The pain that continues..(episode 54)

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Episode 54 :
Aadit comes down . all guests started wishing him . Alok introducing Aadit to all big shots . while Aadit clearly seen not interested n constantly looking at entrance .
“ where’s ur attention Aadit ? “ Alok , only audible to Aadit .
Aadit looks at him . while another guest approaches them . alok gets busy in talking to them . while Aadit stands quiet looking them . Aadit looks around n sees vishab n rishab standing together n enjoying by making funny faces to him for his condition . Aadit gets annoyed but still rishab is enjoying Aadit’s helplessness . suddenly usha comes n holds rishab’s ear n takes both of them with her . Aadit smiles n again tries to look interested in the matter his dad forcing him into .

@ outside gate parking slot .
Aaradhya standing holding her waist in displeasure realizing two guards are behind her . while mandy laughing like hell rolling on ground . dhruv is controlling his laugh looking Aaru n mandy .
“ if urs is over can we go inside ? “ Aaru asked being really annoyed .
“ ok fine … “ mandy said controlling his laugh .
Again he laughs n aaru turns to leave from there . dhruv holds her .
“ hey aaru plz .. mandy plz yaar stop it …“ dhruv , louder to mandy .
“ wah hero from our childhood have u ever tried to stop that chudel while she was teasing me ? now after many years god had given such wonderful opportunity to take revenge y the hell r u disturbing me ? “ mandy said .
“ u r such a big sinner seriously this is y u don’t have a girl friend even now ? do more sins n remain single for 20 more years … . “ Aaru said .

“ don’t talk about girl friend issue chudel ? “ mandy, in louder .
“ I will talk. wat will u do haa ? “ Aaru too shouted folding her arms .
“ u… “ mandy approaches near aaru ..
“ haa me… wat ? “ aaru said pushing him back .
“ guys stop .. “ dhruv shouted .
“ cant u two be normal for two seconds ? then y will u two talk yaar … “ dhruv impatiently .
“ kya kare ? ek hi toh hai bestie mera …. We cant fight after getting old right … already rithu left don’t know upto when this chudel will stay with us … “ mandy said looking down .
Aaru smiles n hugs Mandy .
“ idiot kinder garden friendship yaar wont end so easily . anyways where will we go ? where ever I go with out u will be damn boring . I don’t want such boring life . anyways I wont get married so easily n u r not going to find any girl friend soon . we will be like this for some more years “ Aaru said smiling .
“ again girl friend “ mandy rolls his eyes .

“ accha sorry . come lets go “ aaru said holding his hand .
While they moves ahead guard follows .
“ listen I’m going inside not anywhere . plz stay here . “ Aaru said to guards .
“ sorry mam . laksh sir ordered to stay with u all the time while u r out . “ guard said to Aaru .
“ bhai we r with her . no problem . stay here . “ dhruv said to them .
“ sorry let us do our duty “ guard replied .
“ wat ?? “ Aaru louder .
“ hey look there some one is coming near us “ Mandy shouted pointing back .
Gurad turns to see while aaru n dhruv too looks in that direction .
“ bhago … “ mandy shouted quickly dragging aaru with him holding her hand . dhruv too runs behind them .
They reach near main gate .

“ thanks yaar “ Aaru said to mandy .
“ always . now tell me how do we get inside ? look they r checking invitations n allowing in . “ mandy said .
“ no aadit don’t know that we r coming . let me call him “ Aaru said taking out her phone .
She calls Aadit but aadit left his phone in his room .
“ not responding “ aaru said to them .
“ wat should we do now ? “ dhruv .
“ chalo yaar . we r his friends . let me see how will they stop us . “ Aaru said heading forward .
“ excuse me mam do u have invitation ? “ security asked aaru .
“ actually we don’t . but aadit is very close to us . “ Aaru said .
“ sorry mam we cant allow without invitation . “ security said .
“ I’m telling right . see u will regret a lot if aadit knows this . “ aaru said to them .
“ sorry mam if no invitation then no entry for any one . its strict order to us . “ Security said firmly .
“ aaru lets leaves . “ dhruv said holding her hand .
Dhruv Aaru mandy turns to leave .
“ every one arrived . expect this person in top list . “ one security guard to said next .
“ Aadit sir specially gave this name n said the person is very important one but name is so strange right Arrogant maheshwari . don’t who is this person ? “ the next one said out .
Aaru stops hearing the name .
“ Arrogant maheshwari … “ Aaru let outs turning back .
“ excuse me … wat name u said .. ? show me the list “ aaru said approaching him .
“ here it is “ security shows the list .
Aaru finds name Arrogant maheshwari written on top .
“ its me boss …. “ aaru said looking list keenly to just confirm did he actually written arrogant maheshwari here too instead of Aaradhya .
“ so u r Arrogant maheshwari … “ the security exclaimed .
“ yes its me . actually Aaradhya maheswari … ur super boss spoiled my name … “ aaru replied n hand overs the list .

