The pain that continues..(episode 32)


Hi guys . back with another episode . forgive if any mistakes . plz do comment .
Episode 32 :
Mandy : wat happened ???
Aaru : flops…
Mandy : ohh…
Aaru : I got it into my hands .he came back n took it .
Mandy : how did he remembered so early ? it takes me atleast one year to know that I left my phone .
Aaru : bcoz u r mandy n he is aadit .
Mandy : shut up …so wat next ?
Aaru : hmm… even if I get his phone I need pass code n since its monster malhotra I cant even fool him . I’m sure he must have noticed my crazy behavior .
Mandy : but u r queen in covering things right .
Aaru : is this a compliment ???
Dhruv : so u think Aadit really a smart guy …
Aaru : yep
Dhruv : but up to where I know u . Aaradhya maheshwari is very confident that all boys born with no brains . how it changed ???
Aaru : even today I feel the same . most of u have top floor empty . but he is different . boy with brain rare combination yaar . he is something.
Dhruv : true . when he can make u feel this .he is really something .i’m sure he will make u fall in love Aaradhya maheshwari .
Aaru : dhruv …….
Mandy : don’t be day dreamer bro . making this idiot fall in love is as difficult as…
Aaru : mandy finding girl friend . right mandy .( she gives him a teasing look )
Mandy :u….for sure u will fall in love . see that chudel . my curse for u .
Aaru : how dare u ???
Mandy pulls dhruv in middle .
Aaru : dhruv come aside .
Mandy : dhruv plz yaar . iss bhar jaan bachado .
Aaru : then y u slip ur tongue ?
Mandy : y do u bring girl friend issue every time .
Dhruv : guys stop . I think we have something important to think .
Mandy : yes…
Dhruv : so drop with plan ?
Aaru : leopard cannot change its spots . no drop outs .

@ next day morning at college .
Aaru sees Aadit coming .
Aadit : gud morning Arrogant maheshwari .
“ hows ur phone . “ she slips n closes her mouth .
“ wat ??? phone “ he asked surprised.
Aaradhya still closing her mouth with both hands tighly n turns back n starts leaving . Aadit pulls her back holding her bag .
“ I’m I a toy to pull like this . even u r not supposed to do like this even with toys . handle with care man . “ she told taking his hand from her bag .
“ wat wrong Arrogant maheshwari “ he asked .
“ simple . wrong means doing things which are not right . like pulling a innocent soul this way . “ she told sincerely .
“ u innocent soul . god . stop joking . u r highly a smart cookie . by the way I know meaning of wrong . tell me wats going with ur crazy brain . y u asked about my phone . “ he asked .
“ nothing wrong . I just simply asked if u charged it enough yesterday night or not . social responsibility monster . we must show some concern on things too . “ she replied.
“ oh thanks haa …concern ya great . “ he told sarcastically .
“ sorry . hows ur phone doing ? “ he asked to teasing tone .
“ great “ she shows thumb up n moves back after few step turns back n runs off to class .
“ something wrong . “ he let outs .

@ 4 pm .
Everyone leaves class . Aaru goes behind Aadit .
Aaru : monster I need ur phone .
Aadit unlocks his phone n gives her without asking anything . Aaradhya gets surprised nn takes his phone .
“ r u not going to ask anything ? “ she asked with sort of guilt .
“if its someone else I would have surely asked. But since its most dangerous Arrogant maheshwari I don’t think I can n I should be formal for these things ? I don’t feel like . “ he told smiling .
“ he trusts u n u here to break it . wat rights u have to get into his past ? “ her positive sense blamed her .
She returns his phone n about to leave silently . Aadit stops her holding her hand .
“ wat happened Aaradhya ? wat do u need ? “ he asked .
“ nothing “ she told trying to free her hand .
“ u know wat ? u can’t lie ever cuz u have most genuine eyes . they r showing every thing “ he told pinning her wall against wall .
“ I’m not hiding anything “ she said looking other way .
“ not even now “ he said getting close n makes her to look in to his eyes .
“ I wanted to get some one like ur crush or ex girl friend to make u realize that urs is just attraction through ur phone contacts . “ she told him .
“ so u think I’m a playboy n tell routine lines to all that I love them n cant live with out them . u feel I’m doing the same with u right . how can u even think like that Aaradhya ? I said clearly u r the one who made me crazy .u think really great about me .gud . r u trying to make fun of my love ? fine go ahead . “ he told being hurt n leaves her .
“ Aadit wait “ she holds his hand .
“ no I don’t think u r playboy n I will never feel that . but it is common thing to have ex right “ she told .
Aadit remained silent .
“ I thought at least u trust me . “ he told with anger .
“ yes I do trust u . “ she told sincerely .
“ Aadit I’m sorry yaar . “ she added .
“ if u don’t trust then wat the need for this sorry . “ he told .
Aaradhya leaves his hand n he leaves . Aaradhya goes behind him .
Soon one girl comes running n hugs Aadit tighter .leaving Aaradhya in utter shock .
Aadit moves back breaking hug .
“ Maira u here “ Aadit told recognizing the girl n totally surprised to see her.
“ yes I’m here Addie. finally after one year. I missed u so much . “ she shouts in excitement to see Aadit n hugs him again .
Aaradhya fumes out seeing this . Aadit looks at Aaradhya.
Episode ends .

Precap : jealously…!?

Credit to: honey

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