The pain that continues..(episode 34)

Hi guys . back with another episode . this one is really long . hope u don’t get bored . waiting for ur comments . this one is not proof read . kindly bear any typo errors n grammar ones too.
Episode 34 :
@ Aaru room .
Aaradhya is completely disturbed about Maira .
“ god y I’m so disturbed about her “ she told closing her eyes n sits on bed .
“ bcoz I’m scared that Maira will take Aadit from me . wait when he became mine . if she can make him move on its gud right . I must feel happy but no its really disturbing to see him with her . I feel like someone snatching my right from me . it would have been better I someone clarify me wat rights I have on him . “ she said being completely disturbed .
@ college .
@ parking slot .
Maira : so ..up to 4 pm I’ll be bored .

Aadit : but I must go right .
Maira : ok bye n I will pick u in evening too..
Aadit : am I kid maira . dropping n picking . I resisted u not to come even now . but no . y do u listen to me . tell me something y do all girl are born stubborn ?
Maira ( smiling ) : who else ?
Aadit : one girl here … Arrogant maheshwari …
Maira : wat ? Arrogant maheshwari …!
Aaru : actually its Aaradhya Maheshwari .
Both Aadit n maira looks at her .

Maira : oh so u r the one he is talking about …
Aaru : actually I’m the only one whom he loves to tease …
Maira : hi I’m Maira khanna .
They shook hands .
Maira : so Addie is ur friend .
Aaru : Addie …!? Doesn’t it sound strange ?
Maira : no its like calling some one special with love …
Aadit : no problem maira . Addie far better than monster .
Maira : who calls u monster .. ?

Aadit : I said right there are many boring people here … who don’t know how to keep pet names too ?
Aaru : true Maira . like some idiots changed Aaradhya Maheshwari to Arrogant Maheshwari …
Both Aadit n Aaru gives killer look to each other .
Maira : but u need to know a lot about Addie Aaradhya . he is really cool n I love his presence .
Aaru : really . that’s great . I think he too loves to be with u . look not even inch gap b/w u too..
Aadit realizes n moves few inches aside without Maira notice . Aaradhya smirks .
Aaru : n u two make cute couple .
Maira gets blushed n while Aadit gets irritated .
Aaru : ok bye . see u people .

She leaves smiling .
Aadit : bye maira .
Maira : bye .
He runs to catch Aaradhya . he pulls Aaradhya to empty class n pins her to wall .
“ wat the hell r u telling her ? “ he asked seriously .
Aaradhya holds his jacket n reverses position.
“ why all the time u like to pin me up against wall . how am I looking to u ? like a photo frame . even I can do it . now look monster . wat do u thought about me .when some one comes suddenly n I starts feeling jealous. never. no one can make me jealous including ur drama queen .” she told looking in to his eyes .
“ hello Arrogant maheshwari I know very well .any ways I dont care about u . but hold ur tongue . Maira is not drama queen . she is really sweet unlike u . did u notice the way she looks when she blushes n anyone can go crazy for it . n u …can u blush . “ he asked pushing her back holding her shoulders .

Aaradhya gets irritated .
“ can u do like her . “ he asked with raised eye brows .
Aaradhya looks at him .
“ oye hero I don’t need to blush for u . ur maira is a big drama queen . “ she shouts .
“ n u miser queen right . “ he quickly added .
“shut up n get lost “ she shouts .
“ u too miser queen . “ he too shouts .
Both leaves in anger .
@ 4 pm .
Aaru dhruv n Mandy comes out of class .
“ wat happened to rithu . y she was absent guys ? “ Mandy asked .
“ don’t know yaar . shes not even lifting phone ? “ Aaru replied trying to call her once again .
“ don’t worry guys I’ll check in way to home . “ dhruv told them .
“ so tomorrow is Saturday n some students of our class have thrown party n all r invited. U guys coming right“ mandy said .
“ ofcourse “ dhruv replied .

“ n wat about u chudel “ mandy asked .
“ since its not stupid pool party n I have no problem . now a days I really need peace . “ Aaru told .
“ from drama queen “ mandy giggled .
“ shut up . I don’t care about her . dhruv u please find out about rithu . Bye guys . “ she said before leaving .
@ Saturday evening 6 pm .
Aaru wears white sleeve less top n green cardigan with 3 / 4 th sleeves n ripped jeans n loose hair with soft curls at end . she looks really cute .
@ party venue .
Aaru reaches n see her gang n goes n hugs them .
“ where have u gone idiot “ she asked rithu .

“ nothing yaar . said naa small work at home . now we don’t have time to waste.. only partying.“ rithu replied .
All four joins dancefloor n enjoying partying wild in their style .
Soon Aadit arrives there with Maira . both Aadit n Aaradhya looks each other . Aaru gets annoyed seeing Maira here too .
“ wah chudel .. for u double party blast ur hero with side heroine here too. “ Mandy whispered in her eyes .
“ u wont change naa monkey“ she told pushing him back n leaving .
“ Aaradhya … “ maira calls her .
“ hi maira “ Aaru turns to her cursing her fate .
“ hi . “ maira greeted .

