The pain that continues..(episode 44)


Episode 44 :
Aadit is driving car n Aaradhya remained silent . she didn’t speak anything since rithu left .
“ Arrogant this silence wont suits u . come on cheer up “ Aadit said to change her mood .
“ I already started missing her . don’t know wat I will do from now . rithu is really especial to me like sister u said . idiot wats so hurry to fall in love n go away from us . all bcoz of love …“ Aaru said impatiently .
“ no matter where matter starts u will end up cursing love . just remember even I proposed u …I’m waiting …its high time u should develop soft corner for it . even now u didn’t change much . remember even we should marry before it gets too late . start brushing ur feelings . “ Aadit said looking her .
“ I think u should brush ur sense …seriously monster will u marry me ? “ Aaru asked .
“ awesome question yaar if I love u then whom should I marry… ur sister ? “ Aadit asked being irritated .
“ seriously the best solution …she is elder to me , better in house hold works than me , gets up really early in morning …all qualities like wat people says ….right … Adarsh ladki …I don’t have single quality of Adarsh ladki . I’m just child of ordinary woman with ordinary features unlike the great Sadhvi Maheshwari. honestly I do know how to take care of me n my small world which I’m still trying to build . I do value my feelings first . I don’t know how to sacrifice anything . I don’t even wish to be good in anyone’s sight . I cant fake anything . just a simple girl . I’m just Aaradhya Ragini Maheshwari . “ Aaradhya said gently .
Aadit stops the car .
“ n I don’t even want any Adarsh ladki . I just want my mad girl . who speaks wat ever in heart genuinely . who cant fake anything . who loves to be herself . I need just a simple girl who values people by their heart not by their status . I just love that ordinary girl who can work as waitress just to help her kaka . I just love that crazy girl who left the job immediately after helping her kaka …u may be just Aaradhya ragini maheshwari but u don’t even know how much u mean to me “ Aadit said sincerely .
Aaradhya looks on .

