The pain that continues..(episode 27)


Hi my dear four or five readers hardly I guess now. Another episode for u . this is not proof read so many mistakes will be there . plz kindly adjust .
Episode 27 :
Later Aaradhya breaks the hug n runs away with tears . while Aadit stood there without any movement.

@ maheshwari mansion .
Aaradhya reaches home . before going in she wipes her tear harder n pretended to be normal . soon she collides with laksh .
Aaru : I’m sorry ….( she said without looking up )
Laksh could clearly see that she is crying since her face is so red .
Laksh : Aaru beta kya hua ???
He asks holding her shoulders with concern . Aaru goes to room without saying anything . laksh was worried for her now . but later he composed himself bcoz he know that his daughter is really strong n can handle things .

@Aaru room .
Aaradhya is completely disturbed . she recalls the incident n his words n closes eyes n sits on bed .
“ what just happened ? why I didn’t stopped him ? why do I loose my sense when he comes near me ? I’m an idiot . I think I gave him really wrong impression ?” she said touching her head .
Aadit hugging her n telling her he cant go anywhere without her flashes in front of her eyes .
“ u must go Aadit . I cant come with u. I cant come with anyone . before it leads to more misunderstandings. it is better to us if I stay away from u “ she said wiping tears .

@ Aadit room .
Aadit recalls the every first incident that happened between them to till now .
‘ what I did today ? no wat I did is absolutely correct . she must know my feelings . I can’t hide my love under fake friendship any more . u r not just friend to me Aaru . u r much more . I will clear all misunderstandings .‘ Aadit said to himself .
“ I know even u have feelings for me . I think I must give u some time .” he recalls how she consoled him.

@ next day at college .
Aaru parks her car n on her way to class room . she faces Aadit in the way . aaru silently goes to class room without saying anything to him . Aadit understood why she was behaving like this n decides give her some space to think .

@ 4pm .
Rithu : Aaru wat happened to u .
Mandy : ya yaar u didn’t even scold me today .
Aaru lightly smiles .
Aaru : guys don’t worry . everything is perfect .
Rithu : r u sure ?
Aaru : yep……

@ parking slot .
Aaru tries to unlock the car but problem with remote lock . she tries open the door but she cant . while Aadit sees her struggling n comes there . Aaru looks at him but soon turn other side . while Aadit takes car keys from her hands .
He fixes the issue n open the door n hand over keys to Aaru . Aaru takes the keys n sits inside the car n when she is about to close the door . Aadit holds it . Aaru looks confused . before she could say something he bends to her holding car door with one hand n placing other on roof of car . Aaru stares at him .
Aadit : tumhari car ki remote locking karab hai . temporarily I had fixed it . if u don’t get it repaired soon then tum iss car mee phas jaoge…par tume tho sirf mere sath phasna hai …
When Aaradhya about to say something Aadit cuts her talk .
Aadit : arrogant maheshwari I don’t want any hurry reply . u know wat bearing u all these days taught me how to be patient . take ur time .
He leaves smiling . Aaradhya decides not to concentrate on his words .

@ Aaru room .
Aaradhya finds gift on her bed . she takes it into hands n stares at it thinking who left it .
Rivan : wat Aaru since from yesterday too busy .
Aaru : no rivs infact…….wait is this ur present ?
Rivan : for u …
Aaru : wats the occation ? its not even my birthday . then why ???
Rivan : we r going for dinner tonight .
Aaru : sorry rivan . I can’t come . not in mood .
Rivan : no excuses …we r going that’s it .
Aaru : rivan……….
Rivan : I’m leaving tomorrow aaru .
Aaru : wat tomorrow ? u didn’t informed me .
Rivan : no Aaru I must go … shooting starts in two days in newyork .
Aaru : oh …ok … I wish u all the best for ur upcoming movie yaar n I know rivs u going to rock as usual.
Rivan : thank q n so from tomorrow there wil no one to disturb u just tonight come for dinner .
Aaru : who said that u r disturbing me . I will never feel like that with my friend . infact I don’t know about u but I enjoyed a lot . especially ur coffee.
Rivan : no even I enjoyed a lot n I’m gonna miss that fun . so u r coming right .
Aaru :I will come .
Rivan :gud ..
He leaves . while Aaru thoughts again moves to Aadit .

