The pain that continues..(episode 47)

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Episode 47 :
“ how dare u to come inside “ goon shouted .
Aadit eyed them angrily .
“ Aaru chalo …lets leave . “ Aadit said holding her Aaradhya .
“ oye hero we will take care about her leave if u wish to live more . “the goon shouted .
Aaradhya looks at goons n gets worried hearing their words . Aadit makes her to look at him .
“ trust me …come lets leave “ Aadit said holding her shoulders .
“ I think Romeo is really worried for Juliet . no need . we r here for a purpose . we will make her reach her destiny . straight up . “ goon said with evil smile .
Aadit becomes furious hearing his words . he gets up n holds his collar n went on pushing back n finally goon collides with wall .
“ oh so u know everyone’s destiny …let me tell u ur destiny this time … “ Aadit said holding his neck .
The other goons holds Aadit from back n trying to pull back from him . Aadit frees himself with all his strength n pushes two away from n again holds the goon’s neck .
“ Aadit leave him “ aaru shouted . she tries to get up but unable to bring herself due to lack of strength . Aadit didn’t ready to leave him .
“ u wanted to kill her right . lets see who will die first Aaradhya or me or u . u don’t even have any idea about wat I’m gonna do with u now .“ Aadit shouted pressing his neck .
The other two trying hard to pull him away but in vain Aadit putting all his strength n throws them away . he is not at all ready to listen anyone . the goon struggling to free himself from Aadit’s grip . the other goes to Aaradhya n places knife on her throat from back .
“ leave him or else this girl will die now itself “ the goon holding Aaru shouts .
Aadit looks back .
“ how dare u “ Aadit shouts at him leaving the guy .
The guy falls down n taking heavy breaths . Aadit forwards .
“ don’t dare to forward . “ the goon shouted holding Aaru tighter .
“ ahh… “ aaru winced in pain .
Aadit looks at aaru in concern .
“ I’m warning u just away from her “ Aadit warned .
The guy fallen down composed himself n gets up n heads towards Aadit in anger with rod . he hits Aadit .
“ Aadit “ aaru shouts in shock .
Aadit turns back n punches him on his face . theu guy falls back . the other holds Aadit’s jacket . Aadit too holds his collar with one hand n about to punch him too.
“ aren’t u forgetting some thing . let me remind u … “ the good said smiling .
Aadit looks at Aaru . Aadit leaves his collar helplessly . the goon smiles . the first one gets up n starts hitting him rod . Aadit kept looking Aaradhya .
“ leave him “ Aaru cries n gets up gathering all her strength but goon holds her tighter .
The goon hitting Aadit badly . Aaradhya struggling to free herself but he is holding tighter . she kneels down n pleads to leave him.
At last he hits him on head . Aadit falls on ground .
“ Aadit … “ Aaradhya cries louder .
The goon about hit Aadit again . Aaradhya pushes the guy holding her n runs to Aadit . the goons left shocked . Aaradhya covers Aadit holding him tighter in her arms n cries .
“ r u humans or animals ? wat did he do to u ? did ur boss order to kill him ? then who the hell r u to hurt ? “ Aaru shouts at them .
“ u wanted to kill me not him right . leave him plz . I swear I will listen all ur words . just save him . “ Aaru cries .
The goons looked at her n surprised see her pleading for someone’s life rather than hers .
“ bhai if he reached up to here . he must have informed someone else too …I think first we should escape from here . “ one among them said .
“ u r right . lets leave first “ the other said .
“ no u cant leave …help him “ Aaru shouted .
The trio went out quickly n closed the shutter .Aaru made aadit lie on ground n runs to shutter .
“ open this plz …u cant go away …plz at least open the shutter “ Aaru shouted hitting the shutter .
But in vain . they didn’t open it . she runs to Aadit .
“ Aadit …look at me “ Aaru said placing his head on her lap .
“ y Aadit ? y don’t u hear to me once ? y u became so selfish ? now if anything happened to u how should I live ? its all my mistake … I must not sent u my location . now u took my punishment . “ Aaru cries .
“ aadit look at me bcoz of u I’m alive now . I listened to u right now listen to me . open ur eyes “ Aaru said crying .
“ if anything happens to u I cant forgive myself ever . “ Aaru said caressing his hair.

