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The pain that continues..(episode 40)


Hi guys . thanks for ur comments . keep encouraging . this one is not proof read . so sorry for any mistakes .
Episode 40 :
Aaradhya reminisces all the time spent with her friends . every time rithu is more than a friend to her like elder sister who always supported her . who used to scold Aaru n mandy when ever they come late to class . she used to run behind aaru n mandy to complete their projects on time . it is true that Aaradhya always received sisterly vibes from her . Aaradhya trying to understand rithu’s situation .
Next day morning .
@ Malhotra mansion .
Its Saturday 11 AM .

Priya feeding Aryaman at dining table .
“ Aryaman week end means getting up late its ok but when will u learn to eat haa. Still troubling mamma “ priya said while feeding him .
Aadit comes n sits on chair . he too still didn’t had breakfast. just now he woke up . while every one in had break fast quite earlier . every one are present in home except Ashok and Alok both are out of city due to some business work .
“ its ok priya . he is just 6 years old now . wat do I have to do with this 22 years old kid ? when u will become responsible beta ji ? “ parvathi said serving him break fast .
“ kya maa ? I intentionally came late just to do favor for u . if all members in home comes once at dining table it will be tough job for u n badi maa n bhabis to serve food at once . if every one comes in shift it makes work easy right . “ he said having his break fast .
“ me too chachu “ aryaman shouts .

“ great champ ….these people will never understand us “ aadit said giving hi fi .
“ bhai how caring ? don’t worry maa just 1 month left for his enjoyment . later chachu will drag him into business . then office to home home to office . soon bhabhi comes then kids . dropping them in school picking them uff he will be complete family man . I wish i see him like that soon . I’m eagerly waiting to see him doing all that work n taking all those responsibilities . then all habits will get corrected on the way .“ Ria told parvathi with teasing smile .

“ my dear siso I may become like that but I’m sure even for u not much time left . soon ur studies will complete . then brother-in-law comes then kids . waking them up doing home works uff u will be complete responsible . remember even I’m the one who eagerly waiting for it . “ aadit replied .
“ uffo u two started here too …we don’t know about u two but yes we really wanted to see two most carefree idiots of our home taking up such big responsibilities . “ vishab said .
“ really bhai lets see how will these two monkeys manage “ rishab joins .
Both ria n aadit looks at each other .

“ when do u two joined together “ ria asks them .
“ yaa this is not fair “ aadit supported .
“ y when u two can maintain secrets between urselves n pair up y should we fight “ rishab said .
They hear door bell . one maid goes n opens the door .
“ is Aadit at home ? “ Aaradhya quickly asked maid .
“ yes beta come inside “ maid welcomed .
“ arey aaru beta come “ parvathi welcomed her .
Aaradhya comes near dining table .
“ hi “ Aadit greeted .
“ hi still having break fast “ she asked looking him .
“ this is his usual habit Aaradhya . u sit “ ria told Aaradhya .

Aadit gives ria killer look while ria smirks . Aaradhya sits beside Aadit .
“ actually I need to talk to u “ Aaradhya said looking him .
“ come lets talk first then I will eat “ aadit said getting up .
“ no first complete ur breakfast then we will talk . “ aardhya said firmly making him sit .
Aadit resumes having break fast in between looking at Aaru . while all family members noticing it n smiling . while Aaradhya eagerly waiting to talk with him .
“ uffo monster malhotra how much slowly will u eat ? “ Aaru grabbed spoon from his hand n started feeding him .
Every one surprised to hear monster malhotra n later started smiling .

“ I know week ends are meant for laziness but this much late . “ she said feeding him.
While every one enjoying Aaradhya taunting him n it is really cute to see them like this . parvathi feels happy at their bonding . while Aadit eating just like aryaman .
“ chachu u too kid like me “ aryaman said .
Every one laughs .
“ wat should I call u ? “ aryaman asked Aaradhya .
Aaradhya loved his innocence .
“ u can me Aaradhya “ she replied with smile .
“ but dadi called u aaru “ aryaman asked innocently .
“ ok even u can call me like that. ur wish “ Aaru replied smiling .
“ aaru y r u feeding chachu “ he asked quickly .

“ just like y ur mom feeding u n same way ur chachu even more lazy to eat fast n I have really some work with him. “ Aaru said looking aadit .
“ and just like mom loves me even u too love chachu a lot right “ aryaman asked innocently .
Both aadit n aaru turned red. they felt embarrassed . while all burst out into laughter .
“ its not like that aryaman. they r good friends so they care each other . “ parvathi said gently to make Aaradhya n aadit comfortable .
After breakfast aadit n aaru went straight to aadit room .

“ maa Aaru is perfect one for bhai naa . I think we should get them married soon . “ ria asked parvathi .
“ l must find out wat aaru beta feels about aadit “ parvathi said .
“ maa they r in love pakka . I can see it in their eyes clearly “ ria replied .
Parvathi smiles n caresses her hair gently .
@ Aadit room .
“ look arrogant maheshwari aryaman is just 6 years old even he know that u love me when will u know “ Aadit asked .
“ monster plz don’t start teasing me again . I came here for rithu . “ aaru replied .
“ so wat u decided ? “ Aadit asked .
“ u r right . I did mmistake . I must understand rithu . “ Aaradhya said sitting on bed .
“ Awesome . call her “ aadit said sitting beside her .

