The pain that continues..(episode 19)


Hi guys …I said in previous episodes that rithu , dhruv , mandy Aadit ,Aaradhya n sadhvi studies in first year of their courses right. But small correction . they are studying in end of third year of course .

Episode 19 :
Aaradhya is completely shocked by the incident . tears comes out of her eyes . Aadit wipes her tear n consoles her .
Aadit : Aaradhya listen nothing happened just now .things that happens without our will are worth for nothing . plz don’t worry .
Aaradhya hugs him tighter n starts crying aadit hugs her back .
Aaradhya ( crying ) : I don’t want this Aadit . I just don’t want these kind of things in my life . I don’t trust them . I always wanted to run away from them then y it happened to me ? I’m so scared at these relations .
Aadit : Aaru nothing to get scared off . I said naa this happened with out our will especially with out ur wish . then It wont worth anything . u don’t need to run away . we r not married . wat just happened is just an accident . it’s a matter b/w us . nothing to bother . u plz don’t worry . this is not toy game we both won’t accept it . trust me I won’t let these things to play with ur life .
Aaradhya : lets leave this place Aadit . I don’t want to stay here for one second .
Aadit : sure but promise me u will be strong . won’t worry at these things .
Aaradhya : promise n u r right we can’t accept wat just happened now . no need to worry we r not married . even if world force me even then I won’t accept . these things never have place in my life . u don’t worry about me .
Both leaves….they gets into bus .Aaradhya sits beside window n Aadit sits next to her . Aaradhya feeling really disturbed at old lady words n at the incident happened . Aadit holds her hand . she looks at him .
Aadit : u promised me Aaradhya . just forget about it . trust me everything will be fine .
Aaradhya nods n closes her eyes . soon she gets into sleep n leans on Aadit shoulder . Aadit caresses her .
Aadit ( in mind ) : Aaradhya I don’t know why but I think I’m happy with the relation . I want to give a chance to it . I don’t want to hide it from u but I can’t give more stress to u by telling this . ur happiness is really mean a lot to me . if u can’t accept this relation then its nothing for me too. This topic will never come again b/w us .
They reaches Kolkata in night .

Aadit : Aaradhya let me drop u at home .
Aaru : no Aadit I will go …
Aadit : but…
Aaru : no even u r tired go n take rest .
Aaradhya gets into cab n soon reaches maheshwari mansion . everyone are tensed for her late arrival . laksh is relived seeing her safe .she is not interested in talking to any one . when she is about to leave to her room . sujatha notices sindhoor in her maang . she holds Aaradhya’s hand n stops her .
Sujatha :chorii …wats filled in ur maang ? did u married someone ?
Everyone are shocked . Aaradhya frees her hand from her grip .
Aaradhya : excuse me dadi ji this is not the way to talk with anyone especially with me . if at all I married someone I don’t feel the need to inform u all ….
Sujatha : that means u married someone . who is that guy …?
Aaru : just stop it dadi . that’s so disgusting . think whatever u all feel . I just don’t care .
Arjun comes to Aaradhya n holds her hands .
Arjun : Aaru I know u can’t do anything like this but plz tell me wat happened ?
Aaru : bhai I didn’t married anyone . its just an accident . by mistake he filled sindoor in my maang . neither of us expected this ?
Sujatha : this wat we call marriage in our society .
Aaru : oh really then that’s ur society problem . I have my own definitions about my life which I won’t change for anyone or for any society . this is my life n I will decide the way to live it . if u feel I’m married then I have no problem . go n find ur son-in-law . but for me its just an accident .
She leaves to her room angrily .
Sujatha :wat kind of girl is she ?
Laksh : my child did nothing wrong . infact she is right its her life no one can force her . as she said its just a mistake . I totally believe her . if anyone talk about the issue again infront of my Aaradhya I just can’t tolerate it ….
He leaves saying this .
@ Aaradhya room .
Aaradhya gets fresh up n comes out n stands before mirror n sees no sindhoor now .
Aaru : one small stain created lot of scene .
She sits on bed near window .
Aaru : why people are like this ? seeing sindhoor in my maang n confirmed that I’m married .just sindhoor is meaning of marriage . marriage is ultimate step in anyone’s life . it should happen with trust n assurance . this is not happened with aadit n me today . how do we accept it ? any ways I don’t need to give explanations to any one . Aadit is matured guy n board minded one . he won’t think all these n will never bring this topic again .

@ Aadit room .
Aadit :don’t know whether Aaradhya is fine or not . is she still disturbed about the issue ? I must talk to her . no I will go to her home n check if she is really fine .
He comes to maheshwari mansion .
Aadit : I can’t go the direct way . wat all thinks ? already its late night . I just need to see Aaradhya once . better I climb this way .
He holds pipe n starts climbing n reaches the room .
Aadit : arrogant maheshwari is sleeping . gud this means she is not thinking about the issue anymore .
Aaradhya suddenly opens her eyes n sees Aadit n gets shocked .
Aaru :monster malhotra u here . come inside why r u hanging like this .
She helps him to come in .
Aaru : now tell me ….why u came ?
Aadit : wo…haa…actually today there are many insects . so I came to close ur windows .
Aaru : ooo…..insects …hmm nice . now tell me the truth .
Aadit : I came to check whether u r fine . or…
Aaru : monster malhotra I’m not that much weak . I’m really fine .
Aadit : for sure …
Aaru : of course hubby ………….
Aadit ( shocked ) : wat ??? hubby ….
Aaradhya laughs seeing his expression .

Aaru :haa…this wat the great society thinks ….my dadi told…
Aadit : wat ur family knows it ?but how ?
Aaru : they have seen sindhoor in my maang .
Aadit : wait I will explain them .
Aaru :stop . wat will u tell them ? will u tell them that u r the one …I managed everything Aadit . by the way Aaradhya maheswari won’t give any explanation .i just live the way I love . currently I’m single n no one can steal my singlehood from me boss .
Aadit : for sure u will be fine right .
Aaru : hmm…..updated concern y so as a friend or as hubby ….
Aadit : shut up Arrogant maheshwari . I don’t want to be dinosaur’s hubby .
Aaru : even I don’t want a monster like u .
Both looks at each other n laughs …
Aadit : ok I think I need to leave .
When he is about to go the same way . Aaradhya stops him .
Aaradhya :wat r u doing ? I can’t let my hubby go like theif …
Aadit : Arrogant maheshwari this is second time u r calling me hubby . tell me wat u exactly mean ?
Aaru : whatever u think its really funny to call u like this .…I mean to call the great Aadit malhotra my hubby . ( she laughs ) just think u n me a pair can it happens …? Anyways next time no need to come like this . u can directly come to my room the straight way . don’t think of anyone .
Aadit : so u think we r friends now ..
Aaru : a bit….
Both smiles ….
Aadit : bye .
Aaru : bye …
He goes out n stops near gate n looks at Aaradhya . n she waves bye to him .

Episode ends ….

Precap : hmm…..its time for some love triangles in story ….

Credit to: honey

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