the pain that continues (episode 59)

Next day .
@ malhotra’s residence .
Every one gathered at dinning table for break fast .
“ I talked to Rajesh last night . n he is coming to kolkata next week “ Alok said having his breakfast .
“ y Alok ? any work here ..? “ parvathi asked .
“ shaadi ki baath hai toh aana padegaa naa … “ alok said neutrally .
“ shaadi ??? “ Parvathi asked surprised .
Everyone looks at Alok .
“ haan maira n Aadit ki shaadi “ alok said .
Every one gets shocked especially Aadit .
“ wat ??? me n maira “ Aadit louder .
“ yes … “ Alok said looking him .
“ alok … wat kind of joke is this ? suddenly u r talking about Aadit ‘s marriage . he must settle down first “ parvathi said to save Aadit .
“ I know but u know wat I cant believe this boy so easily . he still feels he is just college guy . not at all worried about anything . it’s better to get him married first so that u will know even he have some responsibility n get ready to work . n wats so big thing in getting surprised he is going to marry maira not anyone else his friend n the girl we have been seeing from years .“ alok said .
“ will no one ask if I’m ready to marry her or not . “ Aadit shouted getting up .
“ do I ever asked ur permission ? wat ever I do its for u … “ alok said .
“ I know n I never objected but this time its all completely my issue … I cant marry maira . “ Aadit said .
“ I didn’t ask ur opinion . next week rajesh is coming here n we will decide dates n next month u will get married to maira . make it clear “ Alok said said getting up n turns o leave .
“ in that case by next min I will leave this house … “ Aadit said looking his father .
Every one are shocked n looks at Aadit .
“ wat ??? “ alok shouts .
“ yes . I will leave this house forever if u force me to marry maira against my wish . “ aadit said .
“ pagal ho kyaa Aadit ? kya bol rahe ho ? ghar chode gaa “ vishu said holding Aadit’s shoulder .
“ I mean it bhai … I love Aaradhya n will marry only her not anyone else … “ aadit said out .
“ my worst fear came true … “ alok thinks .
“ these tricks can never gonna work on me . I don’t care whom u love . but u will marry only maira . forget wat ever happened till now as a mistake n move on … “ Alok said .
“ mistake ??? I promised Aaradhya that I will be with her forever . I even confessed my love to her . Aaradhya became everything to me now . don’t know how but my relation with her became so strong than any other relation . n u r telling me to forget things as mistake ? is it so easy to forget the ones we love … ? “ aadit said .
“ oh so it became more stronger than family relations … “ Alok asked .
“ yes .. “ Aadit replied .
“ did she accept ur love ? “ Alok asked .
Aadit remained silent .

“ no she didn’t . but I accepted u as my son . u must give importance to our relation than urs so called relation with Aaradhya which still yet kept aside … “ Alok said .
“ she never said but I can see love in Aaradhya’s eyes for me . she will readily come with me . “ Aadit replied confidently ,
“ stop non sense . we will never gonna accept this relation . “ Alok shouted .
“ but I already accepted n I will never gonaa break it . “ Aadit replied equally .
“ I already warned u if u wish to be part of this family just do wat I say not wat u wish . “ alok .
“ then I don’t wish to be any more … “ aadit said with red eyes .
“ aadit beta kya bol rahe ho ? hume chod kar kaha jaye gaa ? alok plz lets sit n talk calmly . “ parvathi said holding Aadit’s hand .
“ no if today I remained silent then for whole life I should bear guilty . this is not some random thing but my life I cant be happy with any one n even I cant cheat maira . she can never get happiness with me . she is just my best friend . “ aadit said .
“ alok plz listen to him he already said he loves Aaradhya n I know her . she will be really best for this house even than maira … “ parvathi said .
“ so now everyone telling me wat to do ? “ alok let outs .
“ dad y r u rejecting Aaradhya like wat she did ? u r looked impressed with her on that day . “ aadit asked .
“ . that maheshwari’s don’t even match our standards . I want someone of our standard n who match our status . “ alok said .
“ who the hell care about those standards ? is this any business deal dad its ur son’s life . my happiness . even without these glitters I can be happy with Aaradhya somewhere in small space . with out her these luxuries can never make me happy . try to understand dad its matter of three lives . “ aadit replied .
“ saying is so easy but living is so difficult . u have grown with all these luxuries u all never know wat is pain ? if u step out naa u will know wat actual life is ? so just stop nonsense n do wat I say … u will be happy with this family . “ alok said .
“ if this ur final decision then better I leave . wat happens dad some how I will get job as I completed my engineering sure I cant earn as much as u in short time that takes me some years till then I will have small salary small car n small home but I will be extreme happy with Aaradhya … all those small things will never be smaller anymore . “ aadit said smiling .
“ aadit do u really leave us ? “ parvathi asked with teary eyes .
Aadit hugs her .
“ so sorry mom ur son is too selfish when I know I can never be happy without her then better I leave if I marry maira I should be guilty for her. I can never accept her . don’t worry I n Aaradhya will be happy . u be happy for me . “ aadit said .
Aadit breaks hug looks at everyone . all are clearly sad .
“ hey chudel take care of mom n bade maa … “ Aadit said smiling .
Ria comes hugs aadit crying .
“ bhai u r scaring me don’t go bhai plz …. “ ria cries .
“ u wish me to cry life long … “ Aadit asked cupping her face .
Ria nods no .

