The pain that continues..(episode 25)


Hi guys . this time I am really late . some personal problems . these days I hardly get time for writing episode . next time I will not be so late .this is not proof read . it has many type errors may be grammar ones too. Kindly adjust .
Episode 25 :

Aaru : I’m sorry …I spoiled ur mood right . nothing can give me tears except this truth . don’t know whether I will be able to accept this truth ever .
Rivan :u don’t need to accept it . some day u will find the one whose love will comfort u like a moms love to child n fill all ur emptiness . just u need to look around . who knows might be ur heart already found one n may be u r not accepting it .
Aaradhya laughs hearing his crazy statement .
Aaru : like really …when u started believing all these trash …
Rivan : I do believe in love..true love …meeting wrong one gives pain . but it is true that true loves exists …its part of world forever . I still believe it even after my mom dad divorce n my worst first love experience .
Aaru a bit surprised at his strong belief on love even after all his bitter experiences.
Aaru : but still I don’t believe in all those fairy tale romances …plz don’t talk about it any more .
Rivan : fine …then lets talk about any thing else ..

Aaru : haa…
Later she talks about random things explaining him all silly things in her life in a very serious manner moving her hands in all directions . facial expressions went on changing . smiling laughing wat not….both rivan n Aadit seeing her n listening her silly matters with at most concentration .
Samjhawan song plays in BG…
Aadit missing her closer presence . he wanted to sit next to her n listen all the things looking into her eyes . suddenly he feels someone touch on his shoulder n turns back .
Aadit : Aaru tum…?
Aaru : haan mai…why r u spying on me ..?
Aadit : I’m not spying on any one .
Aaru : oh then wat brought u here …? Don’t tell me this wind .
Aadit : wo…

Aaru : haa wo…
She stares at him …
Aadit : don’t look at me like this …n wait I don’t need to tell u …
Aaradhya staring laughing n Aaditt gets annoyed n pulls her towards him holding her waist .
Aadit : wah Arrogant maheshwari tume toh bahut hasee aathi hai muje dekh ke…
Aaru : wats my mistake in it …? When u know that I can clearly see truth in ur eyes still u r hesitating to tell me .
Aadit : can u really read my eyes ?

Aaru : of course …if not me who else can …? Handling monster is only Arrogant maheshwari’s thing .
He kept staring into her eyes . he slowly takes her hand n places it on his cheek .
“ then tell me naa…wats this feel ?” he asks gently …
“ ur feeling mr. monster u must get it “ she replys with teasing smile .
“ all these days monster malhotra’s heart only hears Arrogant maheshwari . not even listening my own words .so ur words will have strong impression on my heart than mine .I think u took it in to ur full control . how did u done this so easily yaar??? “ he asked her innocently looking in to her eyes .
She just shrugged her shoulders .
“ wat this means ? I’m not going to leave u with out reply . tell me wat u can see in my eyes ?” he pulled her even closer .
“ Arrogant mahshwari knows that monster malhotra is really jealous now . he can’t see me with any one . muje ye bhi pata hai ki aab monster malhotra Arrogant maheshwari ko choodna nahi chahtha…” she said glancing at his hands around her .
“ aur..” he added .
“ aur….. hum dhono ki dhooriyan kam ho raha hai . dhere dhere monster malhotra arrogant maheshwari ke liye pagal ho raha hai …n bottom of the line is….congrats monster malhotra finally u r in love with ur Arrogant maheshwari .”she said with teasing smile .
Aadit is unable oppose to her words . cuz his hearts knows what she said is exactly happening with him . he struck in between his feelings .
“ monster where have u lost ?” she brought him to reality .
He looks at her n now almost in her .
“ uff.. tired of u monster . really …why do u get lost so easily ? sometimes at ur mixed feelings sometimes at me n wat not idiot . if u continues like this naa then I must spend my whole life in bringing u to reality …koye aage jana ka plan hai kyaa tumhare buddhu mind me” she said pouting face .
“ aage kaha jana hai madam “ he asked with confused look .

