The pain that continues..(episode 43)

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Episode 43 :
@ party venue .
Aadit n Aaru comes n sees mandy rithu , ansh rohan , dhruv and his girlfriend ritika . aadit n aaru joins them .
“ wah u both look like couple in these looks . have u both planned together ? “ mandy asked looking them .
“ shut up idiot . if we wanted to do party then we must have arranged one only among ourselves right . wats need to attend ur common friends party ? “ aaru asked .
“ now who said this is not a private party . it is for us . only difference we don’t have to pay bill . we just have to enjoy . wat do we have to do with all others here . learn to save money yaar . we r not teens anymore . grow up . its time to build empires . “
“ u mean by looting others “ aaru said .
“ whatever . fun doubles in free partying . “ mandy said smiling .
“ he is sure ur brother miser queen “ aaadit whispers in aaru’s ears .
Aaru pushes him back slightly .
After chit chatting . every one moved away into groups . mandy went to get some drink for him self . later he sees rithu n ansh went one side , dhruv n ritika talking in other side . he could see aaru n aadit but he is sure they too must be together some where . he sees rohan standing alone like him .
“ hey bro …he he he I think u too my category “ mandy said giving rohan drink .
“ yaa … these couples will leave stags alone at last …even aadit too “ rohan said having his drink .
“ now no aadit n no Aaradhya we cant find them alone …we can only find Aaradit everywhere “ mandy said .
“ Aaradit ? “ rohan exclaimed .
“ ya… Aaradit from Aaradhya – Aara n from Aadit – dit …together Aaradit . joining couple name became common right “ mandy said .
“ Aaradit cool I will tell to Aadit “ rohan said smiling .
“ if u want to see me alive don’t do that . if Aaradhya knows it she will hang me up . “ mandy said .
“ ok …I wont tell . “ rohan said .
“ don’t worry bro …leave about these cheaters …someday when we find our partner naa then these will cry looking us …till then romance in their lives n bromance in our lives common bro “ mandy said .
“ so cheers for all singles around “ rohan said forwarding his glass .
“ yeah cheers “ mandy joins his glass .
Later they had drink in one go .
Aaradhya is sitting near pool n she is thinking about something . Aadit comes n sits beside her .
“ have it arrogant maheshwari “ aadit said forwarding her a drink glass .
Aaradhya looks at glass n remembers last time incidents when she had drink . her face expression changes . Aadit smiles .
“ don’t worry its just ice tea n complete alcoholic free “ aadit said giving her glass .
Aaradhya haves her sip .
“ anyways after wat happened last time I can never dare to give u drink ever . “ Aadit said n burst out into laughter .
Aaradhya feels annoyed .
“ stop it monster “ Aaradhya let outs impatiently .
“ sorry … “ aadit said controlling his laughter ..
“ so wat r u doing alone “ Aadit said having his sip .
“ nothing sometimes I feel like to be alone …to understand some things clearly . “ Aaradhya said gently .
“ hey don’t notice anything different “ Aadit asked .
“ ofcourse …skinny tie, white shirt which not at all u all . monster I know is always in funky style… today u tried to be lil descent why so ?“ Aaru said holding his tie .
“ wat to do ? I’m not getting which look one idiot loves ? I thought may be changing style brings luck “ aadit said .
“ be urself …the way u r anyone can love u “ Aaradhya said .
“ some idiots too …. “ Aadit asked smiling .
Aaradhya nods positively .
“ by the work who worked on ur look “ Aaradhya asked .
“ ofcourse ria . I said it becomes lil formal . but she forced me to wear this “ aadit said taking off his tie .
“ wat r doing monster ? y r u taking off it ? Ria feels bad . anyways really this skinny tie is more attractive on u “ Aaradhya said quickly taking it into her hands .
Aaradhya ties it again . they share eye lock .
“ how do u girls know how to tie this neck tie more perfectly than us . even we guys struggling from years …” aadit asked .
“ wat to do u guys r so dumb naa we must learn these things too “ Aaradhya replied smiling .
Both laughs . music plays everyone joins dance floor . mandy shouts at Aadit n Aaru to join them . Aadit holds Aaradhya’s hand . even both too joins dance floor . everyone dance on the song ‘ kar gayi chull ’ .