“ then I need to ria … “ aadit said .
Aadit moves apart n starts leaving . every one step ahead to stop him .
“ aadit “ rishu n vishab shouts n about to go behind him .
“ I will kill if any one step out of home … “ Alok shouts .
Every one stops n stands helplessly . aadit goes out without looking back . parvathi n usha cries ria consoles them . alok leaves for room angrily .
Aadit comes out … worker wishes him n opens Aadit car door n forward keys to Aadit . aadit smiles n closes door . the worker looks confused .
“ kaka u know right this is not just car my best buddy plz take care of it … “ aadit said smiling .
“ kya hua beta ? “ the worker asked .
“ nothing kaka just take care of my buddy plz n haa same rules don’t ever let rishu bhai use it … “ aadit said smiling n moves a head .
Aadit takes his phone out to call Aaradhya . in mean while Aaradhya calls him .
“ god wat a coincidence Arrogant maheshwari . I was about to call u … “ aadit said .
“ Aadit can u meet me once . “ Aaru asked .
“ yes even I want to talk something really important . “ Aadit replied .
“ ok then meet me near mandir “ aaru said .

Aaradhya standing on bridge near river n looks at river flowing so peacefully with moist eyes .
“ life is so strange … I thought even mine will flow just like this peacefully who expected such storm so suddenly … now Aadit will come n I have to tell him truth . I know he will break down so badly . once my mom’s life changed here n now my life gonna change her . just difference is she did all to save her love n I’m going to shatter my love here by my hands . how weak I am cant even be able to fight for my love ? I thought god have some mercy on me that is y he sent Aadit only for me no confusion in his love or in his feelings for me . he loves just me but no same thing happening again in my life too . I’m loosing my love . just like mom suffered I’m going to suffer badly loosing my love . how should I live ? “ Aaru cries .
“ ahh…….. I’m gonna loose him forever . “ Aaru shouts out .
Aaru wipes her tears n composes herself to be strong . just then she sees aadit coming smiling . tears skip out of her eyes seeing his smile which gonna vanish in few seconds bcoz of her . Aaru feels dizzy bcoz of no sleep last night . she composes herself n tries to walk near to Aadit . she looses her balance n about to fall into river Aadit catches her on right time n pulls her to him n hugs her .
“ idiot kya hua ? not even able to walk properly …? Didn’t u sleep last night ? “ aadit asked concerned .
Aaru hardly trying to control her cry . she breaks the hug n looks at Aadit .
“ I need to talk to u … “ Aaru said .
“ first let me tell … I came out of that house … forever “ Aadit said .
“ wat ??? “ Aaru shocked .
“ haan Arrogant maheshwari . dad is forcing me to marry maira n not at all ready to listen so I left . I made it clear that I cant be happy without u ….“ aadit said .
Aaradhya looking him in shock .
“ wat arrogant maheshwari ? u r not believing right . u must be thinking how easily the great Aadit malhotra left all his things . I promised right I will be with u . n infront of u they don’t matter … I will miss my family but I’m sure they all love me n accept both of us one day but if I loose u now I thought I wont get u back …. N I know u will support me . lets start a new beginning Aaradhya “ Aadit said .
Aaradhya turns away n wipes her tears .
“ I know u must be thinking without money how can we live ? but even without eack other we cant live right . marry me Aaru I know already we r married but its not complete I want to complete the marriage . then I have confidence I will find job with in week ..we have to adjust in small home but I trust I will succeed in few years then we will show our family how happy we r n make them understand … “ Aadit said .
