The pain that continues..(episode 38)

Hi guys . thanks for ur loving comments for previous episode . hope u like this one too..
Episode 38 :
“ aadit look…! same car “ Aaradhya shouts pointing the car which was parked aside .
Both Aaradhya n aadit gets down from car found no one inside the car .
“ I think they must taken her inside forest “ Aadit said pointing in that direction .
Both goes inside the forest n searches for them . Aadit n Aaradhya went more deeper n found rithu with a guy . Aaradhya n aadit are completely shocked to see her talking casually n laughing with that guy . guy n rithu didn’t notice aaru n aadit since aaru n aadit are at their back .
“ thank god at last we met again . why don’t ur evil besties give u free time “ the guy said passing his hand around her shoulder .
“ hey don’t call them evil they are my family . so plz Ansh “ Rithu told softly .
“ sorry …but y don’t u tell them about us … “ Ansh asked gently .
“ I really wanted to u but I cant . “ she took pause .
“ bcoz they r evil right “ Ansh repeated to tease her .
Rithu gives him serious look .
“ wat ? they may be so good for u but for me they r keeping my girl away from me so evil in my eyes . now I feel peace ur evil besties cant come here “ Ansh told smiling .
“unfortunately one evil bestie here too “ Aaradhya interrupted them .
Both rithu n ansh are shocked . mandy n dhruv too arrives there .
“ oops sorry two more “ Aaradhya added .
“ Aaradhya … “ rithu comes forward to tell something .
“ hey first congrats for ur relation n I’m really sorry I’m here n disturbing u guys . actually I have seen u near college n I thought u were kidnapped . so in hurry all rushed in search of u if I know this is the matter probably I wont be here . now we will leave . “ she said n turns back to leave .
“ Aaradhya wait “ rithu stops her holding her hand .
“ wat will u say now rithu ? wat left incomplete . u r in relation with him I can see it clearly n we idiots don’t know till now . I don’t know that rithu can hide such big matter from us . I thought we r like family n even much more . world for each other . but no here it seems everyone building their own worlds . ok go on enjoy in ur world. I mean how could u hide something from us rithu? till last min I used to feel proud that I have such great friends whom I know every well . I don’t know wat family bonding is ? n I never bothered about it but u guys filled my emptiness from childhood I always felt blessed to have u guys in my life . I learnt how to care for each other from u guys especially from this friendship I understood wat is true bonding . today wat is happening ? u took ur life’s biggest step n we don’t it till now . “ Aaradhya told taking off rithu’s hand .
“ I really wanted u tell but u don’t ….” Rithu says.

“ ok I got it now . I don’t believe in love . u hidden it from me to save ur relation . did u think I will separate u guys if I get to know about u two ? “ Aaradhya cuts her talk .
“ no..aradhya why do I think like that about u ? I know u don’t separate us . I cant even think about u like that even in my dreams ? I don’t want to hurt u in any way ? so I remained silent just not to hurt u guys . “ rithu told sincerely .
“ u know wat now i’m already hurt by this bigggg secret . whatever be things u guys know every small matter about me n my life n I never hesitated to tell but seriously I cant believe u have hidden this matter from us especial from me I never expected . now u showed me how much I mean in ur life . great I will never disturb u . bye “ Aaradhya told angrily n leaves .
“ Aaradhya …. “ rithu calls her n about to go behind her . Aadit stops rithu
“ listen rithu she is hurt now. u don’t worry I will talk to her “ Aadit assured her n goes from there .
Aaradhya was really very upset n at same time in full of anger . she walking without looking down just thinking about the issue . she gets her foot hurt by stone . its bleeding . she stops n looks at wound n tries to ignore it n walks few step but unable its paining a lot .
“ Arrogant maheshwari … “ Aadit calls her from back .
Aaradhya turns back . Aadit looks at her foot n rushes to her . she stands leaning against tree .
“ idiot its bleeding “ he said kneeling on ground n touches her foot .
“ Aadit wat r u doing ? “ she said quickly pulling her foot back .
“ wo actually I need ur blessings …idiot its bleeding cant u see . “ he said .
“ still I can manage u don’t touch my feet … “ Aaradhya said .
Aadit lifts his head up n gives her angry look . he takes her foot into his hand n takes off sandal .
“ its just two min since I left u n u got hurt so easily seriously arrogant maheshwari do u expect me to be ur side every minute . cant even manage to walk ? u just know how to fight . when will u learn to be careful about urself . “ he said cleaning the wound .
Aadit is dressing her wound in between taunting her for her carelessness . the way Aaradhya looking at him anyone can easily tell how much deeply she is in love with him . Aaradhya clearly knows he is scolding her but still he is showing at most concern for her . Aaradhya thinks how he managing to show two feelings perfectly at a time in accurate ratio . she starts laughing at her crazy thoughts about him .

