The pain that continues..(episode 48)


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Episode 48 :
After 2 hours . Aadit gains consciousness . he looks around confused . he gets up slowly balancing
himself . at once things happened with them stroke his mind n becomes tensed about Aaradhya’s
condition . he gets down from bed tries to move but his head is paining like hell . he sits on bed holding
his head . again he gets up manages to step out of the room . he reaches Aaru’s room n stands outside
room holding door n looks at Aaradhya with moist eyes . Arjun is coming to aaru’s room n sees aadit
standing outside . Aadit was unable to hold on . Arjun comes n helps Aadit .
“ r u ok now “ Arjun asked with concern .
Aadit nods positively . but Arjun understood he is not at all fine .
“ thank q so much Aadit . bcoz of u I got my sister safe now . she is really lucky to have a friend like u . “
Arjun said .
“ at the end u guys saved us . so I must thank u n uncle “ aadit said .
“ but u dared to get inside just to save Aaradhya risking ur life n gave her strength to fight . that’s so
great . now a days who thinks of others . “ Arjun said .
“ can I go to her n see . if u all don’t mind ? “ Aadit asked looking him .
“ of course . we don’t mind . u have full rights for being there for her in such struggling time . “ Arjun
said .
Arjun helps Aadit to walk . laksh was sitting beside Aaru .

“ chachu … “ Arjun calls him .
Laksh looks at Aadit n goes to him .
“ thank q so much beta . “ laksh said holding aadit’s hands .
“ plz don’t tell thank me uncle . I didn’t do much . u all saved my life too . I must thank q “ Aadit said .
“ no u don’t need to thank us . bcoz of u we r able to reach up to Aaru . u saved my life, my reason to live
. n saving u is my duty . to be frank seeing u I feel like we have some strong connection from births
. u r not less than son to me now “ laksh said holding his shoulders .
“ u feel like I’m ur son . I feel so happy for it . hows Aaru’s condition uncle ? wat doctors said ? “ aadit asked .
“ now she is fine beta . just she needs to take complete rest n medicine on time . that’s the thing worrying me . kyun ki Aaru … “ laksh .
“ bahutttt.. ziddi hai … “ laksh n Aadit exclaims at a time .
Laksh n Aadit looks at each other n laughs .
“ I think u too know Aaru very well “ laksh , looking Aadit .
“ ya . anyone can easily understand her . “ aadit said smiling .
“ beta sit here first . “ laksh said making some space beside him .
Laksh understood even he is feeling pain .
“ u know right she wont take medicine on time n wont stay in one place for much time especially in this
Home . “ laksh becomes conscious about he is saying to Aadit .
“ I mean this home means .. “ laksh tried to cover up .
Aadit holds laksh’s hand .
“ I know everything uncle . plz don’t mind . just me n rithu dhruv mandy knows it . no one else . “ aadit said trying to make his comfort .
“ I know rithu dhruv n mandy knows it . but she told u . that means u might be so special for aaru “ laksh asked .
“ actually Aaru is more special to me . so I know it . “ Aadit said .
“ only that one past thing snatched my daughter from me . she is still angry on me . I always waited
to get her back . now I feel like she will never forgive me . I think I will die like this . “ laksh said with
moist eyes .
“ uncle plz . it wont be like that . I know u know Aaradhya very well than me but seriously uncle trust
me my mom used to tell us one thing that complete ocean is not just wat we see from shore . its so
deep n Aaru is just the same like a ocean …so deep …so deep that no one can see its bottom . even she
don’t know complete depth of her feelings . she is upset with u . doesn’t mean she don’t have feeling
for u in her heart . its just Aaru is not showing her feelings for u . we cant say she don’t have feeling for
u all . u r her father . how can any one hate their own father ? n its Aaradhya even she knows u r
always there for her . so don’t feel sad . everything will be fine . see uncle one day Aaru herself will
accept her feelings . “ Aadit said assuring laksh .
“ I don’t know y but ur words r giving me a lot of strength . “ laksh said .
Laksh becomes sad . Aadit feels bad for laksh . Aadit looks around n looks at medicine on table .
“ she should take all these medicine . “ Aadit asked pointing them .
“ haan . that too on time “ laksh said .
“ oh god toh aage ke kuch din aap logo keliye bahut muskil ho wala hai uncle . get ready “ Aadit said to
make his mood light .
laksh smiles looking him . Aadit too smiles .
“ u r trying to make fun of my daughter in front of me …aren’t u scared of me ? “ laksh asked making angry face ( fake one ) .