Tears roll down aaru’s cheeks at that moment she wanted to run away with him .
“ can u live leaving all our luxuries ? “ Aaru asked .
“ of course … I know even u r never interested in luxuries … “ aadit replied .
“ then u don’t know nothing about me … I cant lead middle class life . “ Aaru said .
“ stop kidding . I know u . “ Aadit replied .
“ I’m not kidding . go back to ur family . me n rivan r going to get married with in 10 days . “ Aaru said .
“ wat ?? “ Aadit shouts n turns her to his side .
“ wat u said ? “ Aadit asked .
“ wat u heard … “ Aaru replied .
Aadit pulls her closer .
“ now tell me wat it is ? “ Aadit asked looking into her eyes .
“ Aadit chodo muje “ Aaru said trying to free her self .
Aadit pulls even closer holding her waist .
“ not this I heard something else before . “ Aadit asked .
“ I cant lead middle class life yaar . I’m going to marry rivan . anything else “ Aaru said .
“ stop non sense . I know u love me only me … now tell me wats the reason of marrying rivan so suddenly “ Aadit
“ I need to marry some one right . so I felt rivan is right one for me . he is my childhood best friend , celebrity n earns crores . n I can be happy . I know ur family is much richer than him but u left ur family naa … now u don’t have anything . wat do I get by coming with u … “ Aaru said .
“ oh really … wat do u think about urself so smart … u will say all these shit I will believe u so easily … muje sach sunna hai Aaradhya sirf saach bakwas nahi “ aadit louder.
“ there’s nothing stupidity in my words . u r not getting it … “ aaru said looking away .
Aadit holds her face with one hands n makes her look at him .
“ seriously I’m not getting . how can u marry rivan ? u love me not rivan … “ Aadit replied .
“ do I ever said I love u to u .. no right then from where this love came from . u r just my friends that’s all . “ Aaru said .
“ oh so every thing happened b/w us till now is just friend ship ? “ Aadit asked sarcastically .
“ yes “ Aaru .
“ shut up Aaradhya … just shut up … I have seen ur love for me don’t act . “ Aadit shouts .
“ I don’t love u … how many times I should say this ? “ aaru shouts .
Aadit gets more closer .
“ don’t u love me ? “ Aadit asks looking into her eyes .
“ no “ aaru , low voice looking away .
Aadit holds her face again .
“ look at me n tell me damn it . don’t u love me “ Aadit asked louder .
“ no … I don’t … “ Aaru shout top of her lungs n pushes Aadit back .
Aadit was heart broken . Aaru turns other side . there is quite silent . both Aadit n Aaradhya’s hearts beats faster . it starts raining . Aaru runs to Aadit n hugs him n starts crying . Aadit feels happy n hugs her back .
“ kyun kar rahe ho ye sab Aaru ? kya hua ?” Aadit asked caressing her hair .
Aaradhya tells him everything .
“ Aaradhya u don’t cry I will explain ur dad . I know he will believe me . stop this . I will take u with me no matter wat ? “ Aadit said hugging her tighter .
“ no Aadit I beg u don’t break my dad’s happiness . I have never seen him this much happy before . I have to marry rivan for dad sake . “ Aaru said breaking hug .
“ then wat about me ? “ Aadit asked with teary eyes .
“ I’m helpless Aadit . our love is not strong enough . I’m warning u from beginning go away from me but u never heard . now forget me . still I don’t have faith in this relation just go away from me . “ Aaru cries .
“ I didn’t plan to love u but it happened . now I cant kill my love . so easily u said to forget I cant forget u ever . can u forget me ? “ Aadit asked .
Aaradhya stood silently .

