The pain that continues..(episode 45)


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Episode 45 :
“ we tried to show some mercy on u but u don’t deserve it . “ theu guy said holding Aaradhya .
Quickly the guy places chloroform cloth on her face making her unconscious . later they takes her to
isolated place far from city . they reach some old big garage like place . inside it there are many sheds .
the guys lifts Aaradhya n takes her to one of shed . they ties her hands n legs .
“ we must inform sir “ one guy said to other.
“ I will call “ next guy said taking his phone .

Phone convo :
“ so wok done “ person in phone asked .
“ ji sir . now wat should we do ? “ guy asked .
“ u don’t have to do anything . just lock her . finally its my time to take revenge . “ the person said .
“ ok sir . “ guy replied obediently .
“ listen wait till evening don’t even try to harm her .after that I don’t even care even if that girl dies .just kill her n send make some pics of her do u understand wat I said . “ the person shouted .
“ yes sir “ guy replied .
He cuts the call .
“ so wat did he say ? “ the first guy asked .
“ nothing . he just ordered to lock her . “ guy replied .
The guy takes some photos of Aaru in such condition n sends to his boss .
“ Mr . laksh maheshwari now ur life in my hands . I always wanted to take revenge from u but never thought of hurting ur daughter . but now she did a big mistake by marrying my daughter to low class idiot against my will . she has to pay for this big mistake n my long dream of seeking revenge from u will be fulfilled . I don’t even care wat happens to me later . “ Manoj shouts in anger looking pics .
He sends them to laksh from unknown number .

At that time laksh is in his cabin . he received mssg so he checks his phone . his heart stop beats looking his daughter in that condition .
“ Aaru “ laksh shouts getting up .
Sanskar n Arjun rushes to his cabin .
“ wat happened lucky “ sanskar asked .
Laksh given no response . Arjun takes his phone from his hands . laksh fall back on chair . tears skips out of his eyes . sanskar n Arjun shocked looking at phone.
“ aaru “ Arjun let outs in fear .
Laksh eyes turns red suddenly .
“ manoj … “ laksh shouts getting up . heads toward door .
“ lucky wait “ sanskar stops him .
“ bhai u know only he can stoop to such levels . my daughter is in danger n u r stopping me. Leave me I will kill him “ laksh shouts .
“ by killing him do we get Aaru back safely . stop being idiot laksh “ sanskar replied .
‘ how dare is that bastard . how can he even dare to think to harm my Aaru . leave me bhai “ laksh tries to free himself .
“ Aaradhya is in danger laksh . we must save her first . I know manoj did this .but doing in hurry makes things worst …he can even take Aaradhya’s life . “ sanskar said .
“ bhai …don’t say that plz …I almost died by loosing ragini I cant bear if anything happens to Aaru . I cant loose her . she is only reason left for me to live . plz save Aaru bhai plz “ laksh broke outs into tears .
Even Arjun is in tears . he runs out n alerts all possible ways to find his sister .
“ do ur family have business enemies “ Aadit asked sadhvi while driving .
“ I don’t know “ sadhvi replied .
“ then who the hell they r ? “ aadit asked furiously .
He is driving car really fast .
Aaradhya regains consciousness . she slowly opens her eyes n founds her hands n legs tied like this . she
manages to sit leaning to wall .

Aaradhya recalls everything happened with her . she closes her eyes not understanding wat to do now .
she remembers her phone . she tries hard to free her hands but in vain . she looks around n finds sharp
object near her . she manages to cut the ropes tied to her hands n frees her hands . quickly cut ropes
tied to her legs too . she takes out her phone n tries to call Aadit but call is not going from her phone .
she activates the GPS in mobile n sends her location to Aadit n sits on ground closing her eyes bringing her knees closer to body n holds them .
outside the shed .
“ where r u going ? “ goon asked other .
“ bhai I will give that girl some water . “ other said showing water bottle .
“ boss said not even to help her “ goon reminded .
“ I know but I feel pity on her wats her mistake in all these things “ other replied .
“ go n come fast “goon ordered .
The guys opens shutter . Aaru hears sound n hides behind drums . guy gets shocked seeing no one inside .
“ bhai that girl escaped “ he shouts .
Other comes running .
“ wat ? no she must be hiding somewhere . she cant escape from here . look “ the other shouts closing shutter .
“ listen girl…just come out if u wish to be safe “ the guy shouts .
Aaru still hiding herself n picks one rod falling near her . she gets up .
“ there she is “ guy shouts pointing other .

