The pain that continues..(episode 58)


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Episode 58 :

Aaradhya calls Aadit .
“ hi Arrogant maheshwari “ Aadit .
“ monster I’m feeling really strange … “ aaru said .
“ wat ? strange y ? everything ok there … “ Aadit asked .
“ nothing is gud here . dad health is not at all gud . he becoming weak again . even doctor scolded us for giving him such mental stress . wat I should do ? “ aaru asked worried .
“ aaru u don’t become weak . I said right everything will get fine . just go n find about wats bothering ur dad . “ aadit said .
“ ur words gives me a lot of strength . u will support me like this in all my decisions right . “ Aaru asked .
“ any doubt . “ Aadit asked .
“ nope . “ Aaru replied .
Both smiles .
“ Aaru laksh is calling u … “ Arjun said entering her room .
“ haan bhai … “ aaru gave him voice .
“ bye monster … dad calling me … “ aaru .
“ ok bye n come back soon . “ aadit .
“ where will I go ??? stupid monster … “ aaru replied smiling .
Aadit smiles .

Aaru enters laksh’s room n gets surprised to see all family members there . she feels strange as every one maintain strange look . her heart beats faster as if something bad gonna happen but she ignores it n goes to laksh n sits beside him .
“ wat dad .. ? anything important . “ Aaru asked .
“ very important . first tell me will u do one thing for me . “ laksh asked .
“ dad plz don’t make me more guilty . for first time ever u r asking me something . just say it I will do . “ Aaru said smiling .
“ not like this . first promise me . “ laksh asked .
“ u don’t believe me . achha ok promise … “ aaru said holding his hand .
“ we want to do ur marriage . “ laksh said .
Aaru was utter shocked . she leaves his hand . but laksh holds her hands back .
“ plz Aaradhya plz don’t say no … “ laksh pleaded .
“ papa ur health is not gud . now u r talking about marriage . y dad ? wats so hurry . let things get well first then we talk about this . “ aaru said .
“ to make things well I’m asking u to get married … “ laksh replied .
“ dad ……. “ aaru .
“ plz don’t say anything . do u want me to see happy ? “ laksh asked .
Aaru nods .

“ then marry “ laksh said .
“ I must tell dad that I love aadit . “ aaru lost in thoughts .
“ aaru y r not telling anything ? u will right “ laksh asked .
“ arey wat she will say … ? even she is a girl … “ Annapurna said holding her shoulders .
Everyone smiles expect Aaru who is deeply lost .
“but my daughter is not ordinary right … “ laksh said smiling .
“ first tell her who is bride groom ? then see how Aaru jumps with happiness … “ Annapurna said .
Aaru lifts her head in shock n looks at them .
“ u all even decided that matter too … “ aaru asked .
“ not we . only ur dad … “ Annapurna said .
Aaru looks at laksh .
“ haan Aaru . I have choosen the boy . the right one for u …the one with whom u love to spend ur time … “ laksh said .
Aaru remembers Aadit’s friendship .
“ the one with whom u can enjoy every second of ur life . “ laksh .
Aaru recalls her fights with Aadit .
“ the one who is not just friend … loves u more than his life . “ laksh .
Aaru recalls how Aadit risked his life to save her life from goons .
“ without whom u cant imagine ur smile . “ laksh .
Aaru recalls how she cried seeing Aadit getting hurt by goons .
“ cares for u always …. “ laksh .
Aaru goes deep down in her ever lasting memories with Aadit .
“ who can make u realize n believe in love .. “ laksh added .
Aaru recalls how Aadit made her believe true love exists n moments when she realized her love .
“ most important the one whom I can believe the most n can give ur hand without any worry … n be relieved . “ laksh atlast .
Aaru looks at him .
“ RIVAN … “ laksh said out .
At the moment Aaru felt ground under feet fallen a part . her heart skipped beats . her senses Paralyzed completely .
“ rivan … “ Aaru , low voice .
“ haan rivan …. “ laksh with extreme happiness .
“ rivan is my best papa … but not … “ aaru tries to speak gathering all her strength .

