The pain that continues..(episode 50)

Hi guys . since u all know it is 50th episode n really special mark in this journey . I’m loving experience of writing my own story n publishing it here . few people r appreciating my work I really feel gud . I got few buddies here who encouraged me with their loving comments . every one who commented r really special to me . Especially Joona n Kriya thank q for commenting on every episode . thanks q so much . u two r really special to me in this journey . hope I will do gud further too . n this episode is a bit long one . hope u like it .
Episode 50 :

@ Maheshwari mansion .
“ Aaru y r u doing this ? plz take this medicine . “ parneetha pleading .
“ no . “ Aaru said quickly .
“ if u wont take medicines how will u get well soon ? “ Annapurna questioned .
“ all of sudden this much care for me … “ Aaru replied .
“ stop it Aaradhya . we all love u n we will take care of u even if u wish or not “ laksh , in louder tone .
“ but I hate u all na . trust me I hate especially u … “ Aaru said looking laksh .
“ ok hate us as much as u can . but I thought my daughter loves herself more than anyone n to get well soon she herself will take care . but I think I’m wrong now “ laksh said .
“ to prove u wrong everytime is my life biggest goal mr.laksh maheshwari “ Aaru replied with attitude .
“ stop it Aaru . u can prove me wrong later . now u need to take care “ laksh said taking medicine from parneetha’s hand n brings it near Aaradhya’s mouth .
Aaradhya pushes his hand away from her lips . tablet falls on ground .
“ Aaradhya “ laksh shouts .
“ with shouting . things wont be all right mr. laksh . even I know how to shout “ aaru said in louder tone .

“ u said right with shouting things wont happen . but I know how to make them happen . I will ur friend Aadit now n tell him that his friend not at all listen to us . “ laksh said taking out his phone .
“ no . u cant do this . don’t u have humanity ? even he is hurt bcoz of me n taking rest . how can u trouble him again ? “ aaru screamed .
“ above all I keep my daughter’s well being . “ laksh said firmly n about to call him .
“ oh really “ aaru let outs sarcastically .
Laksh looks at her . Aaru gets down from bed n heads forward . laksh gets shocked n holds her .
“ stop Aaru . doctor said u should not move like this . it affect ur wound more . show ur hand.“ laksh gets concerned .
“ leave me “ Aaru shouted .

“ stop it Aaradhya . just stop giving pain to urself “ laksh said louder .
“ then don’t even dare to reach Aadit . I wont spare anyone if u try to give trouble to him especially bcoz of me . stay away from Aadit . “ aaru replied looking into his eyes .
“ ok I wont call him . “ laksh said bringing her back on to bed .
Aaru lies on bed . laksh cover her with quilt properly n caresses her fore head . Aaradhya turns her face away . laksh gets emotional .
“ everyone leave from here “ Aaru said louder .
Laksh gets up n turns to leave .
“ just remember even I keep Aadit’s well being top . the moment he gets to know about me I will leave from here . forever . “ aaru said with moist eyes .
“ now how should I take care of her ragini “ laksh felt .
Parvathi comes to her Aaru’s room .
“ ji aap ? “laksh asked .
Aaradhya looks at parvathi .

“ aunty … “ aaru .
Parvathi goes to Aaradhya quickly .
“ aunty kya hua ? Aadit teek hai na ? “ Aaru asked .
“ kya haal banadiya meri bachii ka ? “ parvathi said with tears looking her .
“ aunty I’m ok now . plz don’t worry about me “ Aaru said .
Parvathi sits beside her n looks at her hand .
“ insaan nahi hai wo . sab ke sab jaanvar . itna bada chot . bahut dard ho raha hai na beta “ parvathi asked with concern .
Aaradhya eyes becomes moist seeing her genuine concern for her just like mom .
“ kuch nahi Aaru beta . jaldi chot teek ho jayegaa phir dard hi nahi lagegi .. “ parvathi said caressing her fore head .
“ u came for me na aunty leaving Aadit . “ Aaru asked .
“ Aadit is fine Aaru n I said right even u r like my kid . I met u only few times but still I feel u close to my heart . so difference between Aadit n u . u r just like Aadit to me “ parvathi said .

Aaradhya smiles at her .
Everyone comes to Aaru’s room . parvathi looks at all .
“ sorry everyone . without telling u all I came straight up . I’m parvathi n aadit’s mother . “ parvathi introduced .
“ nahi beta . don’t say sorry to us . u came for our child . we r so happy . the way u r talking is just like our ragini . “ Annapurna said .
Parvathi smiles at her .
“ Aaru is not at all taking medicines parvathi ji “ parneetha complained .
“ yeh mai kya sun raha hu Aaru ? y r u not taking medicines haa ? “ parvathi asked .
Aaradhya remained silent .
“ give medicines to me . “ parvathi asked parneetha .
Parvathi makes Aaradhya take medicines . laksh feels happy .
“ mera bachaa “ parvathi said caressing her fore head .
“ thank q much aunty . u r here I really feel gud “ Aaru said .
Parvathi hugs Aaru .

