The pain that continues..(episode 30)


Hi guys . another episode . actually I never expected to reach 30 episodes . cuz mine is short story line . well its going on still bcoz of ur comments . thanks a lot buddies . I will almost finish this one before end of this month . still there are many episodes but it will end before this month ends . this one is not proof read so forgive any mistakes .
Episode 30 :
“ wat should I do to make u believe in love Aaradhya ? “ Aadit asked himself .
@ Aaru room .

“ this guy for sure will make me crazy . wat should I do “ she told sitting on bed impatiently .
“ sister’s first love . that too with my may be crush Aadit . hmm I will get it on right track . “ sadhvi let outs in sarcastic way from door side .
@ malhotra mansion .
Ria n two brothers n their wives are waiting for Aadit since it was too late . they some how managed Alok up to now . Alok is very disciplined man n more strict than his brother in their business as well as in matter of children of malhotra family he wanted his four children to be most disciplined n punctual . on his decision vishab n rishab joined business at right time . Aadit had returned from Canada in mid course . whatever be the matter Alok decision will be final one . no one can oppose it .
Aadit entered the home .

“ bhai wats ur problem ? what don’t u return early ? u know chachu right bcoz of u naa some day all of us will be kicked out ? “ ria shouts at aadit .
“ my dear sweet sister don’t stress . “ he told hugging ria being still in mood of proposing Aaradhya n knowing that she too loves him .
“ bhai is ur health alright ? “ ria told moving back placing her hand on his fore head .
“ perfect after long time ria “ he said moving back n sits on couch .
“ rishu bhai something is terribly wrong with aadit bhai he called me sister sweet sister n ria “ she told sitting beside Aadit .

“ bhai r u fine right ? “ she asked aadit holding his shoulder who is busy in untying his shoe lays.
“ I told perfect ria its perfect then . “ he replied still doing his work .
“ bhai don’t call me ria . wat about chudel ? “ she asked to set things normal .
“ how sweet ….had ur dinner ? “ he asked pulling her cheeks .
Ria nodded him yes still worrying for his odd behavior .
“ how sweet .. sister ho tho tumhari tarah hi ho . chudel bhai ghar nahi aaya hai aab tak patha nahi uska haal kyaa hai ? kaayabhi hai ki nahi ? uski kuch nahi padi hai . pet bhar kaaliya . moti . sharam nahi hai kyaa ? “ he said changing his expression from smile to normal their fight mood .
“ wat bhai ………one minute back to normal but wat happened at beginning “ she asked realizing she got his old brother .
“ previous frame ki kuch effect continue hua tha… “ he told leaning back .
“ previous frame ? where were u in last frame ? “ rishab shot at him .
“ oh about that “ he said stretching his hands . ria n rishab waiting eagerly for his reply . “ I don’t think I must tell u both “ he hold his arms . ria n rishab looses their cool .
“ chup chap bathado monkey . “ rishab told rushing to aadit .
“ so r u trying to threaten me ? “ Aadit shot at him .
“ wat ever u think ? “ he told pressing aadit against sofa arm holding his jacket .
“ wat will u kill me bhai “ he told pushing him back .
“ rishu chod naa yaar . “ vishab told pulling rishu from back .

“ u don’t know bhai . whenever this monkey hides something naa then for sure it will be injurious to my health . this is happening from ages .this time I don’t want to get into trouble . bhai aap ko yaad hai uss din jab ye cricket khelne gaya tha aur pari aunty ki window panes thod kar ghar aaya aur bat muje dediya tabhi toh mera homework katham hua tha aur maine pucha bat kyun de rahi ho iss ne bola tha ki jaldi patha chal jayegi bhai aur bhaag gaya tha. mai idiot hu na kuch samji nahi …aur pari aunty aagayee aur bat mera hath mai dekliyaa aur uske baad… god soch kar hi muje aaj bhi dard lagtha hai .“ he told with sort of fear bcoz of his experiences from childhood .