“ but …. “ security let outs .
“ wat but yet … u have seen with ur eyes right my name is written on top list . if still u wont believe go n get Aadit here n ask him whether I am Arrogant maheshwari or not …. ( aaru hits her head . ) I mean Aaradhya maheshwari … “ aaru replied .
“ let her go inside . Aadit sir said this person is very important . if she is the one then he will fire us . “ the next said a bit frightened .
“ ok u can go inside ms. Arrogant maheshwari “ the security said .
“ Aaradhya maheshwari …. “ aaru said .
“ ok sorry mam . plz all of u go inside . “ security replied .

All three goes inside .
“ god I have never given such entrance exam anywhere …. “ aaru let outs .
“ wats his mistake … here there are many celebrities n big industrialists coming to party this much security is necessary right . “ dhruv explained .
“ how cares about all these things ? money status etc … life should be simple for me . that’s it . anyways I came here for monster … “ aaru said .
“ wah chudel ur hero written ur name on top list … wats happening haa ? “ mandy asked with raised eye brows .
“ shut up idiot . u will talk anything . I’m his friend so he will . “ aaru said to divert him .
“ oh just friend then y security are so scared about u … like u r someone from this family I think u hero scared them a lot … “ mandy said .
“ hey stop it mandy . y do u be always after Aadit ? u like parties right enjoy party “ Aaru said .
“ ji mam if I say anything to u then it seems like those security will throw me out of universe n ur guards don’t know wat they will do to me once I go out . “ mandy said to tease her .
“ think wat ever u want ? “ aaru said impatiently .
All of them enters inside . Aaradhya eyes are eagerly searching for Aadit . she moves ahead in search of him .
“ where is Aadit yaar ? “ aaru let outs glancing around .
Ria looks at Aaradhya n gets happy .
“ hi Aaradhya … “ ria greeted .
“ hi ria … “ aaru replied smiling .
“ u look beautiful in these salwar suit … I mean I have never seen u in this attire . “ ria said .
“ thank q ria … n u too look great .. “ Aaru said smiling n started searching for aadit again .
“ u r looking for bhai right . “ ria asked .
“ ya … where’s he ??? “ Aaradhya asked .
“ come with me . I will take u “ ria said .
Aaru follows her . vishab aadit n rishab are talking standing together . Aadit looks at Aaradhya n left stunned . he rubs his eyes in shock . is she really here or its just his day dream no. 10 today . Aaradhya looks at aadit n smiles standing before him . Aadit is still confused . even Aaru too bcoz of his behavior n looks at ria .
“ bhai wat r u doing ? “ ria , in louder .
Aadit looks at ria .
“ wait…. aaru is standing next to ria n chudel ( ria ) can never come in my dreams expect in night mares . this one don’t seems like nightmare its like party . that mean its not dream n Arrogant maheshwari is here . “ aadit thinks for a second n after realization smiles wider .
“ hi Aaradhya … “ aadit greets smiling .
“ hi . u took so long .. “ Aaru replied .

