The pain that continues..(episode 22)


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Episode 22 :
Rivan : so aaradhya has a lot of naughty things to do …
Aaru : of course ..even I’m expert in doing them …
Rivan : else wat will u do ….
Aaru : nothing much . my life is so simple. arjun bhai , rithu dhruv n mandy are my world …n recently added one is monster malhotra .
Rivan : monster malhotra is it his name ?
Aaradhya laughs …
Aaru : no…he is the great Aadit malhotra but I love to call him monster malhotra …
Rivan : oh …so u like him ?
Aaru : its not like that …but I love fights with him . best time pass .
Rivan : nothing much right …( he asks with curiosity )
Aaru : no..wat else it could be ?

Rivan : nothing …I wish I could have fun like u …
Aaru : r u joking rivs ? I mean u r star man …fun must be ultimate right .
Rivan : not really . the things around me r all artificial . I’m a star n completely happy with my profession but personal life is kinda boring . I want to enjoy my life as free as u all guys …so I need ur help …
Aaru : that’s it. So simple thing for me ….leave it to me before u go back we both will have fun blast in style u wish….i will show u the world u wish to see .
Rivan : r u sure ???
Aaru : 100% rivs . pakki deal .
Rivan : done…
They gives hi-fi to each other . n soon leaves to sleep .

@ morning … aaradhya gets ready to leave to college .
Rivan : hey can I drop u at college ?
Aaru : cams are waiting for u outside n tomorrow morning hot gossip star Rivan with mystery girl n all. do u need that..?
Rivan : but I’m gonna drop u at any cost .
Aaru : tum muje phasarahiho Rivs
Rivan : kya tum mere liye phas nahi sakteho…?
Aaru thinks for a second
Aaru : chaloo…

Rivan smiles n follows her .
sujatha : wat happened to Rivan ? why he wanted to drop Aaradhya ? don’t u all think these two r getting closer day by day .
Arjun : dadi he knows Aaradhya from childhood .whenever he comes, he do spend most of time with Aaradhya that’s quite normal from their childhood right . they r good friends .
Sujatha : par muje iss bhaar kuch ajeeb lagrahihai jab se ayaa hai naa sirf uss chorii se baath kartha hai kisi aur ko dektha bhi nahi hai . uski har shararat par sirf hastha hai …
Arjun : that’s my sister’s specialty . as she is that sweet . every one behaves gud .
Sujatha : wo sweet kaha ….kabhi hum se acche tarike se baath kiya …bilkul ragini ka ultaa copy hai ye chorii…

Laksh : now wat Aaru done chachi ?
Sujatha : nothing …
Arjun : Rivan went to drop Aaru at college n dadi feels they r getting closer .
Laksh : both r gud friends . wats the matter to think like that .
Sujatha : laksh u r not understanding things . Rivan is not even so sweet he is also proud types like his mom .but from when he came he is so sweet especially in front of Aaradhya . his behavior completely changes in front of her . his eyes only looks at her .not even interested in talking with anyone in the house.only aaradhya is visible to him n everyone else vanished in his sight .do u believe yesterday he prepared coffee by his hands for ur loving daughter.
Sanskar :really he prepared coffee .

Sujatha : I have seen them drinking coffee n talking till mid night we know Aaradhya never stepped into kitchen till now n for sure Rivan prepared coffee n today forgetting his status he went to drop aaradhya at college . wat does all these things means ?
She leaves …
Laksh ( in mind ) :if Rivan n Aaradhya coming closer that’s really gud news . I know Aaru don’t believe in love . if Rivan is the one who could make Aaru believe in love then I don’t need much more than that .if rivan takes care of my Aaru n her responsibilities in future then wat else I need . chachi is right Rivan changing himself for Aaradhya . hope soon Aaru too develop soft corner for him .
Rivan n Aaradhya are in their way . Aaradhya tying scarf to her face .
Rivan : don’t u think this is a bit strange …?
Aaru : nope . in fact safety measure .

Rivan : oh from shutter bucks . u r missing golden opportunity from becoming famous .
Aaru : golden opportunity …? Ur fans will bash me like anything in social media …n if they get our photo naa.. then I’m gone .that creepy funny posts about me . yuck….i can imagine .
Rivan laughs …
Aaru :so my words are so funny haa???
Rivan : no…but u should know something…
Aaru :wat ???
Rivan : u really match my standard . I mean we look perfect together . so posts will be positive like Rivan with hot girl, Rivan dating the perfect one …something like this .
Aaru : stop it Rivs . I don’t know even u can flirt with someone .
Rivan : when Aaradhya maheshwari is around me I think I don’t need to hide any of quality .
Both reaches college . Aaradhya gets down .
Aaru : bye rivs …
She goes few steps .
Rivan : Aaradhya once come hear .

She comes near him n bends .
Aaru : wat ???
He takes off her scarf .
Aaru (shouts ) : wat r u doing rivs ?
He keeps his finger on her lips .
Rivan : shh….hiding this beautiful face is a big crime Aaradhya maheshwari .
She takes his finger from her lips.
Aaru : u r getting crazy Rivs…
Rivan : I know… after all who is accompanying me …
Aaru : rivs …
Rivan : can I give my company till class room .( he asks to tease her )
Aaru : r u mad ? girls here will kill me …don’t play with my life yaar .
Rivan : no…

He is about to get down . Aaru pushes him back in to car n closes car door .
Aaru : rivs u r really crazy ….aab tum chupchap ghar jaoge …
Rivan : ji mam…
Both laughs …rivan leaves . Aaradhya turns back to enter n sees Aadit staring at her .
Aaru : monster malhotra gud morning …
Aadit : who is he ???
Aaru : who ever be ? wat for u monster ?
She about to go but Aadit blocks her way .
Aadit : I need answer Arrogant maheshwari …
Aaru : hmm… might be my friend or boy friend …

Aadit : stop joking Aaradhya …he must be ur friend . except me naa no one can bear u …if anyone tries a for sure will run away within month …my guarantee .
Aaradhya looks at him n starts moving close to him . he looks on…
Aaru : actually….(she moves her hands around his neck n Aadit looks her surprisingly ) I want to tell u something monster malhotra .
Aadit ( curiosity ) : kyaa ???
Aaru : even u can’t bear me…( she takes off his cap n runs with it into campus laughing )
Aadit (shouts) :Arrogant maheshwari give my cap idiot …
He runs behind her …
Episode ends .

Precap :Rivan n Aaradhya ‘s outing n Aadit following them .

Credit to: honey

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