After two days .
Every one decided to do rithu n ansh registration marriage to avoid all problems . Mandy aaru dhruv n rohan doing all arrangements at office . Aadit filling all formalities n making arrangements needed in process . Rithu n Ansh arrives . officer asks them to sign . they do . n asks others to sign for proof . Aadit n Aaru happily signs . officer announces their marriage is registered . everyone shouts in excitement n greets them .
Aaru n rithu hugs each other . At last Ansh makes rithu wear mangalsutra n fills her hair line with sindhoor .
Aaradhya remembers Aadit filling her maang with sindhoor n looks at Aadit who is already looking at her . they share cute eye lock . both comes to sense by clapping of mandy rohan dhruv for rihtu n Ansh .
“ congrats bro “ Aadit greeted Ansh .
“ thanks bro “ ansh replied smiling .
Mandy , dhruv , aaru rithu shares group hug .
Later rithu n Aaru are talking something …near car Ansh n Aadit are talking .
“ so u r married rithu …no more jolly single … “ aaru said .
“ ya… hope I manage everything correctly “ rithu said holding aaru’s hand .
“ ofcourse bro … rithu ansh vaishnav is a rock star n can handle anything . “ aaru said smiling .
“ I think only one rock star in our band n that too Arrogant maheshwari “ rithu said with teasing smile .
“ hey plz yaar u don’t start …already I don’t understand wat to do with that idiot “ Aaru said .
“ simple solution aaru . marry him then u will be no longer Aaradhya maheshwari …n he cant call u arrogant maheshwari “ rithu replied .
“ oh come on rithu …as u said I’m rock star right if I will marry him then sure monster ki band toh bajegaa …don’t make his life mess …let him live peacefully the way I don’t trust me wat if he starts calling me Arrogant malhotra . “ aaru replied
Both starts laughing .
“ but I really want my sister too settle down …if its Aadit then I will be most happy person . “ rithu said genuinely .
“ let me see wat my fate kept for me ahead . but y r u behind my single hood yaar . let me enjoy life for sometime . till now I was dependent on those people cuz its my right but now I want to take up my own responsibility first . now I want to find job n be independent . I’m planning to shift from that house too. “ Aaru said .
“ Aaradhya have u gone mad . u will leave that house seriously bro “ ria shouts .
“ look buddy y r so stress …who left there for me …wats wrong if I shift n start building my life by myself “ aaru said .
“ look u r giving me heart attacks …seriously aaru now I’m worried for u ..plz don’t do it yaar …I will be really tensed for u . u know right how these days r .. plz aaru “ rithu pleaded .
“ chill rithu . y r u spoiling ur mood . still I yet didn’t finalized . don’t worry about me . ok if u r not liking it I wont do it just relax . “ aaru said .
“ Aaradhya u took big step u know how enemies our families r … now my father will be mad at u …he may harm u just don’t go alone …stop thinking of being alone … “ rithu said tensely .
“ I don’t understand … y those people involving business enmity between our friendship . anyways we never cared about it n we don’t have to do anything with it in future too . I didn’t help Manoj verma ‘s daughter . I don’t even know who she is . I just helped my bestie rithu … u don’t worry about me . he cant harm me . if at all he have such intensions I’m not scared of him “ Aaru said .
“ Aaru don’t be careless . I know mandy dhruv too helped me . but since bcoz of our family enmity u will be my father’s main target . plz do take care about urself until everything settles . but after hearing u I cant trust u “ rithu said worried .
“ oh come on rithu Ansh vaishnav its just half an hour ur surname changed ur personality changed completely . this is y I wont marry any one . ok don’t trust me but u trust Aadit right . as long as Aadit around me u don’t need to worry about me . he wont let anything happen to me . so chill n start smiling . “ aaru said smiling .
Rithu smiles .
“ u know wat aaru same trust I have on Ansh at initial days n only that thing brought us today here . now I’m seeing same trust in u for Aadit . I’m sure it will take ur relation far ahead . “ rithu said .
