The pain that continues..(episode 29)


Hi guys . back after long time . sorry for that . I’m out of city these days . no PC . no internet . completely bored . today I returned n started writing episode in a hurry .here is another episode especially for the ones who waited – niti dear n M dear . thank q guys . this episode may be boring n many mistakes as wrote it in hurry . sorry for typo errors n grammar ones too .

Episode 29 :
@ maheshwari mansion .
Both gets down from car .
Aadit looking Aaradhya with some kind of spark in his eyes.
Aaru : let me tell u something . this look is really weird . may I know wat u exactly wanted to convey ?
Aadit : wat u want to know haa ? my feeling my look my thought . I have my clarity . wat u know about sweetness of new love …?
“ oh can love be sweet too ? “ she said rolling her eyes .
“ 100 % . soon u will accept “ he replied with confidence .
Aaradhya stares at him .
“ wat arrogant maheshwari ? anything on my face . “ he replied bringing her to reality .
“ ur stupidity . u r my friend n will remain such . nothing much . “ she told .
“ I said lets see . run as much as u can but u can’t escape from my love . “ he said moving close to her .
“ I will see . “ she said pushing him back .
She moves ahead towards home . soon stops n turns back n looks at Aadit who standing still there with smile . on seeing Aaradhya he raises his eye brows n waves her to go ahead . she continues to move ahead . suddenly Aadit runs to her n hugs her wrapping his hands around her from back .
“ do u think I will leave u so easily . “ he told holding her hands with his hands from back .
“ Aadit wats u doing ? I didn’t gave u permission to hug me “ she told .
“ even I don’t need . “ he said narrowing his eyes .
“ may I know why ? “ she shot at him .
“ of course Arrogant maheshwari “ he said turning her to his side .
“ bcoz I know that u love me . then wat permission I need than this . just ur small mind is not ready for monster malhotra . no problem just manufacturing defect . I will fix it . “ he said with teasing smile .
“ acha . toh pehle fix karo . tabtak door raho . “ she said pushing him back .
“ hmm not bad Arrogant maheshwari . but to fix something I must come near naa…” he told moving close to her .
“ enough monster played a lot with me for today . now go n sleep . again tomorrow u need strength to tease me right . now go . “ she told dragging him to car by holding his hand .
She opens the car door n pushes him inside n closes door .
Aaru : ab chupchap ghar jao ….no nonsense any more .
“ tume na koyi correct person nahi mila hai aaj tak .dont worry aab mai aagaiya hu na abb toh tumje pyaar ka dhakka bahut joor se lagnewali hai Arrogant maheshwari . be ready . “ he told starting car .

“ I said no nonsense . dekhege naa kisko dhakka lagnewala hai . “ she told looking into his eyes .
“ u will see . “ he told before laughing .
Aaradhya gets annoyed n about to leave .
“ stop . if u go like this naa then I must come behind u to ask sorry according to rules . then I must stick here for more time . I know u love my presence but… “ he told with teasing smile .
“ kyaa yaar tum ? according to rules this n that where are those rules in Canada . “she asked trying level best to be serious .
“ I made my rules . wats ur problem ? even u can make urs . “ he replied .
“ oh really thanks but I’m not interested in those rules even not in stupid love . now leave.“ she told .
“ I will leave for sure . ek kiss do . “ he asked making cute expression .
“ wat ??? “ she shouts .

“ arrogant maheshwari . its just Kiss .u r shouting as if I asked that…” he said raising his eyebrows n maintaining teasing smile .
“ seriously monster gone mad . ask some other one . now get lost . “ she told sharply .
Aadit gets down the car .
“ may be madness of love . u r going to give or not . “ he asked in teasing tone .
“ no… “ she told before leaving .
“ go…idiot . I’m not going anywhere . “ he said holding his arms .
“ monster u r playing with me . whatever it be I don’t care . “ she said turning back .
“ ok then leave . wat r u waiting for ? “ he told .
She stands still .
“ yaar u r wasting time . wats big deal just a kiss naa…already 11:30 I can manage anyone in home but if dad came to know that I’m not at home still sure he will kick me out of home . why do u want me to be homeless . make it fast naa n I will leave . “ he told .
“ thank god atleast some one there to control this monster . “ she replied with teasing smile .
“ very funny . now give that naa “ he asked in pleasing tone .
“ no … “ she said with clear cut voice .

“ fine . at least one teddy hug do naa“ he asked making puppy face .
Aaradhya smiles looking his expressions though she is annoyed for his crazy wishes.
“ I’m still waiting . “ he said stretching his arms wide with closed eyes .
Aaradhya found herself in a situation for the first time where she is pleading herself to leave that place n rush to her room but its was not at all easy for her . even she pushed herself few inches forward her heart raced faster at thought of stepping out of his sight her best comfort zone . this fear dragged her back into his arms n held him tighter .
“ see I got my first victory . how simple ?” he said in playful tone .
Aaradhya not much concentrated to his words . she held him tighter . she skipped into world in between his arms where she was no longer needed to answer anything . nothing can crack in to trouble her . far from misery world . no more emptiness .nothing to worry about when his arm around her . what if he was longer around her ? what if someone else took her world ? what if he gave this small space to some other ? what if she posses no longer right on him ? these horrible thoughts freezed her mind letting vibration pass on through her back bone . Aadit could clearly sense n can understand why ? he holds her firmly .
“ things which belongs to u, will remain left only for u . no one can take them from u . “ he said comforting her .
“ why don’t u accept ur love Aaru ? “ he asked gently caressing her hair .
Aaradhya pulls herself back a bit .
“ I do have worst fear of falling in love n losing u . u brought me here that thought of losing u is killing me . I feel hard to take breath in ur absence . my happiness is above all for me .but u changed everything now. my happiness before urs is nothing for me . Arjun bhai rithu dhruv mandy are my world n mean a lot to me but now u came above them . I don’t understand why ? I usually don’t care any one n now I’m afraid to hurt u . stop making me weak Aadit . just stop this yaar . “ she told with moist eyes holding his face .
She leaves him n rushes away .

Precap : Aaradhya decides to divert Aadit from her .

Credit to: honey

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