“ muje pata hai . waise tum se ummed bhi kyaa hai ?” she added before she shaking her head .
“ how unromantic ? fine . I think its only me who should take advantage of this romantic climate…” she said looking at Aadit who is already staring at her . Aaru holds his collar n pulls him closer . she goes near his lips n slowly bends to his cheek n plots gentle long lasting kiss on his cheeks . Aadit gets mesmerized n closes his eyes .
“ u said as if u r ultimate romantic person n is this the exact kiss should be given in rainy season …?” he asks still closing his eyes .
“ for a monster like u this is much …” she added .
Aadit smiles n opens her eyes n surprised to see none infront of his eyes . he turns back n sees Rivan n Aaru still talking . now he realized that he got really lost up to now . he shook his head .

Aadit : this is enough yaar . now I can’t stay away from Arrogant maheshwari . one more second for sure I will be joined in mental Asylum .
He tries to calls her . but he is unable to get signals there .

“ what the hell??? today things are really against to me ?. first that rivan n now this blo*dy signals ? no all this bcoz of arrogant maheshwari . its almost 14 hours from night with out our fight..dont know how she is alright without them …let her be . enjoy with that super rivan . wat for me ?” he leaves in displeasure .
Aaru and rivan are still talking n she sees small bird sitting on fence . she goes near it n stands near it maintaining some distance between them . so that the bird wont fly off.
Aaru : hi..wat happened why r so alone in this awesome climate wheres ur partner ..? wait r u male or female .
She stares at bird .
Aaru : wat I am thinking . it is alone aaru must be female . right naa….it is hobby of all men to leave n fly alone . ur partner must be enjoying the climate n here u r sitting alone . so bad . even monster must be flying in his own world by this time…may be flirting with his canada crushes or in fight with ria or troubling parvathi aunty or still sleeping after all he is of my category yaar …
She looks at bird …
Aaru : oh u don’t know monster malhotra right . u know he is my hubby . shh secret don’t tell to monster malhotra .or else he will kill me . u must see his face whenever I call him like this . so funny . perfect monster but still really sweet from heart . u can even enjoy fight with him .
She takes pause saying this n closes her eyes holding fence tighter . its like now she started missing him n opens her eyes .
Aadit : wow arrogant maheshwari missing me …great .
Aaru smiles seeing him .
“ I’m not missing u . why should I ?” she said with fake serious look .
“ oh really “ aadit asked with raised eye brow .
“ of course” she said doubtfully .

“ fine . then I must leave “ Aadit said .
When he about to leave she holds his hand n looks at him as if she cant let him go away . they share eye lock .
Rivan : aaradhya …
Aaru turns back n rivan sighs her to come . she nods him n turns to Aadit side n surprised to see her hand in air . Aadit is not there . she understood that happened now is just her imagination . she is a bit hurt realizing aadit is not around her . she remained silent looking into sky .
( Ve changa nahion keeta beeba
Ve changa nahion keeta beeba
Dil mera tod ke
Ve bada pachhtaiyaan akhaan
Ve bada pachhtaiyaan akhaan
Naal tere jod ke
Tenu chadd ke kitthe jawan

Tu mera parchhanvaa
Tere mukhde vich hi main taan
Rab nu apne pawaan
Meri duaa.. haaye
Sajda tera kardi sadaa
Tu sun iqraar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tui-yon jaan meri
Main tainu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee . ) plays in BG.
Aadit reaches near his car . now he could get signals .
Aadit : here I can get signals . why don’t I call her .
He calls her again . rivan finds her phone ringing as she left her bag near him . he takes out the phone n monster malhotra name flashing on screen.
Rivan recalls about Aaru telling about him in their previous talks . Rivan cuts the call .
Aadit : wat she doing ? now started cutting my call too…
He again calls her .
Rivan gets irritated .

Rivan ( in mind ) : why he is calling continuously ? is he really just friend or else ?
Rivan again cuts the call .
Aadit looses his cool .
Aadit : oh let me see how many times u will ignore my call ?
He calls her continuously n while rivan cuts the call n finally switched off the phone .
Aadit : now u crossed limits arrogant maheshwari . u r ignoring me for that rivan right . fine even i’m not dying to be with u .even I ignore u . when u don’t have any feelings for me then why should I bother .go to hell .
He gets into his car n goes off angrily .

Precap :attempts to ignore .

Credit to: honey

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