“ just I’m thinking something … hey thanks for coming …. “ aadit said .
“ y r u trying to be formal …actually it wont suit both of us . “ Aaru replied smiling .
“ true … “ aadit replied .
“ anyways happy birthday Aadit “ aaru wished him again .
“ thank q … “ aadit replied .
Aadit looks at rihsab n vishab still staring them with curiosity . aadit eyes ria n sighs to take them away . ria nods .
“ vishu bahai n rishab bhai come with me . I forgot to tell the work chachu given to u “ ria said n takes them with her .
Aadit looks at Aaru who is already staring aadit .
“ wat Arrogant maheshwari ? “ aadit asked .
Aaru looks aways .
“ hmm nothing … “ Aaru replied tucking hair strands behind her ear .
“ nothing then I’m sure there’s a lot n now tell me wats it ? “ aadit asked .
“ Aadit actually I need to tell u a lot … “ Aaru said .
“ wat ??? “ aadit asked with curiosity .
“ wo…….. “ aaru , trying hard to complete .
“ haan wo … tell me … “ aadit asked looking her .
“ wo …actually I feel …. “ aaru looks into eyes .
“ aadit …. dad calling u “ rishab informed from distance .
Aadit closes his eyes in displeasure .
“ haan coming bhai . “ aadit replied .
“ arrogant maheshwari tell me .. “ aadit asked .

“ no u go first . it takes time . “ Aaru said .
“ I ‘ll be back in 2 min haa … “ aadit said holding her shoulders n leaves .
Aaradhya stands n looking Aadit from distance . his dad introducing him to some one .
“ so he must be Aadit’s dad … I should talk to him about aadit’s dream today … no… today everyone must be tired after party I should explain him calmly when he is free … “ Aaru thinks for while looking them soon interrupted by parvathi n usha n aadit’s bhabhis .
“ hi aaru beta … “ Parvathi greeted .
“ hi aunty “ Aaru hugs parvathi .
“ hi usha aunty ritha di priya di … “ aaru greeted them too .
“ hi Aaradhya “ all replied .
Later parvathi usha n priya ritha are talking something with Aaru . aadit is with Alok n guests even they are talking about something . both Aaru n Aadit constantly looking each other from distances . mean while aadit making faces of being not interested in that talks . Aaru smiles at him .
While guest leaves n aadit becomes free n searches for Aaru n looks at aaru talking to someone parvathi introduced to her . Aadit waits for just 5 mins . he becomes impatient n goes to his room without anyone notice .
Suddenly aaru gets message its from Aadit asking her to meet him in his room now .
Aaru makes excuse from parvathi she too goes to his room without anyone ‘s notice .
@ aadit room .
Aaru comes to aadit room n sees no one . while aadit enters the room n locks it . Aaru turns n looks at him .
“ wat r u doing Aadit ? every one will be searching u down . lets go . we will talk later .“ Aaru said to him .
Aadit comes near her n looks at her . aaru tries to move away . but aadit pins her up against wall .
“ now tell me … wats it ? “ Aadit asked looking into her eyes .
“ wo … actually … “ aaru gets a bit nervous .
“ wo ..actually but …aadit everything u already said … I want to hear the straight thing …. “ Aadit asked .

Aaru looks away . aadit smiles .
“ u wanted to talk to me or to that wall … then no use of looking it … it never gonna love u as I do “ Aadit asked in teasing manner .
Aaru gets annoyed n pushes him back n moves ahead . Aadit quickly holds her hand .
“ Aadit leave me…. “ Aaru said without looking him .
“ I already said I’m never gonna leave u … “ Aadit replied .
Aaru looks at him . Aadit pulls her on to him n locks her in between his arms . Aaradhya looks on . Aadit moves back holding her n leans against wall .
“ aadit plz lets go down … “ Aaru said .
Aadit nods no .
“ y r so stubborn yaar ? “ aaru said impatiently .
“ u r telling me about ur feelings … complete it … u feel wat ? “ Aadit asked .
“ I will tell later .. “ Aaru said trying to free herself . Aadit pulls even closer .
“ no … I want it right now .. “ Aadit said firmly .
“ I feel … I feel so annoyed … “ Aaru said .
“ wat ??? annoyed but wat did I do now ? “ Aadit asked surprised a bit upset too by the reply .
“ u mentioned my name as Arrogant maheshwari in the list too .. who can u monster ? if u call for fun that’s ok . if do like this whole world will call me Arrogant maheshwari instead of Aaradhya maheshwari . “ Aaru quickly replied to divert him completely .
“ oh … so I said to them like that … I’m sorry wat should I do? in a day 100 times I will call u by that name . its by mistake … “ Aadit said smiling .
“ don’t do it again monster … I wont like if anyone calls me like that except u “ Aaru said .
“ ok … nice try to divert me … but come to back point “ Aadit said .
“ god y u have this much brain monster . “ Aaru let outs rolling her eyes .
“ only u should have or wat … ? I said right the right one entered ur life … “ Aait replied smiling .
“ aadit nothing I want to say now . I wanted to give u the gift . so I wanted to meet u in private “ Aaru said .
Aadit decided not to force her .
“ wat gift ? “ he asked .
Aaru takes her clutch bag n takes out gift from it .
“ open it . “ Aaru said giving him the gift .
Aadit unwraps the gift .
“ hey branded watch … “ Aadit said taking watch .
This is same watch which she bought it in delhi . Aaru smiles remembering her incident with the girl in shopping mall .
“ do u like it ? “ Aaru asked taking watch from him .
“ Its awesome n more like watch which threw it into air on that day . so u compensated it right . gud … “ aadit said smiling .
“ oh really do u think I bought this to compensate things ? I felt its look great on ur hand so I bought not to compensate anything … “ Aaru said tying watch to his hand . Aadit looks on …
“ ok now come lets go … “ aaru said leaving his hand .
Aadit holds her hand …
“ kya hua monster … ? “ Aaru questioned .

