The pain that continues..(episode 24)


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Episode 24 :
Aaradhya reaches homes . every one present in hall except rivan .
Aaradhya : bhai wheres rivan ?
Arjun : in his room ..I think .
Aaradhya opens the door suddenly with out knocking it . Rivan is shirtless he is about to wear his tee shirt . as soon as she enters she turns other side looking him shirtless .
Aaru : I’m sorry …
Rivan smiles n wears his tee shirt .
Rivan : why sorry..? for looking me shirtless or for blushing .
Aaru : rivan aren’t u expecting much from me …
Rivan : then turn to my side .

She turns .
Aaru : see I’m I blushing …
Rivan : ya u r not blushing . really I’m expecting much from u . so tell me how was the day .
Aaru : gud..but some exciting news for u .
Rivan : wat ???
Aaru : tomorrow is holiday for us . why don’t we both go for a long drive .
Rivan : seriously u r asking me ? now don’t u scared of cams .
Aaru : u know what I had master plan . we will go city outskirts in early morning n enjoy nature . all u need is fresh air right .
Rivan : awesome …
Aaru : cool na…ok then be ready .
She leaves …

Rivan ( in mind ) : this is the thing I’m waiting for . finally its only u n me no one else . all I need is u Aaru . just u . after her betrayal I think only u can heal me . u r absolutely my right choice . it would have been really great if I had met u before her . but my fate brought her first in my life n filled lot of emotions n finally broken me into pieces . I just hate her n her betrayal I will never forget it .( his eyes became red in anger ) its almost 2 years since I left her. My first love . still tears fills my eyes when ever I think about her .( he wipes his tears ) I almost forgotten how to laugh all these days . completely out of world . first ever thing that brought my lost smile after all these terrible days is our childhood pic Aaru .ur cute face ( he starts smiling ) n yes I remember ur naughty prank on me . soon I realized I’m laughing after long time . the very next second I went through my album . I’m so happy in every pic with u in fact it pulled me back in to my happy days n I realized u r my happiness I left long ago . this realization brought me here near to u . now I feel like my broken pieces are fixing . unknowingly u r doing a big favor to me . but that girl killed my emotions . I loved her really I did, forgetting her status . but she showed her nature at last . I thought she is my life n i’m ready to go against my mom for her . thank god mom revealed her nature in front of my eyes . wats the use to think about past . its over n I’m free from her n she had no place in my life anymore . my present n future is only Aaradhya . this time I won’t leave my happiness at any cost . I won’t let anyone come between us . I can go to any extent to get my happiness forever . I will make u mine forever Aaradhya …I will.
He said with strong desire in his eyes .

@ Aadit room .
Aadit is restless thinking about Aaru outing with rivan . he wanted to stop it . he calls Aaraadhya .
Aaru : hi monster …
Aadit : hi …
Aaru : wats the matter ?
Aadit : nothing n wat about u wats ur plans for tomorrow .
Aaru : hmm…nothing .
Aadit (in mind ) : why is she lying ?

Aaru : r u there ?
Aadit :ya …
Aaru : so nothing else .
Aadit : r u sure no plans tomorrow ?
Aaru : wat happened to u monster…? R u fine .
Aadit : ofcourse .
Aaru : ok then bye .
Aadit :bye .
She cuts the call .

Aadit : wat happened to u Aaradhya ? why r u hiding it from me ? do u really love him ? ( he closes his eyes in displeasure ) no.. it cannot happen n it should not .( he consoles himself ) wat ever be y it is bothering me a lot ? I can’t see her with any one . if he is her friend then no problem but wat if rohan said is true . I must find out .
@ morning .7 Am
Rivan is driving car . they are far from city . on highway both sides forest . All greenery . fresh cool air bringing repeated smiles on their faces . this day Aaradhya looking really cute to Rivan .

Aaru : weather is soo gud …I’m loving it .
Rivan : me too…( he says looking at her keenly )
Soon car breaks down . both are surprised .
Aaru : oh god …
rivan : wait I’ll see .
Aaru : u don’t get down . if some one sees it becomes problem for u . I’ll see .
She gets down n sees flattered tire .
Aaru : uff puncture dude …I will fix .
Rivan gets down .
Aaru : rivs I asked u not to get down …
Rivan : oh come on Aaradhya . do u expect me to just see ur struggle in fixing tire . at any cost I’m gonna help u .
Both started fixing tire . soon group of 5 people notices rivan n comes near them .
Guy : Rivan sir …
Both Aaru n rivan are shocked turns to them .

