The pain that continues..(episode 21)


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Episode 21 :
Aaradhya reaches malhotra’s residence …small floor painting work outside the house is going on …
Worker : mam , plz leave ur shoes here n go carefully . paint is not yet dried .
Aaru : oh that’s ok …
She leaves her shoes there n goes ahead . Aadit Sees Aaradhya coming from his window .
Aadit : Aaradhya….
Aradhya looks up n waves him hi n by mistakenly she steps on red paint …she didn’t notices it n comes inside the house . her foot impression are left on floor now . Parvathi feels happy seeing her coming like this .
Aaradhya : hi aunty ….
Parvathi : hi beta …once look at back .
Aaradhya sees her foot impressions …

Aaru :I’m sorry aunty …worker told me to be careful but I’m too stupid enough .
Parvathi : no problem beta …
Maid brings wet cloth n gives it Aaru to clean her feet …n the maid started cleaning the floor with other cloth …Aaru too helps her in cleaning the impression .
Parvathi : beta y r u doing this ? she will clean it …
Aaru : no aunty . all bcoz of stupidity so I think I must clean it or atleast help her .
One old lady comes there . she is Aadit dadimaa n very proud woman . her name is revathi malhotra .
Revathi : on seeing I thought u might be from rich dignified family but u proved me wrong by doing maids work .
Aaru : ji sorry …but I didn’t understand wat u r saying ?
Revathi : by doing all these u really wanted to impress us that u r Aadarsh ladki …
Aaru : impress ??? but for wat ??? really u r thinking really wrong about me …I don’t need to impress any one n prove that I’m Aadarsh ladki cuz I don’t even have 1 quality . I do get up late mornings n I don’t think I can ever cook something n house hold works that’s too far issue….
Revathi : then y r u doing such cheap things if u don’t have such intensions ?
Aaru : correcting my deeds is not cheap right . by the way dadimaa I don’t think any work is cheap ….
Revathi : so u r teaching me now ..then fine do these great things for one day in my house .
Aaru : I don’t know these works …
Revathi : I know..girls of these times talks much n works nothing …u said no wok is cheap n prove me doing them .
Aaru : ok fine I’ll do ….
Revathi : let me see….
Aadit comes n pulls Aaru back .
Aadit : dadimaa I’m sorry she is my friend n don’t know all these things .
Revathi : I know beta but I really wanted to hear it from ur friend .
Aaru : Aadit I can do the work .
Aadit : Aaradhya….
Revathi : then go n start dusting the house . I want it clean every nook n corner .
Aaradhya was really annoyed by her behavior n starts her work . while all family members are upset especially aadit feels really bad …
Aaradhya started her work she is standing on a stool n dusting ceiling …Aadit comes there .
Aadit : wats the need for all these Arrogant mahehwari .
Aaru : wats wrong with grandmother n grandson duo??? One insists to work n another asks wats the need ?

Aadit : y u accepted to do all these ? manaa nahi karsakthi kya…?
Aaru : manaa kardhu..pagal ho kyaa? Aakirkaar ye mera izzat kaa sawal hai yuvraj?
Aadit : when u fall from this stool n break ur bones then tell me all these words ?
Aaru :tum muje daraneki koshish mat karnaa…chupchap dekho kaisa kaam karthi hu…
Aadit : arey mai nahi dekh sakta hu tume ye sab karthe huye ?
Aaru : then close ur eyes …
Aadit : ok then do wat the hell u want ?
He leaves angrily …Aaradhya smiles …

Aaru :idiot no.1 ….
By night Aaradhya manages to complete the work . she is really tired now.
Revathi : work was not soo gud but atleast u tried . a bit impressed .
She leaves to her room .
Parvathi : sorry beta …I can’t do anything .

Aaru : don’t worry aunty . I can understand . ok bye .
Parvathi :wait I’ll ask Aadit to drop u at home .
Aaru : no aunty I will go …
She comes out n suddenly someone holds her hand n pulls her to car …
Aaru : wat the hell r u doing mr. monster malhotra …
He makes her sit in car n keeps seat belt n closes the door . he too gets in to car .
Aaru : ye bhi koye tarikaa hai help karnekaa…? Idiot …
Aadit didn’t even utter a word n starts the car …
Aaru : I’m asking something monster malhotra …
Aadit :wats the need to ask u..? when I know u will reject if I want to help u..
Aaru : I don’t know wat kind of monster u r . angry on me but still helping me …
Soon they reach maheshwari mansion .
Aaru :bye monster malhotra …

Aadit maintains his silence .
Aaru : wat kind of hubby u r ? not even saying bye …such a monster hubby .
She gets down the car saying this n goes away . Aadit now started smiling for her crazy words . Aaradhya comes again .
Aaru : ur smile is not at all bad monster malhotra . u can even smile infront of me too…
Aadit looks at her . Aaradhya leaves smiling .
Aadit : Aaradhya ..
She turns back …
Aadit : bye …

Aaradhya : bye …
Aaradhya enters house . since she is really tired she sits couch n closes her eyes …
Rivan : I don’t know that Aaradhya maheshwari can cheat anyone …
Aaru : hi Rivs …I’m sorry . I taught to return early but again late.
Rivan : for this big disappointment small sorry is not enough Aaradhya…u have do wat I will say ?
Aaru :as ur wish majesty . but wat do u want me to do ?
Rivan : hmm… I will tell but not now .
Aaru : fine Rivs .
Rivan : I think u r really tired now right …
Aaru : a lot…………
Rivan : u know wat Rivs do when he is really tired ?
Aaru : wat ????
Rivan : I will have coffee …
Aaru : actually u need to know a lot about me . coffee prepared by my hands will be much horrible than my tiredness . better I don’t go that way .
Rivan smiles …
Rivan : then how about coffee by my hands .
Aaru : really …
Rivan : watch…

He goes to kitchen n Aaru follows him . he starts preparing coffee n Aaradhya watching him in excitement .
Rivan : here we go coffee by my hands .
He gives her one cup …
Aaru : ke haatho se coffee kyaa kismat hai Aaru?
Rivan : Aaradhya actually its from ur Rivs….
Aaru : I know…no matter how big super star u will be in future ….for me just my friend Rivs .
They give hi-fi to each other . Aaru haves her sip n Rivan eagerly waiting for her opinion .
Aaru : its awesome Rivs .
Rivan : really…
Aaru : I think I must learn from u .
Rivan : ok then I will start my classes from tomorrow .
Both laughs n they chit chat about random things
Episode ends .

Precap : Rivan dropping Aaru at college n Aadit feels a bit hurt at their closeness .

Credit to: honey

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