The pain that continues..(episode 51)

Hi guys . thanks for everyone who commented on previous episode . since it is week end I got free time so here is next one a bit earlier . hope u all like it .

Episode 51 :
All the day Aaradhya was busy in roaming all over Kolkata . she covered all her fav spots . enjoying wild
alone all the way .
“ this is my life . no responsibilities no bonding no questions . alone but still most happiest person on
this whole world . complete free bird . no one can stop u . go wild . cuz life is only one time opportunity
na . y should I waste this much beautiful day in fearing of someone . “ Aaru made self talk .
In late evening she enjoyed rock concert organized in city . now she decided to go home .

@ maheshwari mansion .
Everyone are so worried n searching for her since from the afternoon they noticed when laksh went to
her room to give lunch . laksh is completely worried at no clue of where she is ? everyone looks at Aaru
coming home . laksh goes to her n about to hug her . but Aaradhya moves lil back . laksh understands .
“ thank god u came safe back to home . I was so worried “ laksh said cupping her face .
Aaradhya takes off his hands n starts laughing .
“ but according to ur morning speech I must be died by now right . “ Aaru asked laughing .
“ Aaradhya … “ laksh shouts .
“ wat ? did I say anything wrong ? u wanted to lock me …like an animal . but wat happened at last ? haa
… I’m free n will be . “ aaru replied .
“ all te situation became so funny to u right . if anything happened to u then ? “ laksh asked .
“ then wat ? I would never mind in dying being free rather locking myself in fear of getting hurt . “ Aaru
replied .
“ I never wish to take ur freedom . may be u don’t care about ur life but I do care . I really care . today
really u took big risk . last time I’m asking u be in home until everything gets normal . “ laksh asked .
“ oh lets don’t waste our time in these routine dialogues . come n lock me in room . this time I think u
should also chain me .but one thing I can assure u I wont be there in next morning . “ aaru replied .
“ so u wont listen to me . ok fine beta . im not going to chain u or lock u . but I cant see u getting hurt
again . when u r not going to listen to me n playing with ur life again n again . I cant see all these . better
I leave first than seeing u in pain again . cuz I don’t have strength . “ laksh said emotionally .
Everyone looks at him . laksh turns n goes to his room . Aaru gets tensed n runs behind laksh . everyone
follows them . laksh locks his room from inside . he opens his cupboard n gets the gun . Aaru sees it
from outside the door through glass n gets shocked .
“ aap kya kar rahe hai ? open the door . “ Aaru shouts .
Laksh looks at her with teary eyes n points gun to his head . Aaradhya gets tensed . everyone shouts to
stop . but laksh is looking only Aaradhya .
“ drop the gun papa … ? plz …. “ aaru pleads crying .
But laksh cant hear them still he is so hurt n about to push back the trigger . Aaradhya shouts . she hits
the door with her injured hand hardly without thinking to open it . she gets severe pain n kneels on
ground holding her hand .
“ Aaru “ Arjun shouts holding her .
Laksh sees Aaru groaning .
“ Aaru “ laksh shouts in worry n rushes to door n opens it . as soon as he opens the door . Aaru rushes in .
“ wat did u do aaru ? how can u be so careless ? “ laksh holds her hand n said looking it .
Aaru eyes him with tears n looks at gun still in his hand . she quickly grabs it from him . laksh looks at her
. Aaradhya throws it aside . laksh n Aaradhya looks at each other . Aaradhya becomes really emotional n
quickly hugs laksh .
“ wat kind of madness is this papa ? even u too wish to leave me ? how can u even think of it dad ? ek
bhaar socha mere bhaare mein ? stop being selfish “ Aaru cries .
everyone gets shocked seeing Aaru crying like this . laksh was overwhelmed with happiness . he never
expected to hear this from Aaru . still Aaru is in shock n crying vigorously . laksh hugs her back .
“ what should I do ? when my daughter not at all listening to me n making me get worried by risking her
life every time . I love her a lot even more than my own life . will u listen to me from now ? “ laksh said with tears .
“ haan… “ aaru shouts quickly with pain .
“ I will listen all ur words . I wont go anywhere without telling u . I wont even step out of my room .
.never n ever . I will do wat u say . I wont go against u ever in my life . this one is last . next time I will
only follow ur words . promise . just don’t do this again . don’t go away from me papa . plz “ aaru
pleaded .
all family gets tears in their eyes . seeing aaru accepting laksh n promising to listen to laksh . all r waited for this moment .
laksh caresses her hair . Aaru gets consciousness of wat she doing . she breaks the hug n wipes her tears . laksh looks at her . aaru runs to her room with tears .
laksh sits on bed with happiness . Annapurna goes to him .
“ Aaradhya loves u a lot laksh “ Annapurna said caressing his hair .
“ yes mom . she always have been my daughter . I thought this moment will never come to me . I’m so
happy today . “ laksh said .
“ but wat r u doing laksh ? r u mad ? “ Annapurna .
“ don’t worry . even after knowing my daughter needs me I cant think of going anywhere . “ laksh said .
Everyone gets happy . aaru locks her room n sits on ground leaning against door . she didn’t understand wat just happened .
“ I thought I never accepted him as my father . I thought I hate him n don’t care about him . how all
things proved so wrong suddenly ? I just don’t know even about myself . I don’t even have any idea
about my own emotions n feelings . wat kind of life I’m living all these years . still how many things I
have hidden deep under my stubbornness . I’m so stupid “ aaru said with tears .
Aaradhya recalls laksh’s concern n love for her .
“ whatever my dad did ? n wat ever happened in between my mom n dad’s life is matter between them
n I don’t know about it completely . my dad did some mistakes . but not single one related to me . he
always loved me in spite of rude behavior . he is so genuine with me . how I ignored his love for me all
these years ? when he never did any mistake in my case n who am I to punish him ? I’ve hurt him a lot
with my words , deeds wat not . but even today he is so patient with me . unknown strange thing of my
life is I never hated my dad . I just lived in illusions . i don’t understand how to face him now ? I don’t
even know wat is wrong n wat is right ? “ aaru said with tears .

