The pain that continues..(episode 36)

Hi guys . back with another episode . hope u guys like it . this is not proof read . sorry for any typo errors n grammar mistakes .
Episode 36 :
@ morning .
Sun rays falls on Aaru’s eyes . Aaradhya hugs Aadit tighter in sleep . later she opens her eyes n sees him n looks around realizing its not her room n gets shocked . she gets up n sits quickly . she looks her cardigan lying at corner of room n looks at the shirt she is wearing n looks at Aadit who is shirtless . she gets tensed .
“ Aadit get up …! “ she shouts shaking him .
“ kya yaar ? “ Aadit asks in sleepy tone .
“ wat happened last night ? wat I’m doing here ? “ she asked him .
“ wat ? don’t u remember anything ? “ he asked getting up .
“ no “ she replied nervously .
Aadit understood why she was feeling nervous . he decided to tease her more .
“ gosh …! So u don’t remember wat have u done last night ? “ he said making worried face .
“ yaar u r scaring me . did I done something really wrong ? “ she asked looking at him still feeling nervous .
“ actually big mistake happened by us . which we cant even correct . “ he said with heavy voice .
Aaradhya turns her face away n Aadit controlling his laugh suddenly Aaradhya looks at him n he pretends to be sad .
“ wat happened ? “ she asked .
“ everything happened so early …everything “ he said taking her hand into his hand stressing everything .
“will u keep scaring me? Why don’t u make it clear ? “ she asked .
“ wat should I say now ? last night u were really in hurry then … “ he takes pause .
“ no I wont believe . nothing happened “ she said trying to be confident .
“hope this would have happened . but reality is different . we must accept “ he said holding her shoulders .
“ no . u r lying to me . I just remember I had bet with Maira n had drink n u must have helped me . so I’m in ur room . nothing else happened . don’t try to tease me . “ she replied looking at him .
“ y do I lie in such big matter ? remember last night u were upset about maira n ordered me to stay away from her . “ he said .
Aaradhya gets flashes of incident .
“ n u called me hubby n talking about ur right on me “ he added .
Aaradhya remembers the scene .
“ n u asking me to take off shirt “ he continued .
Aaradhya remember this one too …
“ n then the very next moment everything happened “ he said looking her .
“ all incidents u said r in my mind . then y don’t I remember after it ? if that biggggggggg mistake really happened then I must have remembered right ? “ she asked .
“ if u remember all incidents I said now then think with ur genius brain wat must be happened after all those signs ? “ he asked with raised eye brows .
“ oh no …! wat have I done ? “ she said touching her fore head .
“ don’t worry Aaradhya . actually its not mistake if we take it in one way . do u remember our marriage happened on that day which we didn’t accepted .“ he said .
Aaradhya nods yes .
“ upto the extent I know, may be wat happened last night is not a mistake at all after that “ he said looking her .
“its really difficult for me aaru . I cant believe this happened with me ? I’m trying to move on . I understood u will never accept me n u know right… after some years my family will get me married to some other girl . I cant tell them no . I cant break their hearts . so I must accept that marriage . now I don’t know how will I show my face to her . bichaari uska dil toh toot jayegaa . kya soche gi mere bhaare mei ? wat if she raised finger against my character ? i wont have respect for me in her eyes forever . “ he said making fake worried face .
“ I’m sorry yaar . u didn’t done anything wrong . I was drunk right I must have gone crazy . everything is my fault . plz don’t worry I will make her understand clearly . “ she said holding his shoulder .
“ she will never understand . no one will understand . “ he replied controlling his laugh .
“ I can make her understand . u don’t worry . “ she replied .
Aadit nods positively .
Aaradhya picks her cardigan n goes to washroom n comes out wearing it n keeps his shirt on table .
“ I will leave now . u will be ok right“ she asked concerned.
“ I will try “ he said with heavy voice .
Aaradhya leaves the room .
Aadit falls back on bed laughing harder .
“ Arrogant maheshwari ….Arrogant maheshwari …like seriously Aaradhya will u believe wat ever I will say ? idiot . “ he told laughing .
He recalls all her acts last night n smiles .
“ I don’t know that arrogant maheshwari can go this much crazy “ he said smiling .
Aaradhya rushing out of home n bumps into ria .
“ aradhya when did u come ? “ ria asked being surprised .
“ sorry ria I must leave . bye “ Aaradhya rushes out .
Vishab n rishab priya n ritha comes there .
“ ria Aaradhya here “ ritha asked .
“ don’t know babhi . she was coming from up when I saw her… “ ria told .
“ Aadit “ ritha n priya shouts .
“ bhai “ ria too shouts .
“ I will tell her truth tomorrow . n kiss oh god I totally forgot about that .” aadit realizes .
“ arrogant maheshwari will kill me .. “ aadit let outs .
Aadit recalls their first kiss n smiles .
“ if she kissed me then sure she is feeling the same as I feel for her “ he made self talk .
“ who kissed u bhai “ ria interrupted his thoughts .
“ listen don’t eat my brain early morning “ Aadit told getting up .
“ bhaiyyu why Aaradhya coming from ur room early this morning .? “ ria asked with raised eye brows .
Ritha n priya giggles . vishu n rishab stood confused .
“ u must have been dreaming … she didn’t came here . go n do ur work “ Aadit replied .
“ oh really priya bhabhi n ritha babhi u too have seen same dream right “ she asked .
“ haa devarji . “ priya replied with teasing smile .
“ kya babhi ? u know right this idiot will be after me always . u don’t join her team . “ Aadit told .
“ bhai “ria shouts .
“ chup kar chudel “ Aadit told getting up from bed n goes to wash room .
Priya n ritha leaves to kitchen .
“ this means Aadit n Aaradhya r in love “ rishab told vishu .
“ yes . Aaradhya looks really beautiful “ vishu said .
“ she looks smart too . don’t know how she has fallen for this monkey “ rishab said .
“even my brother is not less in any matter . both looks really cute together . I believe they will live happily together “ vishu told smiling .
“ I wish the same “ rishab smiles .
Epsidoe ends .
Precap : kidnap…..!?

Credit to: honey


  1. M

    u cm so soon…..its a wow for me……..!!!!! i like both of these idiots………nd their writer……keep smiling buddy…..

    • honey

      he he…even I was wondered . today I had free time . even this reader’s comments are really special for me :)…

  2. ryths

    Awsome epi…but precap ….kidnap!!?plzzz update nxt epi soon yaar… eagerly waiting to know wat gonna happen nxt

  3. tani

    Awesome …..its just out of
    the world….some parts were really
    hilarious….lol………its out of the world

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