The pain that continues..(episode 23)


Hi guys . I’m back with another episode . sorry for late update . just few days guys later I will be free n update regularly .
Episode 23 :
Classes ends for the day . sudden holiday declared tomorrow for all students due to some repair work in college . most of students gathered at canteen thinking hard how to enjoy their sudden holiday . even aaru’s gang comes to canteen . rithu n dhruv Aaru takes their seats when mandy about to sit beside Aaru she keeps her bag on the seat . mandy looks confused .
Mandy : ye kyaa tha chudel ???
Aaru : how can u sit like this idiot ?
Mandy : why not ? do I need to go n get principal permission …
Aaru :hehe.. nice one but not in front of me ok . go n get cool drinks for us .
Mandy :oh.. why me always ??? rani sahiba u go naa…
Aaru : do some gud deeds yaar . who knows our blessings may bring ur dream girl soon .
Mandy : oh really.. since from school I’m doing this…ur blessing still didn’t worked .
Aaru : patience buddy …try n try until u succeed .
Mandy : I’m not interested any more . this time u go chudel ….

He takes her bag n sits on chair .
Aaru : go yaar …why r u behaving so stubborn ..
Mandy : oh me stubborn . I don’t think so . only u have copyrights n birth rights on it .
Aaru : u r such a heartless .
Mandy : actually its u .
Aaru : so u won’t go right .
Mandy : no..even if cyclone comes I won’t go this time .
Dhruv : guys chill . I’ll go n get .
Aaru : no dhruv sit . I’ll go . ( she gives killer look to Mandy ) gadhe…(to mandy)
She goes to bring cool drinks for them . Mandy pats his shoulder for his tiny victory .Aaru Brings 4 tins n gives each to dhruv n rithu .now she is left with one coke n sprite .
Aaru(to mandy ) : which one ?
Mandy : coke …
She gives him sprite .
Mandy : tu tho 100% chudel hai .
Aaru : shut up…
Dhruv : so wats plan for tomorrow ?
Aaru thinks about Rivan …
Rithu : guys I have someone work tomorrow .
Mandy :wat kind of work yaar ?
Rithu : some kind of family work …
Mandy : oh..hey wat about u chudel .
Aaru didn’t even heard him she is still thinking … mandy shakes her n she comes to senses .
Mandy : kaha madam ? come back from chudel kingdom .
Aaru : guys tomorrow even I have some work .
Dhruv : u too…wats the matter Aaru ?
Aaru : guys rivan here in my home .

Rithu : u mean star Rivan ….u r so lucky yaar star at ur home .
Aaru : much more than that he is my friend . so I’m thinking why don’t we go for a long drive tomorrow . just for his refreshment .
Mandy keeps his hands under his chin n started giving strange look to Aaru .
Aaru : wat the hell do this stupid look mean ?
Mandy : oh Aaradhya maheshwari outing with hot childhood friend Rivs that too in Rainy season . how romantic . Ishq wala love…..
Aaru : stupid wala feel . how do always manage to irritate me at most ?
Mandy : surkh wala , sauz wala , faiz wala love
Hota hai jo love se jyada waise wala love
Ishq wala love…
Hua jo dard bhi toh humko aaj kuch zyada hua
Ishq wala love agar ye usko bhi hua hai phir bhi mujko zyada hua ishq wala love .
Aaru : tum…? wats the use ? dhruv rithu u guys understood na…
Rithu n dhruv nods yes but with mischievous smile on their faces . where as Mandy still on his lines .
Mandy : Meri neend jaise pehli baar tooti hai
Aankhein mal ke dekhi hai maine subah
Hui dhoop zyada leke teri roshni din chadha
Ishq wala love

Aaru ( impatient tone ) : Kyaa yaar tum log ???
She leaves n rest three goes behind her . this whole incident is fun for Mandy to tease Aaru but made someone restless . Aadit n Rohan who are in next table heard all these … displeasure is clearly seen on Aadit face .
Rohan : bro looks like even the great Aaradhya maheshwari has fallen in love . but don’t know who is this Rivs wat they r saying about him …I really wanted to see him once yaar . I mean who is that guy who made even Aaradhya fall in love .
“ ya u r right . I must see him “ Aadit says passing his hand through his hairs with attitude .
Soon Aadit reaches home . he throws his bag on couch n sits very impatiently . All malhotra ladies are surprised at his mood . usha sits besides him n caresses him gently .
Usha : wat happened beta ?
Aadit : wat she thinks of her self bademaa ?
Parvathi : who ???
Ria : who else Aaradhya right bhai …
She giggles …
Usha : Ria…shh…

