The pain that continues..(episode 57)

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Episode 57 :
Aadit reaches home . every one are waiting in hall . as soon as he enters alok gets up angrily .
“ Alok listen … “ Parvathi tried to ask excuse for Aadit .
“ enough …. I want to talk to him n not with anyone else . “ alok louder .
Parvathi remains silent .
“ papa … plz … it was really needed for me to go . I know I went without asking u excuse n I’m sorry for that … “ Aadit said .

“ oh really … can u tell wats most important than ur father . I mean if at all u r working I would have understood . but no … working is next first of all sir is not even interested even in making casual visits to our office … when I ask to work he gives me time … 3 months 4 months … right aadit sir . “ alok let outs sarcastically .

“ dad … I asked u for 3 months time … n I’m preparing myself to work …. “ aadit replies equally .

“ do u remember how much time left for u to join office just 15 days …. N then I will come to office along with rishab n vishab got it … “ alok ordered .
Aadit rolls his eyes … clearly seen most irritated .

“ just look at ur son parvathi … I gave him the time he asked … still sir looks not at all interested in working … we have branches all around country and in abroad too … every employee of my office should know about all branches n work cuz its their minimum responsibility to know about company they are working in . but I wonder my own son don’t have minimum idea about our business … n I don’t know y ? “ alok asked .

“ just bcoz I’m not interested … I want to build my own identity . u have rishu bhai n vishab bhai to carry on our family business n they r doing it very well just like u dad . u don’t need me … I want go on with my ideas dad . “ Aadit said looking him .
“ just shup Aadit … wat does it mean I have rishu and vishab … even u r my son . I want u too to get involved like them . our business so vast to handle if not u who else will work for our business . I already said many times so stop behaving as idiot . try to concentrate on building ur career don’t divert from it …. Not for any one . I know wat is gud for u n I will do them on right time … don’t even dare to take ur own stupid decisions if u want to be part of this family . “ Alok said n leaves in anger .

Aadit too goes out in anger . while everyone tries to stop him but leaves .
“ wat should I do with this father and son ? no one will compromise . don’t know when both will learn to sit n talk calmly . two acts in same way . “ parvathi said worried .
“ don’t worry paro . even Alok must understand aadit . “ usha said .
Hospital .
“ Aaru doctor said we can take chachu home tomorrow morning . he is completely fine . “ Arjun said .
“ y bhai . lets take him now . I don’t like this atmosphere n I’m sure dad must feeling same . he feels better at home . “ aaru said .
“ true . but its better to stay here tonight . n already its 5:30 pm . don’t take much time for morning . n wat about u I forced u to go home n have lunch but mom said u just changed clothes n came here running . u didn’t even take ur breakfast in morning … “ Arjun pointed .
“ I was not hungry . how can I eat when dad is here . even though I was far from him all these years but still I used to have food with him right . now I don’t want to stay away from dad atleast one min . so I came here quickly . seriously I’m not even hungry now . “ aaru said .
“ I’m so happy seeing this closeness between u and chachu . now this relation is completed whole heartedly n for this I’m waiting from years . “ Arjun said sitting beside her .
“ not yet completed bhai . I must do something for dad so that he don’t need to worry for me all the time . “ aaru said .

“ but for me now u should go n have something in canteen go … “ Arjun said quickly .

“ go bhai … not interested … who will walk up to that canteen . “ aaru said childishly resting her head on his shoulder .
“ wat ??? such a idiot u r . haa now even u r feeling lazy to walk . really u r mad aaru . “ Arjun said smiling .
“ I know . “ aaru replied .

“ ya u know everything . that’s the problem . now this trick never gonna work again . get up . “ Arjun said getting up .
“ u wont leave naa … “ aaru said getting up unwillingly .
“ I’m ur elder brother remember . even I can act more stubborn than u … now go . its just onefloor down . I must stay here with chachu . at least eat something u wish . go… “ Arjun said pushing her forward holding her shoulders .
Aaru leaves for canteen . Arjun smiles for her childish nature .
Aaru is having her sandwich sitting in canteen . her phone rings .