Night .
Parvathi cooked food for Aaru specially .
“ all ur favs Aaru . I made it . tell me hows it ? “ parvathi said .
“ y u took trouble aunty ? every one there in home na “ Aaru replied .
“ I don’t want to hear anything . chalo lets start “ parvathi said .
Parvathi feeds Aaradhya by her hands .
“ beta promise me to take care of urself . “ parvathi asked .
Aaru looks on .

“ karo promise . “ parvathi insisted forwarding her hand .
“ I will take care “ Aaru said .
“ remember promise given to mom should be kept at any cost “ parvathi said caressing her hair .
Aaradhya cries hearing mom . parvathi hugs Aaradhya .
“ no matter wat everyone says I’m like ur mom . for me get well soon Aaru . now sleep .“ parvathi said .
Aaradhya moves lil back n looks at Parvathi . she places her head on parvathi’s lap .
“ everyone told mom’s lap is best place to sleep ever . I never slept . today I feel like I got my mom back in u . today I can sleep peacefully .“ aaru said with tears .
Parvathi gets tears in her eyes . she kisses aaru on head n wipes her tears . parvathi pulls quilt over aaru n caresses her lovingly .
10 pm .

Aaru is sleeping peacefully in parvathi’s lap . parvathi kept looking her .
“ Parvathi ji its already 10 pm . we will take care of Aaru . sorry for trouble u can go home now . may be ur family must be worried “ parneetha said .
“ I must go but don’t know y ? I don’t feel to leave Aaru n go . she became really close to my heart . plz do take care of her . “ parvathi said .
“ thank q so much n yes we will “ parneetha assured .
Parvathi gets up with out disturbing Aaru . she looks at Aaradhya not willing to go .
After two days . Rivan visited to see Aaru inspite of his tight shooting schedule .
“ Aaradhya “ rivan called entering her room .
“ Rivs u here …. “ Aaru let outs being surprised .
“ how r u now ? how that bustard dared to harm u “ rivan shouted .
“ rivs plz its over . I don’t want to remember it again n again . look I’m too gud now “ Aaru said .
“ uncle I did that joker went behind bars na ? “ rivan asked laksh .
“ no rivan . he cleverly escaped . we got no proofs against him . till now we couldn’t catch those goons too “ laksh replied .
“ wat ??? he is still out . uncle did u get wat it means ? Aaradhya’s life is still in danger uncle . “ rivan, in louder tone .
“ rivan relax . he wont dare to hurt me again . even he knows he cant be saved second time too “ Aaru said to clam down rivan .
“ we cant take risk Aaradhya . uncle I will involve my people too take their help . at any cost I want that manoj in jail soon . “ rivan said to laksh .
“ excuse me star . u r in shooting in new York right . how u came so suddenly ? “ aaru asked to divert him .

“ I cancelled it for two days . I tried to come earlier . but didn’t . even now I should leave by evening flight . “ rivan said .
“ rivan rivan . u disturbed whole crew . r u mad ? I’m completely ok . wats the need to jump from there to here . “ aaru said smiling .
“ oh really … so I think u wont come to see when I get hurt right ? “ rivan asked .
“ r u mad ? y don’t I come . “ Aaru said.
“ exactly same with me too . when u r hurt like this how do u expect me to stay away n concentrate on work ? “ rivan said .
“ u n me not same rivs . I’m just ordinary girl n u r super star . many r waiting for ur work “ aaru said .
“ stop calling me star Aaradhya . I know I’m star . before that I’m ur childhood friend . u so r above all . by the way whole crew is pissed off with me “ rivan said .
“ wat ??? with u . “ aaru asked .
“ from the time I heard news about u . I became so worried that I didn’t concentrate on any of scenes given to me . every scene I took minimum 10 re takes . “ rivan said .
“ in romantic scenes too … “ aaru asked in teasing manner .
Rivan looks at her .

“miss. Maheshwari just shut up ok … I’m leaving u only bcoz ur condition is not gud now . once u get well soon na then watch how will I take revenge from u .“ rivan said pointing his index finger to her .
Aaru holds his finger n starts laughing . rivan too laughs holding her hand .
Laksh gets happy seeing them caring each other .
one week elapsed . these one week aaru took medicine on time . parvathi mandy dhruv everyone made often visit . spending time with aadit was best part for her . they used to talk on random things n watch movies n criticized each other’s fav actor n actress . fought with each other . but never went far . they patch up with in 10 mins .
finally today is Aaradhya ‘s appointment day . she gets ready in morning n takes all things needed . suddenly all comes to her room . she ignores them n about to leave . but laksh stops her .
“ Aaradhya u cant go out . u r still in danger n more over ur wound is not healed completely . we said na u must take at least one month rest . “ laksh said .
“ listen stop all these . one week I listened everything . but not know . today I need u join my day . I need to go “ aaru said gently .

