The pain that continues..(episode 28)


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Episode 28 :
Aaradhya is unable to see his pain . she curses herself for giving him such emotional stress . while Aadit frees his grip . Aaradhya turns back to go away . she walks ahead as fast as she could but something dragging her back strongly . she looks back n sees Aadit standing still looking other way .

“ u r responsible for his condition n u r running away making his life mess n how can u be so selfish idiot . u r such a heartless . u gave him pain . u…u..” her sense blamed her continuously .she holds her head .
“ yes . I’m the one responsible for all these “ she surrenders .

She looks at Aadit helplessly . n runs back to him n hugs him moving her hands around his waist n resting on his chest holding him tighter n tears rolls from her eyes . Aadit smiles n moves his one hand around her n other hand covers one side of her face from ear to fore head . bead of water comes out of his eye n falls on Aaradhya ‘s cheek .
“ I’m sorry yaar “ her voice filled with lot of emotions .

She lifts her head up to see Aadit who still have tears at corner of his eyes . it pricks her deeper .
“ come with me “ she said breaking hug . she holds his hand n makes him sit on couch near them .she goes near table n comes with glass of water . she sits beside him .

“ have it “ she said bringing glass near his lips n makes him drink some water . Aadit takes glass from her hands n he brings it near her lips making her to drink . Aaradhya feels touched . she notices his reddish face . she takes some water in her hands n makes her hands wet n holds his chin with one hand n wipes his whole face with wet hand .
“ my monster malhotra is really strong one . so hard no one can break him. Hulk in my view n u know wat I love hulk bcoz of his strongness n even I have many comics and sketches n posters of hulk in my room even today.( she said making childish expressions n aadit looks at her keenly ) n I want to see u like that n not with tears just for any odd girl . “ she said wiping his face gently .

Aadit rests on her shoulder n closes his eyes . air hitting his face is so cool bcoz of his wet face taking all his stress . leaving him free . his girl taking care for him is best thing comforting him right now . he remained in such position for few more minutes having closing his eyes . even Aaru didn’t disturbed him .

“ u r not just any odd girl .but my life .” he broke silence taking her hand in to his hand still in same position .
She closes her eyes n her guilt for his condition is killing her .
“ Aadit I don’t know how to explain “ she said with fear of hurting him .
Aadit gets up n looks at her still holding her hand .
“ explain wat ? “ he asked looking into her eyes .
“ Aadit I…..” she breaks due to her worst fear of hurting him .

It became really tough for her now to do anything that makes him sad . she clenches fist in nervousness . while Aadit notices n take the other hand in to his hands n holds both hands in a gentle way .
“ u can share any thing with me n I will support no matter wat ever it be “ he said to make her comfortable .
“ its about u Aadit “ she said taking her hands from him n cups his face .
“ I don’t want to hurt u any more . seeing u in pain takes my breathe away . I swear . I want u to be strong . its my biggest strength though I cant tell u why ? promise me that u will be strong in any situation . no matter who may not or may be in ur life“ she added holding his face tighter .

“ wat do u really wants to say Aaradhya ? “ he asks straightly .
“ Aadit I don’t have such feelings for anyone . not even for rivan . I cant even think of loving someone n marrying them . I never imagined to go through such phase in my life . I don’t believe them at all . I feel love can only give tears like I’m seeing in ur eyes today . I feel guilty . really I must have given wrong impression to u . can u forgive me . “ she said looking other side .
“ u did no mistake to ask sorry . its not bcoz of u . its my feelings . love happens at most unexpected times with unexpected one “ he told while Aaru cuts his talks .
“ n destroys everything “ she said looking straight into his eyes .
“ love never destroys anything . infact it is most important thing needed to build this world “ he told with strong belief .
“ rubbish “ she added .
“ u know nothing about love Aadit . “ she shot at him .
“ then tell me wat u know “ he asked gently .

“ I know it is world dangerous thing . once happens na then life becomes hell . it can only give pain n tear . changes most kind hearted person n puts bad tag on them . just It did with my mom “ she told him emotionally .
“even my mom is not around me anymore but she left a valuable lesson for me n for my life . to stay away from love is its clear moral . I hate love . its just trash for me . my mom…“ she breaks down .
Aadit pulls her towards him gently n she rests on his chest . he moves his hand around her holds her shoulder firmly cuz its her tear he just cant see .
“ Aaru plz don’t cry. even my Arrogant maheshwari is really a strong one” he said consoling her .
While she rests on his chest peacefully clenching his jacket with one hand . she told him everything that happened in her mom’s past with tears .
“ my mom is really kind hearted one Aadit . but love made her life hell . every one blamed her for her mistakes . no one said anything about other trio mistakes .I accept that finally they united . but wat about all pain n tears n bad name she bagged inspite of loving some one truly while the trio ( laksh , swara n sanskar) left being good after their mistakes too . if true love existed then my mom wont have gone through all that pain . I don’t have that much strength like my mom Aadit . I’m too weak to go through n with stand that much pain . I can’t fight . this is the reason I’m scared of love . I can’t take it …ever in my life .” she burst outs in to tears .