“ I got my answer “ Aadit said .
Aadit approaches near her . Aaradhya looks on . Aadit holds her hand n drags her with him .
“ Aadit kaha leke jaa rahe ho muje “ Aaru asked .
Aadit didn’t listen to her .
“ aadit leave my hand “ Aaru frees her hand .
Aadit looks at her n grabs her shoulders .
“ don’t give this much pain to urself Aaradhya plz . we cant live without each other . come with me we will go to somewhere away from kolkata n live happily . “ Aadit said .
“ u r asking me to leave my dad n come with u . he is living only for me aadit from 21 years … u r asking me to come with u . how can u be so selfish ? “ Aaru asked .
“ even I left my whole family , the family which gave me everything . I left everyone for u . will u leave me ? I will become mad without u . come with me or allow me to talk with ur dad “ Aadit said .
“ no … plz don’t break my dad’s happiness . “ Aaru pleaded .
“ then wat about our happiness ? our lives ? “ Aadit asked .
“ we can live without each other . after many years I got my dad I wont break his heart his feelings . “ Aaru replied .
“ yes so much of love for dad . u cant break his feelings . but wat about my feelings oh sorry they never matter to u right …. N my heart just nothing … “ Aadit replied sarcastically .
“ aadit don’t talk like that . I really care ur feelings damn it . I do “ Aaru said .
“ then prove it right now … . from childhood I never had any need to wait for anything my family brought me up in that way . everything used to come near my feet . for first time I’m waiting for something in my life .for ur love . n I never felt bad I enjoyed even waiting . today even I left that kind of family which gave everything n ready to start a new life with u n ready to face any pain . n now the wait is over . when my dad asked to choose between u n everything . I have chose u . he said I don’t know wat pain is ? I have challenged my dad even I’m ready to face any pain . now its ur turn Aaradhya . all these days if u have ever cared for me n ever my happiness mean atleast something to u then come with me …. Tell me will u ? I wont ask u again n wont force cuz I promised u that I will support ur every decision . I will stand on my words . decision is urs . me or everything “ Aadit asked .
Aaradhya was heart broken .
“ aadit ..just “ Aaru about to continue .
“ will u come with me or not ? if u r not ready to come with me now then I wont enter ur life again . will u or not ? “ Aadit asked leaving her .
“ Aadit try to understand my situation too … plz “ Aaru said crying .
“ I’m not in a condition to understand anything Aaradhya … if u r ready to come with me I will take u if not just leave from here . just remember this time I wont come behind u if u leave now .“ Aadit shouts with teary eyes .
Aaru stares at Aadit . Aaradhya turns back n starts moving away . Aadit looks on .
“ Aaradhya .. “ Aadit , low voice .
Aaradhya didn’t turn back n forwards with tears .
“ Aaradhya …. “ Aadit shouts at top of his lungs .
Aaru didn’t turn back but she is crying badly . she is moving ahead wipping her tears .
Aadit angrily runs to her n holds her hand n turns her to him . Aaradhya looks at him .
“ I hate u …. I hate u Aaradhya maheshwari …. I hate u for leaving me like this …. Betrayer … I feel shame of myself for loving a person like u … gud bye … “ Aadit shouts with pain n pushes her back “
Aaradhya stood with tears … Aadit leaves from there .
Aadit is walking on isolated road in heavy rain . he is totally broken . he is in full anger . all his moments with Aaradhya is constantly moving infront of his eyes . he starts running aggressively . soon he break down n kneels on road n cries … he recalls how Aaradhya went away without listening to him n how he left his family for her . his eyes becomes red .
“ kyun ? kyun ? not even once u realized my love Aaradhya …. How much I loved u even more than myself … n u left me so easily not even once u turned back …. Kyun todhiya mera dil ? kyun ? “ Aadit shouts .
Aadit breaks down .
“ its breathe taking even to think of getting separated from u but u left me so easily …. Do u ever loved me ? if yes how it was so easy to leave me ….really u r a betrayer …. I hate u …damn it … how should I separate u from me ….. “ aadit shouts
Aadit closes his eyes .

Here still Aaradhya stood crying . aadit words echoes in her ears . she closes her ears .
“ how easily u said I hate u Aadit n called me betrayer . how can u ? not even once u heard to me . not even once u tried to understand my condition . is this love ? not even once u thought about my pain . along with u my dreams were shattered . even u didn’t mind about me . its breathe taking for me too to stay away from u . y don’t u get it ? really this love can give only pain I know this still I fell in love with u …. Y it happened to me ? y ?. “ Aaru cries out .
Aadit is still kneeled on road thinking about Aaradhya . suddenly someone place hand on his shoulder from back . he quickly looks back thinking its Aaradhya but its Alok .
“ wat happened Aadit u thought that girl came right .. “ Alok asked .
Aadit turns his face . Alok bends down to him .
“dad aap yaha … ? “ Aadit asked with out looking him
“ wat should I do Aadit ? like that girl I cant break my relation with u so easily right … u r my son . may be that girl can throw u away from her life so easily but I cant . “ alok said .
“ how do u know dad ? “ Aadit asked
“ I’m ur father . I can see ur pain . if she accepted u then u wont be on road like this … look at u Aadit . wat wrong i done . how i brought u up . all workers n servants used to stand in front of u holding hands for ur order . wat less I done to u haa . I gave u everything .u think I don’t love my sons . but I do . when u r in aboard I was not at feeling gud to keep u from family but I didn’t ask u to return bcoz I know u love being there but in last it was so difficult to wait even more so I ordered u to come back . I always think of kids happiness . but forgive me beta bcoz me u joined that college n met her . bcoz of me u r in such pain . if at all I didn’t forced u to come here u wont be on road like this on road . sorry Aadit “ Alok said .
“ dad plz y r u saying sorry . its my destiny to meet her . plz don’t say sorry . I should feel shame to go against u dad . I deserve it . I’m sorry dad . “ Aadit said .
Alok caresses his hair n hugs Aadit .
“ come lets go home Aadit . I cant see my son like this on road crying for someone . forget wat ever happen . leave it to me . I will set things normal . that whole mahehswaris are betrayer . that’s y I tried separate u . now u will listen to me right . “ Alok asked .
Aadit didn’t answer .
“ listen Aadit u did mistake by not listening to me don’t do it again . just believe wat ever I do is best for u . come get up there is no need for u to be like this u r my son get up … I wont let this happen u again . believe ur dad . leave everything here n move on . we just have to forget people who gave pain to us not living . nothing went out of hands . just move on .. “ Alok said getting up holding aadit’s hand .
Aadit gets up n sits in car .Alok drives to home .