Aadit dresses her wound n gets up .
“ now y r u laughing ? for hurting ur foot . I mean seriously Arrogant maheshwari y don’t u be careful yaar “ he said looking Aaradhya who still laughing .
Aadit didn’t understand y she is laughing .
“ Arrogant maheshwari listen ….“ he is about to say something but Aaradhya cups his face . Aadit looks at her . gently caresses his cheek with her thumb .she leans a bit forward n joins her fore head with his forehead . she closes her eyes still laughing in same position . Aadit too closes his eyes n smiles warmly . “ don’t know wat I’m gonna do with this idiot ? will I be able to keep this innocent laugh like this forever on her face ? “ he thought n smiles brightly listening her laugh . Aaradhya still laughing even she don’t understand why ? his anger n concern at same time just now for her flashing in her mind constantly making her laugh even more .
tere sang hansna main
tere sang rona
tujh mein hi rehna main
tujh mein hi khona .
she moves lil back n looks at him . even aadit looks at her . she is feeling different . Aadit raises his eye brows as if asking wat ? Aaradhya nods nothing n hugs him wrapping her arms around his neck .

dil mein chhupa ke tujhe
dil naiyo kholna
she hugs him even tighter passing her hand through his hair at back n caresses his hair gently .

mar ke bhi maahi tosey
munh na moDna
bolna mahi bol na
bolna maahi bol na
Aadit smiles n hugs her back . later Aaradhya moves back n looks at him . she moves aside aadit stops her holding her hand . she looks at him . he comes nearer n hugs her again . Aaradhya smiles… gently rubs his back with her hand . Aadit moves lil back looks at her . the love he has clearly seen in his eyes . he kisses her on fore head . suddenly she feels pain in her foot . she looks down .
“ is it paining more ? aadit asked with concern .
Aaradhya nods no . he understood it is paining .
Aadit picks her up in arms . Aaradhya passes her arms around his neck holding him securely .
“ if u do this everytime then I will become too lazy to walk . then I must call u evrytime n ask u to take me there n take me here” she said smiling .
Aadit smiles .
“ will u carry like this every time ?” she asked looking at him .
“ I will ” he said gently .
“ pakka ” she asked looking him .
“ haa …pakka ” he said looking her .
“ even if I become fat in future ? ” she asked looking him doubtfully .
Aadit smiles .
“ even then i will . but I don’t think arrogant maheshwari can become fat ever cuz she likes eating people’s brain rather than food “ he said smiling at her .
“ wo toh hai ” Aaradhya said n starts laughing . Aadit kept staring at her .

(chhuTeya na chhuTe mose

rang tera Dolna

ik tere baajo dooja

mera koi mol na

bolna maahi bol na

bolna maahi bol na ) plays in BG .

episode ends .

Precap : break up or patch up with friend…. ?

Credit to: honey


  1. ryths

    woowww..superb epi as usual..really really luvd it..specially aru and aadit’s scene..plzzz plzzz update nxt epi soon eagerly wating

  2. niti

    aww i loved it honey..awesome..
    if u add songs later plz add the new song na ‘itni baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai’

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