“ aaru I know wat u will say . but plz don’t say no to rivan just bcoz he is ur friend every relation starts at friendship especially love . when I was thinking about getting u married rivan is first one came in my mind . no one else . that much trust I have on him . I’m seeing him from childhood he always cares for u . with him u will be safe . except him no one can make me believe .if u marry someone else except him then also I cant be happy . if happy for this marriage only bcoz u r going to get married to rivan . plz don’t say no to rivan . plz from few days u r asking me na wat u should do assure me about ur safety n even u r asking me to be happy right then marry rivan that’s wat u can do to me . plz haa kar do . “ laksh asked holding her hands .
Aaradhya hardly composing herself . she wanted to shout out that she cant but she seeing happiness in her father’s eyes which is holding her down . she recalls how laksh cared for her always n how she hurt him from years .
“ aaru u said naa u wanted to do something for chachu then accept this relation . “ Arjun said from back .
“ haan Aaru . laksh sacrificed his whole life for u . cant u do this much for his happiness “ Annapurna said holding her shoulder .
“ bolo beta … u will marry rivan naa“ laksh asked .
Aaradhya nods yes without looking all .
“ thanks q so much Aaru “ laksh cups her face with happiness .
Everyone get happy .
“ I said naa laksh Aaru can do anything for u . meri bachii “ Annapurna said caressing her hair .
“ sadhvi agreed already now even aaru accepted . we will do two weddings on same day . “ Annapurna said with happiness .

“ go get sweets … parineetha . “ sujatha said .
Parineetha brings sweets . every one are extremely happy chirping all around in room sharing sweets . clearly excited to welcome happiness . only one person wincing with pain deeply . no deeper that no one can see it . Aaru was heart broken struggling not to burst out completely lost . a tear skips out of her eyes but everyone were so lost in happiness that the tear went unnoticed clearly . before her next tear comes out Aaru quickly stood up n left the room .
When Arjun about to go behind her . sujatha stops him .
“ hamesha piche piche kaha jaathe ho haa … shaadi hone wali hai tum hare behen ki …chod kar jayegaa kuch dinoo mei aadat dal lo uske bina rahne kaa …. Jaane do usse phir deknaa mai kya kartha hu tume kitne sharat ki tum aur aaru ne mere saath … badla toh tum se hi lena hai muje “ sujatha said .

“ im not scared dadi . n about Aaru going away from me . even I will shift to Mumbai . “ arjun said smiling .
Everyone smiles .
“ I know u will go . but not now . every girl feels like this about marriage . n aaru is never interested in marriage we know . all happening so sudden . let her take sometime for herself . “ Annapurna said .
Arjun nods positively.
Aaru runs to her room n shut the door . she shatters on spot n cries .
“ kyun ? kyun ? … “ aaru shouts .
“ y do I loose the ones whom I love the most ? how can I marry rivan … ? “ aaru cries holding her head .
“ no one can ever have place in my heart expect Aadit . I cant give his place to any one . n about marrying some one else ahh …….. jaan jaati hai meri “ aaru shout outs .
“ n for first time dad asked me something n how can I break him …. If I tell him truth he will break I cant see that … wat should I do now “ aaru .
“ wat big sin have I done ? y r u taking my test like this god … I’m screwed up badly…. “ aaru .
“ my life without Aadit ……… “ Aaru breaks down n cries badly .
Samjhawan ( female version ) plays in BG .