“ yaar wait two min …. “ aaru let outs having bite without looking her phone .
But phone is ringing continuously . she takes her phone n answers the call .
“ hey monster … so soon … “ aaru .
“ cant u lift the call on time arrogant maheshwari … haa … wat do u think of urself . ? “ aadit shouts quickly .
“ sorry . I’m having sandwich yaar . “ aaru replies calmly .
Aadit gains consciousness n surprised too by her way of reply he expected same stroke from her .
“ sorry yaar … I was …. “ aadit continues .
“ upset …. I can sense monster … “ aaru completes his words .
Aadit remained silent .
“ r u there ?? “ aaru .
“ ya … just lost on knowing even arrogant maheswari can understand others deeper feelings … “ Aadit , teasing .
“ not exactly everyone’s . but haan I can hear one idiot’s silence so clearly . “ aaru replied .
“ n who is that idiot … ? “ Aadit , wantedly asks .
“ hai ek moster issi dunniya mei …specially made for me …. jo sab kuch jaaneke baad bhi anjaan ki tarah poochtha hai … “ aaru replies .
Aadit smiles .

“ oh really …! That’s so cool right . I mean even one crazy piece was sent to this planet 21 years back specially for me . “ aadit replies n went on laughing .
Aaru just kept listening to his happiness .
“ hello arrogant maheshwari … “ aadit .
“ see how good ur voice sounds when u r in good mood . wat happened monster ? “ Aaru asked .
“ nothing just routine fight between me n dad about joining office . just damn irritating … y don’t dad understand me … “ Aadit let outs .
“ don’t worry monster . just now one guy left note for me stating everything will get fine by themselves . n he even proposed me “ Aaru said .
“ oh .. really is that guy of age 6 to 7 years ? “ aadit asks wantedly .
“ wat ??? no … he is nearly of 25 years . “ Aaru replied .
“ wat ??? 25 years …. “ Aadit shockingly .
Aaru controls her laughter .

“ haan … n he is so hot … his dimples aww so cute …. “ Aaru said , teasing manner .
Aadit was lost in thinking whether really some guy took those notes from small boy n gave aaru .
“ oye shameless arrogant maheshwari … how can u call some other random guy hot ? “ aadit annoyed .
“ o hello monster … when he is that much hot wats my mistake ? I’m quite impressed with his looks n his smile driving me crazy … “ aaru spices up .

“ wat ??? whos that idiot now ? “ Aadit louder .
“ wat a luck aaru … one min monster he is coming to me … “ Aaru let outs .
“ arrogant maheshwari seriously I will kill u if u cut my call now for that idiot . “ Aadit .
“ am I mad to leave u n to go with someone else … by the way who can be best than the great aadit malhotra . “Aaru laughs .
“ stupid … so disgusting prank … “ aadit let outs .
“ then wat about urs haa ? “ aaru replied .
Both laughs .
“ anything else …. “ Aadit asked .
“ hmmm … yes “ Aaru replied .
“ wat ? “ Aadit .
“ this sandwich is not at gud … “ Aaru replied .
“ It should be after all u always interested in eating brain right . “ Aadit .
“ shut up . “ Aaru .
Laksh is discharged n taken home . Aaru taking caring of him very well . but laksh is still tensed about her . even aaru is worried not understanding wat to do to make her father believe . here Aadit too taking stress about his dead line . so they chose one way to get out of their personal worries by talking to each other cuz its only one way for both to forget every thing worrying them at least for sometime .
After two days laksh secretly went to meet panditji for solution .
“ panditji plz show away to get out of this dosh . “ laksh pleaded .

“ don’t worry laksh . after seeing Aaradhya’s kundli to get rid of this dosh there is only one way . “ panditji said .
“ wat it is ??? “ laksh asked .
“ is to get her married with the person whose particular birth star match with Aaradhya’s . he will act as protector for her life . once she get married then everything will get fine then dosh will not be in her kundli . even death cant come near her until the boy is with her . he will become her protective shield from death . “ panditji explained .
Laksh was shocked .

“ marriage ? but if I get her married then she wont be infront of eyes right …. She is still kid Aaru needs me . “ laksh said .
“ I can understand . children will always be small to parents . but laksh if u get Aaradhya married with the right boy u don’t even need to get worried about her safety even if she wont be infront of ur eyes . I’m telling right the boy will protect her . she will be at most safe . trust this thing . its destiny . according to her kundli the boy had already entered her life . “ panditji said .
“ u r right panditji . my daughter’s safety is more important than her staying with me . if she lives happy longer life by getting her married then I will do . I must find right one . n slowly I will make aaru accept . “ laksh said .
“ not much time left laksh . Aaradhya must get married before she gets one more old . or else no one can save her . “ panditji said .