Parvathi : did u both fought with each other ?
Aadit : that’s too normal b/w us maa …
Usha : then wat happened ?
Aadit : she is going out with her childhood friend Rivs .I…I don’t like her going out that Rivs ..damn irritating .
Ria : ohh…if Aaradhya going out with some one why it is irritating u most …?
Aadit : bademaa.. look at this chudel …
Usha : ria why do u always behind my Aadit ?
Parvathi : this time naa even my ria is not wrong jiji . he must answer . kyun betaji???
Aadit : wo…
Priya n ritha : haa..wo…
All ladies surrounding him n eagerly waiting for his reply .
Vishab n rishab arrives from office .
Vishab :kyaa hua sab log bechare ko iss tarah round up kyun kiyaa…?
Aadit : thank god my team mate came …
Rishab : for sure this idiot must have done something .kyaa todha iss bhar ? iss ka toh bachpan ka aadat hai kuch tod do aur Rishab ke upar dal dho …pata nahi itne bhaar muje phasa diya papa aur bade papa ke saamne . bade papa toh sirf iss bandhar ka bath sunthe hai . sudhar jaa idiot .
Aadit : kaisa bhai ho aap ? chote bhai hu mai aap ka . kabhi toh mera side liya karoo….
Rishab : still chotee I will never believe u .
Vishab : rishu stop it . he is our younger brother . let him enjoy .
Aadit : learn something from Vishu bhai . it is duty of elders to support younger siblings .
Ria : oh really then wat about u Aadit bhai . why don’t these words work on u in my case even I’m younger to u ?
Aadit : chup kar chudel .

Rishab : why mr. Aadit malhotra ? why my sis should keep quite ? she is right. n Ria u know naa Aadit n discipline impossible combination .
Vishab : I think that is impossible with ur sister . my brother is really gud in this matter than ur sister .
Rishab : oh really …
Aadit : 100 %
Ria : oh bhaiyu don’t divert the issue . Rishu bhai u know Aaradh…( aadit runs to her closes her mouth )
Aadit :wats ur problem chudel ? every much interested in my life these days .
She bites his hand n frees her self .
Aadit : ouch…tu toh gaya …
He takes cushion n runs behind her. Ria runs n hides behind Rishab .Aadit throws cushion n it hits rishab . now rishab throws it n Aadit bends it hits Vishab . All four sibling took their resp cushions n cushion fight starts between them. Vishab n Aadit one team . Ria n Rishab other team . they are running all around living room . parvathi n usha looks at each other .
Fb starts ….all four were kids .
Aadit n ria returns from school in evening runs to fridge to take ice cream .both opens the box n see only little left in it .
Ria : I will eat it .
Aadit : no …its my share .
Ria : no mine .
Aadit :how much will u eat chudel ???
Ria : u eat much bhai .
Both lands into fight
Rishab : Aadit give it to ria . she is asking right .
Vishab : even my brother wants to eat .
Rishab : Aadit eats much . I think its ria share .

Vishab : I don’t think so . everytime u n ria completes our share too..this time give it to us .
Rishab : why should we give ? u n Aadit already had ur share . its ours .
Vishab n rishab starts arguing . while Aadit n ria busy in fighting for ice cream box .
Usha n parvathi didn’t understand whom they should stop first . vishab n rishab or aadit n ria .
Fb ends…
Parvathi n Usha feels delighted at their bonding .Vishab n rishab are usha children. rishab n Aadit are parvathi children but the situation is looking different . from childhood Rishab n Ria are one team . Vishab n Aadit pairs up . they know only one thing since from child hood fight starts between ria n Aadit first .later vishab n rishab joins them . vishab supporting his lil brother Aadit n Rishab supporting his lil sister .
Soon four gets tired n falls on couch . ritha n priya laughs at their childish behavior .
Usha : don’t know wat we will do with this kids parvathi . I think they won’t stop this fights in their old age too…
Ria n Aadit nods yes .
Parvathi : bcoz of these two monkeys even my vishab n rishab getting spoiled .
Aadit ( to priya ) : bhabhi water …plz …
Ria (to ritha ) : for me too…

When both about to go . parvathi stops them .
Parvathi : wait . why should we give them . ria n aadit can go n get themselves .
Ria : maa..
Parvathi : go n get .one more things u two will clean the living room . see how messy u all made . vishab n rishab go n take rest .
Aadit n ria : no………….
Usha : yes… now u both need punishment .
Aadit n ria looks at each other .
Episode ends .

Precap :same precap .

Credit to: honey

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