“ ok I have to leave rithu is calling me . u carry on “ she told with fake smile .
“ let her go maira . she is really boring girl . “ Aadit let outs irritating aaru at most .
“ u monster malhotra . do ur work . “ she said with serious look .
“ if not ..wat will u do haa ? “ Aadit added quickly .

“ guys y r u fighting ? “ maira said pulling Aadit back .
“ this girl is of fight type maira . she is expert in fighting .she talks less n fights more . “ he said looking at aaru .
“ actually its u monster . by the way I cant waste my time with people like u “ she said n leaves in anger .
Aadit starts smiling . maira get surprised just before he was angry on her . now smiling .
“ Addie why r u smiling . u r angry on her right . “ she asked confused .
“ Angry ?on Arrogant maheshwari ?impossible maira. even if I try to be its not possible with her . just I like fight with her . infact I love them . really crazy girl . maira I’ll be back . “ he said smiling n leaves in search of his Arrogant maheshwari .
Maira didn’t like Aadit interest for Aaradhya .

“ whether he started falling for her . no it should not happen . “ Maira fears .
After some time rithu n Aaradhya standing aside n talking something . soon Maira comes there holding two glasses .
“ hi aradhya have it naa “ she asked forwading one glass .
“ no maira . I don’t drink actually . “ she said softly .
“ wat ? seriously . u look really modern . look around almost everyone having “ she told .
“ may be . still i don’t “ she replied .
“ how may be u girls r feared of drinking. “ Maira said stressing fear .
“ I’m not feared of anything . wats the big deal in having drink . “ she told strictly determined toprove her wrong .

“ oh really then how about bet on it ? “ maira asked with strong look .
“ I don’t know about u . but currently this month my pockey money status is really weak . I cant keep anything but lets see who will win “ she replied with confidence .
Mandy dhruv n Aadit comes there .
“ ok fine . “ maira told .
“ wat u guys doing “ aadit asked sensing serious trouble ahead .
Rithu explained three boys about challenge . trio left shocked .
Dhruv n Aadit dragged aaru n maira in opp directions resp .
“ have u gone mad aaru . when u don’t have habit of drinling n wats the need “ he asked being concerned .
“ u want me to loose in drama queens hands . “ aaru shot at him .
“ dhruv don’t be serious . we cant let that side heroine win over main heroine . “ mandy added .
“ shut up idiot theres no heroine n side heroine here . only Aaradhya n drama queen . “ Aaru said .
“ whatever my equation . “ mandy replied .

“ maira have u gone mad . wats need to challenge Aaradhya ? “ he asked being upset .
“ chill Addie just friendly bet . “ she told smiling .
“ back off maira . “ he said showing concern for Aaru .
“ u know me very well Addie that I wont back off “ she said before leaving .
Maira aaru rithu dhruv Aadit n mandy surrounded around table no one else there . Aaru n maira standing opposite facing each other .
“So girls here u two have two bottles of my fav beer each infront of u both . as per bet who will drink two bottles first will win the bet “ mandy announced .
Rithu dhruv n Aadit are clearly worried . mandy is the only one interested .
“ 3…2..1..go “ mandy shouts . quickly both girls grabbed their first bottle n started .
Everyone eagerly looking who will complete first . Aaradhya making it really faster .
“ yaar our Aaru toh jet niklii “ mandy told being surprised .
“ idiot I will kill u if anything went wrong . “ dhruv warned .
“ wat have I done ? bet is between them. U r planning to kill innocent soul “ mandy asked .
“ u r one excited for it right . u know how stubborn aaru is n she wont back off without winning . instead of stopping her u encouraged her . “ dhruv replied .
“ u r the one haa “ Aadit joined dhruv hearing convo .

Both dhruv n aadit gives killer looks to hm n mandy gets scared .
Here Aaru completed first one n grabbed second bottle . after 3 minutes maira too grabbed second one . soon aaru done with second one too .
“ I won ha..ha..“ Aaru shouts .
“ oh poor loosie loser “ aaru added being in influence of drink .
Maira gets angry .
“ Addie I’m leaving home “ she toold him .

“ bye gud bye “ Aaru waves her bye .
She leaves in anger .
Aaru tries to walk but about to fall bcoz of dizziness n Aadit holds her.
Mandy n rithu about to go near her . dhruv stops them n signals them to leave Aadit n Aaru alone . mandy n rithu understands n smiles looking them . dhruv mandy n rithu leaves silently .
“ oye dinosaur r u okay “ aadit asked holding her in arms .
“ he he he I won monster. I won … drama queen out “ she shouts in excitement n pulls his cheeks .
Aadit understood she is completely under influence of drink n gets worried for her .

Precap : Aadit handling druken Aaradhya …….!

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