The pain that continues..(episode 46)

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Episode 46 :
Aadit reaches the spot . he gets down the car n about to run but sadhvi stops him .
“ listen Aadit ! don’t go inside …it is dangerous . “ sadhvi said holding his hand .
“ yes it is dangerous n Aaru is in danger already I must go … “ he said taking off her hand .
“ r u mad ? already my family will be coming along with cops . y r u risking ur life ? let us wait here until they arrive “ sadhvi said .
“ I just cant wait squeezing my hands till they come. …I must see her safe till then I cant even compose myself . “ Aadit , in louder tone .

“ I cant get myself blamed infront of anyone for let u in knowing danger . just few min aadit . my dad chachu every one arrives .wat if they kill u if u go inside .“ sadhvi said holding his hand tighter .
“ u don’t know how I’m feeling now . already every second is killing me . u just hide here n wait for them . I cant wait for anyone n I don’t need anyone’s help to save my Aaradhya . I must go “ Aadit replied quickly freeing his hands n runs inside compound .
“ Aadit…listen “ sadhvi shouts .
But already he went inside .
“ ahh …don’t blame me for this . “ sadhvi let outs holding her arms .
Sadhvi hides behind car n waiting for her family to come .
Aadit enter inside garage . he didn’t find anyone inside .
“ don’t know where these idiots locked Aaru “ Aadit let outs looking around .
Aadit finds many shutter . he runs to first one n opens it he found none . he goes to next ….he gets really stressed . he closes his eyes n kneels on ground .

“ Aaradhya….. “ Aadit shouts in pain .
“ where r u idiot ? I don’t know y but I’m sensing something really bad . hope u r fine n u should be . “ Aadit said while tear drop skips out of his eyes .
“ no I cant give up . Aaru needs me “ Aadit gets up n takes deep breathe n passes infront of shutters by just touching every shutter with his hand without opening .
Aadit reaches near the shutter behind which aaru is locked . he place his hand on that one too …Aadit senses her presence . may be this is wat power of true love . when true loves happens they don’t need inform u about their presence . ur hearts knows it quite earlier .
“ Aaru “ Aadit , in low voice .

He quickly opens the shutter n enters inside n closes shutter . Aadit looks around n finds Aaradhya lying in corner lifelessly . Aadit heart stops looking her lying lifelessly . tears flowed down vigorously like never before in his life . his vision becomes blur . he collapses the place where he stood . he is looking her from distance . he rests his head against shutter . he didn’t dare to go near her .he don’t have that much guts to face destiny’s harsh games . he was atmost frightened if destiny took her away from him forever . tears didn’t stop .
“ Aaru “ Aadit called her in low tone from the place he is sitting .
Aaradhya given no response .

“ Aaradhya ….plz “ aadit cried again lil louder .
“ plz yaar I know u r sleeping …get up na …lets go home. “ Aadit said with tears looking her .
“ Aaradhya …. “ Aadit calls her .
No response from aaru .
“ Aaradhya stop playing . u cant leave me alone “ Aadit shouts rushing near her at once .
“ Aaru “ Aadit let out n kneels beside her taking her in his arms .
“ look I’m here …nothing happens to u we will go home Aaru “ Aadit said holding her face .
Aadit kisses her fore head n looks at her tear stains on her cheeks . Aadit caresses her cheek with his hand n held her near his heart n cries .
Aadit unties ropes n looks severe cut in her hands . Aadit ties out his hanky n wraps it around her wound n holds her hand gently
“ Aaradhya look at me …just once open ur eyes …y r u scaring me ? u cant go leaving me alone …Aaradhya stop playing . open ur eyes Arrogant maheshwari or else u don’t know wat I will do “Aadit said caressing her hair .