“ wat ??? but only two months left for her next birthday . “ laksh exclaims .
“ yes laksh . if she wont get married before her next birthday I mean before she turn 22 then she will die . no one can change this . not only that laksh this period up to her 22 birthday is crucial for her every second is dangerous to her life . so don’t make it late get her married as soon as possible . “ panditji said .
Laksh was shattered .

“ I will get aaru married as soon as possible . “ laksh said .
Laksh comes out n becomes emotional . he gets into car n starts to return home . on his way he see mandir . he stops n goes into mandir . no one in mandir .
“ wat u need ? how much pain should I have to go through ? u took my ragini from me . now even trying to snatch my daughter from me . wats wrong my daughter done ? y r u behind her life . rather take my life . I’m losing belief on u . plz I beg don’t harm her give her happiness . keep her safe .wat ever be this time I will protect my daughter . “ laksh shouts emotionally .
Night …
Laksh tells every one about this except Arjun aaru n sadhvi .
“ wats happening in our lives ? “ laksh let outs with moist eyes .
“ wat ever happening is to bring happiness lost years back laksh . “ Annapurna said .
Laksh looks at her with shock .

“ wat r u saying maa ? danger to aaru n happening for our happiness ??? “ laksh .
“ yes laksh . just think how many years passed , after ragini’s death no happiness entered our house . we got no opportunity of celebration . relations left incomplete . but after many years relations got their meaning Aaru completely accepted us . lets do our two daughters sadhvi n aaradhya’s marriages together n welcome celebrations . after many years we got chance to celebrate happiness . wat can be more happy than getting our children married . wat can be bigger happiness for them we can give . n even one day we should send them right . so let two marriage happen on same day . “ Annapurna said smiling .

“ haan jiji . by the way we cant let Aaradhya married before sadhvi as sadhvi is elder to Aaradhya . wat others think about sadhvi if we get younger one married first . two marriages should happen on same day . “ sujatha quickly replied .
“ chachi this marriage related to Aaradhya’s life matter n u r still thinking about wat society thinks about sadhvi if aaru get married first . how can u ? any ways if that’s the problem then sadhvi wedding too happen on same day along with aaru ‘s wedding . since I’m not biased to my both daughters like any one . for me both r equal n I want both to be happy .lets do according to ur wish . n don’t tell anything to Aaru I will inform her n make her accept . “ laksh said getting up .

Laksh goes to aaru’s room . Aaradhya is sleeping peacefully hugging her pillow . laksh kneel down on ground near her bed . Aaru feels disturbed bcoz of hair strands falling on her face bcoz of air from window . laksh tucks her hair behind her ear n caressing her hair . laksh reminisces time when aaru was just months baby . how he used to play with her . aaru naughty deeds . how aaru made him run all around house when she started crawling n soon stood on feet .after ragini passed away how he took her care 24 * 7 . tears rolls down from his eyes .

“ still I didn’t forget ur childhood aaru . I feel u still have warmness of new born baby . see … n destiny wants u to get married so soon . I don’t even know if u r ready to marry someone or not … ? but u should do for ur dad . I know ur nature aaru . to cant adjust with people suddenly u cant tolerate any rules n chains n u don’t worry I bring such match for u it suits u n u don’t need to bother about anything . trust ur dad beta . I will bring right one for my lil princess . “ laksh said looking aaru with tears .

