The pain that continues..(episode 52)

Hi guys . I know I’m so late this time . plz forgive . was busy with work . from now I will update twice a week .
Episode 52 :
Aaradhya decided to stay at home till laksh allows her to go out . she mostly preferred to stay in her
room . though she is talking to laksh but still she couldn’t able to bring herself to move freely with laksh
. she trying to explain herself that she needs more time for it . Arjun , Aadit mandy n dhruv spending
time with Aaradhya . parvathi often making visits n taking care of her just like her own daughter which
brought Aaradhya more close to her . in laksh’s presence aaru becomes really obedient daddy’s lil girl .
even she don’t know y his presence changing her a lot . this is last thought she used to laugh at herself
before falling asleep every night . now it almost 2 months is she spending in between four walls n
building her own world .
even laksh not feeling gud at keeping Aaradhya like this .
“ life became so boring yaar . I never imagined that I will spend my time like this . almost 2 months I didn’t step out of home . I almost forgotten outside world . don’t know how Kolkata living without me . …. “ Aaradhya made self talk while making paper plane .
She throws plane out of her window n looks at it flying high . A cute smile spreads over her lips .
She hears some one opening door . she quickly lies on bed pulling quilt over her completely .
“ bade maa that soup may give me strength n gud for health physically but emotionally it is making me
really weak . so plz give me break from its taste . “ aaru said .
she hears someone laughing its not parneetha . she takes off blanket from her face n sees laksh .
“ so still u r troubling babhi haa… “ laksh asked sitting on bed with soup bowl .
“ no ..its just “ Aaru said sitting straight .
“ I know u . so no excuses this time . “ laksh said giving her bowl .
Aaradhya unwillingly takes it n starts having it . at last she somehow finishes it .
“ eww… “ Aaru closes her eyes after last spoon .
Laksh laughs seeing her .
“ so funny to u right papa “ aaru asked .
“ sorry … “ laksh added .
“ papa I’m really bored n I want to go out . still how many days I should be like this ? “ aaru asked .
“ just few more days aaru . “ laksh said .
Aaradhya becomes dull hearing “few more” .
After two days .
Early morning 5 :30 . sujatha goes to kitchen .
“ jiji “ sujatha shouts coming out .
Annapurna n parneetha comes running .
“ wat happened sujatha ? “ Annapurna asks .
“ come with me ? I’ll show u one miracle . “ sujatha said n drags Annapurna .
Annapurna parneetha sujatha sees Aaradhya in kitchen wearing apron n preparing something . part of kitchen is messed up . Aaradhya looks at them .
“ why all looking me like this ? yes I’m Aaradhya not any ghost . “ aaru said n again she concentrated on
her work .
she looking her phone n preparing .
“ wat r u making Aaradhya ? “ Annapurna asked .
“ actually I’m trying to bake cake n its not happening . “ Aaru said .
“ cake ? for whom beta ? “ parneetha asked .
“ no one . just I’m bored so I want to make something . I thought to start from simple one n seriously this is not at all a simple one . I think cooking itself is complicated . “ Aaru said .
“ leave it Aaru . I will bake cake for u “ Annapurna said .
“ no dadi . I want to do it myself . I need it for evening . so I started so early . first I should learn n make it
. I’m sure by evening my cake will be ready . “ Aaru said .