“ listen Arrogant maheshwari I know u love to tease me but not like this Aaru not like this I want u to be by side life long n u can tease me … u cant go yaar how can u even dare to think of leave me alone ? how dare u idiot . seriously Aaru I will die …gets up idiot . “Aadit cried out .
Aaradhya given no response n Aadit hugs her tighter n cries . Aadit feels her pulse still near her neck . he breaks hug n takes her in arms n checks her pulse .
“ Aaru nothing happened to u . I can feel ur pulse . see … “ aadit said holding her hand .
Aadit rubs her hands . constantly calling her name . Aadit holds her nearer to his heart wrapping his hands around her .
“ Aaradhya u r completely fine . y r u not believing me ? u can tell me anything . ek baar aankhen kholo naa … u wont believe me right …I will prove “ aadit said holding her tighter .
“ now u r hearing my heart beats right . u know wat does it means ? it means u r fine idiot . if anything happened to u it would have been stopped by now . my hearts beats for u … seriously aaradhya I wont live without u . u know even I’m stubborn . ab chalo jaldi aankhen kholo … “ Aadit said holding her firmly .

Aadit looks at her …tear skip out of his eyes . Aadit started giving her rescue breath . after two breathes Aaru coughs …Aadit holds her .
“ Aaru … “ Aadit calls taking her into his arms .
“ Aaradhya look at me … I’m here …“ Aadit said gently rubbing her cheek .
Aaradhya opens her eyes slightly n looks at Aadit . Aadit starts smiling n kisses her forehead . he looks at her . A tear skips out of Aaradhya’s eyes . Aadit wipes it with his thumb .
“ u took my breath idiot . wat the hell do u think of urself haa ? seriously I’m gonna take my revenge from u for this “ Aadit said with tears .

Aaradhya tries to lift her hand but unable to reach up to his cheek . Aadit notices n holds her hand n places it on his cheek .
“ I thought I will die without looking u . now I don’t mind . “ Aaru said in low tone wiping his tear .
“ shut up just shut up ok “ Aadit shouts n hugs her .
“ bahut dard ho raha hai haath mein “ Aaru whispered near his ears .
Aadit moves lil back .
“ It wont pain any more . just 5 min we will go from here “ Aadit said holding her hand properly .
Aaradhya recalls goons n their words .
“ Aadit u leave from here fast …“ Aaru said pushing him .
“ wat ??? I wont go anywhere with out u . already I did mistake by leaving u alone n I wont do it next time “ Aadit said holding her tighter .

“ Aadit u don’t know these people are really dangerous . they can take people’s life . they will harm u …plz go away before they come again .. go “ Aaru said .
“ I don’t care about that jerks . n how can u think I will leave u alone n run away . “ Aadit said looking her .
“ plz aadit I cant give u pain . don’t put urself in danger bcoz of me . listen to me “ Aaru pleaded .
“ u listen to me …u r my life Aaradhya . y don’t u get it ? I cant leave u . “ Aadit,in louder tone .

“ they wanted to kill me . u cant do anything they r three . they may harm u n I cant see u in danger. Go away “ Aaru shouted
“ so u think I can see u in danger . stop non sense Aaradhya . they cant harm u until I’m here . if they really wanted to kill u then let them kill both of us . I will leave along with u happily .its better than living with out u . we r always together n we will be … nothing can take u away from me . just trust me . “ Aadit said looking into her eyes .
They share eye locks . Aadit hugs Aaru .
Sadhvi is still waiting . she sees goons going in to garage ..
“ oh no …! Now even Aadit is in danger . “ sadhvi let outs .
“ by now the girl must be died “ one goon said to other .
“ ya .. poor girl “ the other shows sympathy .
“ oye y r u showing so much pity on her …this is not the first time we r doing illegal activities . “ the first goon said .
“ I know but taking a girl’s life …I think we r doing big sin bhai “ the other said .
“ shut up . come with me … “ the goon said heading towards the shutter .

The goons opens the shutter n gets shocked to see Aadit .
“ who the hell r u ? “the goon shouts .
Aadit looks at them angrily .

Screen freezes on angry faces of goons n Aadit . shocked face of Aaradhya .

Precap : Aadit fights with goons . the goons finally captures Aadit . one hits harder on his head Aadit falls unconscious . while Aaru cries to leave him .

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