Aaru smiles in sleep . laksh caresses her hair n about to get up . aaru holds laksh’s hand in sleep . laksh looks at her n smiles . laksh sits there itself . n stares at aaru .
“ today u r holding ur dad’s hand . soon some one will come n take ur hand from me n then u should go with him away from dad . though u didn’t talk to me all these years atleast u r in front of my eyes n I lived . don’t know wat I will do after u to go some one else home . I will become mad . but no problem I want u to be safe n happy . that’s wat I need . “ laksh let outs with tears .
Morning . aaru opens her eyes n sees laksh sleeping in sitting position . she gets up quikly .
“ dad .. “ Aaru wakes laksh .
“ gud morng aaru “ laksh greeted .
“ dad wats this ? already ur health is not gud . how can u be so careless dad ? “ Aaru louder .
Laksh smiles .
“ now smiling dad . really don’t even know to take care of urself ? I think I’m better n elder to u dad . get up “ aaru said holding laksh’s hand .
Aaru takes laksh to his room n makes him sit on bed .
“ now silently u will take rest dad . no office nothing today . its my order . I will bring breakfast here itself . “ aaru said .
Aaru leaves n gets fresh up quickly n goes to kitchen .

“ dadi is breakfast already prepared ? “ aaru asked .
“ no beta … “ Annapurna said .
“ thank god . today can u prepare Aaloo paratha plz . its dad favorite right . “ aaru asked .
“ I’m so happy aaru . u r caring for laksh . “ Annapurna .
“ of course he is my dad if not me who else will take care . dadi plz leave all those things fatafat prepare breakfast . “ aaru said .
Annapurna smiles n starts preparing . Aaru helps her . grandmother n grand daughter shares fun moments while preparing breakfast along with parneetha .
Aaru takes break fast to laksh room . laksh already got freshen up . he is sitting on bed .
“ Ta Da … tasty breakfast on its way papa … I introduce super cool Aloo paratha … “ aaru said placing tray on bed .
“ arey wah ..! Aloo paratha …cool “ laksh said smiling .
“ hai naa … then wats the late start papa “ aaru said smiling .
“ u too have aaru … today me n my lil princess will have breakfast together . “ laksh said forwarding her plate .

Aaru smiles n takes her plate . both laksh n aaru have their breakfast together . after breakfast laksh is looking at aaru not understanding how to ask about marriage . Aaru is looking at business magazine . suddenly she notices article on malhotra’s top rule in business world . she finds rishab n vishu Aadit pic too printed under next gen of business sensations . Aaru smiles remembering how aadit makes his face when someone reminds his dead line of joining business .
“ Aadit malhotra … “ Aaru let outs smiling running her fingers on his pic .
“ wat ?? Aadit n malhotra “ laksh , shock .
“ haan papa . sorry u don’t right . he is from malhotra’s family . u might know them Ashok and Alok … aadit is son of Alok uncle . “ Aaru said looking him .
Laksh takes magazine from her n looks at pic
“ Aaru ‘s friend is Alok’s son … “ laksh thinks .
n quickly closes the magazine n keeps it aside .
“ wat happened papa …? “ Aaru asked forwarding her hand to take magazine .
Laksh moves magazine still aside with one hand n holds aaru hand with other .
“ nothing aaru listen “ laksh said holding her hand .

“ wat dad ? “ aaru asks still looking magazine .
Laksh remained silent . aaru looks at him .
“ dad u look so weak still plz take rest . we will talk later . “ aaru said looking laksh .
Laksh too feels weak . aaru covers him with quilt properly n comes out of his room .
“ wats bothering papa so badly . he again taking stress … god make him well soon plz … “ aaru prays closing her eyes standing outside his room .
Sadhvi watches from distance .
“ these days princess changed a lot . accepted chachu n became so nice to family . trying to make goodie image in everyone’s heart . hmmm …its time to do something sadhvi …come on … “ sadhvi made self talk . she quickly rushes n brings oil . she pours it on floor n hides in distance waiting for Aaradhya . Aaru is coming in same direction .
“ now even great Aaradhya maheshwari looks lost in thoughts gud now she will fall so easily … things are always favor to me … come on maheshwari now fun is on …. “ sadhvi smiles seeing aaru approaching near oil .
Aaru too walking lost in thought not at looking down.
“ just more step baby …. “ sadhvi looks excited as only one step left for aaru to step on oil .
Aaru stops suddenly .

