … “ Laksh joined .
“ laksh uncle u too … not fair . I thought once I should meet Aaru n ask her if she really ready to marry me … “ rivan said smiling .

“ actually she is not at all ready to get married but I’m forcing her “ laksh replied seriously .
“ wat ? then y r u doing this to Aaru uncle ? if she is not ready no problem I will wait for some more years … I have no objection don’t force her . “ rivan said concerned .
Laksh laughs n rivan looks confused .
“ this y I have choosen u for my Aaru … u care this much for Aaru without any ego n I know u will keep her happy forever . I just acting she is really very happy to get married to u …“ laksh said .
“ aap bhi naa uncle ? I was scared really awesome acting … infact much better than me . I think u must try in movies too … “ rivan replied smiling .
“ now I don’t want to act in movies but wats so need for it now. as I’m getting super star as my son in law . “ laksh said .
Rivan n laksh smiles . rivan glancing all around to find Aaradhya .
“ ahem … ahem …. Now no need to look like this rivan just few days we r sending Aaru with u forever . “ Arjun said placing his hand on rivan’s shoulder .
“ when u caught me y don’t u call Aaradhya right now … “ rivan replied .

“ I will call her “ parneetha said .
Aaradhya is in her room sitting on bed looking notes which Aadit gave her in hospital .
“ Aaru “ Parneetha calls her entering .
Aaru quickly places those papers under pillow n looks at her .
“ kya hua bade maa …? “ Aaru asked .
“ wat u forget I said right today rivan is coming . still u r in these clothes . u r going to get married soon get habituated of wearing traditional dresses . I heard rivan’s mother is really very strict . ok come now rivan already came n waiting for u “ parneetha said holding her hand .
Aaru goes with her .

Every one sitting in hall . laksh talking to rivan laughing . Aaru looks his happiness . rivan looks at Aaradhya n get ups . everyone smiles .
“ aab tak shaadi nahi hua hai rivan abhi se utna kyun ? “ arjun giggled .
“ shut up Arjun really u r making me more embarrassed . I just got up casually to talk to Aaradhya … “ rivan replied .
“ yes Arjun . u r troubling rivan a lot … “ laksh said smiling .
“ wah! now when damad came son became odd one out here … “ Arjun replied .
Everyone laughs except Aaradhya . rivan notices .
“ Aaru I need to ask u one thing . r u sure u r ready to marry this childhood friend ….? “ rivan asked looking her .
Aaradhya looks at rivan n then at laksh who is smiling looking them .
“ haan rivan . I’m so happy with this relation . “ Aaru said with fake smile .
Every one gets up smiling .
“ just give us few days rivan we will change Aaru according to ur family traditions . “ Annapurna said holding Aaru .
“ change ? not at all needed dadi … I love the way she is n I will take her as the way she is . I can manage mom anyways mom wont live with us right … she will be aboard even after our marriage n me n aaru will live Mumbai . so problem with her too…. “ rivan said .
“ thank god rivan u said that orelse It would have been really troublesome to change Aaru .. u know right how she is …? Bahut ziddi … “ Arjun said teasingly .
Rivan holds aaradhya’s hand n stands beside her . Aaru looks at him .
“ iss liye toh muje itna pasand hai … “ rivan said looking Aaru .
Everyone smiles looking them . laksh gets really happy .
“ now y late . lets keep engagement ceremony two days after … n we have to start wedding preparations soon .. we r left with only few days … we have to plan for two weddings … “ sanskar said .
“ yes rivan . wat about ur mom beta ? “ laksh asked .
“ uncle she will be in kolkata by tomorrow night . I will stay in my farm house house till wedding . “ rivan said .
“ u can stay here rivan “ laksh said .
“ no laksh … bride n groom should not see each other after engagement … its not good omen … “ sujatha said .
“ ok then I will stay there … anyways if I be here there will be much problematic with reporters n all … they wont even give space for u to do preparations here . better I stay in farm house . “ rivan .
“ I think even Aaradhya must get habituated to this … after ur wedding even she should face this right … “ Arjun said smiling .
Aaradhya didn’t utter a word all the time . she just fixed her fake smile for everyone . but she was completely worried with announcement of dates .