“ let us see … but now I’m really happy for u at last u found someone in ur life who values ur feelings n emotions . I’m sure both of u will be happy forever . “ aaru said .
Scenes shifts to Aadit n Ansh .
“ so bro when u n Aaradhya getting married . “ Ansh asked suddenly .
Aadit coughs suddenly .
“ r u ok “ Ansh asked .
“ ya till before ur super question “ Aadit said composing his self .
“ wats wrong ? marriage is next step in love right “ ansh asked .
“ who said we crossed first step . “ Aadit asked .
“ u both r really close n caring for each other so I thought … “ Ansh explained .
“ don’t say sorry . u r half right . I’m in love but Aaru … u know about girls IQ in such matters … “ Aadit said .
“ true … especially ur case I mean Aaradhya n love .. I can see far no chances of rain bro . I must appreciate ur dare for this wild goose chase “ Ansh said with teasing smile .
“ so mean … remember even in desert some day It will rain. “ aadit replied .
“ ya in desert it may but do u think it is possible with Aaradhya maheshwari “ ansh asked to tease him .
“ bro Aaradhya is just small kid she don’t know anything about love so she is resisting …once think if she believes love n starts caring how much she will love … I’m not worried if she loves me or not its just love her a lot right . love all means just giving if we do it by expecting back it becomes business deal …abb jo hai wo hai …that’s it . some times even wild goose chases make us reach our destiny perfectly . “ Aadit said .
“ I’m just kidding . true love never ends . aaradhya such a unique girl . she is too gud bro n I’m sure she will realize ur love “ Ansh said .
“ I hope so . most difficult part is to win someone’s trust . I hope even u too know it . rithu is trusted u more than anyone . she left everything behind just to be urs . never n evr break her trust bro . cuz once it breaks it becomes impossible to fix it again . “ Aadit said gently .
“ I will never let it break down “ Ansh assured .
Dhruv mandy Aaru rithu comes near them .
“ so finally mr . Ansh vaishnav wait is over . now u can take our rithu to London . “ Aaru said placing rithu ‘s hand in Ansh’s hand .
Rithu looks at her friends . almost everyone dhruv aaru mandy eyes became moist . cuz its not easy for them for first time in years one among them is parting …all these years they r more than family always sticked together . never imagined one such day will come to get separated . rithu runs to them n hugs them . they share tight group hug everyone became emotional . tears rolled down their cheeks though how harder they tried to control .
“ never ever forget us yaar “ aaru whispered .
“ yaa buddy never “ dhruv said .
“ Iam I mad to do that … u guys r my life … “ rithu said .
They break the hug n looks at each other emotionally .
“ look rithu even chudel crying “ mandy said to lighten up mood .
“ monkey I’m not crying . “ Aaru said
“ u know ur best feature is ur nose becomes super red …so even if u hide ur tears wat will u do with this nose Aaru “ mandy said touching her nose .
“ how dare u idiot “ Aaru shouts at mandy taking his finger off .
“ u r crying “ mandy .
“ no I’m not ok “ aaru shouts .
“ yes u r “ mandy shouts .
“ no I said right “ aaru shouts back .
“ look rithu finally u r escaping leaving me alone . now I should handle these two monkeys alone . what should I do ? “ dhruv said .
Rithu laughs … Aaru n mandy holds each other hands n feels happy that they made their bestie smile .
“ u too marry ritika n go to London “ mandy said .
“ yaa that’s so cool go dhruv “ aaru joined mandy .
“ if I too leave wat happens to kolkatta then “ dhruv said .
“ yaa dhruv … plz hold these idiots for sake of city peace “ rithu said smiling .
Everyone laughs .
Ansh , aadit , rohan feels delighted seeing them like this .
Later rithu n Ansh left for Air port . all stayed back cuz its not safe for Ansh n rithu if all follow them till air port . rithu’s father may trace out them .
Dhruv aaru mandy stood holding hands seeing rithu leaving them n going far . both dhruv mandy side hugs Aaru . finally they understood such kind of time comes in their lives too but they really wanted to show back that even they are separated it wont affect their bonding it becomes even more stronger n lasts till they exists .
Episode ends .
Precap : Aaradhya’s life in danger …!?

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