“ may be u don’t have anything to tell but I want to tell u something … “ Aadit said .
“ wat ?? “ Aaru asked .
Aadit holds her shoulders n make her sit on bed n he too sits beside her . Aaradhya stares at him . aadit looks at the watch to his hand .
“ y r u staring it aadit ? “ aaru asked smiling .
“ this watch will be really special to me Arrogant maheshwari . u know y ? it will not just show me the time from now it reminds me all the time we spent together , all our memories from the day we met . n hope for the time which we gonna spend together ahead . I will keep it for life time carefully seriously . I mean it . “ aadit said caressing her cheek with his hand .
Aaradhya gets emotional . Aadit cups her face n kisses her forehead . Aaradhya holds his hands n looks him lovingly .
“ that’s it … “ Aaru asks with moist eyes .
“ n one more thing … u look really hot in this pink salwar … “ Aadit quickly said to lighten the mood .
Aaru narrows her eyes n pushes him . later both laughs . Aadit stares her happiness . Aadit gets up . aaru looks at him still sitting on bed . Aadit forwards his hand .
“ come lets go “ Aadit said .
Aaru holds his hand n gets up .
“ beech mei nahi chodogi naa … “ aadit asked without looking her .
Aaru holds his hand more tighter as her answer . Aadit looks at their hands n then into her eyes which are clearly showing her at most trust on him . Aadit too holds hand tighter . both walks a head holding each others hand .
“ I really want to tell u that I luv u only u….. but don’t know y ? I was unable to do so . but I feel like I should confess my feelings to u soon if not soon then I will never be able to confess ever in my life .don’t know y my heart constantly sensing some wrong vibes . I feel like I will be forced to go away from u . Im not getting y am feeling like this ? but it should not happen . n one thing is clear I cant live without u . I know my destiny wont give happiness to me so easily it took my mom earlier from me but this time I wont let it win . I wont let it take u from me . if the day to go away from u really comes then I will end this life cuz it wont matter to me without u . u r my hope of living n complete meaning of my life . “ Aaru thinks looking aadit while walking ahead with him .
Episode ends .

Precap : laksh ‘s reasons for thinking of getting Aaradhya married soon .

Credit to: honey


  1. adviser

    Episode is gud honey . actually I’m not regular reader of ur story but I’m following it …. U r ff has least comments always …I can guess its bcoz u r not writing it on onscreen Jodi’s it is urs own imagination …which hardly few people r liking …. I think this story should end soon … Cuz when no one liking it y wasting time in writing this episodes …hey its just a humble advice don’t take it serious . but I like ur story …..but just ur ff not popular

    • honey

      Hi adviser … really I was surprised while reading ur comment ….like seriously . wat ever u said is OK … I won’t take it wrong cuz wat u said is so right . but I just wanna ask u one thing have u praised me or critized ???? Damn confusing …. Lol 😀

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