The pain that continues..(episode 20)


Hi guys here is another episode.
episode 20 :
Saturday morning ……Aaradhya sleeping very peacefully .her phone rings …..she gets disturbed n cover her face with blanket n starts sleeping again . her phone ringing continuously so she answer the call in sleep .
Aaradhya ( still closing her eyes ) : I don’t know who u r ? but how dare u to disturb my sleep early Saturday morning …
Aadit : idiot ….is this early morning.. its 9 Am . kabhi tho time dekhaa karo .
Aaradhya gets up listening the time .
Aaru : oh its is 9 Am. So strange I just slept now n wait u called me idiot .
Aadit : ofcourse idiot …if I didn’t called u . u might have slept till 9 PM .
Aaru : monster malhotra …I just opened my eyes . u started so early . give me break yaar .
Aadit : ok fine listen . I got ur stuff rohan gave them . can I come n give u .
Aaru :so u got them ..gud …I will come .
Aadit : ok then bye …
Aaru : bye .

@ maheshwari entrance .
Whole media crew waiting there .BMW car stops there . attractive eyes of guy is shown in car who is looking at his manager angrily .
Guy : I said I want my stay here confidential . but wats all these ? do u have any explanation Mr . Kishore Mehta .
Kishore : I’m sorry sir . I tried my best . but media ….
Guy : I just hate excuses … I want to live my life free as a common guy atleast one day n enjoy my privacy .
He wears his shades n gets down .
As soon as he gets down. Cameras focused on him n reporters started their questions .
Reporter 1 : Rivan sir …..u r such a super star …then why r u staying here ? wat r ur intensions ?
Rivan : listen I don’t have any intensions . even I’m a star but still I have relatives. I came for a small break . hope u all kindly understand n respect my privacy . no more questions plz .
His body guards makes his way . As soon as he enters . the main gates of maheshwari are closed . whole maheshwari family welcomed him whole heartedly .
Rivan Arora a successful young film star…acting is his passion from childhood . his firing desire made him successful star in short period . he is relative to Uttara’s in- laws . he knows maheshwari s from childhood . he didn’t made often visits . but whenever he comes there his eyes searches someone eagerly . this wat happening this time too….
Laksh : beta how was ur journey ?
Rivan : gud uncle … but sorry for trouble with media outside …
Sanskar : when such a young handsome film star comes to our home this is normal right . don’t worry . even let us enjoy these kind of things .
Rivan smiles .
Sujatha : choree I always wanted to take autograph from u .
Rivan : oh that’s my pleasure .
Sadhvi : wat dadi autograph is old style now all selfie way right Rivan …
RIvan : ya….
Sadhvi : do u remember me ?
Rivan : ofcourse sadhvi .
Sadhvi : one selfie …
Rivan : sure .
They both posses for cam but Rivan eyes rolling all around . he is searching someone .
Sadhvi : Rivan wat happened to u ? many fans takes selfies with u . where r u looking ?
Rivan : sorry …
She takes selfie . Aaradhya comes down in hurry to go out . Rivan gets spark in his eyes seeing her . she is the one he is awaited to see .
Sadhvi : wats the time Aaradhya ? u were u always late .
Aaradhya : chill sadhvi . did we got any loss in business bcoz of my late mornings ? don’t stress much u will get wrinkles on ur face . wat ever happens I can’t see that on my siso …
Sadhvi : even my mistake to talk to fools .
Aaru : same here …
Rivan smiles …

Arjun : I know u both love to fight but infront of a star too….
Aaradhya looks at Rivan .
Rivan : hi Aaradhya …
He forwards his hand n they shook their hands .
Aaradhya : hi Rivs………sorry …now u r super star right . might be Rivs became annoying now .
Rivan : not really . I still love Rivs …
Aaru :that’s so sweet of u . ok Rivs I need to go now but seriously I need to talk a lot about ur movies . get ready I’ll come soon . bye .
Rivan : sure bye ….i will wait .
Aaradhya goes out n finds gates locked .
Aaru : wat gates locked ???? oh Rivan .
She climbs the wall n sits on wall n about to jump other side .
Reporter : mam who r u ? why r jumping out like this ?
Aaradhya feels strange .
Aaradhya : myself ….i’m maid in this house . focus ur cams on lock of gates n hence I should jump this way .
Reporter :but ur look is not of maid …torn jeans n tees ….
Aaru : updated maid man…
Reporter : but…
Aaru : enough questions plz don’t make me famous in free . now don’t u have social responsibility to help a poor girl to get down .
He helps her …n she gets into cab n soon leaves .
Rivan who is watching all these from window widens his smiles …
Rivan : this is the reason why I like u more infact I love ur way of living . really waiting to spend time with u n have fun in ur own style .
Episode ends .

Precap : A old lady challenging Aaradhya to do all house hold works in Aadit house as a maid n Aaradhya accepts the challenge n Aadit gets shocked .

Credit to: honey

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