Aadit clearly understood now that why she is scared of love . he blames himself for dragging her back in to bitter past . he holds her tighter n wipes her tears .
“ Aaradhya …..” he is about to say something . but Aaru stops his words .
“ plz don’t say anything in favour of my dad n my mom’s sister . i’m tired of hearing it from whole world that my mom is really bad n her sister is mahan . I’m sick of it Aadit . I cant fight with world any more . I don’t care about this great world n their words . for me my mom has been always a shinning star n will be .” she said while small tear skipped out of her eyes .
“ no I’m not going to tell anything in their favor .” he told comforting her . Aaru remained silent .
“ I can clearly understand ur mom’s condition . infact I feel proud about her that she loved only one n stood for him in spite of falling many times . she has no confusion between attraction n love . that’s great . if we love someone truly only then u will be able to understand that small difference .” he told .
“ my condition is different from ur dad’s . I don’t have such confusion . u r my crush n u r my attraction n u r my love . I don’t have any other option . i can see no one beyond u . just u only u . “ he continued .
“ its just temporary feel aadit . love cant last long . It wont have long life span like us “ she told before getting up from him .

“ that’s not true . but keep it clear Aaru that my love for u wont change . it may end that day when I leave this world .” he told sincerely .
“ yaar aisa math bolo . tum kahi nahi jaoge bus kabhi nahi jaoge “ she told closing her eyes tightly .
Aadit smiles .
“ par ek din tho muje jaana padega naa. Sab logo ko jaana hai “ he told looking at her with light smile .
“ baad mai gayi dhuniya . muje koyi farak nahi padtha bus tum nahi jaoge kabhi nahi jaoge .aur mai jane nahi doungi …agar tume jana hai tho bathado mai bhi aajaaunga .” she shouts holding his jacket tighter without realizing wat she is saying .
Aadit smiles at her innocence pulls her towards him n hugs her .
“ achaa teek hai kahi nahi jaunga n kabhi nahi. How can I leave my warrior girl alone . “ he whispers at her ears .
“ after knowing even u love me this much . now I don’t have reason to leave . “ he told caressing her hair .
“ no I don’t love u . “ she told breaking hug n sits straight .
“ u love me more than ur self . but ur mind is not ready to accept it . “ he told n cups her face with his hands .
“ how can u say ? “ she added .
“ love is nothing but pain for each other in eyes . fear of loosing them . I can clearly see my pain in ur eyes cuz my pain hurts u more than me n it happening with me too . how foolishly I thought u only care for rivan but today I got everything clear now I’m every happy that my Aaradhya only cares for me . just me . I realized even Arrogant maheshwari cant go anywhere with out me . “ he told smiling .

“ u r getting me wrong . “ she replied .
“ no now I’m getting u in right way . wat ever I said is genuine answer I have seen in ur eyes today . n eyes can never lie . tell why didn’t u run away when I said I luv u to u . y u came back ? y u consoled me when u r already in pain by my confession ? y u took care of me ? why u want me to be strong ? y u cant see me breaking down ? whenever I hugged u y didn’t u stopped me while u can’t allow any other guy ? every time when we share hug its not just friendly one its best comfort zone for us where we console each other n understanding each other’s feelings . this happens with only one with whom we r emotionally attached . we both love each other . “ he told .

“ I don’t understand anything “ she said touching her head .
“ I got my answer . I wont pressurize u already I gave u many tears . take ur time . but don’t hide behind fear . realize fact . u love me n I love u . “ he said wrapping his hand around her .
“ aadit .. “ she about to oppose his words .
“ no Aaru I don’t need any hurry reply . I can wait . “ he told .
“ that’s my biggest fear . don’t wait for me . I cant believe love ever . I have grown up hating it . anything can’t change me . I cant spoil ur life . u move on . “ she told .
“ even u can’t change me . I said before n will say ever that I can’t go anywhere without u . that’s it . I have strong belief on my love . I can change u . u keep watching . “ he said with warm smile .
Aaru looked still confused .
“ come I will drop u at home . “ he told .
She nodded no .
“ I want to be alone . “ she said .
“ I’m not rivan to leave alone . I’m monster malhotra . being worlds best boyfriend how I can leave u alone . that’s against rules right . “ he said with raised eye brows .
Aaradhya smiles seeing his expression .
“ u r an idiot . I suggest u try some other one . don’t waste ur time on me .later don’t blame me . “ she told clearing her eyes .
“ no problem . u know wat I’m the most romantic person .i can romance even in my old age . but I don’t know about u “ he told looking at her .

She hits him on his arm n laughs .
“ u r an idiot . u can get ur dream queen not me . “ she told .
“ I don’t want . I’m ok with my miser queen “ he told smiling .
“ god didn’t u forgot yet . I’m not miser queen . look at ur hand monster that’s my hanky . “ she tolding pointing to his hand .
“ huh …I had broken the glass bcoz of u Arrogant maheshwari . “ he told .
“ ok lets go . I don’t have any patience to fight with u . “ she told getting up .
Aadit gets up . both starts walking . Aadit holds her hand . Aaru looks at him .
“ Aadit I can’t love any one . don’t waste ur time “ she told looking in to his eyes .
“ lets see Arrogant maheshwari “ he told smiling .
they continues their walk .

episode ends .

precap : duties of love

Credit to: honey

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