Aadit laughs remembering the incident .
“ Bhai don’t worry . iss bhar naa hi mai cricket khela naa hi pari aunty ki glass thoda . koye bhi purani prank nahi . ab mai bhada hogaya hu naa “ he told pushing him back n sitting straight .
“ iss baat ki tho dar hi muje . “ he told looking at Aadit .
“ bhai listen this time wat I have done is completely my issue . nothing will come up on u . pakka . “ Aadit told holding his shoulders .
“ wat did u done then ? “ rishab asked .
“ bahut badaa kaam . chote bache hai aap sab . u cant understand this kind of things . “ he told getting up n forwarding to his room upstairs .
“ atleast shoes toh place me rakke jaate “ ria screams .
“ tu karlenaa chudel “ he told from upstairs without looking at her .
“ hum bache hai … “ rishab let outs .
“ wat must be it ? “ vishab said with confused look .
Ria laughs .
“ bhai said right . u both still kids . still u didn’t get it ? “ ria asked with teasing smile.
“ wat ??? “ rishab n vishu together .
“ god atleast aap samje hai naa “ ria to ritha n priya .
Ritha n priya giggles .

“ don’t tell to these tubelights . “ ria told them with teasing smile .
“ ria tell us naa … “ rishu pleads .
“ hmm just think love is in air . “ ria told smiling .
“ wat ? aadit is in love ? with whom ? do u know her ? “ vishab screams in excitement .
“ yes … “ she told with spark .
“ then tell us naa “ vishab n rishu pleads .
Ria nods no .
“ bhai ka secret hai . I cant break it . “ she told before picking up aadit shoes n places them in their resp place .
Ria leaves to her room .
“ when it comes to each other secrets . how do these two manages to remember that they are brother n sister.” vishab let outs .
“ true bhai . both fights like anything all the time . when it comes to secrets brother keep sister secrets safe n sister keeps brother secrets safer n we know this thing very well right . both wont reveal it even to us . now no use of asking ria . without ria mam permission ritha n priya bhabhi wont tell us anything . only way left is Aadit . “ rishu told .
“ don’t worry . this we will break the suspense together . “ vishu told .
Both looks at each other n smiles leave for their resp rooms .
@ college . 4pm .
All students leaving class room . while Aaru leans forward on desk n closes her eyes .
“ oye chudel wat happened ?” mandy asked shaking her .
“ wats ur problem idiot ? let me sleep na “ aaru told getting up
n rubbing her eyes .

“ wat r u doing yesterday night ? “ dhruv asked .
“ she didn’t told u guys yet? “ aadit interfere their talk .
Rithu , dhruv n mandy looks at him surprised .
“ wat Aadit ??? “ rithu asks him .
“ oh might be she wanted me to tell u . shall I Aaradhya ? “ aadit told looking at aaru with raised eye brows .
“ stop … “ she shouts getting n drags aadit out of class holding his hand .
She takes him to another empty class .
“ wat r u going to tell them ? “ she asked .
“ don’t u know ? “ aadit told moving chair back n seat on it with crossed legs .
“ Aadit I said nothing between u n I . why don’t u understand ? u r increasing my blood pressure day by day . bcoz of u I didn’t slept last night . u do u want me to do yaar .. “ she said roaming infront of him from this end to that end .
Aadit places his leg in way n when she almost falls n aadit held her . Aaradhya looks at him .
“ see making u fall is so simple . i have confidence wats ur problem dinosaur . “ he told pricking her up in his arms . he places her on table near them .
“ look Arrogant maheshwari I just want to u to realize ur feelings soon . so that we don’t waste much time in this chase “ he told holding table edges with teasing smile .
“ by the way there a lot to do . “ he adds .
Aaru looks confused n looks other way .while aadit moves a bit closer . aaradhya looks on . he leans his forehead n joins with hers n leans to her neck . aaru closes eyes . he plots warm kiss on her neck . Aaradhya heart skips beat with his warm kiss .she hold table tighter . soon she feels warm breath coming near her lips .

“ stop aadit plz “ she whispers in pleasing tone with still closed eyes .
Aadit looks at her n feels bad for confusing her with feelings . he cups her face n kisses on her fore head .
“ I’m sorry . “ he whispers .

Aaradhya looks at him .

Precap : new entry…..!

Credit to: honey

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