“ u r not going to do any job now . ur boss is a very gud friend of mine . I talked to him . till we get manoj caught with proofs . now r not going to leave home without my notice . try to understand beta “ laksh said gently .
“ wat ??? stop controlling my life . do u mean I must stay in home 24*7 . no way . I have to go now “ Aaru replied .
“ then talk to ur boss “ laksh called him .
“ hello Raj …plz tell ur decision to Aaradhya . “ laksh asked
N kept call on loud speaker .
“ hello Aaradhya beta don’t come to office . take rest . “ Raj said .
“ sir wats this ? y r u doing this ? im fine . let me do this job . “ Aaru asked .
“ sorry Aaradhya . I heard about the danger for u . I cant risk ur life . my friend’s daughter is just like daughter to me . plz understand u r in danger “ Raj said .
“ sir its just all trash . now y r u considering me as ur friend’s daughter . when u r appointing me u don’t know who am I right ? u gave job seeing my capabilities na . today u r stopping me “ Aaru said being frustrated .

“ ya true on that day I don’t know u r laksh daughter . but today on knowing things I cant put my friend in trouble . sorry beta hope u understand “ raj said .
Aaru’s angry gets on swing . she felt no use of talking to him . so she kept quiet .
“ thank q raj “ laksh replied n cuts the call .
Aaru glares at laksh .
“ now happy mr . laksh “ aaru said with fake smile .
“ we did this… “ laksh about to explain .
“ just stop non sense . u r my father right then how can u snatch my happiness ? u took my first job opportunity . u shattered my dream . how can u do this to ur own daughter ? “ Aaru shouted .
“ I want u to be safe . all I did is correct . think calmly u will understand beta “ laksh said .
“ oh stop calling me beta . I can understand only one thing every time u need chance to torture me . n that happened this time too . y ? I mean y cant leave me to my fate . don’t act like u r doing gud to me . at least stop now . im tired . n wat do u think I will stop here . its just one opportunity went from my hand . I don’t care about it . I can get many . “ Aaru shouted throwing file aside .
“ n ur intensions of locking me here never gonna work . let me see who will stop me from enjoying my life . “ Aaru said heads out .
Everyone goes behind her . laksh holds her hand .

“ leave me . u did a lot . stop right now “ aaru shouted .
“ even I’m telling u stop right now . I have some rights n responsibilities on u . no one can take those from me not even u . I promised my wife to take care of u n I will keep up my promise . “ laksh said seriously .
Aaru stares laksh .
“ leave me … “ Aaru said trying to free her hand from his grip .
Laksh tightened his grip n drags her with him to her room . aaradhya shouted to leave her .every one stunned to see laksh’s this kind of behavior for first time towards his daughter n goes behind them .
Laksh brings Aaradhya into room n leaves her hand .
“ wat the hell ? “ aaru shouted .
“ u will not step out of this room until I ask u . got it . I tried to tell u n explain u . but no . will u accept me as ur father or not its ur wish . but u r my daughter . I believe n accept it . all these years I never stopped u . but from now till things get normal u have to do wat I say . for ur safety I can even be strict Aaradhya . don’t make me more mad . “ laksh said angrily .
“ oh so u want me in ur grip unfortunately it can happen never . u r right till now no one controlled me . I decided the way to live my life and further too only I will do wat I feel . “ aaru equally replied .
Both laksh n Aaru looks angry . no one ready to back off . all others looks worried .
“ so u wont listen by words right . ok let me show u by doing ? “ laksh said .
Aaru looks at him . laksh goes out of room n closes door n locks it from outside . Aaru is stunned with this . she runs to door .
“ open it “ aaru shouts hitting door from inside .

“ laksh wat r u doing ? “ Annapurna asked worried .
“ no one will interfere in this . its completely my daughter’s issue . n remember no one will dare to open it without my notice . I wont spare any one. “ laksh shouted angrily .
“ open it… how can u lock me like this ? do u think I’m animal . open it or else I will break it . “ aaru shouted .
Aaru kicks the door . she gets really angry . she breaks vase n messes up room in anger . finally sits on bed in anger . looks around .
“ r u seeing maa ? ur husband thinks I’m his slave n chained me like some animal . i hate him . I hate him to the core . he thinks he can lock me but never . I wont get into his grip . no one can rule me . “ Aaradhya shouts in anger .
Her eyes becomes red in anger . Aaradhya looks at window n smirks .
She goes to wash room n changes her outfit from formal to her regular style n takes her sling bag . she goes near window .

“ now let me see who will stop me ? “ aaru told looking out.
Aaru carefully gets down through window n reaches main gate . she climbs gate n get other side . looks back n smiles .
“ my life my rules … “ aaru smirks n leaves from there .
Episode ends .

Precap : Laksh n Aaradhya….!

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