When both forwards .
“ listen don’t dare to come near me . I wont even mind in breaking ur heads “ Aaru warns .
“ do u think we r scared of u . boss said u r smart its our mistake to be careless n we wont do it twice . so don’t risk ur life . “ one guys said forwarding .
“ I said don’t come near me . just let me go “ aaru shouts .
The guys didn’t hear . Aaru hits him on shoulder harder . he shouts in pain . the other left shocked .
“ u became mad . now we don’t even think twice in killing u “ the other shouts .
“ even I don’t think twice in breaking ur head too . just leave my way . move “ Aaru shouts .
The guys moves aside Aaru walks back looking him . the guy signal something through his eyes . Aaru
looks back suddenly another guy holds her from back n places knife on her throat .
“ do u think u can escape so easily “ the guy holding her let outs .
“ don’t leave her . “ first goon shouts .
“ drop the rod “ guy holding her ordered .
Aaru holds it more firmly .
“ don’t u hear wat I say “ guy shouted .
“ no .. “ Aaru shouts back .

Guy turns her to his side n pulls her closer holding back of her neck .
“ y do u want to die so early haa ? drop the rod or else “ the guy warns .
“ or else wat… will u kill me ? even if I drop rod u guys wont leave me right . wat the hell do u want ? let me go …“ Aaru replied pushing him back .
“ don’t hurry to die . for sure we will kill u before that we need to play with some people of urs .“ the guy said smiling like evil .
“ who ? “ aaru asked .
The guys still smiling .
“ my dad … “ Aaru asked looking into his eyes .
“ may be … “ guy said smiling .
“ oh now I got it … so u r dogs of Mr. Manoj verma . he always wanted to take revenge from my dad .now he is angry on me bcoz I helped his daughter . so he is doing all these to take revenge from me n my dad right . he is too clever n miser too don’t u guys think . one attempt revenge from two people . wow . but I never expected he can stoop to these levels . once he thought of his daughter who she feels when she knows his father can even take people’s life . shame on him . really when ur useless boss calls u next time tell him to use his brain at least once . “ aaru said smiling .
“ don’t talk much . ur life is in our hands n u r smiling …we will make u reach up soon just wait only few hours left . by this time ur dad will be like half dead n our sir wanted him to do a lot through u n this is only reason we r bearing u or else we might have killed u by this time . “

Aaradhya holds knife sharp edge firmly .
“ have u gone mad …leave it “ the goon shouted .
Blood comes out of her hand but still aaru holding it .
“ u r wrong . look my life is in my own hands . “ aaru replied looking into his eyes without any fear .
“ leave it . ur hand is bleeding . “ the goon shouted .
“ I don’t like my dad n at same time I never wished to see him in pain . I cant see him like that . if I’m the only way left for u guys to give him pain then let me close it by myself . “ aaru said holding knife edge more tighter .
“ u have gone mad really leave it . we will kill u“ guy shouted .
“ listen u cant torture him through me n by threatening me constantly u don’t need to test my ego .i have loads . I’m not scared of u . I’m not even scared to face death . I always wanted to go to my mom . so don’t waste ur time trying to scare me in name of death“ Aaru shouted back.
There is no signs of fear in her eyes not even wish to survive .