Ranjhan dhoondhan main chaleya
Ranjhan mileya naa ye…
Jigraan vichon agan laga ke Rabba
Laqeeran vich likh di judaai
Kho gaya, gum ho gaya
Waqt se churaya tha jo
Apna banaya tha..
Ho tera, woh mera
Saath nibhaaya tha jo
Apna banaya tha..
Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Aankhein bheeni ye bheeni ye bheeni
Yaadein jheeni re jheeni re jheeni
“ I lost my mom that pain is killing me even today . I don’t have any strength to bear paining of loosing one more close to my heart . u came to save me … now u r in danger . I cant do anything . can anything be more painful than this ? ” Aaradhya said with showering eyes .
Aaru caresses his hair n kisses his fore head . Aaru wipes her tears . she makes Aadit lie straight on ground . she lies beside him placing her head on his chest holding him tighter .
“ u know Aadit when I’m a kid I used to ask where’s my mom ? they used to tell me only thing every time that my mom went to god . then I used to shout at them when mom going leaving me n y they didn’t hold her . then all becomes so silent n used give some strange look . I have never know wat does it mean ? that look used to suck me . i don’t wat happens to us now . I just know I’m not going to leave u . if this let him take both of us . I understood we cant live without each other . I will hold u so strong n will not let u go alone . its not u who needs me but its me who needs u most n u cant even imagine how much I need u . “ Aaru said with moist eyes .
She lifts her head up slightly to see Aadit . again lies on him holds him tighter n closes her eyes .
Its almost 20 min completed .
“ I don’t know how Aadit is inside ? anyways I cant risk my life anymore I must leave from here “ sadhvi said n gets up n looks around to leave .
“ lets like every one coming “ sadhvi said looking car heading towards .
Laksh n Arjun gets down hurriedly looking sadhvi .
“ where’s Aaradhya? “ laksh , in worried tone .
“ I think they locked her inside . n one of our friend went inside to save Aaradhya . even he didn’t come till now “ sadhvi said pointing the garage .
Sanskaar , laksh Arjun along with cops rushes inside .
“ Aaru… “ laksh shouts .
Every one trying open shutters .
Aadit becomes conscious hearing sounds . he opens his eyes n look at Aaru . he gets up slowly n sits straight holding Aaru .
“ Aaradhya “ Aadit calls caressing her face .
Aaradhya not in her senses .
Aadit kisses her forehead holding her firmly in between his arms .
He tries to shout to give people out to know about their presence but unable to do it . he feels so weak . he hears someone opening the shutter .
“ Aaru “ laksh shouts seeing her .
Everyone rushes inside . laksh rushes to Aaru n cries seeing her in such state . while Aadit still holding her in his arms .
“ Aaru dekho papa aa gaya hai beta dekho… “ laksh cries patting her cheek gently .
Aadit felt laksh deep concern towards Aaradhya .
“ r u ok Aadit “ sadhvi asked rushing towards Aadit .
Aadit nods his head slightly .
“ bhai call doctor home immediately . now I cant take risk any more . don’t know wat that idiot kept still planned “ laksh said .
“ I will call doctor “ sanskaar said taking out his phone .
Laksh takes Aaradhya in his arms n tries to get up . but Aaradhya still holding his jacket tighter with one hand . Laksh n Aadit looks at her hand .
“ I will help “ sadhvi said trying to take off Aaru’s hand .
Aaradhya holds it even more tighter . she opens her eyes slightly n looks at Aadit .Aadit stops
sadhvi . Aadit holds Aaru’s hand giving assurance that he is safe . tears skip out of her eyes .
Aaru leaves his jacket . Aaru looks at laksh . she about to say something to laksh but she feels
so weak .
“ nothing will happen to u beta “ laksh said n picks her up in his arms n rushes out .
Arjun helps Aadit to walk .
@ maheshwari mansion .
Aaru’s room .
Doctor started treatment . laksh donates his blood to Aaradhya . everyone are standing outside
her room . all are so tensed about her condition . in arjun’s room another doctor is treating
Aadit . sanskaar , sadhvi are with him .
“ the cut she had in her hand is so deep . there was severe blood loss n its almost miracle to
get her back . its almost a near death accident for her . now Aaradhya’s condition is stable . “
doctor said to Laksh .
Every one relieves hearing his words . parneetha comes inside not able to keep herself away
from Aaru anymore . Arjun hugs Laksh .
“ now no more danger right doctor “ Arjun asked doctor .
“ as I said her condition is stable now . but all must take at most care of her . wound takes
almost one month to heal. Till then she must rest completely . dont let her go anywhere outside
for few weeks . no strain at all . make sure that she takes medicine on time . makes sure that
she takes complete rest soon she will get back to normal . “ doctor said .
“ thank q so much doctor n yes I will take care of her . “ laksh said .
“ me too “ Arjun quickly added .
Everyone smiles .
“ but laksh I think its much better to keep her in hospital for at least two days for observation . “
doctor said .
“ no doctor . now I cant take any risk . only here I can make sure that she is completely safe
from all directions . first I must get the one behind such cruel deed arrested . I want keep aaru
safe so plz arrange everything required here itself . I can pay anything . “ laksh said .
“ no laksh she is safe here too . just some one keep observing her condition “ doctor said .
“ yes doctor . we will “ Arjun assured .
Doctor leaves . laksh sits beside Aaru n looks at her with tears .

In arjun’s room .
Doctor dressed Aadit’s wounds .
“ how is he doctor ? “ sanskaar asked .
“ nothing to worry . he is gud . but too weak now .need to take rest . I have given him injection
n soon he gains consciousness . “ doctor said .
“ thank q doctor “ sanskaar said .
Sanskar goes to leave doctor .
Sadhvi comes inside n sits near Aadit .
“ I don’t know that u r such a big idiot . unnecessarily u got urself hurt like this . now look how u
r lying unconscious . y u became concerned about my sister Aadit malhotra ? wats ur
connection . I think theres a lot to find out “ sadhvi said looking Aadit .
“ bcoz of me that idiot did this to u …I wont leave him for this . if anything happened to u then I
wouldn’t be alive now . now I have known the danger . I must be careful about u . I know u
wont listen to me right . but this time u should Aaru . for ur sake “ laksh said caressing aaru’s
fore head .
laksh wipes his tears n holds aaru’s hand . laksh feels some touch on his shoulder he looks back .
“ don’t worry laksh . she is my Ragini’s last memory left with us . we will keep safe for life
long . everyone loves her from beginning like u . just some past scars keeping her away from
us from years . now no matter how much aaru avoids us . we wont leave her this time . we will
take atmost care of her . this time I will see how ur brat wont listen to her dadimaa . I will make
her take medicine on time even by holding her ears . “ Annapurna said .
Laksh smiles .
“ she is really stubborn maa… she follows only if she really wants … or else no one can change her
so easily “ laksh said smiling .
“ exactly she went on u in this matter . that is y it became so tough to handle her .“ Annapurna
Said sitting beside aaru .
“ true … just she should be fine soon . “ laksh said looking Aaru .
“ our Aaradhya is so stubborn look she will be fine soon n starts running like before . “
Annapurna said smiling.
Laksh looks at Aaru .
Episode ends .

Precap : Aaradhya gets irritated for her house arrest by her family members .

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