“ r u sure ? “ parneetha asked wiping flour on her cheek .
“ yes bade maa . at any cost I will bake a cake today . “ Aaru replied .
Annapurna sujatha parneetha smiles .
Night 11:30 pm .
Aaradhya calls Aadit .
Aadit is sleeping by the time . aadit lifts phone n answers the call closing his eyes .
“ now who on earth needs me in this time … “ Aadit said in sleepy tone .
“ idiot . “ Aaru replied .
Aadit gets up hearing her voice .
“ Aaru u in this time . wat happened ? is everything ok . ? “ Aadit asked a bit tensed .
“ shh…u wont ask me anything now . just get down from ur bed n come here right now . “ Aaru replied .
“ wat ? now have u seen the time … ? wat ur family thinks Arrogant maheshwari ? “ Aadit asked .
“ god ..! when u started thinking about wat other thinks haa ? not u monster . “ Aaru repied quickly .
“I don’t care about wat anyone thinks about me … but no one should point out u especially bcoz of me . “ Aadit said frankly .
“ I know monster . do we make announcement right now to everyone ? no right . I’ll manage u just come quickly . I will be waiting . bye .“ Aaru said n cuts the call .
“ Aaru listen … “ Aadit tried to speak but in vain .
“ y Arrogant maheshwari wanna meet me in this time … “ Aadit thinks for a second before rushing out .
@ maheshwari mansion .
Aaradhya looking out through window . when she sees Aadit car . she rushes to main door n opens it .
“ wat happened Arrogant mahehswari . u r fine right “ Aadit asked looking her .
“ shh… come with me . “ Aaru said holding his hand n takes him with her .
Aaru takes him to terrace n close his eyes suddenly .
“ arrogant maheshwari u going crazy yaar … “ Aadit replied smiling .
“ I know monster . now come silently . “ Aaru said .
“ where ??? “ Aadit asked .
“ uffo cant u be quiet . “ Aaru said .
They move few steps head . Aaradhya takes off her hands . the place is decorated with candles n paper
lanterns so beautifully and on table cake is placed . Aadit looks at it surprised n turns to Aaradhya who is looking at her watch .
“ 3…2..1… happy birthday Monster …. “ Aaru shouts at once .
Aadit smiles wider . he has totally forgotten about his own birth day .
“ god…I totally forgot yaar . “ Aadit let outs still in surprise .
Aaradhya smiles .
“ thank q so much Arrogant maheshwari . this is awesome seriously ….“ Aadit said smiling looking whole arrangements .
Aaradhya went on staring his happiness .
“ finally I got it monster . “ Aaru replied .
“ wat ??? “ Aadit asked smiling .
“ ur million dollar smile … I really wanted to see this thing on ur face now n forever . just glue it .“ Aaru said looking him .
Aadit goes to Aaradhya n hugs her heart fully . Aaradhya hugs him back .
“ I know this is too much to call u here . actually I wanted to come to ur home n surprise u but u know right I promised dad . sorry . “ Aaru said .
Aadit looks at her .
“ I’m so happy that u remember my birthday n did all these for me . that’s so great . seriously this surprise is really interesting . I mean the great Aaradhya maheshwari planned all these . y Arrogant maheshwari ? already I was fallen for u so deeply .all these are not necessary to impress me …“ Aadit said
With Teasing smile .
“ enjoy monster . this is ur day . I wont say anything . I will set the score after this day . come lets cut the cake “ Aaru said .
Aadit holds her hand n goes near table . Aaradhya lits the candle .
“ chalo birthday boy . now make a wish n blow the candle “ Aaru said to Aadit .
“ really u still believe in b’day wishes … “ Aadit asked .
“ of course . really trust me . b’day is really special in our life . this day na god surely listens to us . come go ahead . really works try na … “ Aaru said sincerely .
Aadit smiles .
“ ok then let me try . “ Aadit said .
He closes his eyes .
“ wat ever happens don’t ever let this idiot go away from me n my life . “ Aadit silently wishes with smile n blows the candle . Aaradhya claps for him .
“ wats ur wish monster ? “ Aaru asked with curiosity .
“ hmm… we should tell our wishes out before they fulfill . hope he fulfills .“ Aadit said looking her .
“ don’t worry yaar . u r such a unique monster for sure he will listen to u . “ Aaru said smiling .
“ lets see . “ Aadit said smiling .
“ cut the cake then … “ Aaru asked .
Aadit cuts the cake n about to make aaradhya eat it .
“ first u monter . “ Aaru takes it from his hand n make him eat it .
“ hows it ?? “ Aaru asked with curiosity .
“ too gud . “ Aadit said .
“ really ? I made it …. “ Aaru said with excitement .
“ really ? god I think this is ultimate bday in my life Arrogant maheshwari “ Aadit said in teasing manner .
“ haan .. after all who arranged it . Aaradhya maheshwari …. “ aaradhya said .
“ u don’t know cooking right . then how come this happened ? “ Aadit asked .
“ not so easily . after many trails I got this cake baked so gud . so now I’ll have big one . “ Aaradhya said cutting cake .
“ oh hello ms. Maheshwari birthday is mine ok . “ Aadit said taking knife from her hand .
“ monster …. “ Aaru let outs looking him .
She sits down leaning against wall . Aadit sits beside her .
“ yes I am …. Where’s my birthday gift then ? “ Aadit asked .
“ wat gift ? I have arranged all these . this is the gift monster . “ Aaru said .
“ again Arrogant maheshwari u proved to be miser queen . “ Aadit complained .
“ stop it yaar . I did all these for first time to anyone . u must praise me . “ Aaru replied .
Aadit kisses cheek on her cheek suddenly . Aaradhya looks at him in shock .
“ wat ? u asked me to praise right . “ Aadit said having his cake .
Aaradhya stares at him n laughs . she hits him playfully .
“ today is my b’day arrogant maheshwari …remember “ Aadit said holding her hands .
