The pain that continues..(episode 42)

Episode 42 :
Finally its exams season . night outs group studies wat not everything is on . Aadit n aaru did their best .
Rithu Aaru dhruv aadit rohan mandy passed out with flying colors . while Aadit stood college
topper . though Aaradhya passed out with outstanding percentage but she is more happy for aadit .
. every one decided to celebrate their success .

phone convo :
Aadit : gud morning arrogant maheshwari …
Aaru : gud morning monster.
Aadit : so got news about party tonight.
Aaru : ya… this mandy will never leave a chance .
Aadit : true ….so get ready I will pick u .
Aaru : y ?
Aadit : now wat it means y ? be eco friendly yaar don’t be so selfish . two vehicles more pollution …wat happens to future generation .
Aaru : oh …pollution really ?
Aadit : u know right y … ?
Aaru : I know wat ?

Aadit : Arrogant maheshwari u became expert in playing with me . listen I’m not afraid of u…its just bcoz I will get some time in private to spend with u …..since our college over we not even seen each other properly …we didn’t spend time properly together . not even time for fight too n u too may be feeling boring right …n u know right how I feel …I mean how difficult …
Aaru : hmm…I don’t think so I think its just yesterday we met in coffee shop for no reason .

Aadit (annoyed ) : oh come on Arroagant maheshwari its 24 hours back …ok fine don’t come .

Aaru : listen monster party starts at 8 pm so pick me at 7:30 . don’t be late .
Aadit : that’s gud …ok fine bye ….
Aaru : bye ….
Aaradhya cuts the call n smiles .
Evening .
@ Aadit ‘s room .
Aadit messed up his room with all his clothes all over room .
“ bhai wats all these ? is it room or garbage ? “ ria screams coming into his room .

“ for first time in ur life u came on right time . come help me ” aadit quickly replied .

“ wat help ? ” ria asked .

“ actually I need to attend a party n i’m so confused wat should I wear ? ” aadit said glaring at his clothes .
“ r u alright bhai . I mean u r confused at choosing outfit . seriously bhai when u started paying interest in such things ” ria asked smiling .

“ hey question box r u going to help me or not ? ” Aadit asked being annoyed .

“ fine I will help . ” ria said picking up his clothes .

“ try this one ” ria said showing him white shirt n charcoal jeans .

“ do u think it will be good ? ” he said standing infront of mirror .

“ sure … go change it ” she said pushing Aadit into washroom .
Aadit comes out wearing them .
“ awesome bhai …. Now wear this ”she said giving him skinny black tie .
“ kya yaar u r make it formal … ” aadit said .
“ bhai its skinny tie not regular one ” ria said .
“ I can see it idiot but is it now necessary for casual party ” Aadit replied looking her .
“ yes it looks attractive on u trust me. skinny ties r never out of fashion . try it naa ” she said helping him to wear it .

“ at end black jacket ” ria said giving him .
Aadit wears it at ends he sets his hair n stands infront of mirror .
“ chudel first time I listened to u if any thing went wrong then u r gone . ” Aadit said .
“ excuse me mr. bhaiyuu …no one can beat u especially in this look. u look so cool . I think I have bright future in fashion designing but wat to do I took interior designing . ” ria said .
“ n u will know it very well after I return … ” Aadit said looking her .
“ see bhai u look like star Rivan … ” Ria said .

“ don’t compare me with him ok …seriously u found only him to compare with ” Aadit said being annoyed n sets his jacket properly .
“ uffo …I gave u best compliment to be frank u look even more handsome than him ” ria said .
“ no comparisons with him I said ria ” Aadit replied quickly .
“ ok …can I ask u something … ” ria asked .
“ if I say no will u stop no right ..go ahead chudel ” aadit replied .
“for whom bhai all these ? for Aaradhya right . ” ria asked smiling .
“ not again ria “ Aadit said rolling his eyes .
Parvathi usha ritha priya comes there .
“ bhai plz ” ria asks holding his hands .

“ not now ” Aadit said about to leave but see all of them .
“ arey mera bachaa . kitna handsome lagrahahaina ” usha said pulling his cheeks .
“ maa I’m not kid anymore ” Aadit said smiling .
“ not for me …. ” usha replied smiling .
“ nobody will ask y for all these ? ” ria said .
“ cant u be quiet right chudel ” Aadit screams at ria .
“ meri bachi ne kya kiya ? even we want to know y ? ” parvathi took ria’s side .
“ mom I’m getting late . I must leave . ” Aadit tried to make excuse .
“ ok listen beta . we had a match for u . later ur return from the party lets talk about the matter . now leave ” parvathi said .

