The pain that continues..(episode 49)


Hi guys . here is next one . this one is not proof read so sorry for any mistakes n for late update too .
Episode 49 :
“ I said to take care of her . but wats this laksh maheshwari ? already it takes much time to heal . now if
the wound gets disturbed like this it becomes difficult . “ doctor , in louder tone .
“I’m sorry doctor . we don’t repeat it again . “ laksh apologized .
“ doctor is she fine now ? she looked so terrified n fainted suddenly . “ Aadit asked .
“ I think previous incident left deep impression in her mind . don’t worry she will be ok . “ doctor said .
“ thank q doctor “ laksh .
Doctor leaves .
“ I think we r making it complicated by not shifting her to hospital “ Aadit said .
“ but it is safe Aadit . “ laksh said .
Laksh looks at Aadit n wanted to ask him to stay here for some more time until Aaradhya becomes
Conscious . but stop bcoz he knows even Aadit feeling sick . he cant force him to stay being selfish .
“ I will stay here until Aaradhya becomes conscious . plz don’t mind . I think I must be here n let her I’m
ok next time when wakes up “ Aadit said looking Aaru .
Laksh agrees happily .
Evening …
Aaru slighty opens her eyes . Aadit n laksh looks at her . Aadit holds her hand .
“ gud evening Arrogant maheshwari “ Aadit said smiling .
Aaru smiles . A tears skip out of her eyes .
“ Aaradhya these days I think u got leakage problem in ur eyes . kya yaar ? everything is fine still u r
crying . “ Aadit quickly said wiping her tears .
“ r u fine ? “ Aaru asked gathering all her strength .
“ yep …completely see … “ Aadit replied .
Aaru looks at plaster on his fore head . she tries to touch it . Aadit bends forward .
“ must be paining a lot right . “ Aaru whispered touch it .
Aadit looks at her wound . he gets tears in his eyes without his notice . Aaru looks at him .
“ kya hua …? I think its not only me even u got same problem these days . “ Aaru said clearing his eyes .
Aadit smiles at her .
Every one comes there . Aadit looks at laksh standing beside him with tears for her daughter .
“ listen arrogant maheshwari we both should take medicines on time for few days especially u . “ aadit
said pointing medicines on side table . Aaradhya looks at them with weird face .
“ u r not kid ok stop looking at them like that . n should take rest completely to get well soon . so stop ur
running chasing programs for a month at least . n u should listen to ur family n let them help u till u get
well . u will right ? “ aadit asked .
Aaradhya looks at all n turns her face to other side .
“ Aaradhya …! Now wat does it mean ? do u want me to get worried n not to take rest .. “ Aadit said .
“ Aadit go n take rest . I will be ok . “ Aaru said turning to him .
“ first tell me u don’t make things mess up more n u will listen to all n take care of ur self . wont be
stubborn n takes medicines on time. “ Aadit demanded .
“ yes I will . now go n take rest “ Aaru said .
“ fine . take care . “ Aadit said getting up .
“ bhai can u leave Aadit at home plz “ Aaru asked .
“ no rohan will drop me . bye “ Aadit said .
“ bye “ Aaru replied .
Aadit turns to leave … Aaradhya kept staring him .
“ it is really painful to seeing u going away from me . but if u stay away from me u will be safe . “ Aaru
felt .
Aadit turns back n looks at her .
“ it became so difficult to go away from u . I wanna stay next to u especially in this time n take care
of u . make sure u get well soon . but who am I here ? wat should I tell them ? y Aaradhya y don’t u
accept that u love me ? just accept once I will take u away with me . then I will see which idiot dares to
hurt u . “ Aadit thought .
Arjun looks at Aadit .
“ who u need anything Aadit ? “ Arjun asked Aadit heading towards him .
“ no “ Aadit said leaving room .
Arjun goes behind him .
“ Aadit y don’t u allow me to drop u “ Arjun asked .
“ no Arjun actually u r the only one here to whom Aaradhya listens . she said she will listen to all but I
know she wont . it takes much time . if she needs anything she can only ask u . so be with her n take
care . “ Aadit said .
“ u r right . really u do understand her a lot “ Arjun said smiling .
Aadit too smiles .
@ malhotra’s Mansion .
“ don’t tell them any thing rohan “ Aadit said to rohan .
“ ok yaar “ rohan replied .
Both enters . everyone are stunned to see Aadit with bandages . all runs to him .
“ kya hua bhai ? “ ria asked holding his hand .
“ tell us beta who did this “ parvathi ,in worried tone .
“ sit here first “ usha told .
“ I will call vishu bhai “ ria said taking her phone .
“ no ria “ Aadit screamed .
“ wat no ? u got hurt like this n warning us not to call “ usha shouted being worried .
“ bade maa plz y r u giving stress to them . I’m ok now . just its lil paining n will be ok if I take rest . “
Aadit assured them .
“ y don’t u tell us how this happened ? “ parvathi asked .
Aadit looks at rohan .
“ wo …aunty actually Aadit went on bike ride with another friend . they lost balance suddenly n fell off
from bike . “ rohan replied quickly .
“ how many I told u aadit don’t go on bike rides . y don’t u listen to us “ usha shouted .
“ sorry bade maa . next time I wont go “ Aadit said .
“ only for ur safety ur dad allowed to drive only car not bike . but still u r doing things n getting hurt . wat if ur dad knows this ? “ parvathi shouted being worried for him .
