The pain that continues..(episode 56)


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Episode 56 :
Alok is in his room checking some files . while his PA comes there .
“ gud morning sir … “ pA greeted .
“ gud morning Raghav . so did u find out about Aaradhya ? “ alok asked smiling .
“ yes sir . I got to know one thing about her n I’m sure after that there is no need to go ahead in knowing her more … ? “ raghav replied .
“ wat is it ? may be she from middle class family or wat ? no problem raghav … isn’t a bit surprising ? for me too … but when I saw that girl don’t know I felt she is right one for this family …. Before I had many ideas n restrictions for the girl for Aadit . now I don’t have any … Aaradhya is perfect “ alok said .
“ no sir … its not that ? but she is from maheshwari family . “ raghav said .
“ wat ??? maheshwari’s … r u sure ?“ alok shouted in anger .
“ yes sir n she is daughter of laksh maheshwari … n about Aaradhya … “ raghav about to continue .
“ enough … “ alok louder .
Raghav leaves from there . alok throws the file in his hand in anger .
“ maheshwari s … again in my life . n I’m thinking of getting a girl from that family … thank god I didn’t talk to Aadit first . now wat ever be I don’t want any one from such family not even Aaradhya … I must stop Aadit earlier … before I gets too late . “ alok said with firm look .
Laksh brought to hospital and taken inside . Aaradhya left in tears .
“ don’t worry Aaru everything will be fine “ Arjun consoled her .
“ no bhai nothing will get fine …. N this is enough … y u guys never interested in telling anything to me ? seriously I feel like im not the one in this family … all these years I thought I kept u all away from me but reality is u all were always from me even now . “ Aaradhya louder .
“ stop it Aaru . we r so happy to get u back in family … whatever we all doing is for u n ur happiness ? “ Arjun said hugging her .
Aaru breaks the hug .
“ am I happy now ? can I be ever be happy seeing dad like this ? no bhai I don’t want any such happiness giving pain to my dad … already I did a lot . I can clearly see he is worried for me but for wat bhai ? like wats the thing bothering him a lot about me ? if u don’t tell how can I keep him happy ? “ Aaru said with tears .
Arjun feels bad for her n tells her everything . Aaradhya is shocked .
“ this means I’m reason for all this … “ Aaru let outs with moist eyes .
“ don’t blame urself aaru …plz “ Arjun said .
Aaradhya about to leave from there . Arjun holds her hand .
“ plz bhai I want to be alone for some time . don’t worry I am not going anywhere . “ Aaru replied without looking him . she goes from there .
Alok comes to hall . everyone in hall .
“ call Aadit “ he ordered one worker .
“ wat happened Alok ?” parvathi asked but he remained silent .
Aadit comes there .
“ wat happened dad ? “ Aadit asked .
“ I really wants to talk something really important right now … u n aa… “ alok about to continue .
Aadit gets call . he looks at screen flashing Aaradhya’s name . Aadit quickly lifts phone without realizing he is talking to his dad .
“ Aaradhya …. “ Aadit …
He could hears she is crying . n he gets tensed .
“ kyaa hua ? aaru …. “ Aadit asked worried .
Aaradhya couldn’t be able to speak . she becomes more emotional hearing his voice . she breaks down crying .
“ I’m coming … “ Aadit said rushing out forgetting everything around him .
“ Aadit “ alok shouts but in vain aadit is in no mood to hear to anyone he already rushed out .
Alok gets really angry by his behavior n more over aadit left bcoz of Aaradhya . this is first time happened with alok some one went ignoring him from family . all family members gets tensed looking him in such anger .
Aadit reaches hospital . hurriedly he goes inside . he looks at Aaradhya sitting closing her eyes with tears at corners of eyes . aaru senses his presence n opens her eyes . as soon as she sees aadit she goes running to him n hugs him . aadit too hugs her back . Aaru cries .
“ wat happened Aaradhya ? stop crying … “ Aadit said caressing her hair .
Aaru remained silent . Aadit makes her sit n he too sits beside her holding her hands .
“ tell me Aaradhya ? kya hua ? “ aadit asked wiping her tears .
Aaradhya tells him everything .
“ if u didn’t call me at right time then it would have been died by now it would have been really gud for everyone .. at least my dad will be tension free … better I die aadit … “ Aaru said with tears .
“ shut up … r u mad ? then wat about me ? “ aadit louder n pulls her to him .
Aaru rest her head on his shoulder . aadit with his arm around her shoulder consoling her .
“ uncle will be fine aaru … don’t worry … he will get fine for u … “ Aadit said .
“ I know aadit . he will get fine for me … he will . he knows his foolish daughter don’t have strength to live alone … I’m just thinking can I ever be able to do something for his sake ? every time only he is doing for me …. N in return I’m just giving him pain from years … is it only thing I can give to him ? y she should suffer bcoz of me n how much he can go ahead like this ? cant I do anything for him ? “ Aaru asked .
“ don’t be responsible for everything Aaru . u didn’t ask panditji to tell such things to ur father . its just happening . right now just be with ur father infront of his eyes . assure him u r safe n will be … do wat he wants ? show him ur concern n u can never imagine how gud he feels ? concern is best cure for anything . realizing someone cares for us n will be with us at everytime point of time in life gives a lot of strength . “ Aadit said .
“ just like my monster comes every time whenever I need him . y do u save my life every time ? y u should u risk ur life every time for me ? “ aaru asked .
“ monster malhotra is so selfish Arrogant maheshwari … even he knows he cant live with out this foolish girl . he is doing all this just for his sake . nothing else … “ aadit said with smile .
Aaru holds him tighter . Aadit caresses her arm .
“ how nice it would have been if u could hear my heart n know ur place in it … cuz I’m unable tell u … “ Aaru thinks .
“ wat u think aaradhya if u wont tell then I don’t get to know about ur love for me in ur heart … I can hear ur heart its so nice to know that I am so important in it … like u need me first in all ur emotions … just like today every time I will share ur every pain n happiness … “ aadit feels .

