The pain that continues..(episode 26)


Hi guys .i’m back with another episode . this time a bit earlier . thanks for all ur loving comments .
Episode 26 :
Its already 7 pm …
Rivan : Aaradhya lets go …
Aaru : hmm…sure .
Both comes back to car n fixes the tire n starts their journey back to home .
@ maheshwari mansion .

Aaru and rivan arrives n all family member are shocked to see their attire . little bit muddy since they are out all day .
Sujatha : wat happened to u both ? why ur clothes are muddy ? chorii wat r u making him to do ?
Aaradhya laughs .
Aaru : where ever matter starts it will end up at me …? Kyun dadiji ? I mean why ? this much loads of love . uff… by the way I want him to do a lot . don’t worry I will take some ideas from u too from next time .
She leaves smiling .
@ aaru room .
After fresh up n changed into her comfort clothes .Aaradhya takes her phone out of bag .
Aaru : switch off…how ???
She turns it on n sits on bed .

Aaru : really today is gud but same time boring too…without meeting monster n no fights . I think I’m addicted to fights with him . real monster . Attitude in everything . idiot doesn’t even know how to talk softly . always anger stays at tip of nose . should I call him now ?
She checks her phone n finds many missed calls from him .
Aaru : oh no…these many missed calls . wat happened to my phone today…? so strange .
She calls him .
@ Aadit room .
Aadit standing in balcony . he is still angry at the incident .he finds Aaradhya calling him . he cuts the call.
Aaru : ab kise kya hua ?
She calls him again .
Aadit : why Aaradhya ? why u calling me now .?must be rivan went to sleep . so she is remembering my calls now .
She calls again . Aadit passes his finger to swipe n answer the call but he remember how his calls got rejected .he wanted to cut the call but even he wanted to talk to her since from morning . so finally he picks the call .

Phone convo …
Aaru :oh god finally . r u mad or something . why r u rejecting my calls continuously . haa..bolo …r u really dared to cut arrogant maheshwari call..( she hits her head ) see u will call me atleast hundred time a day arrogant maheshwari … n even i forgot my name . let me correct it …how dare to cut Aaradhya maheshwari call ..
Aadit remained silent hoding balcony railing with one hand tighter . he is struck somewhere between his ego n feelings .
While Aaru surprised at his silence . she expected some irritating words from him which will land them in usual fight .
Aaru : monster r u there ..?
No reply …
Aaru : listen wat happened ? everything ok …tell me naa…
He could sense her concern for him in words . but still he sticks to his ego .
Aaru : monster u r irritating me now . why r u silent ? is this ur new style to irritate me …? My mistake to call u …
Aadit places his phone on table without cutting the call n leaves from balcony n goes to bed n recalls how she ignored his calls n lied him yesterday when he asked about her plans n leaves heavy breathe in displeasure . his worst fear is Aaru getting close to rivan n may leaves him behind . he wanted to tell her stay from rivan but he is not getting with which rights he can ask her . all these thoughts attacking him at once . he holds his head with both hands .
@ Aaru room …
Aaru gets really irritated . she cuts the call n throws phone on other side of bed n takes the pillow n buried her head deep in it n leans forward as its her usual habit when she is confused about something .

Aaru : this guy is really impossible .
Later She gets up n gets into correct sleeping position . she turns one side n went on switching on & off the bed light . she is thinking about his odd behavior .
@ morning .
Aaradhya really in a hurry to leave to college in a intension to vent out her frustration on aadit for his stupid behavior last night .
@ college .
Aaru waiting for Aadit . soon Aadit parks his car n gets down walks towards the class .Aaru pulls him near steps.
Aadit : Arrogant maheshwari r u mad ???
Aaru : shut up u don’t have even rights to raise voice . wat happened u ? were u drunk last night ?
Aadit : may be . who knows . these days do u have time even to think about me ? I mean whether i was drunk or not .
Aaru : Wat it mean I don’t have time ..?
He shrugged shoulders.