@ restaurant .
Aaradhya wearing light pink floral short dress n hot pink shrug . this is the dress gifted by rivan .
Rivan : u look great .
Aaru : Thanks for the dress .
Rivan : when u started being formal Aaru .
Aaru : its not being formal or something .
Rivan : ok sit .
Aaru : why this restaurant is so empty .
Rivan : cuz I reserved whole restaurant for this night .
Aaru : I heard people reserving table but u booked whole restaurant . great .
Both laughs .
While Aadit reaches out side restaurant to hand over some files to manager working in their company .
Manager : hi sir .
Aadit : raghu I didn’t yet joined company . so chill no need to be formal . u can call me monster mal……….( he stops while raghu stares at him in confusion ) I mean Aadit .
Raghu : Aadit sir …I would have came to take files . unnecessarly u took trouble .
Aadit : Aadit sir isn’t it still formal ? ok fine . no trouble in it . even I needed a reason to come out . just think my late evening hang out in name of doing favor .
He hand over the files .
Raghu : thanks sir .
He goes away with files . Aadit eyes fall on car which he followed on that day .
Aadit : this car …it means rivan inside the restaurant wat about Aaru .
He tries go inside .
Watch man : sorry sir . u cant go inside . this restaurant is reserved for some private couple for this evening .
Aadit gets annoyed hearing couple . his doubt got conformed .
Aadit : before telling this u must have known who am I ?
Restaurant manager rushes to them .
Manager : sorry sir . sorry for inconvenience . watchman don’t u recognize heir of number 1 malhotra group of companies n they also have 30% investments in our restaurants all around city . we r sorry sir . can u go inside …
They make his way . while Aadit enter with full of anger .
Aadit sees rivan n aaru having their dinner from distance . he fumes out looking them together .
Rivan : so how was the dinner ?
Aaru : gud…infact great .
Rivan : so shall we leave ?
Aaru : actually rivs if u don’t mind I want to spend time alone for sometime . u go naa I will later .
Rivan : r u ok ?
Aaru : absolutely . don’t know why but this restaurant is really pleasant so I feel to spend some time alone. plz don’t mind .
Rivan : no . I can understand . enjoy I will leave but come soon .
Aaru nods yes to him . rivan comes near her n hugs her .
Rivan : bye n thanks for coming .
Aaru : for a friend always .
Rivan smile n leaves . while Aaru falls back on chair . upto now she is hiding her mood for rivan she is worried for Aadit till now . she holds her head n closes her eyes . every time his words flashes in her mind.
“ what did his words means ? does he loves me ? if yes then I’m in big trouble . I’m so worried for u aadit . how can I explain u that I don’t have such feelings in my heart n will never have for anyone . wat if he breaks down. I can’t see him breaking down . I took at most care till now not to give such wrong directions to any one from my side but I didn’t understood how I brought u in that direction . wat do I do now . ahhh … monster where did u brought me ?” she talks with her self .
Soon she heard someone’s foot steps n opens her eyes n surprised to see Aadit . Aadit is really in a bad mood .
Aaru : Aadit u here ???
“ actually u don’t have any right to ask me . this is almost my restaurant . our company . not only this almost all in Kolkata “ he said with pride to irritate her .
“ why are u bringing family background between us.” she asks sharply .
She is hurt to see pride in his eyes for first time bcoz of his background .
“ Aadit Alok malhotra ‘s wish “ he too reply sharply .
“ I don’t know who is this Aadit Alok Malhotra . I do only know monster malhotra whose eyes always filled with sweetness n a bit wild attitude but I have never seen pride bcoz of background .” she said looking in to his eyes .
Aadit rolls his eyes .
“ seasons will change people will change n emotions changes . its all about change Arrogant maheshwari . n just look at u even u changed these day “he shot at her .
“ Aadit we must talk “ she.
“ sure …but after having some thing .” he called for waiter .
“ get me bottle of whisky plz “ he asked .
Aaradhya shocked to hear that . but still she remained silent . she wanted to see upto which extent he can go with this stupid behavior .
