The pain that continues..(episode 37)

Hi guys . another episode for u . this one is not proof read . sorry for any mistakes .
Episode 37 :
@ Monday morning at college .
Aaradhya was tired whole Sunday thinking about that night . while aadit was busy imagining how would be her reactions .
@ parking slot .
Aaradhya parks her car . she still stands leaning back against car . soon she sees Aadit coming . she goes to class .
@ 4 pm .
Dhruv Aaru rithu mandy goes to canteen . rithu n dhruv are talking something . Aaru is busy with her thoughts n mandy sticked to his phone . aaru rithu dhruv ‘s phone beeps at once . aaru checks her phone .
“ wats ur problem idiot ? always stupid posts . atleast don’t tag me yaar this beep so irritating .. “ Aaru shouts at mandy .
“ chudel atleast check toh kar kya like kiya “ mandy asks her .
“ beta I don’t need to check must be some great posts about love “ she replied .
“ genius … once see its really touching “ he forced her .
Aaru checks the post but it wasn’t so touching .

“ wat so great in it “ aaru shot at him .
“ u didn’t like it … then sure look at this “ he said bringing his phone near her .
He is showing her many posts she looking them with zero interest . at one post she takes off eyes being bored . something struck in her mind suddenly quickly looks at pic again grabbing his phone .
“ kya hua ? “ mandy asked being surprised .
Aaru looking the pic carefully . in that pic one couple sharing lip lock .
She kissing Aadit flashes in her mind .
“ monster malhotra “ her inner voice shouts n gives mandy his phone .
Aaradhya gets up quickly n takes her bag .
“ where r u going ? “ dhruv asked .
“ bye guys “ she said n rushes out .
@ parking slot .

Aaradhya searching for aadit .
“ hey I’m looking for u “ Aadit told her .
Aaradhya drags him aside .
“ oh from Saturday night u need privacy to talk with me . great progress . “ Aadit said smiling .
“ shut up ok .. tell me something really straight “ she said .
“ wat ? “ he asked .
“ did I kissed u “ she asked quickly .
“ oh so u remember “ he asked with teasing smile .
“ then y didn’t u tell me about it “ she asked making worried face .
“ u r really smart right . don’t u understand everything….includes even that “ he said in teasing tone .
Aaradhya looks worried .
“ now y r u worried ? “ Aadit asks her smiling .
“ go to hell “ she shouts n about to leave .
“ I will before that I must tell u something “ aadit said holding her hand .
“ wat ? “ aaru asked .
Aadit leaves her hand moves few steps back .
“ now wat r u doing idiot ? “ Aaradhya asks him .
“ just think following safety measures …after all who doesn’t love their own life . wat if u break my head after listening my words . “ aadit said .
“ like wat have u done this time monster “ Aaru asked looking him .
“ truth is I didn’t done anything . “ Aadit replied .
“ wat ?? “ aaru asked confused .

“nothing happened between us . “ Aadit added quickly .
“ wat ??? then all things u said to me r… “ aaru asks shockingly .
“ first class acting … I think I have bright future in acting field “ Aadit said proudly .
“ may be in heaven …but surely not on this planet ..I’m gonna break ur head now “ Aaradhya shouts bending down picking up stone .
“ wat the hell arrogant maheshwari “ Aadit shouts a bit frightened .
“ I will make u reach there“ she raises her hand holding stone n runs behind him .
“ yaar I cant run any more . “ Aadit surrenders .
“ u want to throw it on my head . go a head . “ he told .
Aaradhya comes near him . aadit looks at her . she drops stone .
“ he he he I know arrogant maheshwari . u look like dinosaur from outside . but from inside softy softy .. “ he replied smiling brightly .

Aaradhya slaps him ( not harder one ) .
“ not even that much soft monster “ she added quickly .
“ sorry yaar . “ Aadit said sincerely .
“ sorry ..that one word cannot compensate ur disgusting prank .. “ she said folding her arms .
“ already u slapped me … “ he reminded showing her his cheek .
“ that’s not at all a slap … “ she replied .
“ then tell me Arrogant maheshwari wat should I do now ? “ he asked .
“ is ur pocket full ? “ aaru asked looking him .
“ yaa “ he replied .
“ then get me to ice-cream parlor . “ she asked .
“ wats the connection ? “ he asked .

