The pain that continues..(episode 39)

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Episode 39 :
@ maheshwari mansion outside .
Aadit gets down first n opens car door n aaru gets down . he holds her hand .
“ aadit u go home . I’ll manage “ Aaradhya said .
“ I will leave… atleast let me help up to ur room . “ Aadit said .
“ yaar I don’t want to hear any words from this family . today already I’m messed up . “ she told looking him .
“ oh come on arrogant maheshwari . ur foot was hurt badly . if its ok then I’ll will leave right . I don’t care wat anyone will say about u n me . why do we need to give explanations to anyone ? “ Aadit said rolling his eyes .
Aaradhya smiles at him . Aadit helps her to room .

@ Aaru room .
Aadit make her to sit on bed n asks her to keep her foot on bed .
“ hmm…not bad arrogant maheshwari u became expert in getting hurt “ he said unwrapping his hanky from wound .
“ wheres first aid box idiot ? “ he asked .
“ in that cup board “ she said pointing it.
He goes n gets it .
“ouch “ Aaru screams when Aadit puts anti septic lotion with cotton .
“ sorry “ Aadit said quickly taking off cotton .
“ Arrogant maheshwari this is y we should be careful . now u must bear “ he said smiling n about to put lotion again .
Aaru closes her eyes . Aadit looks at her n starts laughing . Aaradhya gets annoyed .
“ wat the hell monster ? really u wont leave at least one chance right . I gave u correct name monster malhotra “ she said .
“ wats my mistake? u r so strong in everything but scared of small things like this lotion n remember in delhi ghost episode “ he asked smiling .
“ how can I forget ? n remember no one is strong in all aspects . after all I’m too human right not mahaan like some other . these are nothing but we will have some big phases in life which breaks us completely . I’m so happy that I’m strong in such phases . n all these small things I don’t care . “ she said looking ragini pic on wall .
“ Aaradhya … “ he said holding her face .
He could see clear traces of tears .
“ ur mom loves ur smile a lot “ he said wiping her eyes .
Aaradhya looks at him .
“ n me too … “ he added quickly .
Aaradhya smiles . Aadit dresses her wound .
“ so done with ur social service “ Aaru asked .

“ not social service . but arrogant maheshwari service “ he said looking her .
“ y me so special ? “ she asked casually .
“ I think arrogant maheshwari knows it very well “ Aadit said looking her .
Aaradhya remained silent . Aadit smiles .
“ should I remember u again ? “ he asked in teasing tone .
“ no I remember . “ she replied quickly .
“ no I don’t think so “ he said .
“ I do monster “ she said .
“ no u must have forgotten “ he said again .
“ r u kidding me ? “ she said being a bit annoyed .
“ when u don’t remember accept na “ Aadit said .
“ oh my god I remember wat u said clearly “ she shouts .
“ then wat did I tell u ? “ he asked quickly .
“ I love u “ she shouts .

“ I love u too “ he said with teasing smile .
Aaradhya realized that he asked all these intentionally to make her tell I love u .
Aaradhya hits him on shoulder with pillow .
“ wat ??? “ he asked laughing .
“ generally I don’t even trust normal guys . n u have loads of IQ I mean u made Arrogant maheshwari fool . how do I believe u ? “ she said .
“ for god sake at least once think positive about me arrogant maheshwari“ he said .
“ u believe I have brain right “ he asked looking her .
“ more than needed “ she replied quickly .

“ I have one heart too … “ he said showing his finger .
“ oh …! Medical miracle. u have only one heart . so great … “ she said sarcastically .
“ shut up n listen . very serious matter . “ he said closing his eyes with hands .
“ so where I am ? “ he asked still closing his eyes .
“ some where at one heart… …one liver “ she said keeping her hand under her cheek.
“ yaa … listen I have one heart n one brain both r responding to only one idiot in this world . n that idiot has really special name Arroga.. .“ aadit .
“ Arrogant maheshwari “ Aaru completed his words .
“ exactly … so u can trust me completely “ he said .
Aaradhya didn’t reply him .
“ when ever love topic comes Arrogant maheshwari sound system will turn off . “ he told getting down from bed .
He goes near wall filled with lot photo frames .

“ hey is it u ? “ he told taking her childhood pic frame .
“ so cute . thank god at least u were cute in child hood . “ he said with teasing smile .
She throws another pillow at him .
“ stop irritating me monster .. “ she said being annoyed .
“ just kidding . to be frank ur cuteness doubled than before … “ he said keeping the frame in its position .
“ sometimes u talk sweet words n the next min irritating pranks . seriously monster malhotra wat r u ? “ she said .
“ hmmm…that’s not my thing . my duty is just to understand wat u r ? wat I am u must work on it …. After all just now u said those magical words “ he said coming near her with a frame in his hand .
“ listen I did say it . u played prank . “ aaru said .
“ about this we will fight later . now look at this “ he gave her the frame .
Its aaru with her besties .
“ arrogant maheshwari with her crazy gang “ aadit said sitting beside her .
Aaradhya looks away . Aadit makes her to look at the frame .

“ listen I know I must not interfere between ur friends issues . its matter of u n ur friends “ he said gently .
“ oh come on Aadit . if not u who else have right on me n my matters “ she replied quickly turning to him .
She realizes wat she said n takes off look from him . Aadit smiles .
“ well in that case . I must tell u . don’t loose them especially rithu “ he said softly .
“ she cheated me aadit n how can u take her side “ she replied looking him .
“ I’m not taking anyone’s side . u have most unique friends . who never left u alone anywhere . I know u r far from ur family but still u never felt lone bcoz ur friends were always with u n will be forever . four of u share such a unique bond more than siblings . when ever I see u n mandy fighting I just remember me n my sis fights we too fight the same way . n with rithu u share sisterly bonding which u n sadhvi don’t have . dhruv such a caring one for u . they care for u a lot like u care for them n even much more . they r ur family n complete world till now . don’t let it shatter . “ he said .
“ I know they mean a lot to me . y if I mean the same she must have informed me about Ansh right “ she asked .

“ Aaradhya …its just she feared bcoz that issue u guys friendship may get spoiled . its matter of love no one feel comfortable in telling about it . look at me I confessed my feelings to u till now I didn’t told it to anyone in home where as I used to share everything with them . not telling them doesn’t mean I don’t value them . I truly love them . but I’m waiting for an idiot acceptance . even if u accepted I cant tell them immediately I must wait for right situation to tell . may be this is happening with rithu may be she is looking for right time to tell u guys . n u guys didn’t give her chance . “ he said .
Aaru remained silent .
“ every one deserve a chance aaru . u both are really great friends . I just ask u this time u take ur step to save friendship . recall how many times rithu did this after ur fights . this time u do it simple right . “ aadit said .
Aaradhya looks at him .
“ anyways I wont force u . u ask urself slowly . just do wat u feel right . listen ur heart . I will leave now . bye .“ he said getting up .
Aaradhya holds his hand . Aadit looks at her .
“ y r u so concerned about every lil matter related to me “ she asked looking him .
“ bcoz my arrogant maheshwari’s world is so simple n cute . only very few things can make her happy I just don’t want any of them to go away from her life taking off her smile . “ he said looking into her eyes .
Aaradhya frees his hand . Aadit gently caresses her hair . he reached near door n saw her childhood frame which he kept a lil back . he again takes it into his hands n looks back at Aaradhya who is staring at the frame in her hands . she is thinking about wat aadit told her . Aadit smiles n leaves with her childhood photo frame .

Precap : following heart …! ?

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