Waiter brings n serves it in two glasses .Aadit waves him to go away . he forward one glass to Aaradhya .
“ have it .” he offered .
Aaradhya laughs n takes the glass n simply places it on table .
“ wat r u not interested “ he .
“ no I found something more interesting than this . u n ur behavior “ she said in a sarcastic way .
“ as I said its all about change arrogant maheshwari n who said I don’t have this habit . I have . it would be really strange if don’t have this habit wat would have I done all these years in Canada . logic right “ he said before having his drink in a go .
Aaradhya is damn irritated n look the other way .
“ so hows ur date with star rivan “ he asked before serving another drink for himself .
“ date …r u mad “ she asked with angry .
“ huh … u think I’m fool n I cant see anything n don’t know about u .but problem is I know urself more than u . so don’t act … “ he added.
“ actually its just ur thinking n u know nothing about me .” she shot at him .
“ u r right neither I know about u nor u know about . but u know rivan very well right .” he said before having his second shot .
“ rivan “ she asked seeking explanation from him .
Aadit laughs n about to serve drink for himself again .
“ stop it Aadit .” she shouted n threw whisky bottle away . Aadit eyes at broken bottle n looks at aaru angrily .
“ u know wat here I can get such bottles as many as I wish in free “ he said .
“ ofcoure even u can have till morning after I leave but I can’t bear such crazy things infront of my eyes n tell me why r u talking about rivan ?” she asked .
“ rivan . these days u are only interested in him right . so to make talks with u I need to talk about him . is there any other choice ? “ he shot at her .
“ wat ?why r u bringing rivan in between us. Wat do he have to do with us?” she shouts .
“ bcoz he is only one between us “ he shouts aloud n breaks the glass .
His hand got injured . he stands up pushing his chair back n throws his hand in air with anger . Aaradhya runs to him n holds his hand .
“ r u mad ? really u lost ur senses . why r u scaring me by doing all these things “ she said with sincere concern .
She looks at his hand n sees small glass piece in his wound n pricks it up carefully . Aadit closes his eyes in pain .
“ is it paining ? wat happened to u . wats the need for all these “ she wrapping her hanky around his wound .
Aadit pulls her close to him with other hand .
“ why Aaradhya ? why r u showing ur fake concern ? now I know that u only care for that rivan n aadit is nothing for u before him . “ he asked with anger n pain .
“ aadit u r making complete non sense . why r u comparing urself with rivan . u both are equal for me n a great friends to me “ she said n frees herself from his grip .
“ I don’t even want even that equal status . n I want to be ur first priority in everything .” he said with red eyes .
“ r u getting wat u r saying ? why u so stressed about me n rivan ? I can clearly understand u r irritated bcoz of rivan . but why ? when comes to priority even id ont have such list in my mind but still I know rivan from childhood . he is my bestie n priority will given obviously to ….” She is about to complete her words suddenly she feels tightened grip around her arms .
“ just shut up . shut up . I don’t care whether u know him from childhood or from previous birth . I said it should be me just me ur first priority n I just cant even tolerate any other name . did u got it “ he shouted shaking her a bit .
“ why Aadit ? “ she asked gently looking in to his eyes .
He remained silent .
“ please tell me . I want to know exact reason . why Aadit ? “ she asked him cupping his face with her hands while aadit still holding her arms tighter . he gently rubs his cheek against her hand .
“ bcoz I love u “ he said with tears . “ I love u yaar . I love u so much . I can’t live with out u“ he shouts with pain .” pagal ho jaungaa tumhare bina “ at last he added with pain in eyes . he places his wounded hand on her cheek .
Aaradhya left speechless . her worst fear comes out to be true . she wants to clear him right there . but something she is seeing in his eyes now stopping her .
Episode ends .

Precap : may be time to let out the truth .

Credit to: honey

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