“ I don’t need to explain u . if u want me to forgive u then take me there “ she ordered .
“ ok come lets go “ he said n heads towards his car .
“ monster parlor is very near . lets go by walk . three benefits by it number 1 calories will be burnt number 2 I can eat much number 3 I will gain my lost calories . over all zero loss for me .“ aaru said smiling .
“ wah arrogant maheshwari . perfect statistics . even government wont think this much . calories ki padi hai .“ Aadit replied sarcastically .
“ shut up . wat do u know about girls problems . come I don’t have much time . “ she said dragging him holding his hand .
@ ice- cream parlor .
Aaradhya got her order n she is busy in enjoying it . Aadit is staring her .
“ u know wat this one is newly added to menu week back . I really wanted to taste it as early as possible but my pocket money already went minus . i felt really worried n look today god sent one idiot to fulfill my wish “ she said with excitement .
“ like seriously for a ice cream arrogant maheshwari … “ Aadit asked looking her .
“ oye hero in this whole world only two things are super cool . me n my ice cream . so its not just ice cream . mind ur tongue . “ she replied .
Aadit smiles looking her .

“ u have perfect statistics on everything right then how ur pocket money went minus “ he asked smiling .
“ unexpected repairs with my car . “ she replied having her ice cream .
“ oh …so u decided u loot someone “ he asked smiling .
“ something like that in others case but for u its needed “ she replied looking him .
“ tell me something arrogant maheshwari when I said everything happened instead of panic n thinking about urself ,u were worried for me n u said u will explain the girl whos gonna come in my life n so concerned for me not even once u had thought about urself . why Arrogant maheshwari ? “ he asked with hand under his cheek .
“ well credit goes to ur acting again .u acted so well that I was scared badly that I destroyed one poor girl’s life by snatching her right . “ Aaru replied looking him
“ so I’m right I have bright future in acting . rivan is nothing before my acting right . “ he told looking her .
Aaradhya rolls her eyes .
“ then wat about asking me to stay away from maira n all that “ he asked with teasing smile .
“ bcoz I don’t like her . “ she replied .
“ u don’t like her bcoz she moves close with me . which makes u feel jealous . “ he said maintaining teasing smile .

“ u know wat u think too much “ she said .
“ why don’t u accept ur love Aaradhya ? “ Aadit asked looking into her eyes .
They share eye lock . they remained silent . soon they are disturbed by couple laughing in next table .
Aadit n Aaradhya looks at them . the guy is feeding his girl ice cream with spoon . Aadit smiles looking them n looks at Aaru who is still staring them .
“ ahem ahem .. “ aadit let outs bringing her to reality .
She quickly turns to his side .
“ iss liye jaldi accept karo madam . then instead of staring others u will have someone of ur own to feed u ur fav ice cream with double love . “ he said raising his collar .
“ excuse me monster I don’t have such crazy wishes . when it comes to ice cream I strictly don’t need anyone’s help .i can manage perfectly . “ she said .
“ oh really …I don’t think so “ he said wiping ice cream stain left near her lips .
“ go n get one more scoop . “ she ordered .

“ one more . already u completed two scoops . “ he reminded .
“ cheap monster . who will count girls food ? go “ she said narrowing her eyes .
“ its not about food . its too cool outside not good to have more ice cream . wat if dinosaur gets cold . “ he replied smiling .
“ concern thanks haa . but its only u who can readily tease me not my ice cream . go man “ she said .
“ I will see Arrogant maheshwari “ he told getting up n gets her one more scoop .
Aaradhya was busy in enjoying like small kid . Aadit is staring her cuteness n smiling looking her .
When aaradhya is done both gets up . Aadit pays the bill .
“ do u want some more “ he asks her .
Aaradhya nods no .
“ tummy full “ she told holding her stomach like kid .

Aadit smiles looking her childish act .
“ pakka “ he asks smiling .
“ haa pakka . lets go “ she told holding his shoulders from behind n pushing him forward .
They came out . Aadit holds her hand while crossing the road . Aaradhya feels happy for his concern for her even at small things. They reached other side n heading towards college . suddenly Aaradhya sees rithu going at a distance . but rithu didn’t noticed aaru n aadit as she is looking front . when she is about to call her suddenly one car stops near rithu n someone pulled her inside car n rode away . all this happened in blink of eye .its like kidnap .
“ rithu “ Aaradhya shouts .
“ aadit…! “ she eyes him in panic .
“ I will get my car wait “ he said n runs to get his car .
Aaradhya gets into his car n aadit driving really fast to catch the car .
“ fast Aadit . rithu in danger . this girl how can she be so careless ? “ aaru shouts being worried .

“ don’t worry we will catch them . its one direction they must have gone straight way . “ aadit told concentrating on driving .
“ its like kidnap . I mean the way she was dragged into car . god hope she is fine “ aaru said .
“ don’t worry Aaru she will be fine . “ aadit said consoling her .
Aaradhya messaged Mandy n dhruv about the incident n the route they are going .

Precap : Rithu’s mystery revealed .

Credit to: honey


  1. Emz fasa

    Awesome 🙂 aru’s statistics are amazing i think that person is ARJUN and now they will be caught red handed 😀 waiting for next epi

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