The pain that continues..(episode 33)

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Episode 33 :
Aaradhya gets completely annoyed . but she didn’t jumped into scene . still she believed strongly that girl may not be his ex some other . so she stood still . giving situation a chance to clarify things .
“ Addie didn’t u missed me ? “ girl asked with spark still having hands around him .
“ hardly “ he told plainly .
“ u didn’t yet changed much . this much frankness is injurious to health . y don’t u lie atleast one time . “ she hitting him on shoulder .
Aadit smiled .

“ hows every one ? having fun hard as usual ? “ he asked glancing aaradhya .
“ fun ??? that too with out u impossible baby . without u canda is completely boring for me .after u left our gang became lifeless . no fun nothing . completely pissed off . I know without me u too must be bored. right .” she asked maintaining same excitement .
“ ofcourse Maira . here some girls are really boring . can anyone be like u ? no right “ he told looking at Aaradhya .
Aaradhya gets irritated n gives him anger look .
“ don’t worry I’m here right I will set all things for u .lets go baby .“ she asked moving her around his arm .
Aadit feels kind of discomfort but looking Aaru he decided to go ahead .
“ ofcourse . “ he told smiing .
He opens car door for her n he too gets into car .soon left .
Aaradhya clenches her fists in anger n closes her eyes . soon she hears some giggles around her .
“ Y so hot here yaar ? “ dhruv asked waving his hands .

“ I think someone is burning badly bro “ mandy replied looking at Aaru .
“ do u feel the same Aaru “ dhruv asked .
“ n wat happened to ur nose ? y so red ? I think jealousy reached its tip “ Mandy told in teasing manner .
“ jealous n me . impossible “ she replied with attitude .
“ really ..!” dhruv n mandy narrowing their eyes .
“ u both r my friends . don’t forget that . “ she replied being annoyed .
“ Aaru u really wanted someone like this right . here u go . see even god fulfilled ur wish without ur effort .wats the matter to get upset ? “ dhruv explained .
“ I know . par ye toh drama queen niklii yaar . “ she replied impatiently .
“ let her be . y r irritated ? “ dhruv asked .
“ y shouldn’t I ? already Aadit is upset with me n now this drama queen . I’m screwed up badly guys. “ she told touching her head .

Dhruv n Mandy are really surprised to her like this . I mean getting upset for a boy is the worst thing for Aaradhya . she used to enjoy watching those poor girls . now she is doing same . dhruv n Mandy clearly understood Aadit left really strong impression in her heart unlike previous guys who they have seen proposing Aaradhya n she rejecting on spot .
“ guys were have u lost ? “ she asked .
“ no . so wat r u going to do ? “ dhruv asked .
“ I want this girl to run back to Canada . “ she replied .
“ wat ? this is ur plan . now he gets busy .thats wat u needed right . “ mandy asked .
“ no . now I don’t need drama queen . did u guys seen the way she is talking n sticking to aadit . I just cant bear such horrible things . “ she replied honestly .
“ why ? “ dhruv asked .

“ I don’t know . do something guys . “ she said before leaving .
“ so wat we r going to do bro ? “ mandy asked dhruv after Aaru left .
“ nothing “ dhruv replied smiling .
“ wat ? but y ? “ mandy asked .
“ tubelight . this is gud for our Aaru . now she will realize her feelings clearly . she loves him but too afraid to accept it . I think that girl is perfect solution for Aaru’s problem . “ dhruv replied .
“ wah yaar even chudel found her patner . now I think I’m gonna left alone . I’m scared will I ever meet my girl before my old age . “ mandy asked with fear .
Dhruv laughs looking him .
“ stop it bro “ mandy being annoyed .
“ just don’t worry .no one made single . “ dhruv told placing his hand on Mandy shoulder .
“ pakka“ mandy asked .
“ haa. Wat about ur opinion about drama queen. “ dhruv asked .
“ gorgeous “ mandy replied quickly .
“ really . ok then I will post this to Aaru “ he told teasing .
@ malhotra mansion .
Both Aadit n Maira reached home .

Parvathi : so u both returned .
Usha : finally did u met Aadit . we said u will return after 4 pm . but no she ran to u .
Maira : ofcourse aunty . after all he is my best friend .
Parvathi : ok u too go n get fresh up .
Maira’s father is one of close friends of Alok n by this way maira knows Aadit .
@Aadit room .
Aadit is thinking about Aaradhya .
“ yaar wat Arrogant maheshwari thinking about me n maira ? I must tell her that maira is just my friend . no I’m thinking much . she don’t even think about me …idiot . decided to bring some one .wat she know how it hurts to see our loved one with others ? I felt really hard to see her with rivan . I realized my feelings . don’t know when that idiot will realize ? “ aadit made self talk .
Suddenly he heard knock on his door . he can expect it must be maira .
“ come in Maira “ he told .
“ yet u did n’t changed ur clothes . “ maira asked .
“ no . I’m just leaving . so tell me hows ur fashion designing going “ Aadit asked sitting on bed .
“ awesome n after 4 months even u will become engineer . then I’m sure uncle will drag u into business . “
“ sure . “ Aadit replied .

“ wat about u Addie . found some one . like u have strict philosophy right live one time love one time . u rejected many including me “ Maira told smiling .
“ still I stick to that . we do live only one time n love must happens only one time . “ Aadit replied .
“ I know . u r really stubborn . tell me found some one “ she asked with curiosity
Aadit remembers Aaradhya but don’t feel free to tell Maira cuz Aaradhya didn’t accepted him till now . so he decided to remain silent . while Maira took his silence as no from him n kissed her luck silently .
Episode ends .

Precap : Party……….

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  1. Krithi

    Superb yaar really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really LOVED IT

  2. niti

    u knw I always wanted that type of friendship. .dhruv and mandy..they r so sweet..loved the bond they share

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