The pain that continues..(episode 31)


Hi guys . back with another episode . but in this one no new entry . I will add in next episode . plz do comment .this one is not proof read . sorry for any mistakes .
Episode 31 :
Aadit leaves class room . soon Aaradhya meets her friends outside classroom .
Mandy : finally u here . why did u dragged him ? wats going on ?
Aaru : nothing just…
Dhruv : something is bothering u . y don’t u share it ?
Aaru : ok guys listen … Aadit thinks he loves me .
Mandy : wat ???
Aaru : theres nothing to get excited .
Mandy : theres a lot . he loves u … that’s so great .
Aaru : but I cant love anyone right .

Dhruv : oh come on Aaru . bcoz of one failure story u cant keep urself away from such wonderful feel forever
Mandy : exactly . u cant be alone forever .by the way wats ur problem with him . awesome looking guy n gud family n excellent academic scores . perfect match for u yaar .
Dhruv : he is right n u both look great together .
Aaru : guys are u finding match for me ? stop it guys . I don’t want hear any nonsense . just tell me how can I make him realize that I’m not the right one for him .
Dhruv : instead u can realize his love for u .
Aaru : dhruv plz …
Mandy : dhruv … lets go with Aaru .
Dhruv nods unwillingly .
Rithu gets message .
Rithu : guys excuse me … I must go now .

Mandy : where will go ? we must think about aaru’s matter now .
Rithu : sorry its urgent .
Aaru : urgent ? every thing ok yaar ? shall we come ?
Rithu : no … I will manage.just some small work at home .
Aaru : sure naa ?
Rithu : yes buddy n I will think about issue . bye guys .
Rithu leaves in hurry .
Mandy : why she is in hurry ? these days she is behaving odd guys ?
Aaru : hope everything is really ok with her .

They sits on steps n starts thinking …after many stupid ideas from Mandy . both Aaru n dhruv are tired now . suddenly Aaru sees a pair fighting .
Guy : listen jaanu . she is my ex . I’m no longer interested in her . now only u r my love .
Girl : oh really then why r u still in touch with that girl ?
Guy : no u r getting me wrong . just casual talk baby …
Girl : all men the same . leave me .
She leaves in anger n guys goes behind her .
Aaru laughs seeing them .
Aaru : guys look at them . how funny .don’t know why u guys cant stick to one girl . u think attraction is love n becomes blind . later u realize .I think even Aadit feeling same .
Aaru keeps smiling suddenly shouts .

Aaru : guys awesome idea …
Mandy : wat ???
Aaru : lets bring some one from aadit past . like his crush or ex girl friend .
Dhruv : so ?
Aaru : wat so so ? on her presence he gets busy with past memories n realizes he felt like this before too . he understands feeling for me is just an another attraction .
Dhruv : wat if there is no one like that from his past ?
Aaru : huh impossible . I know u guys mentality very well . as u guys said he has all qualities wat makes girls go crazy for him . there must be many behind him . for sure atleast he must be in relation with one girl . that too he is in Canada all these years . so no chance of finding nil .
Mandy : she is right .
Aaru : now task is how can we reach to that girl ?

Dhruv : may be through his phone contacts .
Aaru : perfect . once I get his phone naa then I can make things normal .
She leaves in search of Aadit n finally finds him canteen talking with rohan . she feels a bit nervous to go infront of him .
“ aaru u r really strong . why r u nervous to go infront of him . stop being weak n be strong girl . yes u can “ she takes deep breath .
She heads toward their table . when aadit suddenly sees her she pretends to be normal n sits in opposite table . Aadit a bit confused with her behavior . rohan diverts him with his talks .
Aaru finds his phone n table n stares at it . Aadit looks at her confused . after some time he makes excuse from rohan n comes to Aaradhya .

“ wats happening arrogant maheshwari . do u need any thing ? “ he asks sitting on chair .
“ nothing . wat do I need ? “ she told looking at table where he left his phone by mistake .
“ then wat r u looking for ? “ he asked .
“ nothing … “ she quickly replied turning to his side .
“ u r crazy yaar . shall I leave ? “ he asked .
“ ofcourse n yes u should leave right now “ she told in hurry .
“ crazy “ he said leaving .
Aaru rushes to table n picks up phone .

“ damn how can I be so stupid ? I need password to unlock phone . yaar wat must be monster’s password ? “ she told hitting her hand n turns back n shocked to see aadit standing there
“ wat r u doing here ? u left right ? why u came back ? “ she asked in a go .
“ hold on arrogant maheshwari . i left my phone “ he told n sees his phone in her hands .
“ so u got it . “ he told taking his phone from her hands .
Aaru keeps staring at his phone .
“ wat ? arrogant maheshwari “ he asks waving his hand infront of her eyes .
“ hmm nothing . I think lastest Iphone model right “ she told in hurry to cover things .
“ not the latest but yaa still trending model . I bought it two year back in Canada . “ he replied .
“ its really nice . “ she told .

“ thanks yaar . if not me at least u liked my phone . that’s really big deal right . “ he told before keeping his phone in pocket .
“ ok I think I must go . bye “ she leaves cursing herself for missing oppurtunity .
“Arrogant maheshwari is trying to hide something . “ Aadit said .
Episode ends .

Precap : Aadit gets angry after knowing Aaru’s intension n new entry .

Credit to: honey

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  2. Superb as always…plzzzzzz update nxt epi asap cn’t wait to read wat gonna happen nxt… really very excited for nxt epi…..plzz plzzzzz plzzz update nxt epi very soon

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  6. awww hoo..arrogant maheswari will b jealous.. 😀
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