Aadit is driving his car on isolated road away from city … he driving with out any idea of where he going . he reaches spot he gets down car … n he realizes he came to same place where he came before too … on that day when rivan n Aaradhya came on long drive n aadit secretly followed them . Aadit gets Angry .
“ even if I don’t wish I will end up with u … wat do u expect should I become devdas for u … u just don’t know anything about me then . the way I can love in same way I can hate too … even I’m gonna marry maira … with this our ways will get separated forever … “ Aadit said angrily .
Aadit comes to edge n looks down holding fence … soon his eyes becomes wet .
“ I just thought of this n my eyes became wet … wat happens if it happens really ? wat wrong I did to anyone …? For which kind of deed I’m getting this punishment . did I separate any couple ? then y I’m facing this pain … kyun ? “ aadit shouts .
“ I said I will marry maira even I don’t know will I ever be able to bring myself to start a new life with her … can I ever forget Aaradhya n her betrayal … is this the punishment she giving me for loving her truly … “ aadit .
“ wat should I do now ? I cant ever bring myself from her … wat should I do now ? should I kill myself ? or should I kill…. That … Aa..radhya … “ aadit shouts in rage .
Aadit kneels down … n reminisces time spent with her .
“ wat I’m thinking ? will I kill my Aaradhya my own life … how that word even came out of my mouth bahut pyaar kiya hai maine… Chahe wo muje se kabhi pyaar na kiya ho par maine kiya naa … if I do so wat difference between me n Aaradhya …. I must find out way to get myself back from her … not this non sense .. let her go with her people she loves n cares for …. Not with me … now she don’t need me anymore ….. now question how do I get myself back from that girl . she snatched myself from me …“ aadit said out with tears n gets up .
Aadit gets into car n driving back to home . Aadit is still thinking about his life deeply . on his way he sees a car stopped . one man sighs Aadit to stop the car . first Aadit seems not at all interested but he stops car thinking may be some emergency . the man approaches near aadit’s car . Aadit lowers his car window glass ..
“ sir can u give us lift ? our cat suddenly broke down “ the man asked .
“to where ? “ Aadit asked still not interested .
“ to one spot sir . it comes on the way u r going we will get down there … “ the man said .
“ ok … get in .. “ Aadit said without looking him .
“ thank q sir one min .. “ the man said n goes to the car … Aadit initially didn’t gave a look at them but suddenly his looks caught up when the man take some special wheel chair from back of car . that car’s driver n the man helps to make a other man probably of age between 45 to 50 to sit in chair who is in car till now . Aadit understood that man’s condition n feels bad for him . they bring that man n Aadit opens his car door they make him sit infront seat … n the first man keeps wheel folded in car back . he too gets into car later . the man sitting in front seat smiles at Aadit . aadit smiles back . the man tries to put seat belt with one hand . Aadit helps him .
“ thank q … “ the man said .
“ don’t mention plz . “ Aadit said gently .
“ lets go .. “ the man asked .
“ ya sure .. “ aadit replied .
Mean while the man in back seat ordered the driver to get car repaired some how .
Aadit starts driving car . the man in front seat starts talking to aadit .
“ u look so lost … any problem … “ the man asked .
“ nothing … I’m fine … “ aadit replied .
“ if it is true then ok but if not don’t worry everything will get fine … “ the man said .
Aadit slightly laughs hearing his words .
“ y r u laughing now ? “ the man asked .
“ even I used to think like that but now I feel not all things will get fine … “ Aadit replied smiling .
“ u look so young but ur words have so much of depth … n ur smile showing me u r broken completely may be bcoz of girl I think … “ the man replied .
Aadit looks at him .
“ u look expert … “ Aadit said .
“ yes I am …. “ the man replied laughing .
Aadit looks at him thinking how he is laughing so heartfully even after knowing his physical condition is not normal still he seems extreme happy from heart . Aadit is surprised at same time Aadit understood he is so strong n fit from heart . this created great respect for that man in Aadit’s heart with in few seconds .
“ tumhara naam kya hai beta ? “ the man asked .
“ me … I’m Aadit … aur aap ? “ Aadit .
“ my name is David n he is my care taker Noel … “ the man introduced .
Aadit n David had healthy convo all through journey . Aadit felt really light after talking to him .
“ sir plz stop the car we reached . “ the man is back seat said .
Aadit stops the car n looks around it is still isolatd road .
“ r u sure ? “ Aadit asked .
“ yes sir . “ noel replied getting down .
Noel gets wheel chair n his bag . Aadit too helps noel to shift david to wheel chair .
“ thank q aadit .. “ david said .
“ that’s ok … “ Aadit replied stil in confusing looking all around .
Noel takes david away . Aadit gets into car . n looks noel taking david to some street that was running into forest . Aadit gets suspicious n gets down the car . n goes in to forest . he sees noel standing .
“ sir aap ? “ noel asked looking Aadit .
“ where’s david haa… ? y u brought him in to this forest ? where u left him ? “ Aadit asked louder .
“ sir … plz he will come here every year … n asks me to stand here n he comes deep to some spot . “ noel replied showing aadit the way .
“ how can u let him go alone ? wat If something happens to him ? “ aadit asked .
“ sir don’t allow me to come with me .. “ noel replied .
“ fine … “ Aadit said n goes in same way to find david .
“ sir plz don’t go … “ noel gave voice .
Aadit rolls his eyes n heads forward . Aadit goes sees david from back he looks around n shocked to see it is grave yard . Aadit thinks david lost his loving one n feels even bad for him . Aadit goes near david . david is looking at grave n keep bouquet on grave . Aadit looks at grave stone on shocked to see david name written on it .
“ wat ? “ aadit shouts with shock .
David looks at him n smiles .
Aadit looks at him .
“ aap pagal ho kya ? “ Aadit louder .
“ haan … pagal hi toh hu “ david replied neutrally .
“ u r alive … then y ur name written on the stone … n u r coming here ? wat does it mean ? “ Aadit asked .