Alok n Aadit reaches home . everyone gets worried seeing aadit drenched completely n runs to him . but Aadit didn’t see anyone n goes straight to his room . when everyone about to go behind him alok stops them n asks to give him some time .
Aadit locks the door n looks at room . he recalls all his moments with Aaradhya in his room . he recalls their kiss n how he asked Aaradhya on his birthday that she wont leave his hand ever n how Aaradhya holded his hand tighter .
“ cheater … “ Aadit shouts angrily .
Aaru reaches her home n goes to her room n stands in front of mirror she sees Aadit’s image in mirror n smiles . she touches his image with tears n smiles . she recalls how aadit called her betrayer . she closes her eyes with pain n opens her eyes n sees her image instead of Aadit . Aaru takes off her hand n cries .
Aadit looks at mirror . he too sees Aaru’s image . he angrily goes to mirror .
“ u r smiling don’t have right Aaradhya . u gave me this much pain . still im seeing u in myself too . no when u can throw me out of ur life even I can throw u away … “ aadit angrily shouts . n breaks the glass .
Ye dil tanha kyun rahe
Kyun hum tukdon mein jiyein
Kyun rooh meri ye sahe
Main adhooraa jee rahaa hoon
Har dam ye keh rahaa hoon
Mujhe teri zaroorat hai
Mujhe teri zaroorat hai..
Aadit messes up his room throwing things angrily .
“ y u did this Aaradhya ? Y ? u know I need u still u left me . even after ur betrayer I feel hard to forget u …. Y u dragged me into this condition . y u cheated me ? how can u damn it …. “ Aadit shouts kneeling down .
Aaru ‘s words echoes in his ears . the moments they shared are still in his eyes .
Andheron se tha mera rishta bada
Tune hi ujaalon se waakif kiya
Ab lauta main hoon in andheron mein phir
To paaya hai khud ko begaana yahaan
Tanhaayi bhi mujhse khafaa ho gayi
Banjaaron ne bhi thukra diya
Main adhoora jee raha hoon
Khud par hi ik sazaa hoon
Mujhe teri zaroorat hai
Mujhe teri zaroorat hai
“ I’m seeing u every where in my own room . now tell me idiot where I should I go to forget u .in which part of my life u r not involved . u cant even find out I involved u in my every thing . its just u who till now didn’t allow me even to enter ur life . “ Aadit said out with tears .
teri choodiyon ki wo khanak
Yaadon ke kamre mein goonje hai
Sun kar ise aata hai yaad
Haathon mein mere zanjeerein hain
Tu hi aa ke in ko nikaal zaraa
Kar mujhe yahaan se rihaa
Main adhoora jee raha hoon
Ye sadaayein de rahaa hoon
Mujhe teri zaroorat hai
Mujhe teri zaroorat hai
“ I never left u alone . I stood up for u everytime . I was there beside u whenever u needed me today I’m alone n need u but u without mercy u pushed me into this loneliness … u r right Aaradhya love is just a big mistake …n I did mistake … n I will never do it again . “ Aadit said out .
Episode ends with angry face of Aadit .

Precap : Aadit accepts to marry maira n Rivan’s arrival to maheshwari mansion .

Do aadit really hate Aaradhya n agrees to marry maira ? will Aaradhya really tie the knot with rivan ? will aadit n Aaradhya unite again ?

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