Aaru : wat happened Aadit ? why r u behaving so odd…?
Aadit : wow Arrogant maheshwari …everything is wrong with me. u r absolutely normal right .
Aaru : make words straight monster malhotra . this kind talks wont suit u .
Aadit : problem is that I don’t want to make any kind of talk with the one who are not interested in picking my call n can reject them continuously .
Aaru : Aadit that’s….

Dhruv , mandy n rithu comes there .
Mandy : Aaru..
She looks at them n leaves his hand . Aadit leaves giving her killer look .
Rithu : wat happened Aaru ?
She nodes them nothing n leaves for class . while trio left confused .
Mandy : there’s something odd between Aaru n Aadit .
Dhruv : yaa I think we must talk to aaru once .
Mandy : right bro .she looks really disturbed .
@ 4pm …
Aadit steps out of class room .

Aaru : monster wait .
Aadit stops n look at her .
Aaru : I need to talk to u .
Aadit : but I don’t .
He moves forward .Aaru gets completely annoyed goes behind him . they reach near isolated room . Aaru pushes him in to room n enters . she locks the room .
Aadit : Arrogant maheshwari wat r u doing from morning . pushing n pulling me here n there . I said I don’t want to talk to u right .let me go .
He steps towards the door . Aaru again pushes him back .

Aaru : stop it Aadit . don’t irritate me more . I hate to run behind someone like this n I’m tired now . getting upset with someone n running behind them to ask sorry all these irritating things will be in love not in friend ship . tell me wats wrong with u .
Aadit turns other side holding his waist with both hands .
Aaru : u r killing me with this silence since from night . now I need reply . oh fine might be u got anyone else to fight with.. so now r u bored of me now n wants to get rid of me . so u r avoiding me .

Aadit angry breaks its limit listening her words n turns back with force n pinned her up against wall . Aaradhya gets completely shocked by his move .
“ do u really think I can avoid u ? how can u even think that I want to get rid of u haa? Its easy for u to run away from me . but staying away from u.. kills me do u get that ..i can’t even imagine my life without u “ he screamed at top of his lungs with red eyes.
Both looks into each others eyes n really close to each other . …Aadit cools down by getting close to her .he holds her arms tighter . she could clearly sense his warm breathe . he leans forward n joins his fore head with her . they close their eyes slowly .
Pal, do pal, ki hi kyun hai zindagi
Iss, pyar, ko hai sadiyaan kaafi nahi
Toh khuda se maang lun
Mohalat main ik nayi
Rehna hai bas yahaan
Ab door tujhse jaana nahi
Jo tu mera humdard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai
Suhaana har dard hai

Jo tu mera humdard hai

aadit feels at most peace now . even her breathe comforting him .even Aaradhya lost in him .they remained in same position for long time . later Aadit steps back n looks at her . he unable to go few steps away . again he steps towards her n holds her hand . aaru looks on . he pulls her towards him suddenly n hugs her wrapping his both hands around her tighter .

Teri dhadkano se hai zindagi meri
Khwahishein teri ab duaaein meri
Kitna anokha bandhan hai ye
Teri meri jaan jo ek hui
Lotunga yahaan tere paas main haan
Waada hai mera mar bhi jaaun kahin
Jo tu mera humdard hai

Jo tu mera humdard hai
Suhaana har dard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai
hmmm.. humdard hai
hmmm.. humdard hai
hmmm.. humdard hai
hmmm.. humdard hai…
“ I cant go anywhere without u not even single step . u r really smart right then why don’t u get it ?’’ he said with heavy voice .
Aaradhya felt pain by his word though she don’t get it why ? she places her hand on his back n rubs gently in consoling him . small tear skip out of her eye corner .even they didn’t spoke much now but there s a lot their hearts trying to convey each other .
Episode ends .

Precap : Aadit makes his confession .


Credit to: honey

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