“ mom plz . I said na next time I wont do it . don’t tell anything to dad n bade papa . anyways they will come only after two week from London till then I will be completely ok . they don’t even get to know that I’m hurt like this “ Aadit .
“ but u r… “ parvathi .
“ mom mom plz …I’m tired I will take rest in my room . let this end here . plz “ Aadit pleaded .
“ ok but not next time . got it “ parvathi said .
“ that’s my baby girl “ Aadit said pulling his mom cheeks .
“ haan haan now I’m ur baby girl na tell it infront of ur own baby girl in future too . “ parvathi said with teasing smile .
“ well even in that case too u will be my all time fav baby girl “ aadit replied quickly .
“ n wat about me ? “ usha asked .
“ my second fav baby girl “ Aadit said holding her .
“ wah betaji when u changed ur party . I used to save u from Alok everytime . remember . now u r giving me second kid position . not fair “ usha said narrowing her eyes .
“ actually second one are pampered more than fist ones . so I gave u that place . now jaldi jaldi my two baby girls promise me that u wont tell this to bade or papa . “ aadit asked forwarding his hand .
Usha n parvathi smiles at his childishness .
“ promise “ usha n parvathi said together joining their hands with Aadit .
Both caresses Aadit lovingly .
“ jao beta rest karo “ parvathi said .
Aadit nods positively . heads towards his room along with rohan . ria follows them .
Parvathi wipes her tears .
“ Paro our Aadit is ok . don’t worry . “ Usha said holding parvathi .
“ didi . I cant bear seeing our kids being hurt . but this time not just this I feel like one more of my kid is in pain n calling me . my heart feeling it . “ parvathi said feeling uneasy .
“ tu bhi na Paro . vishab n rishu are in office . Aadit n ria here with us who else of our kids can be in pain . all r safe now . don’t think much . come with me n take rest . “ usha said holding her shoulders .
“ no I’m ok . I think I must go to Aadit “ parvathi said .
“ I don’t want to hear anything from u . u look really tired n Aadit is my son too n I can take care of my kid . now come with me silently . “ usha said .
Usha takes Parvathi to room .
After usha takes care of Aadit .
“ yuck “ Aadit let outs after having milk in a go .
Aadit hand overs milk glass to usha with weird expression .
“ haan yuck . but I wont leave u beta . still u get well u should drink n eat wat we order . ur wish not going to work for few days . understand . “ usha said wiping his lips with towel .
“ just now I called u my baby girl n maa u cant do this to me “ Aadit complained .
“ chup . can u give pain to us by getting hurt like this ? “ usha asked .
“ sorry maa “Aadit said .
Usha kisses his fore head .
“ take rest . if u need anything call me . don’t get down . “ usha said setting his pillow properly .
Aadit lies properly . usha covers him with quilt properly n leaves .
Aadit thinks about Aaradhya . he recalls laksh’s words n his love for his daughter .
“ Arrogant maheshwari should not be this much hard . there is no mistake of uncle in it . its all destiny’s play . I think I must bring them closer . they must unite . Aaradhya must know how much her father loves her . “ Aadit made self talk .
After 3 hours . parvathi is still sleeping in her room . parvathi looks like she is disturbed in sleep with some bad dream .
“ Aaru … “ parvathi gets up shouting .
All her body is sweated n her heart raced .
“ wats happening with me ? y I got this bad dream about Aaradhya like she is in pain n calling me . y I’m feeling so uneasy . is this any bad sign .is Aaru really ok ? “ parvathi , in tensed tone .
She gets down from bed n runs to Aadit room .
Aadit is sleeping .
“ Aadit get up “ parvathi wakes him .
Aadit opens his eyes n looks paravthi in such tensed way .
“ maa kya hua ? aap teek toh hai na maa .. ? “ aadit gets up n sits straight .
“ first tell me is Aaru ok ? “ parvathi asked tensed .
Aadit remained silent .
“ Aadit I asked u something . “ parvathi, in louder tone .
Aadit didn’t understand wat to say her . parvathi gets more tensed with his silence . she sits on sit n holds his face .
“ y r u silent ? Aaru beta safe hai na… “ parvathi ,in tensed tone .
“ nothing happened to Aaru maa .… “ Aadit said without looking her .
“ don’t lie to me . ur eyes filled with some other’s pain too n they r showing it clearly to me . n my heart telling me that some thing bad happened with Aaru . “ parvathi said .
“ kya hua Aaru ko ? bolo “ parvathi asked louder .
Aadit tells her everything . parvathi eyes gets filled with tears listening all this .
“ this much happened n u lied to us very simply . “ parvathi asked with tears .
“ maa its over . I don’t want to give u stress . so I lied “ Aadit said wiping her tears .
“ muje Aaru ke paas jana hai … “ parvathi said .
“ no mom . she is ok now . I stayed up to now there . her family don’t know u . we will go tomorrow “ aadit said .
“ I said I want to go to Aaru . I want to see her condition . “ parvathi said firmly .
“ ok I will take u “ Aadit said trying to get up .
“ no .. u take rest . I will go with driver . “ parvathi said .
“ but mom “ Aadit .
“ Aadit I can go . ek bhar bachii ko dekhna hai . I will come back soon . take rest beta “ parvathi said getting up .
Parvathi goes out of room with moist eyes . Aadit looks on .
Episode ends .

Precap : parvathi takes care of Aaru …!

Credit to: honey

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