( Tere dar pe aake tham gaye
Naina namazi ban gaye
Ik dooje mein yun dhalke
Aashiq anayat ban gaye
Main aur tum
Kaisi dil lagayi kar gaye
Rooh ki rubaayi ban gaye
Khaali khaali dono thhe jo
Thoda sa dono bhar gaye
Main aur tum
Chalo ji aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyaar hai
Yunhi nahi mein tum pe jaan detha hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyaar hai

Ek tum, Ek main
Teeja mangu kya khuda se
Dil doon, jaadu
Kya doon itna bata de
Tera mera rishta hai
Sanson se bhi naazuk

Tum sa, hum sa
Koi dooja na hoga na hua re
Do dil sa ik seene mein hain
Jaise Main aur Tum
Ab dono hum ik jeene mein hain
Jaise Main aur Tum
Jaan se zyaada chaha tumko piya re
Har pal, har dum
Hum dum tumko jiyaa re
Aaj saaf sa kehta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyaar hai
Yunhi nahi mein tum pe jaan detha hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyaar hai
Chalo ji aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyaar hai
Mujhe tumse pyaar hai ) plays in BG .

Nurse comes there . Aadit n aaru looks at her .
“ u r Aaradhya right … ur father is calling for u … “ nurse said .
Aaru n aadit goes behind her . all family member are standing outside ICU . aaru and aadit reaches there .
“ aaru go inside “ Arjun said .
Aaru nods n she opens door little to go inside n she realizes she is still holding aadit’s hand .she looks at Aadit n then at laksh . she is not ready to leave his hand n looks at Aadit . Aadit assures her that he will be here through his eyes . Aaru slightly smiles n leaves his hand n goes inside . Aadit stands outside n looking through glass .
Aaru goes n sits near laksh n holds his hand .
“ papa look I’m here … “ Aaru said .
Laksh looks at her n caresses her hair . Aaru holds his n kisses his hand .
“ don’t worry about me dad … just get well soon …. “ Aaru assured .
Laksh nods .
Aadit gets call from his dad n he realizes now he was actually talking to his father before coming here . he comes aside lifts call .
“ wat the hell Aadit ? come home right now . “ alok shouts .
“ sorry dad . but I cant come right now . “ Aadit replied .
“ oh really so now u r even denying ur dad … “ alok louder .
“ its not like that dad … try to … “ Aadit continues .
“ listen if u ever think ur dad is alive then u should be here within 10 min . if not then make it clear u don’t have dad from now . “ alok said n cuts the call .
“ ahh….” Aadit shouts in anger .
“ y dad ? y don’t u understand me at least one time … “ Aadit holds his waist .
Aadit goes near ICU n looks at Aaru from outside .
“ sorry Aaru . hope u understand . “ Aadit thinks n leaves .
After sometime aaru comes out letting Annapurna to go inside . she looks for aadit .
“ Aadit went aaru “ Arjun said .
“ he went ??? “ aaru exclaims
“ aise kaise chala gaya … ? “ aaru let outs .

Arjun and aaru looks at doctor coming to them .

“ doctor .. wat happened to my dad ? “ aaru asked quickly .

“ he is ok now but he is putting over stress on him these days which is affecting his health a lot . try to keep him stress free n happy . don’t do things that worries him . try to do wat he likes … take care of him . if he takes stress like this then it gets worse than this “ doctor said .