11:30 pm .
Aaradhya is unable to sleep . the incident happened is disturbing her a lot . she gets up n goes to laksh
room . looks at laksh sleeping n opens his wardrobe n takes the gun from it . she takes it with her n
goes out of his room . laksh who is not actually sleeping looks at her n goes behind aaru . Aaru goes to
store room . n gets on stool n opens top shelf n keeps the gun in it n closes it . she gets down from
stool . still she feels unsecure . she looks at shelf key on table . she takes it n again gets on stool n locks
the shelf n throws the key away . she about to go out n sees laksh standing there . laksh feels really
happy seeing all these.
“ wo…I’m sorry . I didn’t go out . just casually I came out n I will go to my room now . “ aaru said n heads forward .
Laksh holds her hand . Aaradhya looks at him . laksh takes her dinning table .
“ sit Aaru “ laksh said .
Aaru takes her seat n looks at laksh in confusion . laksh goes to kitchen n comes back with jam and bread slices .
“ u didn’t eat anything from morning right . have them . u don’t like na if anyone other applies jam to bread . u have some particular measurements in it too right . so go ahead . “ laksh said with teasing smile .
Aaru narrows her eyes n looks at him being annoyed for teasing her . laksh continues smiling . aradhya
takes plate n start making jam slices . laksh sits beside her . Aaradhya gives first one to laksh .
“ no aaru . u have it . “ laksh said .
“ I know even u must be hungry from afternoon since I left . so plz have it . I will make another for me . “ Aaru said forwarding slice .
Laksh takes it . Aaru prepares another one . both starts eating .
“ nice one . “ laksh said looking her .
“ nice one n only one thing I can prepare for eating . “ aaru replied looking laksh .
Laksh laughs .
“ stop laughing. Its so annoying dad . “ aaru complained .
“ sorry beta . but wat can I do in it ? but don’t worry I will get right one for u who can eat jam slices
24*7 without any problem . “ laksh said smiling .
“ I think u wont like if I stay at home . so early started planning to send me out . “ Aaru said without looking him .
“ no Aaru . but as a father its my biggest responsibility . I have find the one who can take care of my
Aaru life long who loves her a lot like I do n can promise all happiness u deserve . n afraid of losing u .
who loves to take ur responsibilities . “ laksh said .
“ now I don’t want to talk about such things . anyways u will never gonna find some one who can eat just bread slices 24*7 n can bear my stubbornness with patience for years like u did papa . “ aaru said looking laksh .
Laksh gets emotional hearing her .
“ I never expected u will come back to me . “ laksh said .
“ when I went far from u dad . now I just know I did mistake but still I need more time to realize it . “ aaru said getting up .
“ take ur time . now I got belief u r not going to hate me any more . that’s enough for me . “ laksh said n kisses her fore head .
Laksh holds her hand n takes her to her room . Aaru gets into bed . laksh covers he with quilt properly .
caresses her fore head .
“ gud night aaru “ laksh said n about to leave . aaru holds his hand . laksh looks at her .
“ thank q so much dad . “ aaru said holding his hand .
“ y thank q beta ? “ laksh asked .
“ for being there for me every time ,for protecting me all these years , for understanding me , for loving
me so much , for caring me this much , for living only for me, for being my biggest hidden strength , for
being my secret super hero n for many other things which still I’m not aware of . “ aaru said with moist eyes .
“ u r my life my everything . ragini’s last memory . if not u for whom I should live ? though u r not close
to me these years but I shared ur every emotion . ur stubbornness reminds mine once in my life . I used
to enjoy a lot with friends like u do . ur angry on small things just like me , ur attitude . u went more on
me in such things even though u got all ur mom’s beauty . if ur mom is alive she must be very tired of
handling us . “ laksh eyes becomes wet .
“ dad plz my mom is with us always even she is away she msut be taking care of us secretly . she loves
both of us a lot cant leave us so easily . “ aaru consoled him .
laksh remained silent .
“I have been so stupid dad . I was in my own pain of losing mom never realized that u too lost her when u started loving her a lot . n gave u more pain by being so rude .anyways dad lets move on n start living again . forgive me if u can “ aaru asked .
“ no beta . I was never hurt bcoz of u . I’m just worried for u . yes u r right lets start again n forget all things happened . now im so happy for getting u back . “ laksh said .
“ gud night papa “ Aaru said .
“ gud night . “ laksh .
Laksh goes out of room . Aaru clears her eyes .
Episode ends .

Precap : Accident…!

Credit to: honey


  1. Akshara

    Hiiii . Awesome eoisode . I liked it a lot . Plssss don’t make Rivan as Laksh’s choice for Aaru . Let it be Aadit . Plsssssss waiting for next update

  2. Rasha

    very nice episode most waited moments finally we got it after 50episode thank for it making in an special episode.. Now it’s got to normal then y this accident again I think it’s of rivan.. Anyhow now laksh knw aadit then also y he is thinking only about rivan in his mind..

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