Aadit is on his way n make as fast as possible . his heart racing faster n faster as time elapsing . he wishing her safety by heart . suddenly he stops looking the way divided in to two .
“ god…… “ he shouts n bangs at steering .
He feels like his soul leaving his body . he is terrified at thought of loosing her . He holds his head n falls back closing his eyes . “ plz god I never asked u anything plz let Aaradhya be safe . plz protect her “ he wished silently.
“ u inform ur family n I will call cops “ Aadit said to sadhvi .
Aadit takes out his phone n finds Aaru’s location which Aaru sent . Aadit leans back in relief n thanked god for showing him way to his lady love .
“ hello chachu “ sadhvi called laksh .
Aadit quickly grabbed phone from her .
“ listen uncle we know where aaradhya is …I will send u location . come soon along with cops . “ aadit quickly said n cuts the call .
Aadit forwarded location to laksh number .
Laksh runs to sanskar n Arjun . they gets started .
Aadit joins his hand n conveyed his whole hearted thanks to god for one second . he quickly started n headed toward location which still few miles away.

“ leave it “ the goon said in louder tone .
Aaru given no signs of leaving it .
“ boss said nothing should happen to her till evening . “ the goon let outs .
the goon holds aaru n other trying to take off her hand . aaru putting all her strength in holding it firmly . her hand was full of blood . more deeper the wound became aaru closed her eyes in pain. still not ready to leave it .
the goon holding knife pulled it back during which she gets deep cut in wrist . the knife goes off from her hand .
quickly the guy tied her hands back with rope . he pulled back n made her sit on ground n tied her legs .
“ such a crazy girl u r . not even scared of death “ the guy said .
Aaru sits straight resting her head against wall .
“ bhai she got cut in her wrist . we should we do now “ the other asked .
“the cut in wrist is very deep . she will die within 10-20 min if we don’t dress it properly . “ the guy said .
“ no . already its 3:30 pm . anyways we r going to kill her by evening right . leave her like this . now even our work became easy “ the goon said .
“ bhai …but “ the other let outs .
“ no buts n yets come with me“ the goon said heading out .
They closed the shutter .

Aaradhya ‘s hand is paining terribly . she don’t even have energy to move n she really don’t wished to live . she remained silent but still her eyes showing her terrible pain through tears rolling down her cheeks . her rested her head against wall closing eyes . she could clearly sense her life leaving her body little by little . she started smiling .
“ I know everyone born will end up one day including myself . but Aaru have u ever expected u will end up this much early . Anyways this not a big deal . I think this is perfect time to leave . nothing left incomplete . I completed everything . see mom u left leaving me incomplete but look how responsible is ur daughter I left no one n nothing incomplete . my fun , my studies , my madness everything of mine is completed . since even I’m coming u must appreciate me mamma directly . I need to tell u a lot of things . I’m waiting from years to meet u . see these guys sending me to u so early . its good na…..yes it is … “ aaru made self talk n started laughing like mad .
“ do I really want to die ??? is everything of mine really completed ? “ Aaru asked herself still smiling .
She closes her eyes Aadit comes in her mind suddenly . her laugh fades out quickly her eyes started showering vigorously .
Their moments from their first meeting , aadit promise , Aadit proposing her , his smile n fun they had together came alive infront of her eyes .
“ that’s it Aadit . soon Arrogant maheshwari will no longer be part of ur life na . I wish I could be in ur life for more time “ aaru said with tears .

Tear flowed down her cheeks remembering Aadit . ( sunn raha hai na (female version ) ) plays in BG .
“ since u came in my life everything turned simple for me . u were with me every time in everything .now its my turn to do things alone “ Aaru said looking up lifelessly .
“ I can see u no longer . “ Aaru said with showering eyes .
Aaradhya recalls Aadit telling her he cant live with out her .
“ even I’m bad mom . I’m leaving tears in his life forever . I always tried to tell him to move on but he is such a stubborn . he didn’t listen to me at least once . we two r really born stubborn . sorry Aadit now u will know how bad I am . “ Aaru closed her eyes .
Aaradhya lost all her strength . she became weak . loosing her sense . she felt difficult even to breathe . Aaradhya falls on ground . everything vanished from her sight .Aaradhya eyes gets closed last tear skipped out .

Episode ends .

Precap : is this dead end for Aadit n Aaradhya ‘s story…….! ?

Credit to: honey

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