Ria n aadit are super shocked especially aadit .
“ wat ??? ” aadit shouts in shock .
“ just marriage proposal . wats so shocking in it beta … ” parvathi said .
“ just marriage proposal mom . no I don’t want any such things so early . ” aadit replied quickly .
“ I don’t want means . we want to see u married especially ur dad . anyways ur studies are compleleted now . even u promised ur dad that u will join family business after 3 months . now just say yes to marriage . ” parvathi explained .
“ mom u know I cant talk to dad right . he wont listen plz explain him I cant marry now . I just cant . its not joke my life . why so early ?” he said impatiently .
“ its not at all a reason . not today some day u should do right . “ parvathi said .
“ mom its not just early . some thing else really important . “ aadit shouts .
“ then explain wat it is ? ” parvath asked gently .
Aadit remained silent .
“ listen aadit . we know wats going on in ur mind . but I want
to hear it from u . tell us wat it is ? ” parvathi asked gently caresses his cheek .
“ mom I love Aaradhya . I cant marry anyone except her . my intension is not to hide from u but I’m waiting for right time . plz tell dad that I’m not interested . only u can change his decision . “ Aadit said .
Every one smiles . ria n Aadit looks at each other in confusion

“ mom u r laughing . my life became funny right “ aadit said .
“ yes betaji …u took so long to tell us such a simple thing . ” parvathi said smiling .
“ it means no proposal nothing . all of u r playing with me “ aadit said .
“ wat should we do ? we must know wats happening right . ur love we r seeing it in ur eyes but we really wanted to hear . “ parvathi said smiling .
“ not fair mom n maa (usha ) u too “ aadit said folding his arms .
“ sorry “ parvathi n usha said holding ears .
Aadit looks at them n smiles . Aadit hugs them .
“ even I’m sorry for hiding it . “ aadit said .
“ that’s ok “ usha said .
“ so wats late ? let us tell to ur dad “ parvathi said .
“ no mom . don’t tell papa n bade papa anything about it . I will tell them when right time comes . not now “ aadit said .
“ wat about Aaru beta “ parvathi asked .

“ she still not sure about her feeling n needs some time maa … “ aadit said .
“ who said bhai . she truly loves u . I can see it in her eyes “ ria said .
Aadit smiles n sides hugs her .
“ ok bye I must go on time or else Aaradhya will kill me . bye everyone “ aadit said rushing out .
Everyone smiles .
@ Aaru room .
Aaradhya is getting ready . she is wearing white sleeveless short dress with black bow belt . she brushing her hair n about to ties it up .
“ I think monster likes open hair . ” Aaradhya thinks .
She leaves hair open n gets up goes near window to check if he arrived . Again she goes infront of mirror n checks her self . she again goes near window n again comes back mirror n checks herself in mirror . today she became very particular about her look . n like this it is happening for first time .
“ oh god …I know I got symptoms of normal girls n I’m troubling u . but god I never asked u before in my life , today plz help me with my look .i don’t y but today I’m very anxious about my look . hope monster like it . “ she said closing her eyes .
“ aaru just relax u r looking gud … for sure monster will become mad looking u like this … “ aaru said looking into mirror .

“ yaar wat do u think of ur self idiot ? y do u want to impress him . r u mad “ aaru screams closing her eyes .
“ I don’t know that even my super sister will stick to mirror “ Arjun said entering her room .
“ nothing bhai . wats wrong in checking urself . “ aaru said .
“ nothing wrong . but y today so conscious about look so suddenly . “ Arjun asked smiling .
“ just casually “ aaru said .
“ do u know when do girls looks constantly into mirrors when they want to look special to someone . so tell me whom do u want to look special . “ Arjun asked smiling .
“ anything u will say bhai . its nothing like that . “ Aaru said turning other side .
“ oh really ? “ Arjun asked narrowing his eyes .
Aaru looks at him n hears car horn .
“ bhai I need to go bye . “ aaru quickly rushed out .
Arjun stood smiling .
@ outside maheshwari mansion .
Aadit gets down from car n waiting for aaru . he looks her coming . she is looks like angel coming down especially in that dress n look . Aadit is completely mesmerized looking her . Aaradhya looks at aadit standing there she feels bufferflies in her stomach . aaru goes near him . Aadit gets into senses .

“ arrogant maheshwari look at there “ aadit shouts pointing into sky .
Aaradhya looks up slightly . quickly Aadit grabs his phone n takes selfie with her .
“ mr. monster malhota have some manners “ aaru said looking him .
“ wats my fault . everything is ur fault . blame urself .“ aadit said smiling .
“ my fault wat ? “ aaru asked .
“ fisrt thing u should not look this much cute n second thing u r making my life difficult day by day …had u once thought about me … when u look damn gorgeous how should I control yaar … ? y r taking my test daily …not fair arrogant maheshwari . “ aadit said .
“ I don’t know from where u get all these dirty ideas …lets go first we r getting late “ Aaru said .
“ ok come “ aadit said smiling .
Both leaves for party .
Episode ends .

Precap : rithu wedding .

Credit to: honey


  1. ryths

    woooow..yaar superb epi…really luved it…eagerly waiting for nxt epi plzzzz update asap

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