“ this david is alive still but old david died 25 years back … “ david replied .
“ now wat it mean ? what happened ? “ aadit asked .
David remained quiet . Aadit places his hand on his shoulder .
“ regina … “ david said .
“ regina ? who is she ? “ Aadit asked .
“ my everything once . I used to love her a lot even she too . I’m big business man . she used to tease me saying I will leave her one day bcoz she is not as rich as me . I used to get angry for saying this . one day I asked her to marry me . she was on nine cloud s . we fixed dates for wedding . n then one week before the wedding date …. “ david paused .
“ wat happened david “ Aadit asked .
“ I was returning from business tour n I met with accident . she don’t know it … I was admitted in hospital my condition was so critical …I some hw managed to live but doctors said my legs n left hand are paralysed due to car accident … I must live like this forever . I asked them to make me like before they said they cant …. I was broken . I cried thinking I cant live on myself I need to depend on some one forever . I need someone to serve me whole life n I don’t want regina like that … I don’t wanted to make slave . I don’t wanted her to sacrifice her life for me … just to serve this useless man . y should she ? I know if she knows about me she will come to me n stay with me … I cant see tears in her eyes forever … y should I spoil her life ? I wanted to keep her happy all her life but if I stay lik this infront of her eyes there will be only tears in her eyes . I was paralysed not she . n then I never met her even today . I used feel so heavy I wanted her to be by my side … I couldn’t control myself … I didn’t understand how to bring myself which I lost in her . one day I dared to enter her village being too selfish . but in last min I somehow managed to change my mind n came back . that day I realized if this david lives one day or other he will make my regina sad so I buried him here . I buried myself my love here . from that I’m living forgetting wat ever happened all these years n started new life . now whom u r seeing is not the one once . people comes here with tears but I will come here every year with happiness . when I see this naa I feel really happy thank god he died now no one there on this world who can bring tears in her eyes . I get courage n lived all these years with this . I don’t live in india but still I will come here this day every year . “ david said with moist eyes .
“ really u r mad … I mean wat u think ? u left her with out telling her anything . she must be hating u like hell . she must thinking u betrayed her .don’t u know that . “ aadit asked .
“ I know she must be so . I mean that’s good naa if only she hates she can move on … “ david replied .
“ that’s fine . wat about u ? how r u living without her ? instead of all this u should have told her everything if she truly loved u then she wont feel any pain in taking care of u . she will do it happily . “ aadit said .
“ if I did so then when I loved her … “ david asked .
“ wat ? now leaving her is the love u mean to give her … “ aadit asked .
“ I didn’t leave her I gave her her own life . I know she must be broken . she might have cried one year after that she moved on …. Now she is happy … “ david said .
“ wat do u mean ? “ aadit asked .
“ last year noel accidently seen regina when he went to his village she is living happily she even has son of ur age …. She still don’t have luxuries I wished to give her but still she got even precious things which she could never get if I made her stay with me … a happy life . now tell me am I correct ? wat would be her condition with me I might have given her wealthy life but wat about happy one . i know regina loves me . that’s y she cant see me like this forever . she have to live with tears bcoz of my condition . n I’m in such condition that I cant even able to wipe her tears which r flowing down bcoz of me …. That could be worst punishment I would have given to her n myself . than that this is better right … “ david said .
“ is it so easy for u to give up ? “ Aadit asked .
“ it was horrible … I was in struck in emotions not understanding how to bring myself from her … n I understood I cant do it ever … that’s y I buried myself here . instead thinking how to bring myself I left it with her n started living again … my everything is changed …. I’m no more old david …even if u call this madness I don’t mind “ david said .
“ wat about u ? ur dream life living with her ? “ aadit asked .
“ love is just giving … n about getting back we should not even think of it … if its written we will get it at any cost if not we should move on thinking happiness of loved ones … all these years I never cried for regina I have been so happy thinking she is living happily somewhere … n about my dream life with her though I’m not part of it she is living the dream life . that only matters to me . today even after living like this I’m so happy bcoz my regina is happy some where . the smile on my face is only bcoz of her smile somewhere . “ david said .
Aadit didn’t understand wat to tell him now .

@ malhotra’s mansion .
Aadit is in his room still thinking about the man’s words . he is unable to understand them .
“ he is so strange n his words … I just understood his heart is so pure … david n regina both loved each other but david thought of only regina’s happiness . that is love . even regina known about david’s condition she must be with him even today . she don’t know so she moved on . their love is true but still they r separated . he didn’t curse god for this . in my case its different . Aaradhya don’t love me but I loved her right when she don’t wish to be part of my life who am I to force her . let her go with her choice . n about my question I got my answer . even I cant bring myself from her so instead of struggling y don’t I give up to her . let it be with her . I can start new life … I should not stop living thinking about her betrayal . it doesn’t make sense … it will be so tough but I need to try right … y should I give pain to myself n my family … “ aadit said .
Episode ends .

Precap : Rivan throws a party n invites Aadit . Aadit attends party along with maira where Aadit n rivan gets into fight .

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