After a week….
Aadit is working on his ideas of starting his own software industry . he know his father wont allow him ever for that . he must join family business after 3 months but still his desire of possessing his own empire making him to sit n work on it . Aadit explained Aaradhya about his father n they cant go ahead with their ideas . yet Aaradhya helping him with ideas . she knows even he cant go ahead with his dream project but working on it gives him happiness . that’s enough for her .Aaradhya really wanted to see Aadit’s father n talk to him about Aadit’s dream . till now she couldn’t able to meet him . Aadit is really happy that atleast there is someone who is supporting him with his dream . both spending a lot time on the project . simultaneously Aaradhya is in search of a job n separate flat for her without telling Aadit .
After few days Aaradhya has given an interview n soon she received email asking her to join company after one week . first peson she called is Aadit.
Phone convo .
“ monster I got my job “ Aaru shouted with excitement .
“ congrats Arrogant maheshwari …where’s party then … ? “ Aadit asked happily .
“ ofcourse … but after getting my first salary . “ Aaru said .
“ so u want me to wait till one month “ Aadit asked .
“ yep “ Aaru replied .
“ not fair atleast coffee treat “ Aadit asked .
“ hmmm …fine “ Aaru replied happily .
Later she ran to Arjun’s room to inform him .
“ hey wat happened aaru ? “ Arjun asked looking her happy .
“ first thing I don’t need pocket money any more . now I have grown up . I got my job “ Aaru replied .
“ really .. that’s so great Aaru . congrats . when r u going to join then I mean when is ur appointment “ Arjun shouts in excitement .
“ after one week bhai “ aaru replied
Laksh enters their room . Aaru’s smile vanishes seeing laksh .
“ chachu great news Aaru got job “ Arjun said happily .
“ congrats Aaru .but wats the need beta u can work in ur own company “ laksh said .
“ my company . oh come on Mr. laksh maheshwari . when did ur maheshwari’s company became mine . instead of working there better I die . “ Aaru said in angry .
“ still u r angry on ur dad “ laksh asked worried .
“ yes I am n I will be . I will never ever forget those things . n ‘dad’ that’s too far . “ Aaru said n leaves in anger .
Laksh left heart broken . Arjun consoles him .
Now Aaradhya is in search of flat for her as early as possible before next week .
“ madam ji this house is best “ house broker said to aaru opening flat door .
Aaradhya looks at flat n it is so disgusting flat ever .
“ wat the hell Damuji u mean this is best flat…? have u seen it properly ? its so disgusting man . “ Aaru shouts at him .
“ mam so u r rejecting this one too “ Damuasked .
“ ofcourse . “ Aaru replied quickly .
After seeing many flats …some r really bad n many r not ready to give flat to singles . Aaradhya sits on steps of an Apartment .
“ kyaa yaar ? I heard u r best house broker in city since from 2 days u r making me run here n there . we almost covered half of kolkatta still we r on road . can I ever find a home for me ? “ Aaradhya asked holding her knees .
“ Aaradhya ji wats my mistake ? if it is for family naa I would have settled in minutes . but no one ready to give flat to singles . “ Damu explained .
“ arey wats their problem with singles yaar . do they know benefits of renting flat to singles . we use less water , no more sound pollution n etc ….wats their problem ?“ Aaru let outs impatiently .
“ par aap single hai na ji wahi badaa problem hai ji “ Damurepeated .
“ kyaa single …single karke rakka tumne … ? do u want me to get married just for a flat “ Aaru shouts .
“ superb idea ji . we will lie to them that u r married n tell them that ur husband works in aboard . hows it ji ?“ damu said .
“ n when they ask me about kids I should tell them that they are studying in boarding school . hai na ji “ aaru asked with fake smile as if she is convinced with idea .
“ par aap toh bahut young looking hai ji . agar hum kahe app ko bache hai toh wo yaakein nahi karenge ji “ damu said .
“shut up damu . do u think I will lie just to get a flat ? no yaar “ Aaru said .
“ then come ji we will see this flat “ damu said pointing up .
“ no ji …seriously I’m tired . first go n ask if they can give it to singles . then see that it is at least good not like haunted houses u have shown me before . then I will come . “ Aaru said in lower tone .
“ ok ji “ damu said going upstairs . Aaradhya holds her fore head .
Scene shifts to shopping mall .
Aadit is doing his shopping . sadhvi sees Aadit n decides to talk to him .
“ hi Aadit “ sadhvi greeted .
“ hi “ aadit greeted with discomfort .
Though he don’t have any enmity with her but he feels uncomfortable to talk to her bocz his mind constantly buzzing him that his arrogant maheshwari don’t like her .
“ so …wat did u buy ? “ sadhvi asked .
“ nothing …just some formal wear . “ aadit replied with same feel .
“ ok bye I think I must leave “ aadit quickly added .
“ wait …we studied in same college n u r talking to me like stranger n I guess y bcoz of Aaradhya right “ sadhvi asked .
“ its not like that …Aaradhya never said anything about u . “ Aadit said .
“ oh come on Aadit . I know how she is … she is a … “ sadhvi is about to say something against aaradhya .
“ sadhvi plz …. “ Aadit shouts louder interrupting her .
“ not even a word against Aaradhya .. “ aadit said firmly .
“ relax …I’m talking about my sister y r u so upset ? “ sadhvi questioned .
Aadit gets irked
“ I need go… “ aadit said turns to leave .
“ wait “ sadhvi stops him .
Scene shifts to Aaru .
Aaru is waiting for damu to come . damu comes .
“ wat happened ? “ aaru asked looking him .
“ no ji …same problem ji “ damu said worried .
“ fine . I expected . “ Aaru said getting up.
“ no problem ji . we will go n see another one “ damu said .
“ no yaar I’m tired now . lets see tomorrow n thank q so much ji . bye “ Aaru said .
“ bye ji “ damu .
Aaradhya leaves smiling .
Scene shifts to shopping mall .
“ wat ? “ Aadit asked .
“ actually I came here with my friend but she need to go somewhere now n cant drop me . so can u ? “ sadhvi asked .
“ u can go by cab right “ Aadit replied .
“ u r done with ur shopping on the way u can drop me . still thinking . oh if its Aaradhya u don’t have problem right . “ sadhvi shot at him .
“ listen wats ur problem with Aaradhya . she is ur sister remember . “ aadit said looking her .
“ so drop me at home . I will think of it “ sadhvi heading forward .
Aadit looks on irritated .
Both comes out of mall . Aadit gets his car . Aaru is on other side of road n looking for cab . aadit n aaru didn’t notice each other . Aaru looks here n there n she notices Aadit .
“ what monster doing with sadhvi ? “ Aaradhya thinks .
Aaradhya about to call him . suddenly someone from back hold her closing her mouth tightly . Aaradhya gets shocked n turns slightly as much as she could to see the person . the man covering his half face with kerchief . Aaru tries to push him back n free herself . but the man is holding her tighter . Aaradhya waving her hand to get aadit’s attention . the guy hold her hand n folds it .
Suddenly Aadit senses something disturbing he looks other side n suddenly one car stops in between blocking his vision sight . the guy holding aaru forcefully makes her get in to car . in which already other guy sitting in back seat drags aaru inside n next guy too gets into car . both holds Aaradhya n one guy closing her mouth tightly . aadit n sadhvi gets into car n starts .
“ go fast “ the guy from back seat ordered driver .
The car takes turn heads forward . Aaradhya notices Aadit car going ahead of them .
“ jaldi kar “ the guy next to aaru shouted louder .
The driver over takes aadit’s car . while over taking aaru quickly scratches the guy’s hand with her nails . he frees her hand in pain . Aaru keeps her hand out of car window . waves her hand to get aadit’s attention . the car quickly over takes Aadit’s car . aadit notices someone waving hand .the guys drags aaru’s hand inside . her leather bracelet falls off . .guy closes window shield . Aaru struggles to free her self .
“ Aaru “ his sense buzzed though aadit is not sure he didn’t see her . he saw only part of hand that too just for few seconds before someone dragged it inside .
Aadit quickly applies brakes n gets downs .
“ sadhvi wat happened ? “ sadhvi in louder tone .
Aadit sees bracelet on ground n picks it up quickly . he looks at it keenly n remembers Aaradhya wearing it before .
“ this is Aaradhya’s “ sadhvi said strengthening his thought .
Aadit gets flashes of aaru waving her hand n someone dragging her hand inside .
“ Aaradhya … “ aadit shouts .
He quickly gets into car n drives in same direction .
Episode ends .
Precap : Aaradhya tied up in ropes lying semi unconscious . there is deep cut in her hand blood oozing out rapidly . one goon shouts if she dies . other goon says even boss wanted to make this beauty reach heaven directly . both laughs like evil .

Credit to: honey

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