“ I left magazine in dad’s room . I must show monster his own pic n make fun of him . first he will shout like hell on me n then fights with me . might be he has seen magazine already . wat ever be these days we hardly find reasons to fight . this one is awesome reason to tease monster n how can I let it go haa ? no way … “ aaru made self talk smiling .
“ wat she thinking standing still …come on “ sadhvi looking tensed .
Aaru turns back n heads towards laksh room to get magzine .
Sadhvi hits her head .
“ don’t know y this girl always get saved in last second… wat a fate ? seriously . “ sadhvi murmurs n leaves for her own room .
Aaru enters laksh room without disturbing laksh n takes magazine .
“ Ahh………… “ someone shouts louder outside .
Aaru turns back .
“ Aaru .. “ laksh shouts waking up suddenly hearing voice thinking its aaru .
“ papa I’m here … “ Aaru holds his shoulders .
Laksh looks really tensed .

“ Aaru … u r fine … “ laksh asks tensed .
“ haan papa relax … its not me … “ aaru tried to calm him .
“ plz sleep papa … “ aaru said to laksh .

Aaru covers quilt properly . laksh closes his eyes . Aaru gets up . laksh holds her hand .
“ dad I’m not going anywhere . just I will see who it is ? “ aaru assures laksh .
Laksh leaves her hand . aaru comes out n looks at sadhvi scolding sujatha .
“ wat do u think about urself dadi still teenager wats need to run like this haa ? “ sadhvi scolds sujatha .
“ arey chup kar … someone poured oil here … ahh…“ sujatha shouts back .
“ kya dadi … ? for Olympics only few days left how can u be so careless at this peak time . now who will get us gold medal … “ aaru said coming there .
“ tu chup kar … u did this naa … I know “ sujatha .
“ u think like that about me … ? wat dadi ? this out dated 90’s trick cant be mine … if I really plan to hurt someone like this naa then they wont even be able to speak after it … “ aaru said looking sadhvi .

“ kya hua … ? arey dadi aap gir gaya ? “ Arjun says coming there .
“ nahi bhai . just doing push ups . “ aaru giggles .
“ wat ??? push ups “ Arjun shouts .
“ tu kitne bade saitan hai naa … “ sujatha shouts .
“ accha don’t get me bad dadi . bhai help naa .. “ aaru said helping her .
Arjun too helps .
“ things happens to us according to our karma . don’t u wat u did in past ? like may be u insulted someone for no reason or given pain to someone … who knows ? “ aaru said intending ragini .
“ u don’t teach me … “ sujatha let outs .
“ I don’t need to teach anyone … just I feel like telling n I said out … bhai u can manage naa “ Aaru asked Arjun .
“ haan aaru … “ Arjun takes sujatha .

Aaru comes back to sadhvi smiling . sadhvi about to leave seeing her .
“ .. so natural … “ aaru said leaning on railing .
Sadhvi stops .
“ wat natural haa ? “ sadhvi louder .
“ this one too … doing wrong n taking cross examination from others .. “ aru said without looking her .
“ wat wrong did I do now ? y do u blame me for everything … “ sadhvi .
“ just shut up … wat do u think … ? I’m brainless n cant even think who did this ? I know this 90’s idea must be from ur brain to hurt me … but seriously in which century u r living ? if u really want to do y this outdated trick siso wats so hurry take time n plan try something creative … I’m proud of my sister still today plz don’t spoil it by doing this cheap things … babes .. “ aaru said looking her her smiling .
“ u gone mad ?? “ sadhvi .
“ may be … but did u get something ? u did to hurt me but who got hurt ur own dadi …. Means if we do something wrong god not giving us pain directly cuz it will get too small to compensate our deeds . he is hurting our loved ones … wat can be big
painful punishment than seeing our dearest ones in pain .. ? their pain will kill us than our own pain .god’s theory is awesome .. now we will get fear of hurting others . “ aaru said without looking her .
Aaru looks at sadhvi .

“ anyways I know these things cant reach u ever … about them I will think u carry on n come up with some creative new idea … “ Aaru said n leaves .
Sadhvi gets angry .
“ u r right Aaradhya … don’t worry this time I will surely come with right idea … this time u will get struck in such situations naa it becomes really hard for u even to take breath . “ sadhvi made self talk .
Aaru sits on her bed n looks at magazine .
“ u saved me monster … or else I would have fallen n broke my bones … “ aaru said out looking his pic .
Episode ends .

Precap : laksh seeks promise from aaru of getting married to Rivan . aaru’s decision …!? Will she loose Aadit forever …!?

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