Rivan (whispers ) : wat do we do now ???
Aaru : I said but u didn’t cared me right . now we both got struck.
Rivan notices people taking their cell phones out to take pics .
Rivan : Aaradhya problem yaar …
Aaru : y fear when Aaru here .
Rivan : wat r u going to do…
Aaru : watch . wats that ( she shouts pointing her hand other direction all people looks in that direction even rivan)

She holds his hand n shouts run rivan . both starts running really fast without looking back aaru holding his hand tighter . Rivan looking at Aaru both are laughing for their crazy marathon . he feels her touch .her hair flying in air n covering her cute face a bit . she is looking really cute to him . he wants to run all through his life if she holds his hand like this . after long run they reach some elevated place from which they could enjoy view . both stops n looks at back confirms that no one followed them . both holds their kness . Aaru sits down . Rivan starts laughing crazily . Aaru too smiles looking him happy .
Rivan goes near fence n shouts with excitement .
Rivan : yeah …like really Aaradhya I never ran like this before.
He sits next to her . Aaru brings her knees near her body n holds them.
Aaru : me too yaar .
Rivan laughs …
Rivan : like seriously how we ran today . really funny . oh god I never laughed this much .
Aaru : r u happy Rivs ??

She asks him with concern .
Rivan : of course Aaru . all these days I taught my profession stopping me from having fun like this . but today I realized that when someone have companion like u then no need to worry about fun .
Aaru : life is so heartless rivs. It gives many reasons to knock down n we get only few chances to smile . problem is that we loose these few chances easily worrying about tomorrow . I suggest don’t stop anywhere . don’t think of anything too much . if u feel, do it . u really wanted to have fun have it harder .don’t wait for opportunity just create them cuz we do have only one life …just move on . nothing is permanent in ur life except u . so give importance to urself first cuz its ur life n only u can make it beautiful . look at me my biggest break down is my mom’s death . this pain will kill me if I allow it . but I don’t let it happen to me .i didn’t stopped there . I do always feel my mom is alive. Yes she is there around me n taking care of me . with this feel I’m living . I do feel better when I think like that n this feel gives a lot of strength to go ahead in life . still today I don’t understand why it happened to me ? n who is responsible ? from whom should I take revenge for this ? wat was the big sin I did that made god really angry on me that he taken my mom so early from me ? am I really that much bad ?

Her words becomes heavy . as much as she tried to hold it in, the pain came out like an uproar from her throat in form of a silent scream . the beautiful view till last min before her eyes started melting n became blur now . the beads of water started falling down one after another . before she could realize she is crying she felt warmth of comfort on her shoulder . she understood Rivan is trying to console her .
“ no rivs I don’t need it . this warmness will make me realize that my cheeks are wet n I’m weak .” she said with out looking at him .
Now her nose grew very red at the tip . she looked up in to clear sky wrapping her hands around her knees tighter .
“ perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears once in a while , so that we can see life with a clearer view again .” she said in self consoling tone .
Its like now her heart understood her words . no more tears skipped out of her eyes now . she remained silent .

Aadit who is unknowingly at a distance he could hear them really felt bad at her condition . he wanted to run to her n hug her tighter that all her broken pieces get fixed up.
“ can I ever be able see my mom once in my life ? I will naa..” she questioned him in a way not interested to listen any negative reply from him .
Rivan side hugged her as his reply .

“ yes u will “ he whispered .
Aadit a bit hurt seeing this but he understood the situation .
Both Rivan n Aadit realized theres a lot which both are completely un aware of her . they felt like they know nothing about her . Aaradhya is known to them as care free naughty n childish . but this emotional side is completely new to them . her care free nature is just to hide her pain from world . just to save herself from fake concern . now Aadit clearly realized wat is silently killing her inside all these years.
Episode ends .

Precap : Aadit getting upset with Aaradhya .

Credit to: honey

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