“ oh yaa… today is the great malholtra’s loving heir’s birthday . grand high class party stars n top class business magnets who not every one will be in ur party in evening right . but mine is really small one . isn’t it disappointing . I mean ur 22 nd birthday’s first party is low budget one . may be ur family arranges it so grandly every time .“ Aaru said .
“ where did it come from ? all u r talking about naa all those greatness n wealth is my grand father’s n my dad n bade paa’s things . still I didn’t create any class for myself . to be honest I never interested in those glitter parties from years where I should stand like a statue with plastic face strictly ordered to maintain class n status . today I’m so happy . for first time I’m in my birthday party of mine which is so free to express myself as I wish . n arrogant maheshwari thank q so much for this . u made my 22nd b’day really special .“ Aadit said looking into sky .
Aaradhya stares at him smiling .
“ n I promise I will make ur b’day too so special . if we r together like this . “ Aadit said looking her .
“ stop talking rubbish aadit . u wont go anywhere from me . we will together on each n every birthday of us . “ aaru replied .
“ I wish the same Arrogant maheshwari . “ Aadit said n applies cake cream on her nose with his finger suddenly .
“ monster . “ Aaru screams .
Aadit laughs seeing her . Aaru goes to cake n get some cream .
“ no Arrogant maheshwari . “ Aadit said quickly getting up .
“ achaa.. “ Aaru let outs sarcastically n runs behind him .
Finally Aadit stops.
“ fine arrogant maheshwari . do it . “ Aadit surrenders closing his eyes .
Aaradhya looks at him . she brings her hand near his cheek . Aaradhya stands still without applying . Aadit opens his eyes n looks at her . aaru back off n turns to leave .Aadit holds her hand n pulls her on to him . Aaradhya loks at him . Aadit holds her hand n places it on his cheek . he gets cream all over his cheek . Aaradhya takes her hand back . Aaradhya gets closer n rubs her cheek against his . Aadit closes his eyes n hugs her . both wished to stop everything right there . Aaradhya breaks the hug n looks at him .
“ Aadit I think u should go now . if ur family finds u r not in home then it becomes problem to u . “ Aaru said gently .
“ u r right . but u will come to party right . “ Aadit asked .
“ I really wish to be there . but I cant . my family not allowing me to go out . “ Aaru said .
“ can I talk to ur dad ? “ Aadit asked .
“ no . whatever he is doing is for me . let he himself allow me . but theres nothing we celebrated it together now . “ Aaru said .
“ ok . but I’ll be happy if u be with me in evening too . “ Aadit said .
Aaradhya smiles .
“ bye . “ Aadit .
“ bye n enjoy ur day . “ Aaru said smiling .
Aadit leaves smiling . Aaradhya goes to her room . n goes to washroom n washes cream on her cheek n looks into mirror n smiles remembering all their moments together . she comes out n lies on bed .
“ I cant believe I did all these for monster . first I feel like giving all my happiness to him n let him smile all his life . “ Aaru smiles .
She gets up suddenly . she is so happy n roams all over the room with happiness . Aaru stands infront of mirror n looks at herself . suddenly she sees Aadit image in mirror beside her n turns back .
“ Aaru “ she hits her head seeing no one .
“ how much will u resist haa…? Finally it happened right . love is the thing which used to haunt u from childhood now the same thing became so beautiful to u . u used to run from it but finally u took ‘u’ turn naa . so silly . finally u lost in hands of love . finally it happened .“ Aaru said looking herself in mirror .
“ yes finally it happened to me too . I lost first time but still I’m very happy for losing before love . love is really magically I mean it changes the person with whom we don’t have any blood relation who is nothing to us to our everything so suddenly . we do care for them every second . like I feel Aadit is my everything my destiny written . I tried to resist myself but no it didn’t happen . the more I tried to oppose he more I went closer to him . I don’t know whether to believe love or not . but I believe my Aadit . he will never leave me . by the way y should I think about future even if he leaves me in future I’m not of crying girls types I will hold his ear n stay with him till end . “ Aaru said .
Aaradhya remember how he saved her from goons without thinking about himself n smiles .
“ wat I’m thinking ? Aadit cant leave me ever . he is ready to die with me . even I cant imagine living without him . uffo how much I will think . with this fear I wasted most of my time . not any more . “ Aaru said smiling .
“ finally Arrogant maheshwari is in love yaar…..that too with monster malhotra . “ Aaru shouts with happiness .
Aaradhya goes to bed n sits near window . she takes her phone n looks at their pics .
“ I luv u Mr. Aadit malhotra . now just I need to tell u straight n then we will be together forever . happily ever after . “ Aaru winks at pic n laughs .
Episode with happy face of Aaradhya .
Do everything happens so simple ? can Aaru be able to confess her feelings to Aadit . or its some one else in her fate …?
Precap : marriage alliances for sadhvi n Aaradhya …..!

Credit to: honey


  1. Akshara

    Hiiii. It’s a very good update . I loved it . Plsss update next part early . I want to give u a suggestion first let them marry @nd then create problems if u want but plssssss don’t separate them . Plssssssssss

  2. Kriya.kri

    Hey i m kriya dont get confused frm now onwards i m commenting with this name only….. Missed u yr…… Awsm epi…. Finally aaru realised his feelings fir aadit…… Dont seperate aaru n aadit????

  3. Joona

    |Registered Member

    Missed u yaar…
    Today’s episode was amazing..
    Plz yaar….don’t separate my adit and aaru….plz….

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