Aaru goes down with her memories with Aadit . she becomes calm later . she gets up goes to wash room n splats water on her face n comes out wipes her face . she tries to calm herself .
“ I must do it for dad … if at all I cant do even this then y respect I gave him for living for me all these years … “ Aaru made self talk looking into mirror .
“ yes Aaradhya u can . u know Aadit just from nearly 1 year . wats big deal in forgetting him … haa … right naa u will forget him naa “ Aaru asked herself looking into mirror with fake smile .
Aaru breaks down in to tears .
“ no.. “ aaru shouts .
“ I can easily forget myself but not my Aadit . he is more than my life . I love him . he stood by me every time . I cant break his heart so easily n first of all I cant live with out him . I must tell dad n explain him . “ Aaru said n wipes her tears n heads out of room .
Aaru comes near room but she sadhvi giving laksh medicine . she stands outside . sadhvi notices Aaradhya n smirks .
“ chachu u trust rivan more than any one naa “ sadhvi asks .
“ haan beta . I trust him more than Aaradhya … “ laksh replies .
“ u look so happy for this marriage … naa “ sadhvi .
“ yes I am . today I feel so happy that all my worries in heart are no more . I feel so light . “ laksh said with happiness .
Aaru closes her eyes n tears roll down on her cheeks .
“ if Aaradhya comes n says she wont marry him then … “ sadhvi asks intensionally .
Laksh gets shocked .
“ even for fun don’t ever say like this sadhvi …. Aaru can never do like that . Aaru knows how happy I am now . my daughter wont ever break my happiness . “ laksh said .
Aaradhya becomes in consolable . at the moment she lost all her hope n stood still without emotions as she felt there is no more use of them .

Aaradhya goes to her room n sits on bed she looks at magazine n opens it .
“ yeh kyaa hole waale hai Aadit humare life mei ? I never wished anyone to send u in my life before but when I wanted to have u forever . things changed so drastically that now I myself should leave u … agar tum se door janna hi mera destiny hai toh phir pyaar hone se pehle kyun nahi hua ye sab ? kyun hua tumse pyaar muje … nahi hona chahiye hai naa ? kyun mile ho tum muje ? “ aaru made self talk .
A tear falls on Aa dit pics . she suddenly hears knock on her door . aaru quickly wipes her tears .
“ Aaradhya … “ sadhvi enters her room .
“ tum ? kya chahiye tume ? “ Aaru .
“ arey y so angry sister . when our weddings gonna happen . we r going to leave this home . my wedding is happening with business man of our status . I mean ur jiju lives in Kolkata only . I can come here when ever I want but u r getting married to super star Rivan n I’m so happy for u . after marriage u will go with rivan to Mumbai naa .. may be for u not possible to come here often as ur rivan is so busy even u will become celebrity after marrying him . Mrs. Aaradhya Rivan Aorora … “ sadhvi .
“ wat u need exactly come to point sadhvi .. “ Aaru shouts hearing that word .
“ chill … I want both of us to be act normal like sisters . we r fighting from years never sort out things . wats enemity between u n me . we r left with only 10 days for the wedding . so lets forget all our fights n misunderstanding . lets forget past n be gud atleast these few days . wats say ? once u leave kolkata don’t know when we will meet again … n wat u will miss here .. as ur all precious things of ur life r in kolkata … don’t know whether u will ever get a chance to see them again “ sadhvi let outs intending Aadit .
“ u r right all my precious things r in kolkata … but if they r written in my destiny no one can snatch them from me … “ Aaru replies back .
“ but its better to forget things which can never be part of our lives n start new beginning … I’m burning some of my old things outside home even u can join me … after all even for u new life gonna begin in few days . “ sadhvi said n leaves .
“ she said right at least I must try to forget things which cant be part of my life any more . “ Aaru thinks .
Aaru takes magazine n goes out near fire . she looks at maganize with teary eyes . sadhvi looking her from distance . Aaru finally throws it in to fire n looks away . sadhvi smiles . the magazine catches fire . Aaru trying hard to control herself she turns back n moves ahead few steps . she becomes emotional n comes back to fire n putoff the fire by throwing sand n picks up magazine n finds aadit pic is not yet burnt .
“ u cant be part of my life but at least I can keep ur memories in my heart right . they wil be safe as no one know my heart . aaj tak maine nahi bataya tume ki mai tumse pyaar karthi hu bataneka moka hi nahi mila muje aur ab batha ne ki zaroorat bhi nahi hai … “ aaru said looking pic with moist eyes .

Episode ends .

Precap : Aaradhya meets Aadit to clear him about her wedding with Rivan . wat gonna be heart broken Aadit’s decision … ?

Credit to: honey

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