“ we will take care .. ” Aaru n Arjun said together .

Aaru comes to place where she and aadit talked just before . shew sits a bit angry on Aadit for leaving without telling . one 6 to 7 years old boy comes there n gives a note to her . aaru takews it looking him a bit confused . she opens the note n reads it . “I luv u” is written in note

“ WAT???? ” aaru exclaims as it is written in the note . she looks at the boy standing infront of her with innocent face .
The boy gives her another note . aaru takes it . n it is written …

“ I know when girls say “ wat ? ” it not means they didn’t hear but they r giving chance u change wat others said ? but sorry its love . n my love for u wont change. I know I’m too young , I’m too shorter , I don’t have any six pack , I cant earn anything now . i don’t have any degree either . I cant take u to any place as I cant get driving license now . if only these things are objection for u to accept my love
then think before rejecting me once . I will get all those things within 20 years for sure . but wat if u get married to some one else by that time . so I’m proposing quite earlier . think of it .
luck knocks your door only once . don’t think of society . love withstands all …. Especially my love . ” aaru reads out the note n looks at boy n starts laughing .

the boys gives another note .

“ u look so cute while smiling …. Y don’t u keep smiling for my sake … “ Aaru reads out the next note .

The boys gives next note .

“ u cant see stars in morning light n it doesn’t mean they are not there its just u cant see them … they are just stars n I’m rock star … always with u …. “ aaru reads out .

The boy gives last note .

“ be strong …. Things will get fine by themselves … ” aaru reads out n smiles at end .

She looks at the boy . he is about to run away but Aaru holds him . she caresses his hair . makes him sit beside her .

“ u know wat written in this notes . ? “ aaru asks .

The boy nods no innocently .

“ so u love me haa… ? mamma ko bata du” aaru asked smiling .

“ no di . I didn’t write those notes . one bhai gave them to give u …” the boy replied innocently .

“ along with …. ” aaru asked narrowing her eyes .

“ along with this chocolate ” boy said showing her .

“ only one ??? “ Aaru asked .

“ no … this one too ” the boy take out another from his pocket .

“ that’s it … ” aaru asked smiling .

“ haan di … that’s it … ” the boy quickly replied n gets up .

While another chocolate falls from his pocket . aaru picks the chocolate . the boy looks at aaru .

“ hmm…. We should not lie to elders actually … but since its chocolates matter I can understand …. ” aaru said smiling n forward chocolate to him .

The boy comes smiling n takes it from her . the boy waves bye to her . aaru too waves her hands . the boy leaves . Aaru smiles looking him n then looks at notes .

Episode ends .

Precap : Aadit n Aaradhya to get separated by laksh and alok …!?

Credit to: honey

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