Aaradhya takes her phone . there are many missed call from rithu .
“ oh it seems already rithu called me. I kept it in silent mood last night . “ she said .
Aaradhya calls rithu . rithu looks at her phone n feels happy to see aaru name flashing on screen .
“ dude I’m so sorry . I will break relation . I’m really sorry to hurt u “ rithu quickly answered .
“ dude….y don’t u ever give me chance to rectify my mistakes ? every time u will say sorry n made me like this . this time I feel really shame of hurting u without thinking about ur situation . will u fogive me“ aaru asked .
“ no mistake is mine . I must have said to u guys before about ansh “ rithu replied.
“ n wat u said u will break relation ? r u mad . I always want my rithu to be happy . wat do I will get in separating u guys ? if he is ur happiness then I cant spoil ur happiness . “ Aaru said smiling .
“ so u r accepting our relation . really u wont be hurt naa .we will be besties like this ever right “ rithu asked .

“ ofcourse . no one can break our relation . dude not believing love is completely my problem my opinion . it just not mean I want all my friends to remain single forever . u can make ur life as ur wish . so I have no problem with Ansh . but one thing… “ aaru replied .
“ wat ??? “ rithu asked .
“ I want to know about that Ansh . I cant just simply trust him . I must feel he will keep u happy forever .“ aaru said .
“ aaru Ansh is really nice guy . but even for me u must approve . “ rithu replied .
“ then ask ur hero to meet me in cafe tomorrow sharp 10 am “ aaru said .
“ ok … I will tell him” rithu replied smiling .
“ gud “ aaru said smiling .
“ thanks aaru for understanding me “ rithu replied .

“ thanks ? I must say it to all u guys for bearing me . “ aaru replied smiling .
“ its not us but u . u don’t know how special u r … “ rithu replied .
“ I think I need to blush now but u know right I cant n here someone gonna tease me for that now “ aaru replied looking at Aadit .
“ok … someday someone will make u blush too . “ rithu said .
“ haa…just like Ansh making u right “ aaru asked in teasing manner .
“ aaru … “ rithu screams in embarrassment .
“ ok …ok…I wont tease u more . bye “ aaru said .
“ bye “ rithu said .
Aaru cuts the call n looks at Aadit .
“ u did right . she needs a chance “ Aadit said looking her .
“ all bcoz of u . if u didn’t talk to yesterday I might not get it soon . n I would have loosed one great friend . “ aaru said looking him .

“ so arrogant maheshwari listens even my words . wow great Aadit malhotra “ he said patting on his shoulder .
“ not every time . but this time u made some sense “ aaru replied .
“ I don’t care its one time or many times I did some favor right . “ he said .
“ so ? “ aaru asked .
“ so show some gratitude “ he asked .
“ ok thanks q monster “ aaru said smiling .
“ huh …I don’t want that simple thank q . I expect much from arrogant maheshwari . “ Aadit said looking mischievously .
“ wat ??? “ aaru asked .

“ simple . just give one kiss . not much more than that “ he replied quickly .
“ wat ??? r u gone mad monster . ask some one else “ she said .
“ why should I ask some one else when I do love only arrogant maheshwari “ he replied quickly .
“ from me u can only expect one tight slap “ she said getting up .
Aadit quickly holds her hand n pulls her toward him . she falls on him .
“ u used to call me monster right . u must know monsters wont leave that much easily . “ he said leaning back against head board of bed .
“ really monster u r getting mad . “ aaru said trying to get up .
Aadit tightened his grip around her waist pulled her even more closer .
“ no way … “ aadit said .
“ ok then let me see how much time u will held me like this “ aaru said looking him .
“ ok then see … “ he said firmly .
Almost 10 min passed aadit is not at all ready to leave her .

“ monster I need to go home “ aaru said .
“ no kiss then u r not going anywhere “ aadit replied looking her .
They look at each other . Aaradhya gently caresses his cheek with her hand . Aadit looks at her . aaru started coming closer to his lips . Aadit getting lost in her . he closes his eyes . he looses his grip n slowly moves his hands from her waist to shoulders . Aaradhya suddenly opens her eyes n smirks looking him . she quickly gets up with out kissing . Aadit opens his eyes .
“ wat u thought only u can act smart even I’m smarter “ aaru said quickly rushing near door .
“ n u love to play with my feelings right . not fair arrogant maheshwari “ he said looking turning other side in displeasure .

Aaradhya turns back to leave . she again looks back at him . he looks same . she feels bad . she goes near him n plots small peck on his cheek . he looks at her . aaru about to leave . aadit holds her hand . she looks at him . aadit gets up n kisses her on cheek .
“ I returned ur kiss . next time give it only on ur wish . “ he said making fake innocent face .
“ oh really u returned my kiss n u think I will believe it . y don’t u tell me u did this to kiss me . “ she asked narrowing her eyes .
“ so u got it . “ aadit replied smiling .
“ such a monster …I’m not going to leave u now “ she said running after him .
Aadit stops her holding her hands .

“ sorry arrogant maheshwari . next time no such tricks .“ he said smiling .
“ I wont believe u … u r such a spoiled brat don’t know how ur family members dealing with u from childhood “ aaru said looking him .
Aadit shrugs his shoulder n smiles .
Aaradhya pushes him back n leaves being annoyed . Aadit opens his cup board n takes aaru childhood frame . he sits on bed . aadit smiles looking the pic .
“ idiot of my life “ Aadit said smiling looking at pic .

Episode ends .

Precap : love interview ….

Credit to: honey

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