Aadit looks at laksh .
“ uncle sorry I don’t mean it . actually …fine I’m sorry “ aadit said .
“ no I wont forgive u by just saying sorry … “ laksh said .
“ now is it ok ? “ Aadit said holding his one ear with hand .
“ don’t u think u should hold two ears . “ laksh asked looking him .
“ wo actually till now only two most powerful persons of my life made me hold two ears . I’m holding one ear but genuine wala sorry uncle “ Aadit said .
“ n who r those powerful people who brought naughty brat like u in their grip . “ laksh asked .
“ one my 5th standard social teacher n other my dad . I’m scared of these two people a lot . actually I’m
not in any ones grip but I will make sure they feel I’m in their grip . so that they relax . n I get my time …
u know right uncle how many problems we boys have … “ Aadit said .
“ ya I know . even my dad is strict like ur dad . but I enjoyed a lot with out his notice . “ laksh said smiling
remembering his past days .
“ exactly … being strict is it any certain pattern of Indian dads ? “ Aadit replied .
“ Aadit u will never understand how we feel now … but when u become father of brat like u then
automatically u too follow same pattern … “ laksh said with teasing smile .
“ let me guess aap mera majaak uda rahe hai na … “ aadit said narrowing his eyes .
“ shayad … “ laksh replied laughing .
Aadit feels gud . he knows laksh became so worried for Aaru like him so he decided to get him out of
Panic by making such talks . so that he feels some wat light . though he is laughing still deep inside Aadit
is so worried for Aaru . Aadit looks at Aaradhya with concern .
Aaradhya coughs suddenly . Aadit laksh gets nearer to her .
“ Aaru “ Aadit called her .
“ Aaradhya dekho “ laksh called caressing her fore head .
Aaradhya didn’t open her eyes .
“ I think she is still weak .. “ Aadit said .
“ yes . “ laksh replied .
“ uncle call me when she becomes conscious . now I will leave . everyone at home must be worried “ Aadit said .
“ wait beta I will ask Arjun to drop u n u too have wounds right . “ Laksh said .
“ no uncle I called my friend . he is coming to pick me . he will drop me at home “ Aadit said .
“ par … “ laksh .
“ uncle I will go plz take of Aaru . she needs u all “ Aadit said .
Aadit goes near door .
“ uncle just remember Aaradhya loves u a lot n u will see it in her eyes one day . don’t get sad . “ Aadit
said smiling .
“ I hope the day comes soon n thank q beta “ Laksh said .
Aadit smiles n looks at Aaru before going out of room .
“ I really don’t want to go now . I want stay with Aaru but I cant ask them I will stay here . wat they will
think ? how will I know about Aaradhya’s condition if I go from here … “ Aadit thought .
Aaradhya looked tensed in sleep . she is murmuring something . laksh look at Aaru .
“ beta kya hua … ? “ laksh asked holding her face gently .
“ stop … “ Aaru shouted at once n gets up n sits…
Aaru looks terrified n holds her head .
Aadit n Everyone in home hears it n rushing to her room .
“ kya hua Aaru ? “ laksh asked worried cupping her face .
“ Aadit …Aadit … kaha hai “ Aaru said shivering .
Laksh holds her .
“ aadit is safe beta “ laksh said holding her shoulder .
“ Aadit is not safe . they will kill him . “ Aaru shouted .
Aaru tries to get down from her bed . laksh stops Aaru .
“ stop Aaru . don’t do this . ur condition is not so gud “ laksh said holding her .
“ let me go . they will kill him “ Aaradhya shouted being terrified .
Aadit rushes to room .

“ Aaradhya .. “ Aadit shouted looking her .
Aaradhya tries to free self . Aadit runs to her .
“ Aaradhya nothing happened to me see .. “ Aadit said holding her .
“ no they will kill u … “Aaru cries holding his shirt .
Aaradhya looks terrified n behaves abnormally .
“ Aaradhya listen I’m here … “ Aadit said cupping her face .
“ no they will come … “ Aaru shouted pushing him away .
Aadit holds her arms …
“ Aaradhya nothing will happen to me . understand “ Aadit shouts .
. Aadit hugs her tightly forgetting every one around them .Aaradhya cries holding him .
“ relax kuch nahi hoga …everything is fine “ Aadit said caressing her hair .
Aaradhya faints in his arms . aadit looks at her .
“ Aaradhya “ Aadit called .
Aadit makes her lie on bed n looks at blood again coming out of her hand . He places her hand properly
on pillow .
“ call the doctor “ Aadit shouted at them .
Sanskar goes to call doctor .
Aadit eyes becomes moist seeing her pain . laksh places his hand on his shoulder in consoling him .
Aadit stares at Aaradhya .

Episode ends .

Precap : father n daughter’s moment …!

Credit to: honey

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